The Birthday Gift – From Mom And Aunty

Well, I am back after a long time. Nothing abnormal had happened for a long time until recently, and so I thought let me unburden myself on this page. I know a few of you horny guys would love to read about women being helpless and all and giving in to their carnal feelings.

Anyways, this is in continuum to my previous story- you haven’t read that- read it – The Incestuous Side – A Wold Date With The Son

Yeah I dunno why the admin spelt World as Wold but they did.

Anyways, after Monica had made out with her son, or more than made out, i looked at Krish a lil differently. Well, we gals also find young guys turn ons. Especially since she had praised Krish’s dick size.

Just a recap- Monica- a youngish mother of 34 and i was 35. She is a slight girl, though quite an imp and i am the opposite, big boobed and a tall babe with attitude. She’s a single mother, and I am just single. Krish is now teenager and growing up.

After he got laid by Mom, he started cooling down towards me. Well, he was getting laid sometime every two or three months by his Mom, so why does he need his Aunty to feed his desires. And that turns me on more than anything- someone ignoring me! Me!! All guys drool when i step out. I am fair, big busted – 5’4” and got a flat stomach.

So when Krish turned 18 I picked up the topic with Monica again and asked her if she still let’s Krish enter her.

Monica responded” I told you not pick up that topic, na!”

We were having our old monk as I was staying back to clean up after Krish’s friends had gone off after the party.

I said “ c’mon, its just the two of us”

She looked around and saw that Krish was busy unpacking his gufts and with TV still on and we gals sitting on the steps- she must’ve thought we are safe to discuss.

“Well, he literally begs and begs and will do all his homework and do his bed, sometimes cook for me and so I let him in every now and then- maybe once in three or four months” she giggled.

I asked “ he’s still growing?”

“Oh yes, and how- this big- “ as she showed with her hands. That looked big. And I felt the first of the wetness between my legs. I crossed my legs and giggled. By then we were two pegs down and quite happy and high.

Monica got chatty ‘ You know, he loves to kiss my pussy, but i don’t let him. “

“Doesn’t feel right”

I said” Yeah! Fucking him is ok, letting him eat you is not”

She looked up angrily” you making fun of me??”

I chilled down and said” relax Mon! Just pulling your leg- here he comes”

As Krish walked in to the verandah. Seeing both of us sitting down- two gals in nighties and holding a drink, he quickly glanced around.

“ Ma, which present did you and Auntie get? “

Monica said “ Check the one with no name- didn’t get time to write Krish- its the transcend music thing”

I added” and maybe some more yet to come”

Monica elbowed me and hissed “ shut up” and smiled at him and asked him” you had fun baby?”

He was about to leave, but turned and looked down at us and said “ yes” and looked down my neckline, eyes boring into my cleavage

I let him have a full stare, then he eased off and went back to the room.

Monica said, he was looking at you eh?

I said “ looking at mine…not me…” and I grinned

Then I looked at her and asked- “ His birthday- you want to give him more ? He was looking longingly”

She sighed- “ yes maybe tomorrow after you are gone”

“Why? His birthday is today- I’ll lie in the bed room, you do it in the living room where he is sleeping and you can then come in”

She thought over it-“ Dunno, its odd with you in the other room”

I said” haven’t done any harm so far- oh just give him some fun”

Saying that I got up and strode into the bedroom as i saw Krish laying the sheet on the sofa. Everytime I come home, that’s his bed- the sofa- in the living room.

“Good night Krish”

“Goodnight Auntie”

My heart was beating like a drum as i anticipated a mom and son fuck each other and i was blooming wet.

Monica walked into the bedroom, grinned at me, went into the bathroom. She came out after a while, dressed in a short negligee, no bra ( small but perky breasts) and came and stood in front of me. I said “what?”

She slowly picked up her dress and she was wearing a purple lacy panty. Dark skin and purple panty..hmmm

She dropped it back and said “ ok let me give his present to him”

I said” you mind if I watch?”

“ No sweets! You can join for all i care..haha”

I said “ thanks”

She smiled and went off. I switched off the light and quietly went near the door. Krish was lying with his head towards the door looking at the TV at his feet, so he couldn’t see me.

As Monica went in, she asked if Krish was all tucked in. She walked by him and went near the Tv and bent down to see if his blanket was ok at the legs. As she bent down, her butt cheeks became visible and her panties could be clearly seen by Krish.

