The Magic Of Love And Romance

Hello readers.. I’m in love with this site and you readers. You readers have been so kind and I’m surprised with ya feedbacks, your mails flooding.. This story is for you wonderful readers how you like it. And hope I have replied to all ya mails…

For all the new readers let me introduce myself. This is Rohan Sharma. Age 27 years. I won’t talk about my looks, u can check it out yourself as I shall forward my pictures to you.

I’m a sex advisor, a massuer by hobby. I’m here to help you in any way I could, so feel free to contact me for any help. Let it be a advise or you face any other problem or any doubts or for fun.

Then please do reach me on [email protected].

Coming to the story, this happened a couple of months back during a cousins wedding. My aunts daughter. As we cousins are very close to each other, my cousin wanted me to perform on her sangeet. And guys I’m the worst when it comes to dance.. Mein sirf 2 hi jagah dance karne k layak huin, 1 hai Ganesh virsharjan aur 2 kissi dost ki shadi mein ghodi k saamne..

I tried to convince her, but she never was in a mood to listen to me. She asked me to give her this as a gift in her wedding and I had no other option. I had to agree.

My uncle called me up and asked me to come 10 days prior to the wedding so that I can help him in the arrangements. And I thought we cousins can we have some fun together(not physical, but hanging out, movies etc). I know you guys were thinking dirty so I wanted to make sure u don’t.

The bride was very happy to know this as she was planning for dance practice. And there was a problem with the dance. That is I don’t have a partner as I’m still single.. Girls I’M WRITING THIS FOR YOU, I’M SINGLE.. Chatting with you would be fun.. HAHAHAHAHA.. And I got a chance to cancel my dance. But my sis was in no mood to listen to me and said she would make me dance.

After I reached my sisters placed and she still couldn’t find a partner for me and I was so happy. But after 2 days she found a partner for me. It was her friend. We knew each other for sometime as she used to meet at my cousins place and was a friend for her from many years..

The bride convinced her to be my partner and I thought I’m gonna be the biggest joker on sangeet and I never thought this performance would make me lucky..

So the practice started and her friend was 22 years old. With great curves a guy can die for. Just coz she was my cousins friend I never tried to hit on her as I wanted to be Mr Innocent in front of my family.

It was a couple dance and as you guys know there would be a lot of steps where u got to lift ya partner, hold her hands and by her waist and our dance also had all these..

She was around 45 to 50 kilos, so lifts were definitely not a problem for me. We were practicing our steps for the first 30 seconds of the song in which I wasn’t supposed to touch her. It was the entry etc etc.

And it was the time for the lifts etc. And I was supposed to lift her by her waist and I did it very easily the first 2 days without any problem. The third day the choreographer dint come as he had some event and we started to practice on our own.

While practicing she used to wear tracks and tee. And guys you know u can literally feel a girls skin when you touch her. So while I was doing the moves trying to match her, there happened to be a lift and when I did, lost the grip and she started sliding down and my hands brushed her soft boobs.

I’m sure she too would have felt my touch and I decided to get a little naughty now. So I said yaar ye theek se nahi hua. Shayad humhe is lift ko dobara try karna chahiye. She gave me that angry look with her eyes which ended with a naughty smile. And said theek hai.. Dobara karenge. I asked her Are you sure dobara try karenge?? She said aap dance ye dhyaan do. Aur phirse karo, meine kaha woh hi toh phirse woh hi karunga.

And I lifted her again and this time I on purpose did the same. This time I felt the side of her waist and ended my grip on her soft boobs. She said aap ye sub karoge toh dance kabhi ho hi nahi payega. I was shocked when she said this and I realised she doesn’t mind me touching her.

I got some courage and while doing the moves I started to feel her ass with cock pressing against her. We could feel the heat in each others body and it was just not a dance anymore.. We started to dance as if we were couples and we had great chemistry.

By the 8th day we were too close and we started to chat on WhatsApp and she started to hangout with us. We made sure we are always next to each other, hold her hands and share our food and dinner. We had a lot of fun together teasing each other, like feeling her legs beneath the table while having dinner. Pick her waist and she can’t even scream in pain.

And the next day my cousins had gone out for a birthday treat and I couldn’t join them coz I was with my uncle. I reached home by 9 and she was waiting for me. It was only 3 of us at home. Me, the bride and gorgeous hot dance partner.

So we decided to practice again and the bride got a call from her fiancee and she went to the other room to talk as music was playing. And for the first time we got a chance and we were all alone.

I realised this chance and I placed my first kiss on her forehead. I guess that’s the best place where you can kiss the girl for the first time. She looked into my eyes and had a such a cute smile on her face. Trust me guys I can still remember that moment. I held her by her waist and she said aap dance kam karte ho aur masti jyada. And I replied agar dance partner aisi ho koi bhi Banda aisa hi karega, mein hi nahi. Sub tumhari galti meri nahi. She- kya ye compliment hai? Me- compliment samjho ya mera pyar. But tum ho hi aisi ki mein resist nahi kar saka..

