The Fantasy With My Mami – Part 1

Mohit is a 20 year old guy . he had been to boys hostel all his life . he has just come on leave from his college. Sadly he didn’t have any gf because he couldnt talk to a girl. He respected girls. He wasn’t dose cheesy types that we usually see in market. Most of us guys are humble and sweet and will leave the girl at her house if she is drunk at night and hope she calls you back to thank you rather than taking advantage of her being drunk.

Mohit too had a humble life..he was happy but only thing he was sad about his virginity. I guess it was not his fault. Every guy has this prob and may be even girls will do. Who knows. But still mohit felt girls would love better job, better physique ,better looks, better mannered guys.

So he worked hard that someday someone will come to him.

Mohit was at his nani’s place and has come only for a week’s stay. It was his first morning ..d night before he has landed at Kolkata and den drove down to his place in company’s car. He wasnt much tired but the flight have taken its toll. He woke up lazily..there was only his nani and mami at home. His mama had left for his work. Nani was in a different room. AC was off and mami has just entered the room. Mohit and his mami weren’t pretty close but his mami always teased him about his gfs and all . Since mohit never had one..he always used to blush

Mohit had an infatuation towards matured wonen . he obviously liked girls his age but he wondered what made dem so feisty after marriage . he never hadany evil thoughts for his mami. Mami was pretty. She wasnt like any hot actress…she was good. She was nice..she had a good figure but yes she had a nice waist line and the hips to compliment her breasts. She was curvy but age had affected her. She had hair up to his neck and she wore a nighty that was drenched wet. Mohit wondered whether it was sweat or water in that summer. AC was on and it must have been running chilly in morning . and mohit had the chill run till his legs and between his pubic hair and he saw mami’s hair rise up on his neck.

Mamis back was towards mohit.mohit asked mami for remote of tv , as mami turned mohit saw mami,s breasts move freely. Mami isn’t wearing a bra. Mohit cursed himself…dude what the hell are you thinking.. She iis ur mami. Mami turned back mohit started adjusting clothes in almirah. Mohit saw mamis butts. There was a black panty perhaps under the cream nighty. Mohit cursed himself again and put on astha channel in the tv.

Next day, mohit was in the bathroom which was a new detached bathroom from home. Mohit used to use that bathroom as it was easier to masturbate.. Nobody went that side unless some work was there.. And nobody bothered how long you are in bathroom. Mohit took out his weed and made a nice joint and smoked a quick one.

Mohit had his eyes closed.. And he felt his dick in his jockeys. He had trimmed everything day before. It was clean and it looked longer. If you mow the hedge..lawn looks bigger. He let his pants down and stroke himself. However hard he tried.. that black panty came in his sight every time. He let himself.. Thought about his mami for the first time and came out loud. Mohit was a footballer.. He worked hard to stay fit and he had his 6 packs intact. He didn’t have bulky biceps or triceps..he had a nice chest and 6 packs laid obediently. Mogit wrapped his towel after bath and moved out.

Little did he know that his act has been seen by mami. He had no idea and he had no intentions of doing with mami in real. He just walked into mamis room and he den noticed that the window of mami’s rooms window opened a few meters away from bathrooms open window. It was one of dose cemented railings which have openings in form of designs. So, though it wasn’t clearly visible inside but may be if someone strains his her eye.. They could see inside.

Mohit was in his towel and the dick was still half erect after the last masturbation. He needed to wear his undies to hide the erection. He heard nani shout from other room that she was going to market. He dressed up quickly and slept on mami’s bed only, watching tv.

Once mami came..he didn’t know how to react.wat if she with have seen him.but den what the hell..he is a guy and he is just big deal. Better just try and sleep. Mohit convinced himself to sleep

Mami was in salwar kameej and with bras perhaps. Breasts looked firmer now

Mami came , had her lunch and joined in to lie down beside mohit. Mami was wearing a white salwar kameej. She was obviously having no chunari. She came and lied besides me. It was around 12 and nani came back. She took her lunch and went to her room. After some time mami switched off the tv and lights. It was dark now. Mohit had his eyes shut tight to avoid being noticed. He just kept lying straight and took a bed sheet.

Oh and yes it was hot and mohit wanted to confirm if mami had seen anything . so mohit was lying with nothing on his chest. He was shirtless . but now he had bed sheets on him. Mami turned towards him and put her hand on his chest.

Mohit was taken aback. It was all of a sudden. His heart skipped a beat or two..she had her face just inches away from his ears and her hand on his chest and breath piercing his hot chest. Every time she let her breath out…mohit felt injections in his body . he wanted on his abs.. Feel of her warm breath. But he was a statue. He cudnt move. She den just movevher hands a bit down and touched mohit’s abs and her fingers rested on her abs. Mohit was confused as hell. He cudnt understand what to do..whether mami was awake or not. Whether she wanted it the same way or not.

He laid like that for 10 minutes or so. And den mami turned her back and curled in such a way that her hips turned mohit’s thighs. Mohit had just boxers on and mamis ass was rubbing against his thigh. He turned towards mami’w back to place his thickness right into the dep crack.. mami hummed something and adjusted his ass.. His rod was now sandwiched in her ass cheeks.

Mohit was loving it. His dick had been handled so many times but today it felt huge. It had veins all over it..he cud feel the tightness the roughness with which he fought her ass. He put his hand on her waist and blew air in her ears. slowly and rubbed my dick in one long stroke as if adjusting on her whole crack. Mohit had been holding it all together. He took a deep breath and let it out. It can’t be done and mohit just cudnt do it. But that was going to change.

In next moment she just turned

And her face was below his lips and she returned the favor with her own warm breath. Mohit just felt his dick grow more. He opened his eyes and saw what he wished for. He saw his mamis mounds ..perfect round. He had no idea about the size but he knew dey were big enuf to be pressed hard and fondled lovingly. He pressed himself close and his diick was rising out of his boxer linings. It was rubbing his stomach and the foreskin was half taught. He moved forward and felt his dick touch a portion of skin , not his. The dick just stretched to feel it more. It was aching in his boxers now. He took his boxers and pulled dem down causing his thickness to lie in Mami’s thighs.

Mami had her breasts heaving up and down, she knew perhaps her pussy was being rubbed by his own nephew. But his touch had drown her into ecstasy. She had first seen him clean his dick after it had spat out a load thick as gum. she hadn’t feel horny but when she saw him take bath and his chest gleamed in sun.. Chiselled so perfectly. His abs were a perfect pack. Mami had rubbed her pussy while he masturbated. She had put her fingers from mouth to Pussy to feed her hunger. Mami had loved her husband but today mohit had invoked in her a desire for sum thing younger and it was available.

She didn’t wear any bra and slept close to mohit. She had seen mohit had a good size of meat in his pants and she wanted to touch it once. But it was not in her consensus and she didnt want to ruin it.

Mohit so adjusted that mami’s lips were now just inches away. He cud feel the lips tremble of mami and open up in Anticipation. He just brushed his lips once. It seemed solace..his hips were locked against hers. Dey were as pretty close as dey could get and mohit cud feel his whole body against hers touching inch to inch. Mohii wanted to go ahead but for the time being he let his dick rest in his mamis love hole on her pajama. His mami was in 15th year of her marriage and she was childless .What if mohit could help her..will mohit be able to control or get over his guilt mohit didn’t know .

It was evening and the maid came for the nights shift. Mohit had to satisfy for the noon. He waits for the night and the day after when his mami took the bold step and finally got pregnant . he went to prepare tea for mami before she woke up and also had time to masturbate once thinking of her.

Will tell in next part the detailed love making in that sweaty summer on the kitchen floor.

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