The Kin (Mistress Maid Servant)

Thank you ISS for your support and my readers’ faith in me to express my thoughts. The maiden entry of maid in the family arouse a problem of name in the incest family as here relationship is the name i.e. dad, mom, son, daughter, sister, brother, uncle and niece. So what should be the name of new maid? We all decided not to call her maid, so her name should be Mistress. Here again all male started laughing as the meaning of mistress is their fuckie but land-lady for the females. Anyhow all decided not to make any rape attempt on her and she is free to her will.

Now the age of girl is not known, we only assumed 18 years.The height of the girl is 5 ft 5 inch with great sex appeal 36C-26-36 body structure and knows many type of works which will be described in later parts of the story.We all use to call her mistry instead of mistress and she was a real mistry for us.In night she used to go to every room giving breast message to all the members and not only that use to suck cock or cunt whenever required and even cleand the jism from cock and cunt cervix of all the members and she was jism lover but she never allowed any member to touch her lower portion.

Within a week Company gave letter that their original Boss a Russian lady with 85% share and a negro with 15% share is coming to their company with a view to redu8ce some family staff.These four people felt insecure as they may be sacked for their poor performance.Now the Boss will stay where? It is the bunglow of these four people are chosen for their stay during the visit of their Boss.Now all these four people approached the Manger that they will look after them and no staff is required except them and Manager gave them warning that you four are in sack list so make a try for your job and the hints are well understood by the four people.

Now the total bungalow was made A.C with generator fitting. A huge bed –room was decorated for female boss and this female boss hates male and always make a glimpse face though she is intellectual and has enough education. This company actually belongs to her beloved teacher who was issueless and given this company to her for her exceptional talent and this Negro is the child of her negro maid-servant fathered by him. This negro is 22 Yrs. With height 6ft 2 inch and also feared the lady. Actually none has seen this lady to laugh and talks very less. Now in this Kin family no one is dare to take charge of the lady and at last our Mistry came forward to take her charge. All the members including one month pregnant mom and sister also are requesting Mistry to look after the lady with great care as all are unknown about her past.

Being the top Boss she used to call by all as madam and she is always serious type, does not know laughing, only work and work. She was a workaholic .After landing at 7.15 in Airport, She directly entered her office and at 5’O clock in the evening started for her bungalow and now the story of kin family starts. Mistry was at the gate and Madam asked her who are you? Mistry replied, “I am your personal maid” in very sweet tone and Madam became very and also Madam ordered no one except Mistry is allowed in her room. Actually mistry wore a bra less halter through which her voluptuous breast and grape nipples are clearly visible with dark carom board striker areola.

Now the lady was taken to her room and Mistry opened her shoe. Madam has wore spectacle to give a serious look to her face. Now Mistry opened Madam’s spectacle and found it is powerless and told to Madam you are looking very sweet except those spectacle and madam did not reply. Now the beveled hair of madam is rhythmatically combing by Mistry and madam is also enjoying the same. Now Mistry told, “Madam shall I apply Shampoo in your hair, it will look freshy”.Madam replied yes.

Now Mistry took Madam to the Bathroom and she was now in only Bra and Panty, the vital statistics of Madam is 34B-24-24, though she is 26 Yrs. Old with a height of 5 ft 4 inch. Now during applying of water in Madam’s hair Mistry also got wet and Madam now told”mistry don’t get wet your dress”. The meaning is very simple and Mistry got out of her halter and her 36C voluptuous breasts started dancing in front of Madam’s eye and Mistry showed no extra interest but making her breast to touch madam again and again and madam has also changed a lot and speaking very sweetly with Mistry.

During Shampooing Madam’s hair, Mistry noticed hair in the armpit of Madam and requested madam to get rid of those hairs and as Mistry was expert in hair removing hence removed the hair from armpit of Madam. Now Madam also unknowingly caressed and fondled breasts of Mistry. Now slowly and slowly Madam get rid of her Bra and Panty and there was a jungle around her cunt and Mistry convinced her to clean all those bushes around her cunt and her cunt became a baby cunt and water is flowing from Mistry’s mouth to lick the cunt.

Now Mistry asked to Madam, why she always remains gloomy and hate males? The story of Madam is very pathetic. She used to read in a boarding school and her dad was a debouch type so her mom kept her in the boarding school. Actually her dad was her grand-mom’s brother and he pregnant her mom and then married her. Now at the age of 11 Yrs. When she returned home then her dad raped her and succeed to break her hymen and that was a painful dream for her and her mom then killed her dad with a knife and she went to jail.Now Madam took the path of study and hating male and she has got everything in her life except the pleasure of sex and feeling differently now. Even she is strict in her principal-not to marry any male but Mistry knows the future as she can visualize it.

After having her dinner around 8’O clock then Mistry told Madam can I give you a Massage so that you will feel much more relaxed and Madam agreed to that. Now Madam lay flat on the bed and Mistry started her massage with oil and the tactics is very simple. After applying oil everywhere, Mistry applied oil on her breast and started massaging Madam with her breast and another thing Madam did not know that Mistry has added sex power capsule in her milk and as a result Madam is also feeling sex heat in her body which Mistry understood.

Now Mistry smashed her breasts with the breasts of Madam and then started to fondle her breasts with sucking of nipples and same was retuned to Mistry by Madam and slowly and slowly Mistry placed her breasts on the clitoris of Madam even joked with Madam that her nipples is kissing the clit of Madam and Madam laughed to that. Slowly and slowly Mistry put her tongue at the crevices of Madam and she has not come across this experience previously hence separated her legs more giving access to Mistry’s tongue inside her crevices and sex water started to flow from her sex pot now Mistry put one finger inside her cunt, next two, next three and Madam is screaming give me more and more.

Now Mistry rolled Madam to lay on her abdomen and put a pillow beneath the abdomen so that cock can be entered from behind. It was dim inside the bed room and Mistry became nude for the first time and lay on the Madam and started kissing and fondling Madam’s Breasts and Madam is feeling some smooth meat is knocking at the cunt door and the slow pushing of cock meat opening the Cunt door of Madam. Slowly and slowly Madam engulfed 10 inch cock with 2 inch dia girth of She-male Mistry. And became extremely sexually happy and now Madam lifted her buttock to meet the thrust of Mistry’s cock.

Again madam took missionary position to separate her legs apart for smooth entry of Mistry’s cock and they really entangled with their mouth for kisses with pressing of boobs. Again madam taken bitch position and became real bitch for Mistry’s cock. Again Madam ride Mistry’s cock as cow girl and they have lost the count how many times they have discharged and mistry lapped all cunt juices of Madam and same favor was done by Madam on Mistry’s cock.Now they cum swap and their character also swapped as Madam became soft spoken like Mistry and Mistry gained a female protector for her Madam. Now Madam requested Mistry to become her Sir and she will be Mistry’s mistress if not wife.

Now when the secret was revealed only to the Madam but none else then Madam Thought for a moment and took the decision about Mistry to appoint her as P.A in other words personal fucker and keep her with her and in lieu the job of all four kins are safe. Mistry left with Madam very next day and the Negro stayed there for a month in the Bungalow to look after the Company details.

Also Mistry could remind her past and found that her grand –dad has died and requested the kins to keep her sister in the family. So the Kins are safe and the story goes on.

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