The Dream Comes True In Thailand

Hi everyone. My name is Sayantan and this is my 2nd story here. The first story was “Reverse groping on a Metro train” for which I did receive a lot of positive comments on Discuss. But since I had neglected to mention my email, I did not receive any feedback from you wonderful (and sex crazed readers). So here’s my mail id [email protected]. Please send any feedback here.

Before I begin the story let me just warn you its pretty LONG. I felt I had to explain the back story to paint the picture of how exactly an Indian guy came to have sex with an American girl (who’s not a prostitute) in Thailand. But if you would like to skip to the down please do a search and skip down to the sentence “As soon as we got in the room”. Either ways hope you Enjoy.

So this is a true story which happened during my visit to Thailand in the month of August 2015. We were a party of 3 guys (college friends) visiting Thailand for a holiday. Like any group of bachelors aged 23-25 we were also looking for any and all opportunities of fucking, in what may be considered the sex capital of Asia (Bangkok).Consequently we went to Go go bars, ogled girls and had Private dances. My two buddies also fucked 2 amazing strippers on the 2nd day of our trip itself. But for some reason I did not feel like having sex that day (dunno what happened) and contented myself with a Private dance. All this is pretty common in Bangkok and you will hear it from any Indian tourist visiting Thailand.

My story however takes place in Phi Phi Island and in a way which I had never even fantasized. Story thodi filmy lag sakti hain but believe me it’s true. So on the 5th day of our trip we travelled from Krabi to Phi Phi Island as we had a day long cruise booked there. We had booked the cruise with “Captain Bob’s Sailing booze Cruise” through Trip advisor. We had chosen it since they provided unlimited free booze had amazing reviews and promised daylong revelry. And boy did they deliver. Just as a side note I am recommending this cruise to anyone and everyone who might be visiting Thailand in the future. Trust me you will have one of the best days of your life.

Anyways our Cruise boat had 4 crew members from Captain Bob’s and about 15 tourists equaling about 19 people in total. The party consisted of about 9 girls and 10 guys so it was a pretty equal distribution too. As for the nationalities, there were people from Australia, Holland, England, USA, and Germany and of course us three from India. However the group I really want to focus on was a group of three girls from USA. Their names were Becky, Lisa and Elizabeth. Becky was a tall and petite brunette with small boobs and an awesomely cute ring of freckles around her nose, Lisa was shorter than Becky (though still quite tall) a little chubby but with massive boobs and ass.

Lastly Ellie (Elizabeth) was kinda in the middle ground between the three girls. She had Blonde hair, an hourglass figure with just the perfect size melons and a curvaceous ass that just glued your ass to it. Of course all three of the girls were extremely fair though somewhat tanned (we guessed from the trip to Thailand). Needless to say my mouth was watering at just the presence of all these lovely ladies around and they were not even in their bikinis yet.

As soon as our speed boat left the pier the crew did an introductory session to familiarize everyone and kinda break the ice. After that out came the booze. It was chilled cans of Chang for the guys and Vodka with ice for the girls. Soon the conversation started flowing and as our groups were sitting nearby we mostly got to talking with the 3 American girls. We came to know that Becky and Lisa were working together as Software Engineers in the San Francisco area while Elizabeth was a swimming Instructor in some school in Philadelphia. They were in Thailand for a long holiday trip (3 weeks) and “some fun under the sun”. Lisa did an awesome imitation of Indian accent which had us soon rolling on the floor. Needless to say our two groups were becoming good friends under the Influence of alcohol, Marlboros and some awesome company.

Among all this I had noticed that Becky was stealing frequent glances at me and when our eyes inevitably met we smiled at each other (just the friendly sort of smile). Then and there I was caught up. Sure Ellie was the sexiest and Lisa the friendliest but Becky was just my type of girl. She was cute, quiet not too brash but knew how to have a good time all the same.

After about 20 minutes of sailing through azure blue waters it was time for our first stop on the trip, “Monkey Island”. As the name implies it was an Island full of Monkeys which we were gonna feed and get some snaps taken with. However the shore was quite some distance away from where our boat was moored and we were evidently gonna swim the distance to the Island. At this point off came all the girls’ tops and skirts. It was bikini time.

