The First Encounter Chemistry Teacher Continuation

Hey friends Sam is back and I have got feedback from my first story. Most you want me to complete the story. I have got some suggestions also. I have duly taken care of that.

This story is continued from where I have left my first story. Do read it first, here is the link The First Encounter (Chemistry Teacher

This time I am writing it in English only trying something. So, enjoy and please done forget to rate here and leave feedback at [email protected]

Days passed but I wasn’t getting enough of Chavvi though we became closer by time but not close enough. I was eager to make love to her, to touch her to caress her, to touch her beautiful perfectly shaped melons, to get deep into her on the whole, to fell her completely.

The only thing I was short of was some luck that day I got the missing piece of my story. That day was a beautiful cloudy day and there were full chances that it would pour by the evening. Till that day I was incomplete. I was only satisfying myself by her random cleavage peeks or when I used to drop her to her school.

Finally, it happened and that day it pour and it pour a lot, like a storm or something. Luckily, I was back from my other classes and luckily, Chavvi’s brother got into some important business of his. I still know it was 4:43 in the evening when my cell rang. It was Chavvi and she was quite worried.

I: Hey! dee, are you all right?She: Not actually, I am struck at school and you know it’s raining a lot. It is getting hard for me fetch some auto to get home.I: Isn’t your brother coming to pick you up?

She: He came up with some important meeting to handle, so, he has asked me to hire an auto. But, in these conditions, I am not available with any other option than call you. I hope I am not asking you for much.

I: Oh come on Dee! Don’t say like that. Ask me for anything in the world and

I will bring it for you. Just be there in the school and I will be right there.She: Hey! Can you get here fast as I am not well and it feels like I have catches some cold by this bad weather. I am really not feeling well.I: Please! Take some shelter, I will be there in minutes and take care of yourself till I come.

Her last scentences made me worried. It felt like as if a part of me is not well and I have to run for her care. I got my bike and thundered it through the streets. It took me around 15 minutes to reach there but those were the longest of my life. By the time I reached there.

I was completely drenched in water dripping from hair to toe. I got into school and asked the gate keeper for Chavvi Mam. He directed me to the Class 5B, upstairs first floor on the left. I followed his directions and found the class school was really empty on my way.

I hadn’t seen even a single person as I entered the class, I looked for her. Lights were off and she was seating on the last bench in the corner. She was in a blue kurti with white chudidar skirt and the one kareena used to wear in Jab we met.

She didn’t notice me as her head was down and slowly. I went up to her body was shivering with cold. I sat by her side on the bench and held one of her hand.

I: Hey! dee, are you okay?She put her head up and looked me into the eyes. Her eyes were watery. Seeing me, a tear rolled down her eyes.She: Thank God! You came, Sam. She hugs me!

Yes! I was about to cry but I hold back my tears. It really makes me to cry when I see someone crying.

I: See, Chavvi! I am here. Now, please don’t cry. I hug her backPrior to this and I had never called her by her name may be it was the environment and the mood.

She: I was really feeling alone, Sam. I have catches this cold and fever and there is no one to take care of me and everyone is out of town, there is only me and my brother at home and he too, has got his business. I miss my mom, Sam. She always cared for me at these times.

I really miss her! Chavvi broke down to tears and now she me tighter.I: Oh! Dee, just look at me and I held her face up by her chin and made her look into my eyes. I am here and it doesn’t matter if no one is here because I am here with your favourite student and I will take of you. Now, stop crying.

I put one of my arms around her and held her tightly and with the hand of other arm, I clear tears from her face. I was quite and so was she, just looking into each other’s face. Thunder was roaring outside and love was roaring inside with the thumb of the hand.

I felt the softness of her lips. I felt them if they are real, if they are asking for my lips everything was quite except the weather, the romance was in the air. She closed her eyes, surrendering to me. She knew what was coming. She was ready for our first kiss.

I watched her face, every feature of her face, felt them with my hand. Her eyes, sharp nose, soft skin and slowly, I brought my lips close to hers. Her breath became heavier and so does mine. I felt every ounce of her breath and in a moment, I put my lips on hers and gave a peck a small kiss.

I felt her soft lips when I brought my lips back and I looked back into her eyes. We both were looking into each other’s eyes. We knew, it’s been done, a bond has been created and we were asking more from it our bodies were asking more of each other and we kissed again.

This time, more passionately, harder, longer. We were playing with each other’s tongue, sucking on each tongue, sharing saliva, tasting each other. Heat was on, we were hugging each other passionately as our bodies were asking for sharing the body heat.

We were caressing each other’s body. We kissed for good 15 minutes and then our kiss broke. I went first and kissed each part of her face forehead, eyes, nose, lips, chin then, she followed and kissed back my face, starting from my forehead but she went ahead.

She went down to my neck and started to open my shirt buttons and my hands also came into motion and they were caressing her back but now, I went to for her boobs, her melons as she kissed my chest and I grabbed both of her boobs over the kurti by my hands and I pressed them hard.

She gave a loud moan it really turned me on. I went to take off her kurti but she kept it till her under arms. But my shirt was off, so mean she was. Kidding! It was a chilling weather, may be it stopped her from taking kurti off or maybe it was her school.

