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This incident happened when I was on work to Bangalore. I as put up in a good hotel, the day I arrived there I was shown my room, it was a double room with nice view of the city, I first ordered some coffee and unpacked, I was tired from the long journey and wanted to take a good hot bath, when the door bell rang, I opened it and my coffee was there, I undressed and had my coffee, and lay down for some rest, I must have slept for quite some time when again the door bell rang,

I put on a towel around my waist and opened the door it was the Manager Customer Service Miss RENUKA, she asked me if I was comfortable in the room, she was just staring at my chest, slightly hairy, yet built up with some muscles, I told it was ok and asked if a massage can be arranged in the hotel, as I wanted to be relaxed with a nice massage, she told there was a parlor next door she will see what can be done , I told ok , she told she will give a call as soon as she arranges it. I told ok and went to take a bath, I was very tired and had a cat nap, in the phone rang and it was RENUKA, she told she has arranged for a massage nearby. I told ok.

I went for the massage and there the masseur told e that RENUKA arranges practically anything in need. I was surprised and decided to test it. In the evening, the door bell rang and there standing was RENUKA looking very nice in her blue sari, dark yet good-looking with a good figure, she asked if I enjoyed the massage, I told it was ok but it would have been good if you were the masseur, she smiled mischievously and went away, In the evening I met RENUKA and asked her jokingly about the massage, she smiled back and said will see, the next day it was late afternoon when the door bell rang and standing there was RENUKA ,

I invited her inside and locked the door, she looked at me and said lie down I will give you the massage, I went in the bath room and changed to just a towel around my waist, I knew it would be a great afternoon today. She also had changed to a robe, over her bra and petty coat, so that she will not get oily, I went and lied on the bed on my stomach, she came up behind me and put some oil on my back and started to give a massage we were just chit chatting for some time as she was massaging my back, he soft hands on my back massaging and I was s thinking how she will be in bed after some time, I was getting a hard on, I just asked her to stop the massage for a while and I turned suddenly she jumped up and sat on my thighs at the sudden change, I took her hands and put it on my bare chest, she smiled and put some oil and started to massage my chest, I was getting hard ,

I held her hips and pulled her front , she moved and felt my hard on , the towel rose up and my hard dick was touching her thighs, she moaned and adjusted her self feeling my hard dick with her pussy, she was massaging my chest up to my waist and back up, I was just waiting when she will touch my dick, it was hard pulsating to her touching my body, I had closed my eyes and enjoying the feeling, wow it was great, she was teasing me not touching my hard on but simply feeling with her pussy, I could not control,

I took her hands and guided it to my hard dick, she smiled and removed the towel, I was completely nude now and she started to massage with her oily hands, wow the feeling was sooooo good, my pulsating hard dick in a soft hand moving the entire length of my dick, slowly pressing it and with the other hand feeling my balls, slowly massaging it, It was as if I was in the seventh heaven. I was watching her feel my dick and enjoying she was smiling and asked “DOES IT FEEL GOOD”. I told “OHHHHHHH YES YESSSSSS”, I kept my hands at the sides and was enjoying the massage, I saw RENUKA, she had closed her eyes and was massaging my dick slowly, licking her lips, feeling the entire length,

I held her hands to stop the massage and pulled her forward , she fell on my chest, her soft breasts flop against my chest, she asked what’s the plan, I held her face in my hands and kissed her lips, she responded slowly, her mouth opened to my kisses and I took her soft lips in mine hungrily, my hands going behind her back and embraced her tight.

I could feel her breath grow heavy, her fingers squeezing my nipples in return and slowly she guided her hand to feel my hard rod. My hands were slowly raising her robe and petticoat feeling her soft skin all the way exploring her secret places and as they reached the spot where her thighs met, she opened her legs wider to my touch and kissed me hungrily all the while playing with my hard dick, I squeezed her buttocks hard, she moaned ,and pressed her elf tighter to me, and she bit my lower lip, sucking it into her mouth, whispering softly, “I’m feeling hot all over, please do something to give me relief”. The room was moderately dark now adding to the ambiance of surcharged sex.

I pushed her to my side and made her her to lie down on the bed and stretched myself alongside her. I bent down and ran my tongue, licking her neck and inched my way up her ear lobe in my mouth, She felt electrified for her body stiffened at this touch and she Wrapped her arms around my head she pulled my face down and kissed me all over my cheeks and ears. As she bit my ears s I realized how she too must have felt, as a wave of electric current went raging through my body. Her hands were on my chest running through and feeling my hard but erected nipple. She commenced kissing my chest; sucking and licking, giving gentle bites with her sharp teeth making me shiver and tremble. I got up and took off her robe and threw it aside. I buried my face in the crook of her neck,

I began breathing, exhaling into her neck and tonguing her throat, trying to give her as much pleasure as she was giving me. I was in no hurry at all, having the whole I hungrily kissed her face, lips, and neck down to her cleavage while I unbuttoned her blouse and bra an n took it off, she had flawlessly smooth dark skin her dusky brown skin and, pert breasts with dark chocolate brown, elongated nipples were exposed. My mouth watered at this gorgeous sight and I bent down and took one nipple in my mouth.