Now, having just seen a strip show and a private lap dance two days prior in Bangkok this wasn’t a big thing for us. But still I was finding it hard to tear away my eyes from the big ass of Lisa, or the petite cute one of Becky and of course the perfectly shaped round mounds of delicacy owned by Ellie. I was praying to god that I would get a chance to slide my dick into one of those before the day was over. If not that at least a chance to somehow touch them.But back to the Cruise, we 3 guys were in a predicament as none of us knew how to swim.

We had informed the crew about this prior to coming on the trip. So they provided Life jackets which we strapped on and then ventured into the sea. But even with those jackets we were having a very difficult time swimming and swallowed a lot of salt water. Let me tell you that sea water burns and stings like hell if it gets in your throat or eyes. And we had swallowed a lot of it.

The boat crew had seen we were having a bit of bother and were gonna come to our rescue, but the three girls got there first. They hadn’t swum very far away and on seeing their fellow travelers in trouble they caught hold of our life Jacket collars and started dragging us through the water. As I had hoped it was Becky who had got hold of me. It was an embarrassing but sorta funny situation as well. Us grown up men were being dragged through the sea by girls holding our collars.

After about 5 minutes of being dragged in style we made it to the Monkey island shore. I was still coughing up and spitting out the sea water. Becky bent over me and asked me to get all the sea water out. She looked a bit concerned but was nevertheless smiling and god what a cute smile it was with those freckles visible just above her nose. I felt like kissing her then and there. I thanked her for saving me from drowning:-

Me:- “Thanks Becky for saving my life. If not for you I would have probably swallowed about 3 more liters of sea water and then died”

She (laughing):- “Oh come on don’t be ridiculous. You wouldn’t have drowned in the Jacket and besides someone else would have come along even if I hadn’t”

Me (mock serious face):- ‘But they didn’t and you came. It is due to your kindness I’m alive. In fact if I ever have a daughter I’m naming her Becky”

She laughed out loud at this and soon we were chatting merrily about various topics. By this time several monkeys had also gathered around and we proceeded to give those Oranges and some other Local fruit. While we were feeding them one of the Monkeys decided he had enough food and would rather go for a romping session. So amidst all the people he started riding his mate. Of course everyone started laughing at this and the crew even made a 15 second clip of the Monkey fuck session. I caught becky’s eye and she gave me a smile and a wink which of course I replied back in kind.

After the Monkey Island stop we were back on the boat and had our lunch along with a few more beers and Vodkas. By now all barriers had broken down and it was a raucous party atmosphere. I can’t describe all the fun here as the story is already quite long, but one example involves a beer drinking contest. Three girls would sit side by side while the other guys and girls would come one by one and lie down on their laps with their mouths open.

Then the girls would proceed to empty a beer can over the guy’s head. The challenge was to keep the mouth open and drink all of the beer the girls poured without closing your mouth. Of course most of the guys were unable to do this so what the girls did next was to flip the guy over on his back pull down his knickers slightly to expose the ass crack and pour the remaining beer down our asses. I won’t describe the rest of the cruise in much more detail as that would take 10 more pages. But suffice to say it was a memorable day full of fun, wild revelry and lots of booze. By the end I and Becky were especially good friends and I was hoping it would lead to some results before the night was over.

And this was exactly what happened at the after party. When our Cruise finished at 7 Pm the crew of Bobs booze cruise invited all the participants to an after party binge at the “Stockholm” bar. They would put up the photos and videos taken during the day on a Plasma screen and of course there would be more booze, great music and dancing. So all the guys decided to meet back up at 10 PM for the after party. We went back to our Hotel freshened up and came to “Stockholm” around 10 PM.

The bar was actually a discotheque and a pub combined. There was a crowded dance floor where many Couples were grooving to the jam. The crew of Bobs cruise was already there and they were arranging our photos and videos for playing. Some of the other guys from the cruise were also there drinking, eating or in case of couples dancing. But we didn’t see our 3 ladies from USA and as none of us were particularly good at dancing, decided to sit down and have a few beers hoping they turned up.

By this time we had mutually agreed that I would try for Becky while the other two guys would go for Lisa and Ellie. In fact my 2 friends had already bought condoms along in their wallets hoping for the chance. Having never had a Gf before I was much less hopeful than the other two and hadn’t made any such preparations. Despite getting friendly with Becky, I didn’t actually think I had a realistic chance with her in one day itself.

Anyways as we were drinking and chatting the girls came in after about 20 minutes. They were all wearing matching sleeveless tube tops and shorts. We hailed the girls and on spotting us they came over and almost immediately started pulling us to the Dance floor.

