The Hottest Village Belle Ever

NOTE: The story is part fiction and part true. Obviously to bring excitement to the story I added a few extra things that never happened. I never give out any true names or cities or job details for privacy purposes.

Since the day I became a successful screenwriter I didn’t have much time for my family. They always complained about it but there was nothing I could do about it. People like my ideas and fortunately a couple of movies that I worked were blockbusters. After the success of my last film I decided to take a small break. I was just 27 years old and missed out a lot in life due to my hectic schedule. It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to my grandparent’s village.

So I decided to take a holiday for a week in the village before I left to some secluded place to work on my next script. My parents were happy with my decision and decided to accompany me.

We started to the village the next day and reached it at the early hours of the next day. The whole atmosphere was amazing. It was cold and I could bonfires at every corner of the streets. People were busy with their early morning chores and since my grandfather was the village head everybody recognized us.

We had to stop on the way to greet everyone who greeted us. I wanted to capture the rustic beauty of the village and took out my DSLR. I got a couple of beautiful shots of the early morning scenes. I loved capturing people innocently doing their daily routines. In the same manner I captured a couple of girls drawing rangoli in front of their respective houses. Looking through the viewfinder of my camera I panned towards my right.

A small fold near the hips of a girl caught my attention. It looked very smooth and wheatish in complexion. Not removing my eye from the viewfinder I tilted the camera upwards to checkout the girl. It was young girl with beautiful features and amazing charm. She completely dominated the rest of them. I took some photos of her. She wore a halfsaree and was busy with her work. I wanted to talk to her but my parents were ready to leave.

As it was a small village I knew finding out about the girl wouldn’t be that difficult. So I left with my parents. My grandparents became very emotional when they saw me. Watching me after 5 years they couldn’t control their happiness. It took me some time to console them. After everything was fine I went and took a bath and sat down for breakfast.

At the same time, the girl whose photos I took, came along with her father. I immediately recognized her father. They were our neighbours few years ago. When I heard that the girl’s name was keerthi I realized that I knew her when she was a kid. The last time I saw her was about 9 years ago. She was 10 years old and I was 18. Which meant she was 19 years old since I was 27. Her father spoke to my parents and introduced Keerthi to them. She was in her 12th standard which didn’t shock. In small villages people tend to repeat classes and that was the reason she was still in 12th though she was 19 years old.

Her father wanted to meet my parents and brought his daughter along with him before she left to school. Her school uniform was a salwar kameez. The top was light blue while the bottom was dark blue. The top was pretty tight and her bra impression on the dress was clearly visible. If my calculations were right her bra size would be about 34B. She had a dupatta around her neck and covered her chest area. I continued scanning her with my eyes but my parents were done. Keerthi along with her father turned around to leave. Her butt was also pretty tempting. I wasn’t sure how huge it was but I could say it looked pretty huge. Even her loved handles were visible due to the tight top.

After they left I went into my room and uploaded her pics to my laptop. My eyes were stuck to the small fold near her hip. I wanted to grab it squeeze it. I also like her figure. I guessed her vital stats would be 34-27-36 and she was about 5’4” tall. She had just the right amount of fat on her body. I never liked lean girls or girls with excessive fat deposits and Keerthi was just damn perfect. The fat was also at the right places. I still couldn’t checkout her tummy but gauge the amount of fat near it looking at her side fat. I slept thinking about her and decided to talk to her at any cost.

I spent the rest of the day with my grandparents. In the night the village, the weather and Keerthi gave me an idea for a beautiful script. I decided to go for a walk, next day during the early hours and write down the outline for the script. There was a favorite spot for me in our farms. It was isolated and a perfect place to write down scripts without any disturbances. I knew my parents would be disappointed if they knew I was writing during a holiday. So I decided to right only the basic outline before I forget and develop it into a script later. Next morning I took my laptop, DSLR, a notebook, few plain papers, a couple of pens, a bottle of water and put it in my backpack.

I informed my parents and left to my favorite spot. On my way i wanted to see if I could find Keerthi. I went passed by her house but there was no sign of her. I searched the surroundings but couldn’t find her. Disappointed I went to my favorite spot. It was just the same way like it was a few years ago. It was adjacent to our farms. There was a small hut without any walls and haystacks on either side of the hut. There was a well beside the haystack. A stone was carved in a way for people to sit on it. The place was very secluded and there was no one disturb it. I sat down and leaned onto the haystack.

Out of nowhere a pair of hands came from behind and scared me. I jumped onto my feet and was terrified. I looked behind angrily and found a girl laughing uncontrollably. It took me few minutes to come out of it and it was none other than Keerthi. She followed me from her place and scared me.

As we knew each other from a very young age she didn’t hesitate to scare me. Actually I loved watching her laugh. That was one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen. She couldn’t control herself and sat on the stone. I walked towards her sat beside her. She had some kind of innocence in her face which attracted me. She wore a halfsaree and a pony tail. She smelt very nice and fresh. I loved the smell of her soap and shampoo.

