The Family Taboo – Part 4

I am going to continue the story where I left it in the previous part so please read it.

I brought honey and started pour on my mom’s body and I removed my dress and her panty. I started to lick honey from her body. She didn’t say a word, she was just enjoying it. Then I poured some honey on her vagina and my dick. I made her in 69 positions and I lied down she was on the top. I told her to kiss my dick. We were licking each other in pretend of kissing.


She started to moan ah ah mm. Ah ah..Sss.

We both cummed. Then we lied there for a while. After some time I started to kiss her on the lips.


It was almost 5.30 pm sun was setting and I am kissing my own mom in her lips, it was amazing.


me: shall we take a bath mom.


mom: yes we should take a bath.


I and mom walked toward the house nude left our dress in the garden itself. I saw my mom face she was smiling and looked very happy. When we entered our house I couldn\’t control myself I just grabbed started to kiss her she was also responding well and i slipped my tongue inside her and she was sucking my tongue.


We entered the bathroom, mom saw the bathtub and looked at me gave me a naughty smile. I think she thought of how I fucked her in the bathroom.


I started the shower we were washing each other and I know I can fuck her again but I wanted to tease her.


I opened the bathtub tape and lied down in it.


mom: what are you doing?


me: I am going to relax for a while.


mom: I also want to take a dip in the bathtub.


Me: come sit between my leg mom.


She came between my leg and my dick was between her ass. It was amazing and she lied backward in my chest. I grabbing her boob from behind and kissing her in the neck.


Me: I love you, mom


Mom: I too love you


We both relaxed in the bathtub for sometime and came out of the bathroom. mom started to put some cloth on. I told her to stay naked and she also accepted it.


It was seven o clock we were watching tv serial and staying naked. I am sucking her tits and lying in her lap. I slept in her lap like a baby after drinking milk from the mother.


At 8 she woke me up and the serial was over and told me she is going to make dinner. I followed her toward the kitchen and grabbed her started to dry hump my her while she was preparing for dinner. I just enjoyed the moment of dry humping her. After a while, she was also moaning and enjoying it.


Mom: What are you doing? You are a naughty boy.


Me: I have a naughty mom


Mom: I can’t prepare anything if you don’t stop.


Me: stop preparing we can eat some bread and jam ( i was still humping her )


She turned toward me and started to kiss me in the lip and I was humping her madly.


Then we ate some bread.


Me: can you be like married women


mom: why


Me: I just wanted her in saree and with some jewel.


Mom thought for some time and said ok. I came to the bedroom and waiting for mom to come. She came after 20 min Like a newly married woman.


Mom: Do you like it.


Me: You look damn sexy mom


I was still nude only seeing my mom’s navel making my dick rock hard. I told my mom sit next to me.


Me: I love so much and I really want to fuck you.


Mom:( blushed a little) I too Love you my son and I enjoyed every min today we spent.


me: we can do this every day until you want it.


Mom: Yes I want it please fuck like a man of this house.


I just wanted a word from my mom and I started to kiss her in the lip and stripping her one by till she was naked. Her face became red and I started to fuck her. I felt like her pussy was really made for my dick. She was moaning ah ah ah ah……. ah yes yes….. I fucked her at least 20 min and cummed inside her and laid beside.


Me: can I ask you a question


Mom: sure dear


Me: is it dad bigger than mine.


mom: Yours is bigger than your dad.


I was asking my mom about dad and mom sex life


Me: does dad fuck you now.


Mom: No he lost interest in it after your sis was born.


Me: don’t worry I will fuck you daily.


My dick got erected and I made sit on my dick and told her to move up down. She was very horny again I fucked for 20 min. We slept hugging each other.


Next day I woke up brush my teeth and came to kitchen mom told me to eat break fast and we had it together. I had a morning hard on and it was not going. I Just pushed her down and made her in four and started to fuck her in doggy style. I was ramming her from behind and she was moaning loudly ahhh ahhh.. ahhh… came inside her soon.


We fucked for two days in every place of our house for two days. My dad came back and its hard to fuck my dad when he is home. So I thought for a while and I got a fantasy to fuck my mom before dad. I got an idea but I have to convince my mom about it.


Me: Mom can I ask you something.


Mom: what is it dear


Me: I want to fuck you in front dad


Mom: what no way we can’t do please don’t ask about it again.


Me: don’t worry mom I have an idea and dad won’t find it, Just listen to me.


I convinced my mom by telling the plan.


Mom: Ok, but your dad can’t be fooled easily.


Me: That why you have to do what I said, mom.


I started my act I ran toward dad crying who was watching news sitting in the sofa.


Dad: Why are you crying.( i usually hug my mom in front of dad and he won’t mind it)


Me: Mom won’t let me hug her anymore.


Mom came to the hall where and me and dad chatting.


Dad: Why are you letting him you.


Mom: He is just hugging me not letting me do work in kitchen That why I told him I will let him hug.


Dad: come on son don’t cry mom will let you hug after she finished her work.


Me: Did you finish work mom.


Mom: yes


Me: Can I hug you now mom


Mom: No, If you can hug me but I won’t hug you ( smiled at my dad)


Me: Come on please mom


Dad thought mom was just teasing me.


Dad: I don’t want to come between mom and son.


Dad: son She is just teasing you go and hug her.


Mom was standing behind the sofa like I told her to stand. So that dad can’t sees below her waist. I came behind her and hugged her. Mom started to act.


Mom Hug me as much you I won’t hug you


Me: Dad say something.


Dad: I told you I won’t come between mom and son


Me: come on turn around and hug me or else I will not let you till you hug me.


Mom is that so then let’s see how many mins you will hug me like that.


Dad was watching us and the tv. For him, the news is more important. Mom was in nighty I raised it and pushed my dick inside and I was fucking her. Dad can’t see it from his position. Me and mom saying thing like I was saying hug me mom hug me and she said no no so that we can hide out the pleasure of fucking in front of dad.


I fucked her for 15 mins slowly and at last, when I cummed she turned around and hugged me and you win ok. Then she left to the kitchen and I followed her.


I will continue the story in my next part. It is completely a fictional incest story which I like to write in many parts. please read it and comment about the story.

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