Her hands reached down and she stroked my hard dick my mouth working on her breasts went down kissing her dusky skin, her stomach was taut and very curvaceous. I started kissing and licking her belly and when I reached her deep navel, I darted my tongue in and out of it. Renuka gasped “Aaah, aaaaah, uuuuaaaaaanh”, I then proceeded further down.

I opened her petticoat knot, pulled it down along with her panties and kissed her on her lower belly just above her pussy “Aaaaah, this is unnngh so good, soooo goooooood”, she moaned as her emotions and body conflicted. Then I proceeded further down to her pussy. She was now fondling my hair and stroking my face. Then I dug my tongue into her pussy and twirled it around her clitoris. She gasped in ecstasy. “Aaaaah, aaaaaaah, what are you doing to me!”, and then she orgasm. Her whole body shook in a huge spasm and then was still I literally dug my face into her pussy licking all her cum.Renukas hands was pushing my face into her pussy.

She was breathing hard “please huuuuhhhh do it once more, please, I beg you”. I once again twirled her clit with my tongue “Yes, pleeeeeease yes” she said in a desperate tone as she was agonizingly close to her next orgasm. “You want me to fuck you hard, don’t you?” I taunted further. “Yes, please finish this, for heaven sake please, do it”, Renuka screamed, while trying to catch her breath. “I want you, I want you NOW!!!” She screamed, there was an impending urgency in her voice.

I spread her legs over my shoulders, her hips above my mouth; all I could see now was a vision of hair and a pink slit gleaming slightly wetly. My tongue parted her vulva and probed into her clit and she jumped in joy. I did not disappoint her; I licked and sucked her pussy. While tonguing her clit, I almost chewed it. I finally lifted my face from her pussy and looked up at her. She held my face and pushed me away from her and she sat on me and went down kissing me hard on the mouth, my nipples and then to my hard dick, she held it in her soft soft hands, sucking me, taking her time in working her way up my shaft from the base to the top, licking it like an ice cream and sucking it like a lollypop. She went below, licking my testicles one after the other, a heavenly experience that I just enjoyed. Just as I thought that this was the best ever blow job that I’d ever had.

I came in her mouth, she turned and lay by my side. Now she suddenly felt shy! And I found that very beautiful. I lifted her face up to me, planted a deep kiss on her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her lips, the tip of her tongue jutting out. I sucked her tongue as her hands went around me, legs intertwined and our bodies meshed once again in lust. My hands were now cupping her boobs, pinching her nipples while we continued to remain locked in one long never ending kiss She looked bashful yet dazzling and I kissed each eye in turn, then moved to her ears licking her cheeks along the way. I started to get another hard on as she was slowly feeling my dick making it hard again, it was very hard now she moved forward to feel my hard dick with her pussy, opening her legs she embraced me tightly, my pulsating dick and her wet pussy pressed to each other, we were kissing passionately, bodies in a tight embrace.

Her sexy face was in throes of pleasure. She held my dick and placed it in front of her wet pussy, I pushed it slowly her pussy was really tight, at first only half of my dick went in, and then I shoved the rest of it. She squealed “Oh No!” I placed both her legs over my shoulders and caught hold of her silk smooth thighs. And then I started shoving my dick in and out of her pussy. Slamming and banging her in frenzy.

The feel of her tight pussy engulfing my erect cock was simply delightful. I was pounding her hard with my 7 inches. Her hands were clutching the headboard of the bed as I picked up speed and rhythm. I bent down to her breasts and caught one of her brown nipples between my lips and pressed it softly. She screamed in pleasure. Then I gave the same treatment to her other nipple.

Her breasts were jiggling up and down. “Fuck me harder haaaaaardehhhhh”, was all she could manage before she was rocked by an orgasm. Her hips were also moving with my thrusts and she was screaming in pleasure, ahhhhhhhhhh yes yes fuck me fuuuuck meeeeee , moving her head side to side to my thrusts I put her legs on my shoulders and was fucking her now with speed moving in out in out , ahhhhhhhh yes faster fassterrrrrrr yes I like it yea I dooooo yes yes go on go onnnn Please don’tttttttt stopppppppppp ohh yesssss, later when I was about to cum she held me by her legs and was pulling my waist hard to her and said yeeeeeee cummmmmmmm in me. I am ready for and I came in her in big squirts filling her pussy I felt the juices flowing from mine to her and she was squeezing my cock to get as much as cum she can.

All the fucking and sucking really drained my energy and I rolled over and fell asleep.

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