After a couple of minutes keerthi finally stopped laughing and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I came there to write a script. She was curious about everything. She saw the camera beside me and asked if I could click her pics. That was the best offer I ever got and obviously I was more than happy. I asked her stand beside the haystack and took a couple of pics. But her body was rigid and she couldn’t give any poses so I showed her how to stand. She looked damn cute the way she tried to imitate my poses.

After taking few pics I showed them to her and said she looked like a heroine. As soon as I said those words her eyes glowed. She asked me repeatedly if what I said was true. I looked at her face and thought about it. She had the perfect features and stood out in a crowd. If we could groom her a little she would be a fine actress. I said I would do a photoshoot of her and see how she would look on the screen.

I wanted her to get used to the process so I decided to do a sample photoshoot before doing a proper one. I asked her if she really wanted to be an actor she nodded her head in excitement. I said she shouldn’t have any kind of inhibitions if she wanted to get into the glamour field. She shook her doubtfully. I repeated the same thing once again. She said she was sure and was ready to do anything. I looked at her for sometime and she looked uncomfortable with me staring at her. I stood with both her hands behind her. Without any hesitation I asked her to remove her half saree.

She looked at me shocked. I had a poker face and repeated the same thing. She slowly removed her pallu and revealed her blouse and naked tummy. The halfsaree wasn’t completely removed. She only removed her pallu from the shoulder. I observed her top to bottom. My guesses about her body were spot on.

The best part was her belly button and tummy. The belly button was deep and huge and it had some fat around it. Any guy in his right mind would love her tummy. There wasn’t a single thing wrong including the fat. The curves were like almost a semicircle and went onto form a huge butt. The blouse was like the old type which would take the shape of one\’s boobs instead of one straight thing. My dick was erect and just looking at her like that I had precum in my underwear. I took the half saree and pulled it. I made her stand on the stone and tied the half saree around her head like a turban. I gave her stick and asked her to pose like a naughty village belle.

As I praised her about her look she slowly gained confidence and did as I said. After taking her photos I went and held her by her hips and helped her get down. I couldn’t believe my luck and didn’t want to remove my hands. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t even know how it felt touching her hips. But all that I remembered was that it was the softest thing I’ve ever touched. For the next pose I asked her to sit and act as if she was drawing rangoli on the ground. She asked me if she could wear her saree back. Obviously I denied her to do it and asked her to lift her skirt until her thighs before she sat down. She was very shy but slowly lifted it till above her knees and sat on her feet.

This girl had a terrific skin. Not even a single bad spot or rough part. Everything was smooth and flowed into curves. I took a few photos in that pose and asked her stand up. Without taking her permission I lifted the skirt and put the bottom part into the skirt from the top. This made her right leg to be revealed almost till half of her solid thighs. Whenever I felt, a part was best of her something better always popped out. I handed over a broomstick which was lying beside us and asked her to sweep the area while I took her picks. The purpose of this pose was simple. Its got nothing to do with movies.

I justed wanted to see her cleavage and as expected as she bent a huge cleavage was formed and unfortunately she noticed it. She covered it with one hand and swept with the other. I once again gave a lecture about inhibitions and asked her remove her hand. She did as I said and removed her hand. The boobs jiggled while she swept. They were also of the perfect size. You can cup them and squeeze them real hard. I made her do all kinds of things. I made her jump, run and roll on the ground just to see her body. I already saw 70 percent of her body. After I was tired I decided I had to watch her naked. I made her sit beside me and asked her how badly she wanted to be an actress. She was confused and didn’t have an answer. I gave her an option. I said she had to do whatever I asked to do and after that she can take a call.

She asked what she had to do. I asked her to strip infront of me. She was shocked and didn’t say anything. I also didn’t try to convince her. We sat on the stone while there was a nice breeze. The atmosphere was kind of romantic.

After a couple of minutes she asked me if all the actresses did that. I showed her a couple of morphed pics of famous actresses just to convince her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She got up and walked a few steps away from me. I thought she would leave and never see me. But with her back facing me she unhooked her skirt and let it fall on the ground. She stood there in her panty and blouse with her hands behind her covering her butt. The butt was pretty broad. Like I said everything was perfect with this girl. I immediately took a couple of pics from back and walked towards her.

I put my hands on her shoulder and turned her around. She had her eyes closed. When I turned her she brought her hands to the front and covered her pussy. I took her to a side. There was lot of privacy between the haystacks. The blouse was hooked in the front. With both my hands I unhooked the blouse while my fingers rubbed against her boobs. Keerthi’s breathing got heavy and her chest moved up and down. I moved back after unhooking the blouse. She herself removed her hands from over her panty and removed her blouse slowly.

Still with her eyes closed she covered her bra with one hand and panty with the other. I clicked another couple of photos of her. In a very low voice I said “next”. She slowly moved her trembling hands and put them behind herself to unhook her bra.

