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Hello, Indian sex stories dot net readers,

Have been getting so many emails from women who are wishing to explore their sexuality and so many men who are wanting to see their wives with other men. It’s a whole world out there guys. I never thought my encounter with this lovely couple on Facebook would open up so many prospects.

So coming to this sex story now, sexual encounters with Sangeeta and Sunil became a norm whenever I was in Mumbai for business. There is no corner left in their home which we have not explored, after a few sexcapades with them we have become more of friends than a bull and cuckold couple relationship which we were in initially.

So one fine day when I was in Rajkot I got this email from Sangeeta, the subject gave me goosebumps. The subject said “the kitty party’. My mind started to race thinking of what was next in store. I clicked on the mail. It said the following:

To: SandeepFrom SangeetaSubject: the kitty party

I and my friend Payal and Kunika have a party specially arranged for you. On the last week of Saturday, do you think you could make me dear?

Love Sangeeta.

I quickly looked into my schedule and checked with my wife if she had any plans. Told her I was going to Mumbai on so and so the date for work. And quickly replied back saying I was in for the plan.

Soon after I got a reply with a wink ;).So the day arrived and I took the early morning flight to Mumbai from Rajkot and checked into my hotel room. Messaged Sangeeta that I was in town. She called me almost instantly and we had a nice conversation for almost half an hour. She said she has a surprise planned for me tonight. I was excited as fuck. I groomed myself cleaned all my pubic hair to make sure my tool was up for the task tonight.

I completed my small work chores and texted her saying I was heading to her home. She welcomed me in once I reached in a baby pink satin robe. I could see her already hard nipples. We gave each other warm kisses. I gave her a few sexy gropes but she stopped me. Saying “not now Tiger, you will have what you want later” she rushed into her room leaving me longing for her in the drawing room… I switched on the tv and was chilling… when the door opened and I saw Sunil come in with a bottle of whiskey… I greeted him and we both made ourselves a peg…. I was already horny and hard seeing Sangeeta in the gown but I had to control my urge.

Sunil started rubbing my thighs… I understood he wanted my cock… I spread my legs wide. For him and he unbuttoned my pant and took out my cock and started giving me long slow strokes. He was about to take my in his mouth when Sangeeta came out of the room wearing a black mini skirt with a black vest with black pumps…. She was surprised to see Sunil so early home and even more so doing what he does best that is playing with me… she comes close to us and pull me up and give me a deep tongue playing kiss while giving my lund a few strokes herself… she pushed Sunil away says “he is not yours today”.

I could literally hear Sunil sigh when she said that… she herself goes down on me… licks the few precum drops with just the tip of her tongue… I can feel my cock throbbing itself with that feeling even right now while I am writing this…

“I told you, you will get what you want but not now”, she takes me inside her room and open her cupboard she has few fresh shirts and trousers for me, asks me to get ready quickly.We get out of the room and she gives a peck on Sunil’s cheek and asks him to behave in her absence and tell him not to expect her until tomorrow afternoon.

I ask her where we are going and she says to the kitty party, I spank her naughtily and push her to the wall and feel her well up… ask her firmly… what the plans are while pinching her nipples on top of the vest. She says her friends Payal and Kunika are waiting for us at some bar. So I give her a few sexier gropes all this while Sunil watches and we take her car.

She is driving and I am busy caressing her toned thighs, we reach the destination and without any notice Payal and Kunika board the car. I don’t remove my hand from Sangeeta’s thighs. Sangeeta introduces me saying “this is Sandeep who I am been telling you all about”. Payal says she is glad to meet me finally and Kunika gives a sexy smile while looking at my hand on Sangeeta’s thighs and I smile back.

Payal: short but very hot looking women in her early thirties. She was someone who could make a dead man cock hard with her curvy body. She wearing a mid neck cocktail dress which was also just a few inches above her knee. She looks very hot and I kept looking at her heavy cleavage every now and then.

Kunika: a tall around 5.9 or 5.10 women in her late thirties or early forties wearing a tank top and tight jeans showing off her heavy boobies and thick ass.

