The Making Of A Hijra

Hi all, my name is Geeta and am a wanna be hijra from mumbai, this is a work of fiction you can write to me at [email protected]

Today am a complete hijra, let me tell you my story.

This all began when I was very young, I had fantasy to wear female clothes and it was not my fault, I was growing up between 4 woman in my house, one day when was about 18 years and no one was home I had this fantasy to wear female clothes, so I started to look for bra panty and other clothes in my sisters room, I took them one by one and started wearing them I had a huge hard on, I went to bathroom and masturbated, but the feeling to remove clothes did not go away, and from there my journey of wearing female clothes started.

I started wearing bra and panties under my normal male clothes to my tuition classes where I knew hardly anyone will touch me. One day when I went for tuition instead of my mam, her husband was there and he told me that mam has gone out for few days and he will be taking my tuitions, I went inside and seeing my astonished face,

He put his hand on my shoulder and said anything wrong, before I could reply he found out the bra strap and smiled at me. He told me is that a bra you are wearing and moving his hands on my back , I got scared and started to leave. He told me don’t be scared I wont do anything to you , unless you want me to. And made me relaxed. I sat back and he asked me questions and I answered them. He asked me do want to be a woman, I shyly replied yes to him. He said he can make me one, he started to feel my breasts from the shirt and asked me if it was ok.

I said yes he said close your eyes and just enjoying the feeling, he kept on playing then put his hand inside my shirt and on bra and continued playing , I was getting excited and having a hard on, I put my hand on my pant, he told me, that I must reciprocate the feelings and took my hand put it on his boner, I had never touched other mans penis in my whole life but was enjoying, he continued playing with me and I don’t even remember when he had unzipped and I was playing with his bare penis.

I opened my eyes, he told me would you like to taste it and put a pressure on my neck to bring my face near his penis, I went down and that was my fist blow job. He cummed on my bra, he took it in his fingers and put it in my mouth. The taste was weird but I liked it very much.

From that day onwards we became close partners and enjoyed very much, one day he called me told me that mam is going on a tour for a week and I could stay with him, he called my parents and told them that I need to study and it could be better if I stayed with him, my parents did not find any wrong and said ok.

When I went to his house it was locked, I called him he told me he had left a key under the mat and I could go in and told me to read the letter on the table. Went in and found a letter on the table I opened it, it read

Hi, my love

Lets take this to a new level,first of all go and remove all your body hair with the cream in the bathroom, then wear your undergarments and be ready, in mean time my hijra friend will come to dress you up with complete make up, see you in few hours.

I heard the bell ring I went to open the door and saw 2 ladies in decent clothing. I opened the door , hiding my body behind the door, they said hello and I knew they were hijra the way they spoke, closing the door behind they called me near them and started inspecting me, and praised me for my body and told me that I can be a very beautiful hijra. I felt shy, she asked me do I want to be one I could not reply.

She told me that they have bought a saree for me , I saw the saree it was a red coloured wedding saree, she told me you are getting married today to your man, I was shit scared to death , that means he would pop my cherry too, which I have been avoiding. Both of them checked me out for any hairs left then told me to lie on my back first on the sofa, she then took a tube which she told me is xylocaine gel to numb my hole for easy entry, she took a lot of it and started to finger my ass hole,the other hijra started playing with my nipples , I was in heaven,

Once the cream was settled she showed me lifelike cock which was very smaller than my mans cock and she started to insert it in me, she told me its a butt plug and would help me with my first time sex.

Then she bout out another plastic device and put it o my cock and locked it, she told me it was a chastity device, it also had a wireless remote she clicked one button and it started to vibrate, sending sensations all over my body. Then it stopped an pressed other button and it send me mild electric shocks and I cummed in 3 5 seconds, even without my penis becoming hard. She told me that butt plug in ass and chastity are connected together.

Then she put a very tight panty on me and then made me stand, they took 2 silicone prosthetics boobs and stuck them on my chest, I could feel the weight. Then they put a bra on me. Then came the blouse, and then the satin petticoat , the feeling was so amazing on my hairless body, I was enjoying every moment of it.

Then they made me sit down for makeup and did a very nice job of it, I looked like a real bride, I had shoulder length hair, and the tied it in a pony. Then came the saree, she asked me if I knew I could wear one, I said I have never done it but seen my done doing it for years, and I would like to wear it myself, she was very happy,

I did a bad job of wearing a saree, but she told I could learn all this if started coming to their place, she told me I need to learn lot of manners of woman also which I don’t have right now, she told me if you come to our place for a year or you could learn all this for which I was happy.After saree she put a clip on nose ring and told me “aaj teri nath utregi”

Then she put ear rings and lot of bangles and anklets with many gungroos in it, then she told me to take a walk and I was lost in ecstasy , the petticoat, the anklets, the bangles, the buttplug the chastity all were doing their magic, then they put some heels on my feet and taught me how to walk, she told me I walk like as boy, told me to take small steps and keep my feet together. She told me I have a lot to learn. I said I will come, she was happy. And told me that since I have dressed you up and so I am your guru and you must touch my feet, I obliged and she blessed me saying may I become a very beautiful hijra, she told me if I became a hijra I would become more beautiful. I told I don’t know the difference between man, and hijra,

She smiled and asked do you want to see, I said yes, she made me sit down then lifted her saree and lowered her panties, I was astonished to see nothing there just a small pee hole, she told me that she is nirvaan, means their genitals are cut off. And that’s the reason she has become beautiful. She also showed me her breasts.