I could hear him take a shock of a breath. God! Monica was cock teasing her own son. She quickly turned around and said sleep tight. Then looked down at him and bent down and kissed him on his forehead, for a long time. All the while her small boobs were brushing Krish’s face. As his hands moved to touch her thighs, she straightened up and said” Krish!! Auntie is there!”

Krish sat up, clutching his shorts and made a small pleading sound. “ please Ma! I can’t help it. Please” begging. I think Monica got a high from making him beg, like getting back to his father for leaving her. She pushed back his hand sternly and said” are you mad? What will Auntie say?”

“ I’ ll do it quickly and quietly Ma, please, just today” he gripped her short dress by the waist

By now my hand had slipped into my panties, as lacy as hers and I was feeling my wetness…I was goddamn horny!

She sighed as if reluctantly and said “ oh Krish, i should never have allowed you the first time” and then slowly moved in closer to him

He buried his head between her legs and kissed her over the dress on where he thought her pussy was. After letting him stay for a few seconds, she said “ No. No Kissing there…open your pants”

He half got up and in a hurried motion pulled down his tracks, exposing a rampant and rigid cock in attention. His Mom had teased it to a ramrod straightness. And it was big!! I desperately wanted to take a look…a closer one..such a cock.

Monica slowly took off her panties, still teasing her son from a distance and then lightly felt his cock tip. She made small circular movements with her forefinger and then looked at me at the door, and said “ you were looking at Auntie’s boob’s today, no? you like them more than mine?”

With half closed eyes he said” no Ma! I love sucking yours, but you don’t let me “

“Are you complaining..” she asked coldly, stopping her finger from moving on his cock

“No No Ma..please don’t stop” and his eyes went down to her exposed pussy as he licked his lips and stared at them.

Monica, slowly encased his cock in her hand and started pumping slowly- long slow strokes

As his fingers came to her pussy and he slid his fingers into her moist opening, she looked at him and said” what if Auntie let you eat her pussy?” Krish’s cock leapt up harder and he looked up and said “ she won’t let me… she doesn’t let me look at her boobs only?”

I couldn’t control myself anymore as I slowly walked in and stood in front of Krish next to Monica. I looked at Monica, and she just nodded and moved back

And Monica whispered” here’s your birthday present-“

I took off my nightie and there I was, my huge boobs sloping down and myself in white panties. Its a wonder that Krish didn’t come. He looked at my boobs in wonder and said


I slowly kneeled down next to his face and pushed my boobs into his face. His moth opened and swallowed one boob and he grabbed the other one with both hands and mashed them. He didn’t know what to do. Monica was now sitting at the foot of the sofa” gently Krish, gently”

But Krish was going mad, trying to swallow my boobs first this one then that..and mashing them.

I forgot about his face and reached for his cock. It was really big. So I started jerking him. Smooth skin over a pink head as i masturbated him. Then I slowly pulled my boobs off his face and with my boobs shinning with his saliva, I trailed it down and as i moved my face down to his cock. Very lil hair, as like it and all ready for me. I rode on top of him with my body on top of him and my pussy near his face and his cock near mine.

I gave the tip of his cock a long kiss and then swallowed him up. He made a jerky movement and clasped my upper thighs and with a sob, buried his face in my pussy. I have trimmed hair and love to keep a bald pussy. I had not had so much lust shown to my pussy before as he simply licked and probed with his tongue as i pumped his cock in my mouth. As the both of us pleasured each other, i saw Monica fingering herself watching us. I forgot about it all, and focussed on the great cock eating it, and i let me wetness flow. He was lapping it up like a thirsty cat drinking milk. He wouldn’t let a drop spill. I was moaning at the sheer excitement.

As i trembled in orgasmic wave, I let go of the base of his cock..that was all he could take. He exploded into my mouth. His gushing semen was never ending as swallowed and swallowed till his cock stopped giving out. As i rose up sitting on his face, and started getting up, Monica said” what are you supposed to?”

He quietly got up, rushed to the bathroom. I was looking at her quizzically, when she said “ wait na”. He came back with a wet towel, carefully bent down and wiped my pussy and inner thighs. Then with his finger inside the towel, he wiped my inside and looked at his Mom. She said “ good boy! Now go to sleep!”

And she motioned me to get up. I smiled at her and we picked up our clothes and walked into the bedroom. Once we were lying next to each other, i reached out and touched her face and said” that was nice of you to share your son with me”.

She said “ really! Now that we both have fucked him, you can’t ever screw me on this can you? And she giggled and turned over to sleep


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