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It was another of those boring weekends that I had to spend alone at home. Mom was out of town as usual, for something related to her work. She had been going out of station quite frequently these past couple of months. I was lying on the couch idly browsing through the TV channels on by one. I was wearing a thin sleeveless pink top with angry birds picture on it. My top was buttoned up from the front. It was really short and just reached up to my navel. It displayed my navel whenever I lifted my hands or stretched out. I was wearing a low waist sky blue mini skirt which just covered the essentials and reached up to the top end of my thighs. Even though my top covered my navel when I was in a normal posture, it did not hide the lower part of my belly till the start of my skirt on my hips.

My thin waist chain, loosely hung on to my belly, and was clearly visible to all. I was wearing a very thin sky blue panties with cartoon character picture on it. I was not wearing any bra. I also had a pair of thread like anklets and a pair of small ear rings on me. My long straight black hair was left open. My pink slippers were on the floor, beside the couch where I was lying down, browsing through the channels.

Suddenly I remembered a gift from my best friend Renu sister. Renu was my classmate and best friend. Her elder sister was studying electronics in US. She had given me a gift the last time she had come and I had completely forgotten about it. I ran into my room and began to search the cupboard for the gift. I found the gift and opened it up, placing it on the table. It was a set of four microphones and a set up box. She had done this as her project work. The idea was that the sound received through the microphone would be received by the set up box and send to your mobile or PC. We can hear the live audio through our phone speakers or it can be stored somewhere in the PC or mobile. I set everything up.

I placed the microphones around the house. I would need a few more microphones to cover the entire house. I softly switched on my audio system in my bedroom and went to the drawing room. Sitting on the couch I connected my phone to the set box and hooray, I could hear the music through my ear phones. I was still tinkering around with the set up box app when the door bell rang. I got up from the couch and slipped on my slippers. I walked towards the door and opened it. There were two ladies standing in front of the door. They both wore a blue colored shirt with a company logo on it and dark blue pants. They both looked around 20 and 25 years of age and were on the darker side. They were having some cleaning stuff and some baggage with them. Yes I inquired Good morning ma’am. We were booked for cleaning services on Saturday.

We had phoned you yesterday. One of them said, Oh Yes! Come in. You can start your work and I said and ushered them in. Seema, our regular maid had gone to her native place for a few months. So mom had booked some service agency to clean the place. They came in and began their work as I settled on the couch. They were in my bedroom, doing their cleaning job. I was lying on the couch watching TV when I remembered about my new toy. I jumped up and sat on the couch. I switched on the app in my phone and plugged the ear phone to my ears.

I wanted to hear what those ladies were talking. From the couch I could see them clearly and they were talking about something. I increased the volume of the app. Now I was clearly able to hear them. She is one hot little chick. I pricked my ears and wondered who they were talking about. She looks like a Barbie doll. Probably much more beautiful than that But look at her clothes. These rich people always wear so less. That’s right. Look at her lying on the couch. She almost half naked. I can see most of her body and I can guess the rest and they both laughed at this. I immediately realized that they were talking about me. And Thank God that she is wearing only this much today. Lucky for us, we got a chance to see her like this.

They were talking about me alright I thought to myself, but I was not sure if they were complementing or just making fun of me I was lying on the couch on my stomach. I was supporting myself on my elbows and my phone was in my hands with the earphones plugged to my ears. I was waving my bare feet in the air. To some one else it looked as if I was listening to music, but in fact I was listening rather intently to the two cleaning ladies. Hey, look at her now year Oh! My Good Look at those fair beautiful little feet waving in the air.

Those gold anklets on her ankles look really good and oh! You are looking at the wrong place my dear. Look down. Look at those well shaped legs. The curves of the back of her thighs. Her smooth, fair and lovely kind of skin. I could even see the bulge and shape of her ass. It looks small and very tight and Oh! You are so naughty. But you are right. Its really getting hot in here and now I was really sure that they were complementing me.

I wish I could just tear off her clothes and see what’s inside and they were continuing on. And I thought you were guessing and yes. I was. Now I am tired of it. I just want to tear off her clothes and fuck her with my dildo and You are carrying your dildo with you? Oh! I always carry two of them. Just in case if we have to do it somewhere outside. I don’t understand lesbians, I thought to myself. I was not sure that I was happy or sad about the fact that they were lesbians and they were planning to fuck me.

I just turned around on my side. Now I was lying on my side facing them, but with my eyes closed as if enjoying the music. I was supporting my head on my one palm, while the other hand was at my side. My legs were stretched out. I knew that my navel was fully exposed to them and I wanted to see their reaction. Look at her now. I bet that the waist chain she is wearing is very expensive Oh! Sweetheart, you always see the wrong things. The waist chain is really expensive, but that cute little navel and that silky smooth belly over which it is wound up around is priceless Hehehe! Yes. You are right. That belly and her navel is priceless. Look at her long legs. I wish to lick her from top to bottom, her entire body, without leaving an inch. I was happy with the progress as they discussed on about my body.