She tried for sometime but couldn’t do it. Her eyes were shut tightly and she walked towards me until she hit me. I put my hands behind her and pulled her closer. Her boobs got crushed against my chest. My hands also trembled but I gathered some courage and unhooked her bra and moved back. She would have definitely felt my erect dick while we hugged each other but she didn’t say anything. She pulled the straps till her arms and let them slide away and fall down. My eyes grew wider. She covered her boobs with her hands. Her palms crushed them back. Once again in a very low voice I just said “show me”. She nodded her head in disapproval. I held her hands and tried to pull them but she didn’t make it easy for me.

After few seconds she gave up and as soon as I removed her hands she hugged me and didn’t allow me to see her naked boobs. I hugged her back tightly and made her boobs get crushed really hard against my chest. Keerthi got suffocated and pushed me back. This time she didn’t cover her boobs and finally I got the view I wanted to see. She breathed heavily and her chest moved up and down a lot. She didn’t move or open her eyes and I just stood there ogling her boobs. Even her areola and erect nipples were of perfect size.

The breeze was nice and this was the first time I saw someone naked out in the open and not in a room. In the same manner I said “whatelse?” and removed my shirt. Keerthi turned around and slide both her hands into her panty at the sides. She was not able to move further. I helped her pull it down and reveal her huge naked butt. She turned around but didn’t cover anything. She had a hairy pussy and closer look revealed that it was dripping with juices. She was turned on as hell.

Suddenly we heard a tractor sound. Keerthi hugged me tightly and covered her butt with one hand. This time her naked boobs crushed against my bare chest. The tractor was pretty far away from us but since it was open land we could hear it louder and felt it was closer than actually it was.

I went onto my knees and ended near her tummy. Very gently I kissed it. Keerthi had jolt pass through her and gave a sudden jerk. I licked around her belly button and sucked the fat around it. Her hands ran through my hair while I played with her tummy. I turned her around and kissed her buttocks. Hugging her tight from behind I rubbed my bare chest against her broad butt while kissing her back.

Keerthi couldn’t take it anymore she turned around, pulled me up and planted her lips on my lips. She kissed very passionately. I also kissed her back and sucked her lower lip and later the upper lip. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and sucked her into mine. Our tongues fought for domination inside our mouths. She got carried away and bit my lower lip and I also did the same thing to her.

Finally she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Her smile was the first thing that made me fall for her. I really liked her and didn’t want to cheat her. I made her sit beside me and picked my camera. I showed her the pics and deleted all of them. I told her how the glamour field works and left the choice for her. She simply said she had no further interest and loved the time she spent with me. I put my camera aside and pushed her back. I removed my pants and put my right leg over her.

She looked at me very passionately and kissed her again and slowly travelled down by kissing her neck and upper chest. I placed my right hand on her left boob and squeezed it while sucked the right nipple. She left everything to me and just enjoyed the proceedings. I swapped to the other boob and sucked it for sometime.

I pulled her onto me and made her sit on me. She bent and her boobs ended up near my mouth. They looked like ripe mangoes and I sucked almost one fourth of the boob. I wanted to swallow the whole thing. Her legs were folded and her pussy was rubbed against my stomach. She liked the position a lot and rubbed her pussy against me for some time. I was just happy sucking those mangoes.

Slowly she moved down and rubbed her pussy against my underwear. Due to her action and my erect dick the underwear moved down and my tool popped out. She moved further down and removed my underwear completely. I moved slightly upwards and leaned against a tree beside a haystack. Looking into my eyes and smiling she reached my dick. She didn’t remove her eyes from me and kissed my balls. She held my dick with her right hand and licked my balls.

Slowly she swallowed them completely while rubbing my dick. Her next stop was my dick. My dick was pretty huge and she could swallow the whole thing. I thought she would hate it but this girl was something else. She didn’t even have a slight bit of hesitation. With her eyes locked onto me she sucked the whole thing thoroughly. It looked like she was sucking a candy and enjoying it. The girl knew her way around. Looking at my eyes she licked the tip of my penis and I almost came in her mouth.

I pulled it back and got up. Caught Keerthi and made her stand. Pinned her to the haystack and hugged her from behind. I grabbed both her boobs and rubbed my dick to her butt. She held my tool and inserted into her pussy. I pushed it in extremely gently. In a very slow motion I moved back and forth. Steadily I increased the pace and humped her crazily. She shouted really loud and got me excited more.

I stopped as soon as I sensed that I would cum. She pushed onto the floor and winked. She sat on me and put the dick into her pussy. She placed both her hands between my arms and body and I could see her boobs bounce while humping her. Her sultry expressions were the best to look at. I lifted my head and sucked her boobs. After I was done with the boobs I held her face with both my hands and stared at it. Just looking at her face made me lose control and I increased my pace.

Within few minutes I came inside her. I pulled her close and she fell on me. Her bare chest touched my bare chest. She looked into my eyes and rested her head on my shoulder while playing with my dick. Now it was her turn and with a low voice asked me “what next?”. I kissed on her forehead and asked her to give me few minutes.

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