Since we were still drunk almost to a stupor we agreed to go to the Dance floor with them. All of us were bad dancers but I was especially awful. Becky couldn’t stop laughing when I first started to flail my arms around and I’m pretty sure many of the people around were also having a good laugh. I would have continued in the same fashion but Becky now took over and started teaching me some basic dance moves. She held my hand and we were doing a slow waltz (to hard rock mind you). I frequently trod on her feet but she never complained and kept smiling and laughing the whole time.

After about 20 minutes of dancing my courage was picking up and I asked her if she would like to have a drink now. She seemed slightly surprised but smiled all the same and said

“Sure why not”

We picked a corner of the bar ordered drinks and started chatting by now the topics had become more personal and soon we were talking about girl friends, strippers and “having fun”. It started somewhat like this:-

Becky: – So you boys were in Bangkok for 2 days. Did you go to go go bars, watch any of the shows?

Me:-“Yeah we went to ‘Bada bing’ go go bar on the 2nd day. There were about 20 girls shaking their booty and dancing on poles. Many of the girls were frequently winking in our direction or adjusting their bras in the nearby washroom so we would select one of them. My friends in fact already had a whole night of fun”

Becky: – “Your friends only? Didn’t you have fun?”

Me:- “No, I mean I took a private dance in an upstairs room but somehow I just didn’t feel like having sex then. Dunno what came over me as were planning this for many months”Becky: – “Oh! Probably worried about what your sweetheart back home might say if she found out?”

Me (surprised):- Sweetheart? As in girl friend? No I don’t have a girl friend.

Becky (somewhat surprised):- Ohh did you have a recent break up or something?

Becky: – What does that mean?

Me:- As in I never had a Gf, don’t have one now and don’t see much hope of getting one in the Future.

Becky (very surprised):- Oh come on! Stop joking. That’s just not possible. You must be at least 25. Don’t tell me you have never had a girl friend at all.

It took some time to convince her that I never had a gf and that it was still quite common in our country for men to never have any Girl friends prior to marriage.

Becky: – So you’ve never kissed a girl?

Me:- nope

Becky: – never…. You know… done it?

Me:- Lol. If I haven’t kissed a girl how can I have done it?

Becky: – So what’s the reason? Why you did never have a Gf? You don’t look too ugly (laughing).

Me:- “I dunno, there could be many reasons. But I guess the main thing is I never tried too hard. If I met someone like you earlier I might have tried”

She: – Lol. You like me?

Me:- “Let’s just say that I would kiss you right now if I could”

After this she was silent for about 10 seconds but then suddenly put her hand on the back of my hair and pressing my face forward planted her lips on mine over the table separating us. It was a blissful moment and I became unaware of the whole world. Our lips were fully locked and I pushed my tongue forward to explore hers. She also put her tongue forth vigorously and we were wrestling with our tongues for a few seconds.

Then we broke apart and suddenly I was aware of my surroundings again. How long the kiss lasted I dunno but to me it seemed like an eternity. Jannat to hume uske hontho mein hi mil gayi thi… aur jabki raat abhi baki thi. Of course a few people near us were staring in our direction but soon they turned back to their beers and dinners like nothing happened.

However Ellie had seen our action and soon came over with a mischievous smile and an evil glint in her eyes. I was very abashed and embarrassed at this point and had hung my head down, as I had never been in such a situation before (In fact it’s probably impossible in our country). Anyways here’s what she said:-

Ellie: – Sooooo what’s going on here? You love birds gonna get a room or are you gonna start humping out in the Open itself like the Monkeys from morning.

Me:- Ohh I err I don’t know. I mean have no idea. But if Becky err wants to ummmm …..

I was stammering the whole time and kept my eyes down and averted. Even Becky was embarrassed and I saw that she had hung her head down but was smiling. Ellie meanwhile was laughing almost uncontrollably. Finally she controlled herself and said in mock serious tone: – ‘Madam Becky Jeanette, Do you want to get a room with Mr. Sayantan for tonight?” At this both Becky and I looked up and joined in the laughter. However Becky didn’t give an answer to Ellie. She just reached over the table and again planted a kiss this time on my cheek and gave a sultry smile. Man did those eyes exude raw sensual passion at that moment. I gave smile and said “Okkkk guess that’s a yes”.

