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Veena, a 38 years old management consultant had been the centre of attraction in her new society and office ever since she has shifted to her flat in the new city (could be any).

Her age had not taken toll over her body, it had rather contributed in making her ripen and excellent piece of nature’s creative to add to this her dressing had made her an even more desired commodity. She was married to Sumit (44), who was equally handsome and rightly deserved her.

They had a son 4 years old. She and Sumit had come across each other in their 30s and had got married 6 years back. Sumit was also a high official with an MNC and used to spend more than half of the year abroad.

Well, anyways he is not the one we are much concerned here about, so lets come to the lead character in the story. She was almost an apsara with features like her beautiful eyes fairness, long& fleshy legs and arms and probably her 36′ 28′ 38′ stats. She always used to wear clothes that would make her look sexy or rather say she couldn’t help looking sexy in any dress she wore he incident-Love @ first sight

That night at almost 11:30 pm, Veena was driving back home while her car suddenly started causing wobbles and then stopped. After trying to start the car for some time she came out of it and opened the bonnet as if she knew something about the engine (actually she didn’t).

Now after struggling to think what she should do or where to start from to diagnose and fix the problem she was literally looking a damsel in distress. She was so nervous and tensed that she couldn’t spot some auto-rickshaws there. She had never been like this in her whole life.

The auto-rikshaw drivers had been witnessing this amusing tragic drama for 15 minutes now, so they now decided to help the madam. Among these 4-5 guys was our hero Rakesh who was the first to lend a helping hand and he offered his help saying madam, aap zara side mein aajayie, main dekhta hun.

Although it was usual for Veena to take help of such low profile men, that day she was left with no choice so she asked,”aap kar lete ho ye kaam? kar doge theek? Dekhte hain, kuch to niklega, try karte hain after struggling for some time he was successful with the help of his other friends.

Lijiye madam, theek ho gaya, mujhe lagta hai. aap try kijiye start karna ka. The car started though veena could not take a second more to leave as it was already 12:15 am but she had to thank her helpers.thank you! Aap ko kitne dedoon”, she took out her purse.

Kuch nahi bas aap jaayie”, said Rakesh hearing this she gave a smile and this was the first time in last 45-50 minutes she had come exactly facing Rakesh. This was the moment Rakesh, lost his heart to her beauty and smile. Suddenly he noticed the car had started and moved past him, but he was able to see the number which was inscribed in his mind.

Now that Rakesh was under the spell of Veena’s beauty, he started loosing interest in his daily routine activities. He would not reply to customers and his friends and at times would not even remember to have food. Things were getting worse day by day for him.

He wasn’t interested in earning anymore and he just wanted to have a glimpse of his dream love- Veena. At times it seemed he was befooling himself as in a big city people didn’t even know who their neighbour was. How was he going to find her and ge didn’t even know her name.

I was she single or married? Then suddenly another thought would come to his mind- what rubbish was he thinking! She seemed to be from affluent family, there was a huge gap between the status of the lady and his. It seemed to be an endless trail for Rakesh.

Things continued to go like this but suddenly one day he saw a car with the number he could never forget. He started following the car. Even though he knew it was apparently impossible to follow a top end luxury car having a powerful engine with auto-rickshaw.

But as they say where there is a will there’s a way. He was successful in tracing the place where his heart had been dumped-the flat in the society where Veena lived. This gave Rakesh a direction to move in. Now he would come in the early morning to wait for a glimpse of his love.

He would park his auto near the society gate and follow her to her office. This continued for some days or perhaps for a couple of months creating frustration in him. Rakesh had become almost insane and his life had totally become a mess.

He knew just following her will not do any good to him, he needed to talk to her straightaway. So one day he decided to speak to his love directly. It was in the morning he was waiting for her as her car passed by Rakesh started following her and as she parked her car and started towards the building.

He just almost running reached her and said”madam! pehchana mujhe? No! aa. nahi to and I am sorry! She said with a pasted smile aapne mujhe nahi pehchana, main woh auto wala us raat Rakesh somehow completed. Ohh! Haan, main to bhool hi gayi thee, sorry haan boliye said Veena.