She is a cute little angel that she is. Look how far below she is wearing her skirt, I think it is almost at the top of her pussy. I can even make out the elastic band of her panties Oh! That bitch is just making me go crazy. I want to see how her nude body feels in my hands I am with you on that. I want to see her boobs and suck them I want to spread her legs and see how her pussy looks. What do you think? Will it be as beautiful as she is? I don’t have a doubt. But I wonder whether she will have any pubic hair I guess we have to find out. So how do you want to do this? I don’t know, lets see. We will play along until we get a chance

I was really excited about all the discussion that was going on. They really admired me. I felt undressing myself before them so that they will be happy on seeing my stark naked body. I wanted the ladies to lick my whole nude body from head to toe just as they wished. I wanted to exhibit myself before them, let them explore my hidden treasure and enjoy them as they wished. I had no idea how they were going to approach me. But I doubted that they will make a move directly. I finally decided to take a chance. I lay on the sofa on my stomach. I was completely stretched out on the couch with my face facing away from them. I lay in such a way that they will feel that I am fast asleep. I lay a little bit curled up so that they will think that I am sound asleep. I still had my ear plugs on and could hear their discussions. I lay there like that waiting for their response.

The kid has dozed off through my phone, I heard them speak. Shall we go and try? Probably we won’t get another chance like this it’s too risky. She might wake up any minute and why are you so scared? Even if we can’t do anything, I just want to see her properly please Come on. I will just go near. If she does not wake up, you can come. Is that OK? Shouldn’t you just wait? It’s now or never. I very badly want to see here OK sweetheart. You go ahead.

If she wakes up, just pretend that you were brushing the sofa or something like that Don’t worry. She won’t even know anything one of the girls were coming near me. I waited patiently. She came near me and called out, Madam…madam. We just needed something and I did not even budge. Madam… she again called, but this time a little louder. I lay still. I knew that now she will be more confident and make a move on me.

She slowly wiped off unruly hair from the side of my face and placed them behind my ears. She was running her finger around my face, near my mouth. Her touch had the smoothness of a feather. Her finger ran around my lips and began to lightly rub my ear lobes. Even though her touch sent shivers through my spine, I did not even move an inch. With every touch she was gaining in confidence. She moved the hair that was covering my back. She, then ran her finger down the back of my neck and through my back over the clothes, it began to move slowly downwards. It ran all the way down to my feet, taking in every curve and bulge of my body. It was as if she was putting me though an x ray scans.

I could feel myself getting turned on, as her finger brushed the back of my bare thighs and moved down to my feet. She stopped for a moment and called out to her friend to come and join the party. I heard the other girl tip toeing near to her. She is in a very deep sleep. She won’t know a thing. We will just take a peak and go, OK You sure about this? Yes. I am. You in? What do you want to do first? They were discussing what to do with me. I want to see her boobs first. We have to turn her around.

She might wake. Then, can I see her ass? That we can do. They slowly lifted my skirt up, as far it can go without disturbing me. They were very careful with this. Now they could clearly see my panties. Look how tight it looks one said, rubbing her hands over my ass. Even though she did it on top of panties, I felt the urge to moan. I was getting horny. I had to use all my willpower to stuff up that moan in my throat. But I had moved a little bit, which they had noticed.

Control yourself sweetheart. She will wake up sorry. I could not resist the temptation Happens to the best and they softly chuckled. One held my panties and tried to pull it down. We have to remove her skirt first to remove her panties. OK Be careful. Do it very softly and very slowly they unbuttoned the skirt on my side and began to pull it down. In a smooth motion they had removed my skirt. Now one began to slowly lower my panties. She pulled it down exposing my naked butt. This is enough! No its not. Remove it completely.

I don’t want even a thread of clothing on her body. I want her completely naked Relax. She slowly lowered my panties and pulled off my feet. Now my ass was completely exposed to them. They stood back and enjoyed their hard work as I lay on the couch with just my top and my ornaments on my body.

Oh! Wow. Look at those cute little ass cheeks. I feel like slapping them and don’t she will wake up. One was running her hands over my ass trying to size it up. Her skin is so smooth. Yes, confirmed the other, while running her hands over my inner thighs. One of them was trying hard to reach to my ass hole but in vain. She was scared to wake me up. I was trying hard to maintain a normal breath as the fingers of those two ladies were driving me crazy.

Don’t I want to see her pussy? Are you sure? She might wake up if we turn her around and I can’t stop now. I want her pretty badly and they slowly turned me over. I went along with their plan. Now I was lying on my back with just in my top and my vagina completely exposed to those two strangers. Wow! Look at that. What a beauty and Her pubic her only starting to grow. Look at those traces of hairs at the edges and yes. It’s looks so tight and Such a cute little pinkish pussy she has.