Coming back, as I picked up her kurti, her white lace bra became visible, holding my feast, the big melons of her which I have been wanting from so many days. I had been feeding on them from the time I met Chavvi.

The bra was really trying to hold those big breasts of her but unsuccessful. I freed them from the bra. I wasn’t able to believe that these are the two melons that have been playing hide and seek with me from so many days. but the waiting of so many days was really fruitful.

Those were the best boobs I have even seen in my life, never in pictures, never on internet or in porn. Those were the perfectly shaped hot Indian boobs of perfect size. I cupped both of the breasts in my hands and started to squeeze them, so soft they were.

I was embracing the moment. Chavvi was reacting to my moments, giving small pleasurable moans. I started sucking on the nipples one by one and seldom, I bit them also which made her moan louder. Her moans were forcing me to suck them hard.

I : Dee! you cannot believe how much I have wanted them and if God would have asked me for my wishes. These would have been second.Chavvi : Why not first one?.I: First One is you, Dee!

Hearing my reply, she holds me by my neck and kissed me hard. So hard that she bit my lower lip and it started bleeding. She started sucking on it as if she would have been a vampire. She came on to me and forced me to lay on bench itself.

I slide down under her and she came on top of me without breaking the kiss. Now, she started to move downwards, kissing my neck, chest, sucking on my nipples. She bit them also and I must say, she was really turned on. She started to play with my navel.

She spat some saliva on my navel and started licking it. This act really sent the shiver down my spine. I felt I had held my dick inside for enough and it’s time to free my tool for some action as I went for my jeans button, she took hold of my hands seeing right into my eyes

She opened my jeans button and then zipper with her mouth only. She was one hot tricky woman. Now, she went for my dick and freed it from my undies. It was in its full length and pumping blood at its high. She started massaging it, masturbating it with one hand and with other hand.

She was fingering her pussy, down under her skirt. It was the first time and I had ever felt a woman’s hand on my dick. I knew I don’t have much time for foreplay as she was stroking it really hard. Also, I need some real action and so do her.

It was enough; I held her from her shoulders and exchanged positions with her. Now, she was lying on bench and I was on her. She was still holding my dick, not in a mood to leave it, stroking it hard. I rolled up her skirt to her stomach, placing both of her legs on my shoulder.

She was wearing white panty and believe me, the panty was full drenched with her juices. She must had have orgasms in between and seeing it, I was not in a mood to keep her waiting now. I peeled off the panty and put it into her mouth.

I knew it was first time for both of us and it would hurt. Her pussy was already wet, I spat on the forehead of my dick and placed it on the entrance of her pussy before penetrating and I started sliding my dick over the pussy. Dee! And I started breathing heaving moving her ass high up and down, calling for my dick to enter the fire hole.

I knew it’s enough with a thrust I was able to enter only the forehead and only small part of my dick. She closed her eyes and a tear rolled down from the corner of her eye. I knew it hurt her a lot but we both want it to happen, so, I kept it there for a minute or so and then, slowly and steadily.

I started moving my dick with every two small pushes and I gave a third higher thrust to enter my dick deeper with few more thrusts and my whole dick was inside. Her pussy was really hot and tight. It felt like I have placed my dick on a flame.

My dick was also paining but the amount of pain was much lesser in comparison to the enjoyment of making love once, my whole dick was inside, I was not pushing it hard as it would hurt her.

I kept my thrusts steady and stared fucking her in classic missionary position. She threw the panty off her mouth and started kissing me passionately. I knew it’s not hurting her anymore.

I was laying on her with her legs on my shoulders, kissing her lips, neck, shoulder and back onto lips. I kept my thrusts steady. Bench was making noises cheehn! Cheeehn cheeehn! Chheeehn which I call as the ‘music of our love making’.

After 15 minutes and her pussy started contracting, it became more tight and she grabbed me more firmly, kissing me more passionately. I knew she was going to cum and with pussy so tight and I would not be able to hold long. I utter in her ears let’s punch it together and she gave me a naughty smile.

I increased my speed and she started moaning aahhh! mmmmm and with 20 more thrust, we both hugged each other came together and I laid off on her and I ejaculated 4-5 times for whole semen to come out, I never came so much. It felt like something filled both of us.

We embraced each other for some more time but we knew we have to move home. Heavy pour had gone and it was drilling now and when I stood up from her, the sight was strange, something with mixed emotions.

Bench was filled with a mixture of my semen, her cum and blood, it was hers. I have never expected her to be a virgin indeed, she was. I looked back to her face and she returned me a cute smile.

A smile that was filled with something that I have never been able to figure out and I have never asked her about. We again kissed and put back on our clothes.I: Thank You. Dee!

She: Thank You for being here for me and taking care of me.I: Are you all right now?She: Never better, aaahhhsssheeen!! She has definitely got coldI: You do need me to take care of you and let’s get home and allow me to serve you well.

We held each other in arms and came downstairs to set for her home. Before leaving the room, she clean the whole blood off the bench with her panty and gifted it to me as the proof of our love.

That was something special shared between me and Chavvi Dee! But friends it’s not the end. Don’t you want to know what happened when we went to Chavvi’s house and I will tell you in the next story.

I have completed my first story it could be entirely real or entirely fake or real cum fake. Please leave your feedback here or at [email protected]

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