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Hey friends I am back the Kochi Call boy with my next story. My first story was “The First Sex” has got good rating from you. So if you like this one too then rates it more. After my first encounter with Teena we usually do sex at my house or her house and also Teena come to know about my desire for

Laxmi my girl friend sorry I forget to describe my actress figure. Teena body was average with 34 32 34 with big boobs as it increased by me and Lakshmi looks like an angle with well fit figure 32 28 30 with semi round boob’s.

One day as usual I was my way to office I got call from Teena where was I replied as actual. But she invited me to her house as today she was alone and also she had a delicious gift for me. I was happy to hear it but how can I take leave.

I called in my office and said my boss that I am suffering from fever so he gave me leave. I return to my home while my mom was surprised and asked the reason I was back. I told her that some relatives of my boss died so today we have holiday and I have to go for cemetery at afternoon for my present in afternoon.

I said my mom that I am going cemetery and on my way I called Teena she replied that my gift is ready and I can take it. I went her home and ringed door bell. She was wearing a red coloured nighty with black shade design in it and welcomed me with naughty smile.

She looks so sexy that as she had taken bath just a while her wet black hairs have some drops of water making her sexy. She take me to her bedroom and I hugged her and we have a long lips kiss playing with each other tongue.

She differenced me and said wait my call boy don’t you like to see my gift to you then she pushed me on her bed and made me naked then brought two piece black colour cloths I put my hands on her boobs and starts pressing it and lifted her nighty while she had tied my eyes with it and now with another clothes.

She tied my hands on my back. My face was near her boobs so as she removed my hands from her boobs her nighty falls on my head so I started sucking her boobs deep in my mouth playing with her nipple again she said be calm your gift is here.

I replied the most precious gift you can give me is your boobs which I love to suck at any cost nothing else I need. She replied it precious then it just enjoys it and then she put her hands on my legs and started kissing me from my toes and licking all parts.

She came near my penis and sucked it beautifully but it today it was different feelings. I liked it and then she moved her face on my hairy chest with feels so romantic and also licked my nipple then we have lips lock exchanging tongue and it also sensed me good.

I went to her boobs but she went back and said start from bottom us I had. I went down and licked her inner feet then her toes and slowly-slowly came to her thigh it was so smooth and also slim and then I went to her pussy it was smelled great and made me hungrier.

I said her today you smell sweet! Why sweet heart has to change your perfume she replied yes today it for you. I licked her pussy lips but I can’t insert my tongue in it as I can’t use my hands after some time she had her organs and it tasted slit sweet and salty.

I came to her navel and licked it then I went to my most precious gift on her boobs us I solo it in my mouth I sensed that she was not Teena and with force I untied my hands as cloth was loose. I put my hands on her waist and then with one hand I opened my eyes for my surprise.

She was not Teena but her friend and my Love Lakshmi. I was on heaven to see her and with smile I thanks Teena who was stand on behind her. Teena shouted you sluts broken the rules so just go away from her and I avoid her and laid Lakshmi on bed and went below to her pussy.

I sucked it trying to insert my finger but she restricted me as it was painful. Teena again pop in and said if you fulfil her then who will with me. I stay away and said her you both do lesbian.

Teena laid on her and they both locked their lips and pressing each other boob I went down to Lakshmi Pussy and sucked it and I also sucked Teena pussy too. I was in heaven as my dream come to fulfil to fuck a virgin pussy that also the most beautiful girl of our Town.

I tried to insert my penis in Lakshmi pussy but it can’t and again tried but this time Lakshmi pushed me and said no it was paining. I went down and again started licking both pussies then I inserted my penis in Teena Pussy to make it lubricant with my one push it was in and she murmured aaahh.

After some four five shots I putted it off then again I tried in Teena but again I was fail it made me anger and I went to kitchen. Teena house was familiar to me us I went here too many time also I know where the oil bottle kept which I used to fuck Teena anus.

I made my penis shining and oil was falling down from it as a drops. I licked Lakshmi Pussy and whispered in Teena ears to lock her lips as we don’t want to disturb neighbours. Just I kept my penis on entrance and with slit force my top entered in her pussy smoothly but she put her hands on my thigh

And her eyes were width open I stop myself and after some time I was slowly moving. It made me clear that now she was under control then again I pushed it and my half penis went it and again she was restricting me so I stopped and start moving it slowly.

Teena was sucking her boobs to make her horny and I was kissing her lips. The atmosphere was good to go further so I pinch with my finger to Teena to lock her lips then with full force I entered my 90% penis in her pussy. She was fully in pain and I made Teena away from center and laid on her and started kissing her lips and I am not making any attempt to go further.

I sucked her boobs from bottom to top and licking her nipples with my tongue. She was in control then I locked her lips and started moving ahead and in between I push heavy stock to get 100% in after many moves she started enjoying it and I got my twice she too.

I when to toilet and cleaned myself then went to kitchen and get some water and fruits and lubricate my penis again and came to Teena who was sucking Lakshmi boobs and her ass was in air and with one push I entered my entire penis in her ass and she shouted with screamed oohh you slut can’t insert it calmly.

I was stocking it with my full energy and she was screaming for starting some minutes then she too was enjoying and encouraging me to fuck her hard. While in between I put in her pussy then again in her ass and we both got twice. Then we cleaned also had some oral sex as Teena parents can arrive at any time. Then I fucked Lakshmi and Teena many time also had tri-group sex between us.

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