The Interview That Changed My Life

Hello… I’m Madhumitha from Chennai. I am a regular reader of Indian sex story. I used to be a very shy girl but an incident that happened during my second year of degree changed me forever. A little more about me, I had to start working immediately after completing my schooling due to the family situation and was studying my UG through distance education. I’m a little dark but good looking with a nice figure.

Now coming to the sex story it happened during my second year of UG when I was looking for a job change and applied through Naukri. I had got a lot of calls but unfortunately, nothing suitable came, until that day. I got a call from a company and the job they offered was kind of suitable for me. They asked me to come for an interview on a Saturday. I went and waited for a while till my name was called, announcing that it was my turn. When I went in I met a guy sitting on the other side of the table and busy making some noted on a sheet of paper. When I went near the desk he looked at me and asked me to sit down and asked me for my resume. Then he asked me a few questions for which I answered and after a few more questions he asked me to wait outside.

While getting up from the chair to walk out of the cabin, I suddenly felt pain in my back (I, unfortunately, had a sprain in my back as I dozed off while watching tv the previous night) and involuntarily said “ouch”, which concerned him and he asked me “are you okay?” I said that I’m fine and slowly walked out of the room into the waiting area. Being a Saturday there weren’t many people in the office and it was almost empty as the time was now somewhere around 12:45. Oh and I forgot to mention that the guy who interviewed me was Rahul which I later came to know and he was a part of the HR team in that company.

After a few minutes, Rahul came out and said that I would have to wait for a little while for my next level of interview and asked me if it was okay if I come back after finishing a quick lunch. I agreed and left to have something for lunch and while going I was thinking about the previous interview with Rahul. More than what he asked I was thinking about him. After finishing lunch, I rushed back to the interview – partly out of desperation to get a job and partly excited to see him once again – and went to the waiting area but when I was about to sit down I again felt the sharp pain in my back and struggled a bit before sitting.

It would have been five minutes before I heard my name again called and I went to the same cabin to face Rahul again. I can say I got excited but I hid composed myself before he asked me to sit in one of the chairs. And again I struggled a bit because of the pain and this time out of concern he asked me “is something wrong”. I told him what had happened while he listened. Not long after I finished there was a knock on the door and another man came into the room. After a short conversation, he was out and the interview continued uneventfully for another half an hour and finally, I was told that I have completed the interview and will get to know the result on Monday.

I thought it was over because normally in an interview when someone gets feedback like we’ll let you know after a few days the interview wasn’t successful and I understood that with a sad face. While going back to the waiting area to collect my bag and leave Rahul called again and asked me to come back to the cabin and asked why I looked so dull and sad. He also asked if it was the back pain which was bothering me too much. I couldn’t control myself as tears welled up in my eyes and I told him the entire story about how I was struggling to help my family.

He said not to worry, the interview was positive but since the other person was not the deciding authority I had to wait till Monday to know the result. Then he asked me what am I going to do that day as it was just around 2o’ clock. I said I’ll have to go home as my back is paining badly. He asked me about the options that I have in mind for the back pain and I just told him I don’t have any idea, I’ll just go home and sleep. He suggested that a massage should help reduce the pain and I thanked him for his suggestion and started to leave. But before I could, he said he can help me with it. I looked at his eyes with discomfort and he understood my concern of him giving me a massage to my back. He said he used to massage his grandma’s back by helping her apply pain balm and massage. I said this is totally different as he’s a stranger to me and I hardly know anything, but my mind started to get excited. I asked him that even if I may agree for a massage where he is going to do that, for that he replied the office is empty now and he can do it in the conference hall.

The very thought of being with him in the empty office and thinking of him massaging my back started to excite me more. Although I didn’t accept initially for him to massage my back I gave it a thought before finally agreeing to it. He asked me to leave my bag and other stuff wherever it is and follow him to the conference hall on the first floor. He then told me that since there’s nobody is there he will be back after bolting the main door. While he went to lock the door I relaxed by lying down on the table with my face down on it and my hands resting my head.

Soon he was in the room and rolled up his sleeves making himself ready to massage my back. First, he started massaging me over my clothes but then he asked me if any pain balm would help me in reducing the pain. I said yes, so he pulled out a stick of dragon ball and asked me to lift up my kurta till the place where my hip is exposed. I felt shy first but then the thought of getting relieved from pain made me lift my dress. Then he applied the balm and started massaging again. The touch of his hands initially made me uneasy but later I started feeling good. Slowly he went up and asked me to lift my kurta more. I tried but I couldn’t and thought the kurta will tear off if I keep lifting in that state, I told him the same and asked him to continue the massage in the same area.