She told me that she takes some injections for those earlier but after nirvaan she does not nee to take, as they grow naturally, all this while when she was saying this my eyes were on her genital area only, she bought it near my face and told me to kiss it, and I fell to her feet again, to take blessings to be one, she was very happy. She told me I would be her best chella.

My man called on her mobile to check if I was ready, he came home , in mean time she had removed the butt plug and told me I would enjoy his cock more, but I was feeling empty, so I told her if I can keep it for later use. She said you are already becoming a whore.

My man ringed the door, my guru had covered my face with my pally and asked my man for mu dikhai, he gave her 5000 rupees , but she told him, she needs one more thing as mu dikhai, he asked what, she told him I will make him my chella, he told her to ask me, if I am ready, I was so much in ecstasy that I told yes, then she bought water drank some, and made me drink rest, and then she took a black thread and tied it on my feet and told me my name is geeta from today and asked me if I liked it. I told her very much.

Then my man bought two garlands gave one 2 me and asked me to put it around his neck, then he put the other one around mine and from the pocket took out a mangal sutra and put it around my neck. He also had a big suitcase with him, which he said are my new clothes for the week. After this week my guru can take the bag to her house.

My guru and her friend took leave and me and my man were sitting and he was looking at me and told me I am really beautiful and I should consider being a hijra.

He took me to his bed room and made me sit on the bed and started moving his hands all over my body , he slowly removed my pally moving his hands over my blouse and boob, it was too hot for me to handle and I was going bonkers, he had put my penis vibrator on, I closed my eyes and let the feelings reach deep in me, somehow I started to get the tingling feelings down there and was making me go mad. He cupped my penis in his hand and told me

Since I agreed to be chella, she took the keys of the chastity device with her, and I will have to go to her to get the keys, he played me and he even popped my cherry that night, we never thought 7 days would come to end very fast, then he reminded me of key and told me even my male clothes are with her.

He gave me the address , I dressed up in white bra, inserted my butt plug, wore a panty, and a punjabi suit, it was little bit transparent and you can make out my bra and panty. Put on little make up and called a cab and told him to take me to given address,

He took me there my guru was happy to see me there she asked me questions about sex last week and making me feel shy, after all that I touched my gurus feet and she told me welcome to your new home. She made me comfortable and told me I will have declare at my house that I want to join the hijras. But there is some time I have, she told me that we will start your injections today and doctor is on the way,

He came in another 5 minutes gave me a shot and told me to take certain medicines, he explained me that it will block my testosterone and increase my estrogen which will help me grow women like features, after he left I asked for the clothes, she told me my parents have been informed of my extended stay at sirs house. Now I will have to learn the rituals and have sex with men in order to earn money for myself and my guru.

She called some other hijras and told them to dress me up and send me down to get customers, I quickly learned the art of getting customers and finishing them off fast, in my first day itself I made 1000 rupees my guru was very happy. She then sat with me and thought me the rituals and told me that day after tomorrow my initiation ceremony will be carried out, I was worried that all this is happening so fast.

The next day doc came again and took some blood samples and administer me other dose of injection. That day I was not allowed to go down and in evening I was dolled up and to my horror when I was taken to main room , my parents were waiting there. I could not speak a single word, my guru told me to I will ask you questions answer honestly ,

Q1 have I been bought here by force ?I said no

Q2 do I wish to be a hijra ?I wanted to say no, but the shame to be dolled up in front of parents, my mind said yes

Q3. Do I want to go back home ?

I nodded my head yes, my mother immediately got up slapped me hard and my father did the same and left me to cry , saying that they no longer are many parents. My guru came near me and took me in her arms and told me , that this world does not recognize us and from today I am your mother, I cried and cried, every day I was dressed and taken down to get customers and earn money for my guru.

After 1 yr ,

One morning I got up out of bed and I heard a sound at my feet, the chastity device fell off, I took it and went to guru, my guru understood and took me to a mirror, she told me to lift my gown, I could hardly seem y penis and nuts, they had shriveled. My guru told me time has come to be a nirvana now.

I was very much excited and so were other hi-res of my family, they all danced and we got drunk that night, in all this time my body had changed too, less hairs, my cup size was now 34b,

In the morning guru asked me to sit for prayers with her. We had a very long session, she explained me, that becoming nirvaan there were 2 processes one the painful (the real way) other the not that painful but not the real method. I told her can you explain. She told me in the real way, the penis and nuts are cut by dai without any anesthetic, after that blood is collected and smeared with cow dung all over the body, hot oil is poured on the remaining part , no sutures are administered. The pain is as hell, she told me that she too adopted the other way which is safe and simple by the doctors.

I thought for a while I told her I wish to get it done by dai only , she said is my decision final, I said this will help you to raise your head in our family, and I shall be always respected. I was happy to see her happy. She told me that this week I need not satisfy any customers. I can rest well.

The whole week I was dolled up taken to parlors and bought new clothes and dresses for me. The day married she told me we are going her native today where the dai is.

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