The Journey Which Ends At Bed

I’m Rohit (name changed). For the first time I’m writing a story. Please feel free to post suggestions, positive criticism and comments.Email me @ [email protected]

Years back, I traveled to a metro city for official work. I always dream of having sex with mature women but it was all in vain until 2009. It was a rainy gloomy evening as our plane landed in an airport with a great deal of difficulty. Then I took a taxi to reach a star rated hotel. It is still raining heavily… so I rushed inside the hotel main doorway and got myself seated near the reception counter.

From that point of time, I’m beginning to see pretty women nicely dressed in sexy outfits at the hotel reception like I’d never ever seen such women before. I watch their sexy backs dancing as they walked passed me in seductive body armor (A perfume that can seduce any man). Wow! At that moment I closed my eyes and took a mouthful of fragrant air and walked to the counter to inquire my hotel room…

I got my room on the 6th floor where one can see a nice view of the city from the window. As I reached my room floor, I overheard a sexy matured woman talking, in split seconds I turned around to see who is talking. To my blow, there was a sexy feminine woman talking on phone. Her name is Ankita (name changed). I can’t resist her beauty, so I gave Ankita a quick naughty look while I entrusted a hotel staff to unlock the door and put my baggage inside.

I got terrified and nervous seeing her staring back at me. I quickly forced myself inside the room and shut the door. I quickly sent the boy out of the room and peeped through a peep hole(spy hole)… Yes! She was a dark haired good looking woman probably in her 30s or 40s. She was on heels wearing a black lacy saree (kind of transparent) and the luxury jewels are sparkling on her neck and ears.

In no time my hand reached down my pant, unzipped it and begins to massage my stiff cock. Surprisingly Mrs. Ankita moved closer to my door and the conversation became even louder. Omg, I’m in close proximity with a sexy queen, I screamed to myself as I continue to pleasure myself.At that point, I made out Mrs. Ankita is talking to her husband on phone regarding unexpected cancellation of her flight, so she has to stay in star hotel arranged by flight authority as usual. Things I could hear is like “Honey, I wish you’re here” “I’m feeling lonely and bored” so & so on… This conversation continues for about 15 mins and finally hanged up. Out of control seeing her beauty, I unloaded my juice and went for a shower. I’d enjoyed every bit of it.

Hours had passed and the night has fallen so fast. I took a light wash up, fixed my hairs, got dressed up and headed to a bar. The lust for Mrs. Ankita runs all over my nerves. I was wishing to see her again and talk but I suppose this thing will never happen. Sigh! I ordered a peg of whisky at the bar to relief myself. I took another peg of whisky to erase such thoughts; nevertheless the lust for Ankita begins to grow stronger & stronger.

I envied seeing many hot couples turning up for drinks in the same bar that night. I pulled out a cigarette to calm myself and finally left the bar. As I pressed the elevator button, I got a busy signal at the first place. Suddenly the door opens in seconds. To my luck, Mrs. Ankita was inside. With my heart pounding heavily, I took the lift with her.

She is wearing the same sexy outfits but her makeup changed a bit as I inspect her closely. Without even saying words, the machine cabin unloaded us on the same floor. Being drunk, I took the courage to speak to her. I said “Hi didi” She turned back and smile cheerfully. Then she said “Hi” that was the turning point of our passionate love-making story.

We chatted for about 20 mins outside our rooms and from the time when our legs start hurting because standing; I finally invited her in my room. Initially she refused but that was not for real. We are both inside my room later… the queen is now within my territory, I whispered to myself. We then continue to talk about our personal lives… I intentionally inquired Mrs. Ankita about her marital status.

She said, she is married to a wealthy businessman with 3 kids. The same question was put on me, so I said I’m a relationship with a girl studying abroad. I gave Mrs. Ankita my good wishes and compliments. She felt pleased and comfortable after hearing this. I offered her some drinks however she refused to take it saying she is nomore into it.

Myself being a master of inducing people to do something, in no time she agrees to drink. I served her more wine like a servant serving the queen. She is more pleased seeing me appreciating and respecting a woman. We grabbed our glasses, collect ourselves and parked ourselves near the glass window. At that time I offered her more wine as we enjoyed the night view of the city.

Finally we positioned ourselves closer. We’re both now under the influence of alcohol so I finally threw one of my hand on her waist with fear but she felt comfortable with it. Mrs. Ankita as well intentionally positioned herself so that our lips can melt together. Her boobs (very suckable & lickable size) begin to swell as I feed my eyes closer.

Omg! She pulled me forcibly and we begin to passionately kiss each other like a husband kissing his wife after returning from a long war. We continue the kiss and cuddle near the large window. At this instant I felt I was on cloud 9. I dropped my glass and fervently placed my hands on her boobs and kissed them without her removing clothes. We thought someone must be watching us, so we undo the open curtains and progress our walking by hugging and kissing till we reached the bed.