Rakesh said’aaaa madamji woh aapse ek baat karni thee Boloiye please koi paise waali baat hai and she tried to open her purse nahi nahi woh he said.boliye bhi kya baat hai aapne meri bahut help ki thee us raat sach.

I am really thankful to you all guys just then her phone started ringing and she got clung to it for 5 minutes and after that she just took out her card and givong it to Rakesh said abhi mujhe jaana hai kya hum baad mein baat kar sakte hain? Please ye number kisi aur ko mat dijiyega ok?

See you! and she left swinging her a beautiful ass and slender belly, her hairs almost flying in air and her hands trying to keep them from doing any mischief. Rakesh was totally mad now.

At the one hand he couldn’t be successful in his plan and on the other hand Veena’s sensuous body gestures causing unrest and lust in him in his 29 years of life no woman had ever caused ripples in his heart’s ocean but this damsel had almost started a storm.

He went to a public toilet and jacked himself off. Now though he had masturbated he was physically relieved but mentally he was still finding it tough to control. This made him more determined to express his feeling to her and so after many days’ failure he at last was successful in spotting

Veena at in the parking lot of her society where he had silently sneaked in. This time he was hell bent to tell her that he wanted her so he shouted Madam! Please suniye, rukiye please! Arey aap? Veena said smiling.

He started saying like a superfast Madam main kuch samajh mein nahi aaaraha aap kya schengi blah blah blah and this made Veena giggle hehe sorry aap kya kehna chaate hain theek se kahiye she said.

Now Rakesh made a audacious effort took her hand in his hand and sandwiching his palm between those of him he said aap se pyaar karta hun aapke bina ab raha nahi jaataa please! Shaadi karna chaata hun aapse.

Veena was shocked and was shaking with a mixed feeling of blush and anger, her body inside her beautiful business suit could be seen reacting to the situation and her boobs were specially rising and going down like a tide but since Rakesh was the man who had helped her once

She could not slap him though she wanted to so she tried controlled her emotions and said Dekhiye aapka jo bhi naam hai main ek married lady hun mera ek bachha bhi hai aap baat ko samajhiye aap aisi kaalpana bhi kaise kar sakte hain? hum mile hi kitni baar hain abhi.?

Roz dekhta hun aapko, roz milta hun aapse sapne mein said Rakesh and now he was holding her with his hands and her arms trying to pull her towards himself. Veena somehow managed to push him back and ran towards the staircases full of rage and anger. Rakesh was unfazed by this and though he didn’t follow her he said Madam!

Main aapko paakar hi rahunga aap meri hokar hi rahogi dekhyiega aap main aapko apni bana kar hi dum loonga. Veena had been successful in escaping from that awkward situation but it had shocked and shaken her from inside. She just wanted to forget this but it was not to be as now Rakesh had started stalking her at everywhere.

She was aware of it and was now full of anger and hate against him. She has even slapped Rakesh once and for him it was a gift of love. He would follow her everywhere and try to come closer. Now Veena hated Rakesh more than anything in this world. She would ridicule and threaten him of severe consequences if he didn’t stop following and troubling her.

But this was making Rakesh more aggressive and he had now started making physical advances too each time he got a chance he would pat her back, touch her hairs, slap her butts, hold her hands and at times would even try to kiss her if he found her in a lonely place. He would follow her till her flat and sometime forcibly barge in if he found her to be at home.

He had collected every detail about her. He would never let go a chance to come close to Veena. A incident is narrated here where Rakesh scored a point over Veena in this game of love and hatred once Rakesh sneaked into Veena’s house and took her bra from the balcony in front of her and told her he would keep it as a sign of their love.

Veena just couldn’t do anything but watched this helplessly having an expression of rage on her face. The next day when Veena was in park almost no one except her and her 4 years old son Rakesh just jumped into the scene when he found Veena busy on phone.

And lured her son with a chocolate without her noticing it. He gave him a choclate and the stolen bra and said Beta, dekho ye kya hai? The boy being bright recognized the thing and said ye to mamma ta hai. Rakesh handing him the bra told the kid to confirm if it was his mamma’s.