They slowly unbuttoned my top and opened it up wide on either sides. My naked breasts were exposed to them. I still lay with my eyes closed, enjoying all the attention. Those breasts look just beautiful, small and well formed Look at the curves of her body. Such a well shaped curvy figure she has. When she is nude, her beauty is matchless. I think we should ban clothes for her. They smiled at this. This breath taking beauty should not be kept covered and Her nipples are pinkish. She is so young and fresh. I bet she is a virgin. She has not been violated before. I guess, probably we are the first people to see her nude. How lucky we are Not the first one. I smiled to myself. They went on describing me.

And Look at that curvy hips and waist. Too good. And that navel, just drives me crazy I don’t want to taste her Shall we? Lets do it One lady was running her tongue around my feet, licking and sucking my toes. The other was more interested in my breasts. Her tongue was roaming around my nipples, while her hand was slowly caressing and massaging my breasts. The one lady at my feet began to slowly move around to my knees, as she started kissing my legs from my anklets to my knees. Her tongue began to get closer to my thighs.

I was completely getting turned on with all this. The other one was still massaging my breasts. Every movement she makes on me seems to give her more confidence as her caressing began to get harder. She was actually squashing my breasts in her palms. They had got so excited that they had forgotten to be scared of me any longer. Suddenly, I gave out a cry and opened my eyes as the lady bit on my nipples real hard. I jolted up and sat upright on the couch. The ladies got the shock off their life times, as they jumped back in shock.

I was sitting on the couch with the only cloth on me, my top, opened up and fluttering at my sides. What were you doing to me? I asked those two ladies who were sitting on the floor carpet, obviously still in shock. Where are my clothes? I asked out. No answer came from them. Why were you biting my nipples? It was hurting and At this, the lady who was biting my nipples came forward and said, I did not intend to hurt you then? Its still hurting I said, rubbing my nipples which had turn red due to her bite. & Let me check she said and began softly to caress my nipples. She was cupping up my breasts with one hand and massaging with the other one. It felt so good.

I moaned slightly with pleasure. Hearing me moan, she started licking my nipples. I closed my eyes as sensations began to rip through my body. Seeing my state, the other lady came around cautiously removed my top and dropped it on to the floor with the other clothes. She began to kiss my feet, slowly running her tongue around my ankles. They made me stand on the floor, while they crouched, one in front of me and the other behind me. They began to run their tongue from my feet to my thighs. They were raining kisses all over my legs and thighs. I was not able to handle the two ladies together. I was moaning slightly and my breathing was getting harder. The lady in the front, just made me stand with my feet a little wide apart. She began to run her tongue around my pubic area, around my pussy, teasing me in every way.

I held her head in my hands for support as I felt my legs go weak. I was moaning loudly now, as the other lady behind me started concentrating her mouth on my ass. She separated my ass cheeks with her hands and was licking around my ass hole region. The lady in front held my thighs and pushed them wide apart with her hands as she kissed my pussy. I moaned loudly now, unable to contain myself. I was starting to sweat. My inner thighs were getting really sweaty. I tightly clasped my hands over that lady and head and jerked my head backwards with my eyes closed as I felt her warm kiss on the most sensitive part of my body.

Their hands felt real strong as they continued on tormenting my body. I could feel the pain where their hands were tightly clasped over my thighs and my ass. But the pleasure that was mounting inside me was enough to overcome any pain. I slanted forward and held on the lady in my front and shoulders for support as I felt the some tightening in the lower part of my stomach. My body was completely tensed up. I could feel my pussy lips enlarge and contract with her every lick, getting ready for the final showdown. The muscles of my inner thighs were tensed and sweaty. I was moaning loudly now. I was not in a condition to check my sound as I just wanted continues. I stood there completely naked in front of them, as they enjoyed every bit of my most intimate regions.

Suddenly, I cried out loudly and collapsed on the front lady’s shoulder as my pussy began to eject my fluids. Thick white fluids began to gush out as if from a dam and drenched the lady face in front of me. I shut my eyes and clenched my fists as my orgasm went on for some time. The ladies watch in amazement, but held me in place as my discharge began to flow down to the floor. Finally it stopped and they placed me slowly on the floor staring at the puddle I have created on the carpet with amazement. Thick white fluid was sticking all over my pussy and over my inner thighs. We have never seen anything like this. It was too good they exclaimed.

I was too weak to speak and just smiled. Shit! We wanted to do a lot more with you. But you look very tired Yes. Let her take rest. This is enough for us they carried me effortlessly into my bedroom. They placed me on the bed and cleaned me up with a tissue paper. Now you take rest sweetheart. We will clean up the place and leave. Don’t worry about anything one said. You are an angel. My Barbie doll the other said and kissed me softly on my forehead. They slowly got off the bed and went out of the room, closing the bedroom door to continue their cleaning work. I smiled to myself. What a day thought, as I drifted off into a deep sleep, this time a real sleep.

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