The Demon Sting (Concluding Part)

I first Thanks ISS for helping me and to give courage by publishing my stories.If I heart any one’s feelin,He/she must excuse me.

We, Honey and my dad cum husband left our country with Sam and Mag for their isolated curse village to help the people.Our Visa and passport was made ready by them and then only we came to know the position of the place where we are going. It is a small village at the border of Russia.The village is isolated by three side mountain and sea at the fourth side and thus the people leaves here secluded and isolated from rest of the modern world.Total 94 people lives in this village and Govt. has made every help to keep the people aloof & alive.

But here for the inhabitants the alive means death as the life without sex is a dead life. So when they learned that Mag and Sam is coming with their rescuer all the villagers became too much happy.Here some of the villagers are multi- billonaire, most of the people are rich except a few like eight original inhabitants of this village those who have started this organisation and all the people are greatful to them.These eight people are Dad,Mom,Son with DIL and daughter with SIL and 20 yrs. Grand daughter 18 Yr. and grand-son.

As soon as Honey and Dr.Sony landed on the village all the villager,sorry the name of the village was given as Hulk village by the community.The Hulkian had a conference around 4’o clock in the evening with Honey and Dr. Sony.All the Hulkians attended the meeting irrespective of the cast,creed and ages. Now most of the people started crying and they are telling that the sin of incest and taboo has given them this punishment.

Honey:Listen my dear Hulkian you are seeing my huband Dr. Sony beside me but do you know his original identity?

He is my father also.Not only that I was born in her mother’s womb that means he has done incest with her mother to creat me and now fucking me daily,so you people don’t take any tension.All will be right by the grace of God.All started clapping and they told they are with Honey to get their sex relief.

At the night Honey could not sleep as she is also thinking is it the curse of incest and taboo that has caused death of their child and started weeping and suddenly heard the box where they have kept their demon stings are ringing and she opened the box and found two colours demon sting are paired Red and green and they are ringing and Honey followed the indication of the demon sting. As the demon sting has depleted to form the pair here also couple to be formed to cure the abnormal disease of sex.

Now who will first come to Honey’s chamber of sex cure.The founder of the organisation Dad chose to come first along with his all family members.

Honey:What is the truth of your family?

Dad: I have got courage from your life to tell the fact of my life.My mother at the age of 15 gave birth to her three sons and my dad died in an accident.Having no other way the incest love for my mother made her my wife and she is sitting just beside me.The 50 yrs. Lady nodded her head to give consent.The story of our family does not end here.My brother has secret love with her sister and the taboo relation became real husband and wife.Now Myself pregnented my mom cum wife with two children but my brother failed to impregnate his sister cum wife and they thought it is a curse.But later on when my daughter was married to her uncle that means my brother is now my SIL and my son married to her aunt that means my sister is my DIL and both produces a male and female baby my grand-daughter and grand-son.

Honey was not astonoished by the relation as the sex is univeral in nature and she is accomsted to it.Now both uncle and aunt happy with their sex partner and they were given demon sting to cure their disease. they put in the clit and juncture of cock and testicle and it was found that the demon sting has vanished inside their body and their sex power has again come back.

Now the grand –mother wanted to marry her grand-son and reverse is also the true.In the same was grand –dad with grand-daughter.Now after placing the demon sting Honey ordered Grand-son to fuck her grand-mom and grand-dad ordered to fuck her grand-daughter and it was found that not only the sex power has improved but thegrand mom age has decresed to half as a result her Bra strap has torn and her proud 36DD breast is standing firmly and announcing I am ready to be a fuckie of my great grand son.In the same time grand dad has sported his virile 11 inch cock in Grand daughter crevice and she is shouting with joy and promising not to leave her husband until death.In these two cases also the demon sting has vanished inside their body.

Now four people came is Japani couple and another is chinese couple.The Japani mom told that her child has a very very small abnormal penis so to save her child’s life she has made sex with him though she is never satisfied sexually.The chinese brother –sister couple told that sister loved the 10 inch cock of her brother and trapped and forced him to make sex with her.Now the girl is plain chested and the boy like big boobs like japani mother.Now Japani mom wanted to marry chinese boy and the chinese girl with the japani boy and the demon sting was applied on them the result the chinese girl sported 36C breast and the Japani boy with also 10 inch cock to satisfy the girl and here also the demon sting vanished in their body.

IN this way different cast people with different type of incest and taboo relation came all became right except onr couple.An American couple,they told they are brother and sister and demon sting was applied it was found that the cock of the male is diminishinf from11 inch to apuddle of 1 inch and the 38DD breast of the lady has crushed and hanging and both started crying and the fact was revealed that they were testing the power of Demon Sting and they have got the answer as an incurable disease.Now only four demon sting is left in the box.Honey gave two to Sam and Mag and all four started to live together and within a month every woman in Hulk village became pregnant including Honey.

After 10 months there was baby birth in every house of Hulk and Honey also gave birth to two hermaphrodite and became very happy to break the curse of life.all the people of Hulk requested Honey to stay in the village as Princes and Honey atlast settled their with her family,with people’s family.

The life of Honey product Hermophrodite may be seen in future in the other story at people of Hulk village.Lets wait for the future.

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