He did for a while and in that time I slowly started to feel better and at the same time also a bit horny. I thought why not allow him to massage my entire back, anyway I’m just going to lie face down on the table. Then I told him to stop and I got up to remove my kurta to his surprise, he stood there for a moment while I again lied down on the table showing my back to him. I was lying in front of him wearing my leggings and black bra and he started to massage my back fully now. The sensation of his massage was too much for me to control and I let out a small moan which caught his attention. Then suddenly I caught his hand which startled him and he stopped massaging me asking me what happened. I said nothing and asked him to continue, this time breathing heavily. He noticed that and asked me if I’m alright. I said yes and asked him to continue. His hands slowly came up and he was now massaging me in the part of my back below the neck, in the meanwhile, I was slowly losing myself.

Then I asked him if he wants to massage my back fully to which he said he will if I’m comfortable but added that the bra straps are in the way. Now without hesitation, I got up and removed my bra and threw it away. He was stunned by my action and started to look at me in a different way. I sensed his lust and gave him a smile, which made him come closer to me. He then came closer till we felt our bodies touching each other. Though he was dressed I could feel his heat building up. I suddenly pulled his head and planted a deep kiss on his lips and looked into his eyes. Then I started to unbutton his shirt slowly and also removed his banian. Now he became uncontrollably and started to kiss my upper body fully and suck my breasts like a kid. Then he made me lie facing him on the table and started to kiss all over my breasts, tummy and wherever he can. He asked me what I want, I said I don’t know just take me. He asked, what do you mean by taking you? I told him, take me fully, take my body, do what you want.

That was enough for him for after that he became so wild that he removed my leggings and panty in one go and started to lick my vagina. The feeling was so intense and pleasurable that I started moaning and pushing his head towards my vagina which was clean shaven. While licking he inserted a finger and started fingering my vagina which made me moan even louder, if that was any other day of the week the whole office would have heard me moan. Soon it started to buck my hips and within a few minutes I came, my juices flowing all over the table which he licked. Then he came up and gave me another kiss before he made himself fully naked. His penis was fully erect that I got scared by looking at it, I was wondering what will happen to me next.

He slowly came up to my face again and kissed me passionately while his penis was touching my vagina. He asked me if I’m a virgin and I said yes for which he said I thought so. While kissing me he was slowly teasing me by rubbing his penis on my vagina and begged him to not do that. Then he asked me again what I want, I replied: “my body is yours, baby, do whatever you like with my body”. For that he said, I’m already doing what I want but you tell me what you want now. I said put it in me, he asked “what?”, “put what in you?”. I felt so shy and pointed with my hands to his penis. He still said I don’t understand. I said unable to control his teasing “just fuck me, that’s what I want now”. On hearing that he inserted his penis in me with full force which made me scream like hell but only a little had gone inside. I tried pushing him away to make him stop but now he won’t listen as he’s focused on putting the rest of his penis inside me fully. He then slowly pushed himself till the rest of his penis disappeared in my vagina and held it there for a while. I felt relaxed and full. Then he started to pump slowly which made me lose myself fully.

It was in a trance while he fucked me and I was moaning in pleasure which took me to ultimate heights. It went on for a while till I felt I’ll come again, and I came moaning even more heavily which made him to kiss my lips to reduce my moan. He fucked me for a little more till I felt he was also going to explode. He asked me where to come but I couldn’t respond as I was moaning in intense pleasure. Within seconds he came and exploded inside me flooding my vagina with his sperms. At that moment I felt myself fully satisfied and fell limp whereupon He also fell upon my body.

We were like that for a while and I could still feel his penis in me but not so hard. Slowly he pulled out and upon which the table got flooded with a mixture of our juices and blood (as it is my first time). He then helped me get up from the table and led me to the washroom which was at the other corner of his office. The feeling of walking naked with a guy and that too in an open office floor made me a bit horny again. I told him to stop and he gave me a look asking what now. I told him, I want to be fucked in the middle of the office now. Hearing that he wasted no moment and started kissing me wildly again while his left hand fingered my vagina. Then he sat on one of the chairs and made me sit on him with his penis sliding slowly in me and disappearing in my vagina again. Then we fucked for another fifteen minutes where I released my juices with a loud moan reverberating through the entire floor followed by him filling my vagina again. Feeling drained I felt myself going limp on his body. We rested for a while and he rolled the chair towards the washroom. We then washed and had a passionate kiss one last time.

Then we got dressed while getting dressed he asked me if my back pain was gone. To my surprise, I felt no back pain. Then he said that I cleared the interview and the reason I had to come on Monday was just a formality where they discuss salary and everything. I felt so happy and hugged him. Then I left home and slept nicely. On Monday I went and as he said they discussed my salary and I came home even more happily. That night I got a message from Rahul saying that he is outside my house and wants to meet me, surprised I went outside to find him with after which he proposed me. I couldn’t say no as he had made me feel so happy and satisfied.

So that’s how that interview changed my life. If you like you can mail me on [email protected] for the feedbcak regarding my sex story. If this is not up to what you are expecting then I request you all to forgive me as this is the first time I’m penning down my experience. I may not be as good as you people but I just did my best.

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