Our hot breathings and moaning begin to fill the room. Then I lowered her saree, unhooked her lacy bra and begin to licked them the intensely. She moans loud like a wounded soldier seeking the attention of the medic doctor… I lowered my hands down her pussy and rubbed her wet hole while my mouth was busy sucking her nipples. I took out my hard dick and rubbed her boobs.

Mrs. Ankita seems to be enjoying it thoroughly. In a small amount of time, her nipples grew hard & erected. My cock start running between her boobs and she finally had her first orgasm while I was having my precum. Then I removed her panty and insert my finger into her wet hole. Slowly I removed her saree and got her completely naked except her heels shoe is on. Imagine a hot woman on heels lying naked with you.

Without wasting any moment, she took my hard dick in her hand and pushed it inside her. We moaned together… I supposed I must wear a condom but she was on fire and it’s too late. Our passionate lovemaking continues for about 20 mins and we finally explode together. The best sexual intercourse we ever had in life… we cuddled each other and took shower together.

We ordered some good foods, ate it in my room and we decided to shift our lovemaking venue to add up more thrills. We then moved into Mrs. Ankita’s room after having food. As soon as we enter her room, I hugged her from behind and our lips begin to fuck again. She hurriedly threw away her saree and puts on her black nightie dress. I insisted her not to remove her heels giving that woman on heels increase the pleasure of sex.

She approved my request and we fucked for one more time. Almost exhausted, we lie down on bed for an hour and watch TV (Hollywood movies) together. She threw herself on my arms and we kissed each other. I squeezed her boobs while holding her and watching movies on Tv. My cock grew hard again but I knew we’re so tired.

So, we made a decision to increase the length of a fore play duration. It took about 3 hours to watch TV and then we made love again. Yet again we took shower together and retired to bed together like husband and wife on honeymoon. We chatted for a while and we had a goodnight kiss. I woke in the middle of the night and begin to play with her again.

We fucked again once more. It was 6am we woke up in the morning and ordered breakfast to eat. Physically we’re so tired but deep inside us, our hearts and souls discovered the perfect fulfillment of human desires. Mrs. Ankita’s flight was scheduled on that day @11:30am. We made out that there is only little time in between to enjoy.

After breakfast, we took a shower together in a bath tube. We relaxed and have sex for two hours. Omg! We’re both fully satiated. We’d spoke to ourselves that our wildest fantasies are now fulfilled. After that she packed her baggage and got ready to checkout from her room. It’s 9am and the flight passengers who were unable to reach their destination on previous day gathered in group to leave the hotel.

She dressed up herself and hand me her email address. I said thank you and kiss her on cheek. She reciprocates in the same way… “Mrs. Ankita, our sudden encountered had happened unexpected” I added and I comforted her not to worry about our lucky encounter followed by sex. She said I’m the best lovemaking partner she ever had in life.

I told her the same thing and promise her that she’ll have a special place in my heart though she’s already married to someone else. In view of the fact that she is married, we made a conclusion not to meet again or have contact on telephone but there are still emails conversations going on sometimes. I thanked her for the happiness she gave me in short time and told her to take care of her family.

Seeing me saying all these, she felt completely secured and happy. “It wasn’t a wasted moment I had with you but a purposeful incident” she added. Time passed by so fast and by that time, Ankita got ready to checkout from the room. Suddenly the door bell chimes as she reached the door. Uncontrollably I reached her from behind and hug her from the back before she could open the door.

She said “someone standing at the door” but her lips became silent as soon as I kissed her and lifted her saree up to her waist to finger her pussy. The kiss began so intense that it drives away the fear of being getting late. I reached my precum as she nears her orgasm. I pushed her panty down and forced my cock in. We fucked in standing position (doggy) while she leaned on door for support.

We fucked as if the world will end in few minutes and we only had little time to enjoy. The last lovemaking with Mrs. Ankita was so strong and powerful that allows her to have few orgasms in just 10mins. Finally, I unloaded my cums inside her. She turns her head back at me and we kissed each other for one last time.

The intercom phone suddenly rang up to confirm whether she has check-out or not, while the door bell chimes simultaneously. She hurriedly fixed her hairs, cleaned her pussy, opened the door and walked out. Yes! There was a hotel staff waiting outside to pick her baggage. She waves me last goodbye with a seductive smile. Slowly & quickly her sweet perfume fragrance soon vanishes in thin air. Then I reached my room and took rest the whole day.

I realized a woman(Ankita) I met was the most beautiful woman on earth. She is the queen. I bet any man will melt in her beauty. Her last email message read

“Hi Rohit, hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re married by now… I’m so happy to be with my family. I love my kids, I love my husband even more and I like you too. Please find a suitable match and have a family soon. I wish you best luck. I do care…

Regards & love,Ankita”

Now I’m relationship with a girl working in same city. The story ends here. You’re my queen Ankita.

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