The boy with innocence asked his mom about the bra and was chided very badly. The poor boy didn’t know what his fault was and became silent.

This was too much for Veena. She immediately went to Rakesh and told him what he was doing would land him in a big problem if he didn’t stop crossing his limits.

Apni aukaat mein raho, samjhe! She said Kya aukaat hai meri? Jaanemann, aukaat to badal jayegi ek baar tum meri gharwaali ban gayi to kya dega woh aadmi tumhe jo paise ke liye tumse kaam kaarvata hai and khud tumse door rehta hai? Bacha sakta hai tumhe mujhse woh?

Saying this Rakesh pulled her saree pallu off her shoulder exposing her fully developed bosoms uselessly covered by her sleeveless and narrow neck blouse and her magnificent cleavages. Mere saath aao madam ek asli mard ki aurat hona kya hota hai tumhe mehsoon karvaonga.

Kuch nahi karna chaahtaa varna kab ka haasil kar leta tumhe and he said and rubbed his hands against her belly and feeled her butts and waist making a sensation run in her body. By now her son had gone to other part of the park following his ball and Veena was in tight grip of Rakesh’s hands he pulled her towards him and started kissing her eagerly and pressing her boobs.

Vena’s body had started robbing her of herself but she somehow managed to escape after pushing Rakesh back. Such incidents and experiences had become common in Veena’s life now but she was still avoiding a police complain and the reason for this was unknown even to her.

She scared of getting a negative publicity or was it her senses that were attracting her towards the man she hated the most? He decisive encounter

Rakesh had now become so determined that he hardly cared about people around. To him nothing in this world meant more than having Veena in his life. He had almost made it clear that he was not going to give up even though Veena too seemed to have decided something similar. He would just appear from anywhere and anytime making Veena always shocked and almost mentally stressed.

It too seemed that Veena didn’t had any private parts in her body as Rakesh had now started honouring them with his hands whenever he wanted-spanking her butts, pressing her boobs kissing her forcibly and at times even rubbing her body part with her hands.

Veena had got so much frustrated that she would even hurl anything she got at Rakesh without caring for the consequences. Though her body had now started forcing her to accept Rakesh’s sensuous moves she would oppose him with her full might whenever he would try to force himself upon her.

At last the time came when Veena decided to end this once and for all discuss it with Rakesh making it clear that he was no more going to tolerate all this. Rakesh too wanted to bring to an end this game and destiny too had decided something for them.

This time when Rakesh called Veena on her mobile she told him she wanted to meet him and settle the matter and asked him to meet him somewhere to which Rakesh agreed and told her to meet in the old area to the city.

Veena knew this was dangerous because she didn’t know much about the area and also she was sceptical about whatever could happen when they meet but she agreed to visit the area as she knew she wasn’t safe in even her own society or even her home now as Rakesh didn’t know any limits.

She dressed herself in the most decent manner she could i.e. the least sexily she could (of course our heroin could not help looking sexy but she had tried the best she could). First time in these summers she had not wearing a sleeveless blouse that was unsuccessfully covering her fleshy arms.

She had worn a light yellow coloured saree and normal sandals after keeping a pistol and a Swiss knife in her bag she left towards the scene. She was so tensed that she not being confident about driving for the first time in many years decided to take a taxi while on her way towards the destination her brain was going through many phases.

It was a very unpleasant feeling that she was having-almost unexplainable. Rakesh was also very much excited about meeting his dream girl unaware of the fact that what she had in mind. Finally Veena left the taxi and saw Rakesh waiting for her as always and was greeted with a smirk by Rakesh.

Aayie madam! Aakhir mera pyaar kheench hi laya aapko yahan! He said a aaj khatm karna hai mujhe, bolo kyon meri jaan ke peeche pade ho? Veena replied.Rakesh said theek hai madam, aaj baat khatm karte hain apne aap ko mere havale kar dijiye, saara jhagda aaj khud hi khatm ho jayega kyonki main aapko paane ki thaan chuka hun.