I knew I was in for a treat tonight. We get into this old-fashioned upper-class bar and I am more than excited to see 3 hot mommies by my side. Sangeeta had already booked a corner table. I was pushed into the corner and Kunika and Payal was by my side. Their woody perfume was driving me crazy and my cock was just not wanting to subside. Both these hotties pushed their hands on my thighs under the table and feeling me up… while Sangeeta ordered a few drinks to the waiter. I could see the waiter staring at Kunika cleavage while taking the order from the corner of his eye.

Sangeeta ordered a few shots and us but she was supposed to drive so kept herself sober with a mocktail. The shots were showing its effect quickly and I were chatting and being touchy more recklessly now. People around us were also noticing this so I told the ladies it’s time to take the party to a more private area and they concurred.

This is I took the back seat along with Kunika and Payal, Sangeeta’s tinted car was perfect place for us… Payal immediately undid my pants and removed my cock from my boxer and Kunika immediately took it all in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. He wet tongue was rubbing all over my cock… she seductive liked all my thick veins making my cock throb in her mouth. I could feel myself oozing so much precum already… Payal by then had raised her cocktail dress and was busy parting her pussy lips and playing with her clit…

The car was filled with mine and Payal’s endless moans… Kunika was licking me so hard I feared I would cum I pulled her face and kissed her my precum and saliva filled mouth like there was no tomorrow our tongues will dancing inside each other’s mouth. Sensing the opportunity Payal now went down on me… she was more relaxed. She took her time… teased my lund hole with her tongue. Pressed my cock so hard that my pee hole opened up a little and she spits it and gave very slow torturing strokes…

I had yanked Kunika’s tank top and was teasing and licked her nipples as slowly as Payal was teasing me… we were in perfect rhythm when Sangeeta announced we had reached… time was something we all were not following. Sangeeta asked us to get proper and so we did.. My hard cock clearly visible in my pants. I checked the time it was close to 11 pm. We had reached some kind of a farmhouse. I asked Sangeeta she said it was Kunika’s husband farmhouse and it was empty.

An old guard came to the door and greeted ‘ namaste Sangeeta ma’am” and opened the gate. I wondered if he has seen me in the backseat along with her employer’s wife, but honestly, at that moment I didn’t care. We rushed in, it was a posh place and the car was parked inside the garage away from the sight of the guard. The garage had a secondary entrance to the bungalow inside. Sangeeta looks at me with lust filled eyes and says this is where we will be staying tonight.

We all get down and quickly Kunika opens the door and we rush inside. The interior was elegant…. Sangeeta pushes me to the walls and without uttering a work she and Payal get on their knees and remove my pants and boxer and start sucking me hard… Payal does something I did not expect. She spreads my legs and goes even lower and start rimming my asshole… It felt so good, her wet tongue was giving me goosebumps… Kunika undressed and undressed my shirts and started licking my nipples…

My right hand was on Sangeeta’s face pushing her deeper on my cock and with my left hand, I start twerking Kunika’s nipples… everything was happening so fast I was unable to process all the lust. Now Payal came up and kissed me vigorously and Kunika and Sangeeta were taking turns in sucking me… All three while doing all these were busy molesting their own clits too and almost together came and started moaning load… I had lost control and was about to cum myself…

I told them I was about to blast… Immediately Payal also went down and I started stroking my own cock… Just a few strokes and jet after jet of thick semen splashed on Sangeeta’s face….. Both Kunika and Payal kissed Sangeeta and licked the leftover cum from Sangeeta’s face… They looked so satisfied and gave my cock and slimy kiss one after the other… I was also exhausted and started walking towards the sofa… All three snuggled next to me. I asked Sangeeta if they do this often with guys like me… And she said no it’s their first time and that I was special.

A long night was ahead. Which I will say in the next chapter of the sex story, for comments, suggestions and getting in touch with me please email me on [email protected]

If my reply is a little late I apologize in advance, but I surely will reply.

Love Sandeep.

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