Fortunately finding a room wasn’t at all difficult as we found out that after party Hook ups were quite common. Ellie found a place for us on the 2nd floor of a nearby Resort. Meanwhile my friends too me aside to gave some sage advice- ‘Sala kamine humare pehle hi tu maal pata liya haan? Pura chupa rustam nikla be tu to. Chal ab jamke chodna Becky ko aur ye pakad condom”. Saying this they handed over 2 packets to me and wishing luck to them I left the Stockholm bar waiting outside for Becky. Soon she joined me after a conference with her own girl friends and hand in hand we went off towards the Phi Phi cabana resort (where Ellie had got us the rooms).

As soon as we got in the room and closed the doors, I kissed her furiously and intensely. Both of us were trying to push each other’s tongues in our mouths as far as they could go. I could almost feel the alcohol on her lips and the smell of booze in her breath was even more intoxicating. We must have been kissing like this frantically for almost 5 minutes. Meanwhile I had put both my hands on her back and slowly slid them down towards her ass.

I started kneading the globes of her ass through the fabric of her shorts while she had put her right hand on my dick over the shorts. She was slowly teasing and massaging my penis through the cloth and it now stood up fully in attention to its 6 inch length. My dick was almost itching to burst through its shackles and I started rubbing it over her crotch through the clothes. We were both so busy kissing and fondling each other that we were not even getting the time to relieve each other of our clothes. It was like frantic, maddening and intense all together.

Slowly we both began to cool down from the Initial heat and started to remove the unnecessary and annoying bits of cloth. Becky went first and pulled down my boxers while I relieved myself of my T shirt. She was just going to remove my underwear when I held her hand and said playfully- “Not so fast babe, It’s your turn now”. She smiled wickedly on hearing this and spread her arms out like on a cross. “Come get me then tiger” she growled huskily.

I slowly pulled up her red top slowly over her belly and breasts finally removing it entirely. I kissed her neck and licked it drooling like a dog over a piece of fresh meat. Removing her top had exposed her small yet beautiful and perky breasts for my hungry eyes. She was wearing a red bra consisting of some sort of frilly, silken material. Her nipples were so hard they were literally poking through the material begging to be free. I teased her nipples over the bra and started slightly pinching and pulling them over her bra without repeating it. I just wanted to prolong the experience with foreplay and satisfy my woman as much as I could even though loads of pre cum was already forming on my dick and making my undies wet.

When I had teased and massaged her boobs like this for 2 minutes she said in a mock annoying voice “So are you gonna keep massaging them whole night or put em in your mouth and suck them already . I know they aren’t big but I promise they are tasty”. I smiled on hearing this and kissed her again saying “Thanks for the invite Mam. I just wanna be your slave tonight”.

Then she undid her bra and exposed her beautiful globes to the naked eye. They were perfectly white with pink nipples just standing up to attention. They looked like two red Cherry blossoms on top of Vanilla Ice cream. I inserted one boob in my mouth sucking it hungrily while I continued massaging and playing with the other. I continued paying attention to her nipples pinching and biting them slightly all the while. Meanwhile she was moaning slightly now and clutching my hair and back.

Once I was satisfied with her boobs I continued my sojourn down over her chiseled physique. Planting light kisses over her belly and abdomen region I Continued my journey down till I had reached her panties. But wanting to tease her further I moved down without playing with her pussy. Believe me it took all my self control to not tear her panties immediately and plunge my dick in her love hole, but I wanted to prolong the encounter and heighten the arousal.

So I continued kissing on her thighs and legs and once I had reached down started massaging her foot and sucking the toes. She was smiling wildly and lustfully and said: – “You’re too good at this. Surely you were lying to me before and this can’t be your first time”. I replied back- “Babe I may be still a virgin but I watch a LOT of porn. Especially love the ones with more foreplay and less direct action”. She laughed again and said “Well continue the good work tiger”.

Hearing the compliment aroused me further and now I moved back to her panties. I kissed and licked her glory hole over the panties until they war fully wet.

Finally I proceeded to remove her panties entirely and got my first look at a pussy, not separated by a computer screen. My God friends what a glorious sight. No amount of porn can actually compare to the real deal. She had trimmed her pubic hairs and entirely shaved the region over her vagina. It was glistening wet and inviting ready to be plunged and violated. I put my tongue over her labia and proceeded to lick her greedily.

I had seen in porn’s that massaging the clitoris often turns on women so I proceeded to lick and bite it slightly. Also with my right hand I had plunged two fingers inside her and she was now positively shaking and writhing in ecstasy.