Rakesh had led her to a nearby room which was actually his friends residence who had left for his duty. Tum apni mera peecha chod do nahi to main bhi faisla kar chuki hun tumse duniya chudvane ka saying this she took out the gun from her bag and pointed towards Rakesh Bahut pareshaan kiya hai tumne, main tumhe maarke kam se kam chain se to rahungi chahe jail mein hi rahun.

She almost shouted. Rakesh was almost shocked and after a pause of some seconds he said Nahi madam! Aapko mujhe maarne ki zaroorat nahi padegi, mani darta nahi hun par aapki nafrat dekh kar bahut dukh hua,aap samajh nahi saki mere pyaar ko thoo hai aisi zindagi par aaap kahein to khud ko hi maar daalun.

Par mere bachhon ka kya kasoor hai? Veena seeing Rakesh ging backfoot had become more confident and arrogant. She said[i] Na hi to muhe tumhe maarne mein koi interest hai aur na hi tumhare bachhon ke liye koi daya yaa nafrat. Mujhe tumse chutkara chahiye bas kisi bhi keemat par Samjhe!

Rakesh it seemed had given up and was scared of Veena’s gesture and said Madam !aapse pyaar kiya hai isliye aapke baare mein koi galat baat bhi nahi soch sakta par aaj aapne jo kiya hai usse kisi ki bhi sundarta dekh ke pyaar karne se mann hamesha katraayega.

Veena taking it as her victory decided to leave the place confident enough of having made Rakesh realise that he was a looser and that she was not an ordinary woman who could be won by any tom dick and harry but Rakesh had something else in his mind and as she was about to leave Rakesh took some powder from his pocket.

And before Veena could understand something she had lost her conscious when she gained her partial conscious she could see Rakesh having bitter sips of rum and staring at herself. Rakesh noticing this came near her and forcibly made her drink two glasses of the rum and again she was almost as good as dead.

She could party sense and understand what was going on and what was going to happen. Rakesh removed his undershirt and trousers and leaned on her and started rubbing his body against hers. She could now only oppose mentally and that too not with full force.

Rakesh started moving his fingers on her lips and then sliding them down all over her body and he started kissing her lips cheeks, neck and chest and undressing her. Veena being helpless to save herself had succumbed to his touches. It only within some time that she was in her under garments.

Now Rakesh was in a dominating situation and he started caressing her body making her excited and weaker. He then slowly removed her bra and panty almost climbed over her body and started thrusting his manhood on her womanhood. Now Veena’s body was also with him enjoying this unwanted lovemaking session.

Rakesh became more and more rigorous and fast making Veena grunt and scream. He himself was also roaring like a lion in her forest declaring his supremacy. After some minutes it was all over and both of them were lying there naked waiting for the sweat drops to evaporate.

After waiting there for hours Veena decided to leave the place and tried to make it sure Rakesh would allow her to, so she saw towards him with pleading eyes while Rakesh was playing with her beautiful hairs. She was totally nude with her boobs and the right knee pointing towards the ceiling.

Rakesh again started caressing her body with his dick raised like a spear and he started rubbing her cunt with his hands making her aroused again and surrender to her new man after they were done Rakesh pulled her towards himself and said to her madam kuch nahi karna chaata tha main

Bas aapko paane ka koi doosra tareeka nahi thaa mere paas aapko kidnap nahi kiya hai maine na hi aapko ghar jaane se rokunga bas aapse ek hi wada chaata hun ki ya to police mein jaake report likhva dijiye ya phir mere pyaar ko kubool kijiye telling Veena all he wanted to say now he fell on the bed to fall asleep.

Veena too couldn’t say anything and felt her eyes closing themselves after some more time and she got up and somehow managed to find her undergarments and other clothes after she had got ready to leave for her home Rakesh also wore his clothes and offered to drop her.

She didn’t say a word and quietly sat in his auto-rickshaw. Rakesh started the auto took her to the society. Veena got down of the auto and her eyes met those of Rakesh’s. He was looking towards her as if declaring his victory and supremacy. Veena lowered her eyes and turned towards the lift symbolising her subjugation.

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