Then I kissed her eyes, and then started moving towards her lips. I started teasing her just kissing next to her lips. Say I was kissing her chin. She lost her control after say 90 seconds and started kissing me on my lips. It was so romantic and we started to kiss ever so slowly feeling the warmness of our lips and saliva.

After kissing her for almost 3 to 4 minutes I started to smooch her now. I became wild and started to suck her lower lip and feeling her back at the same time. I slowly slid my hand in her top and unhooked her bra.

She was shocked with this move and broke the kiss and asked me kya aap pagal ho? Koi dekh lega. Typical Indian dialogue. I said aaj mein nahi rukhunga. I slowly went to the room where the bride was talking to her fiancée and locked it from outside. She dint even realise it as the door was almost closed already and they too must be busy discussing about their SUHAAG RAAT.

I came back to the hall and lifted her in my arms and took her to the other room. I slowly placed her on the bed and started to smooch her wildy. We were not sure how much time we had so I removed her top in a go and started to lick her cleavage with the tip of my tongue.

I love to use my lips and tongue as I feel a woman loves it the most when a man makes love to her in a romantic way feeling every inch of her body rather than just taking her panties down and fuck her for few mins. I love oral and I can explore every inch of her skin with my tongue..

I slowly came down to her tummy and started to kiss her tummy next to navel. Kissing all the while I moved to her sides and I started biting the sides of her waist.

And I turned her around and brushed my fingers like a feather on her back. I slowly undid her tracks and started to kiss her back.. while doing so I started to feel her ass. I slid my hand in her panty and started feeling her ass.. then I moved on her near her knees, bent down took out my tongue and started licking her from her ass crack moving up. Trust me guys it feels amazing. That ticklish feeling and that romance.. You can’t ask for more.

Then I turned her again and started kissing her near her neck.. Then I started moving down and finally reached her boobs. Kissing her cleavage I made circular moments with my kisses just next to her nipples. I could her breathing heavier and she started to pull my hair in the ecstasy.

After teasing her with my lips, I took my tongue out and started to lick the tip of her nipple. It was so hard. And she left a low moan. AWW ROHAN!! SUCK IT!! KEEP SUCKING!!!

I was excited and as I love to do it, I started to pinch her other nipple with my fingers. Do u think she was in pain or was it pleasure? Let me know on [email protected].

Pinching her nipple and licking her nipple with tongue was too much for me and I couldn’t resist it taking it in my mouth now.. I started to suck on her boob and I slowly slid my hand inside her panty. I started to tease her, feeling her just next to her pussy lips.. Sucking her boobs I started moving down and put my tongue in her deep navel..

I slowly removed her panty. Slowly started to lick her inner thighs. Any girl will love it when u tease her licking and kissing her thighs? What do u say girls? Moving up towards her love tunnel I realised she is very wet their.. I started to lick the sides of her pussy lips..

She couldn’t take it any longer and she got hold of my hair and she placed my lips on her pussey.. This was the first time I touched her pussey.. I started kiss it gently as girls want you to be wild here.

And you guys know I love to tease my girl, my woman. No matter how old she is. She might be 50 or she might be 20. She might be fat or she might be skinny. All I need is this..

I slowly put my tongue inside her pussy lips spreading them with my fingers.. I started to feel her warm inner walls with my tongue.. I was literally licking as deep as I could.. And then I slowly started to play with her pussy. Sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy. I was fucking her with my tongue. Suddenly I realised love juices flowing from her pussy. I drank all of it..

I couldn’t wait anymore, so I undid my pants and undies in a go.. I took my cock out and her eyes were filled with the excitement.. I placed my cock on her pussy and I made her feel my cock for sometime, making her even horny.. After may be 30 seconds of doing so I suddenly pushed it in.. And she left a moan.. I slowly started to my thing in and out of her pussy.. I started to smooch her while doing so..

I had gone crazy and I started to drill her pussy with my thing.. She couldn’t even moan coz I was smooching her.. Then I raised her legs. And started to fuck her deep.. She kept moaning.. AWW ROHAN!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! FUCK ME DEEPER!!! It never felt so good, plz make me cum!!

It was all I wanted to hear and I started pumping her even harder and faster.. Almost fucking her for some time she screamed in ecstasy that is she gonna cum!!! And I fucked her as fast as I could.. And we finally cummed together..

I fell on her, and she hugged me tight. Just then we realised it’s time and everyone can be home in no time.. so we quickly got dressed up and started watching TV..

Hope u like this experience and please forgive me for any mistakes.. And if u liked this story or have any questions or wish to seek any advise then please reach me on [email protected]..

This is Rohan Sharma singing off!! Love you loads and stay blessed!!!

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