With both her hands she caught my hair and was trying to push my head deeper and deeper inside. She had also raised her hips to allow easier access and I used the opportunity to plunge my tongue inside her as well. My Tongue and fingers were both now fucking her furiously and after about 5 minutes she came in a paroxysm of shaking and moaning. I knew she had reached her orgasm as she shouted out “God that was Incredible” and collapsed like a pack of cards on the bed. Her pussy was flooded with juices and I licked as much of it as I could get. God the aroma was incredible.

Seeing her cum had now raised my dick to even more attention and I removed my underwear ready to immediately plunge into her. I had even forgotten to put the condom on. But she caught hold of me and said “Woaah woah slow down their lover boy. You serviced me so now it’s my turn. Besides since it’s your first time you would cum almost immediately anyway. Just let me take care of the first shot”.

Saying this she pushed me back on the bed and took my dick in her right hand. She slowly started massaging it and pulled the foreskin down. Then she teased the tip of my dick with her fingers and put her tongue slightly over the tip. She was taking revenge on me for all the teasing I had done and intentionally didn’t put my dick in her mouth. Instead she was licking all around the tip and along the entire length of the shaft proceeding to the base. I was now almost at bursting point and would release my first load soon. She must have sensed this as she quickly took my dick in her mouth Barely had she proceeded to take the entire length in that I exploded in her mouth. Since it was my first load and I had been controlling it for so long I came gallons inside her mouth forcing my hand on her head.

She was coughing slightly but didn’t remove her head and took as much of the load in as she could. She then showed me the cum on her tongue and swallowed the entirety of it. Guys let me tell you it’s something else to see your partner swallow your cum. I don’t know why but it had always given me a thrill during watching porn and was an even bigger thrill watching it personally. I was in love with Becky.

Now that we were both ready for the real action she asked me “So you got the rubber ready”? I said “yeah babe it’s just inside my front pocket. Let me get it’. Saying this I began to rise but she pushed me down saying “No I’ll get it. After all its gonna be your first time inside a woman. I’ll do it right”. Saying this she fetched the condom and put it over my semi erect tool. Then she again proceeded to massage it and soon enough my pole was standing at 90 degrees.

She now came over positioning herself perfectly over my shaft. Slowly she lowered herself over my dick, first taking in the tip and gradually the whole length of my dick. I was now inside a woman for the first time in my life and guys let me tell you it was better than what I had ever dreamed of. There was a hotness inside and the passages of her vagina felt like they were trying to constrict my penis in order to draw out as much semen as they could. There’s a reason men get tired of using their hands and you won’t really understand it till you have entered a woman.

But anyways back to the present Becky stayed in that position for about 30 seconds raising her hands over her head and smiling a smile of raw sensuality. She took my hands and placed both of them over her breasts. While I was tweaking her nipples and massaging her breasts she slowly began gyrating over my dick. The motion was causing my penis to constrict and penetrate the depths of her pussy. She moved slowly as she knew that I would cum very fast due to my inexperience if we started doing it too fast.

But after about 2 minutes she started to pick up the pace and began moving up and down on my dick. I also removed my hands from her breasts and put them on her butt massaging her ass cheeks and giving light playful slaps. She laughed and bending down kissed me deeply. We were now smooching while I was massaging her ass and simultaneously fucking her pussy in cowgirl position.

If there is a heaven I don’t know of a better description for it than that moment. I picked up my pace and sensed that she too was nearing another orgasm from her cries of “Oh my god…. Fuck me.. Just do it harder”. After about 5 minutes more of fucking I exploded inside her pussy almost simultaneously as she reached her climax too. Even though it was my second load I still came a lot. Both of us now felt spent and there was slight amount of sweat glistening on our bodies. She came down from my dick and kissed me deeply. We then proceeded to spend the night holding each other tightly in our clasps… almost like real lovers instead of just two people sharing a fun one night stand.

With that I come to the end of my story though the story with Becky wasn’t over it. Tell me guys and girls how you liked it? Eagerly awaiting your comments and suggestions. Please mail them to my address if possible as I don’t often read the Disqus comments. If any girl or woman in Kolkata would like to have a discreet no holds barred relationship please contact me on the email id provided. I will admit freely that I don’t have a 6 pack abs physique or even a very big dick. But what I lack for in those departments I make up in unquenchable sexual thirst. Satisfying my women is my top most priority and I will do anything to ensure it. Just try me and you will know.


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