The Mental Sickness Part -2

Hello friends,

I came back with the second part of my story the mental sickness. Earlier you read about how the boy got sick and I helped him to overcome that.

Few days after that treatment I gave him, everything seems normal to me. The boy used to come to home for food. I feel somehow happy that the problem get resolved.. A week passed and everything works fine. He used to talk to me regularly or come to my home in my absence to watch tv. I left one key with him. I informed my husband about his illness and also told him that give him some treatment with the help of a doctor. He was happy and asked me to take care of him as he will come back after a month.

I received an invitation for a marriage nearby my home and I took some day off from office as we and them are family friends. I used to go there daily for helping the bride’s mother in work of marriage and I also told rafik to come over there daily for food and work if there is any. He obeyed me. The day of the marriage I got ready and went to marriage hall with rafik. Rafik complemented me that doctor madam you are looking smoking hot and I responded with a smile and said thanks. I wore a party wear transparent purple saree with matching blouse and accessories, border of saree was very well stitched with stones and heavy work..

My blouse was a typical party wear blouse, womens used to wear in small town marriages. My back was half opened and my boobs were fully covered, that blouse is fully sticked to my skin. I wore purple color bangles and my mangalsutra with purple lipstick and bindi, as I never was a party freak, I hardly do makeups, but in marriages or occasions I was different person. I used some kajal in my eyes and mascara of light purple and pinkish colour. There is nose ring of about half of a finger size. I helped bride and his mother in the marriage and rafik went to help others.

When almost most of the functions were finished and barat went to their home we all gathered for marriage vows. Just before the start of that holy function rain started and all the arrangements were disturbed. It was raining for almost 1 and half hour and it looks like that it is a storm. Bride’s family looks disturbed due to this and so was groom’s family. They helped us to set the stage for marriage vows again inside the home. After struggling for an hour we managed to do that and everything was back on its track.

Due to that heavy storm most of the localities already left for their homes and only few family members from both sides were there. It was not much crowded as expected and we were happy that it is not be an issue to handle those all. When marriage vows started we had nothing to do more and we all sat there. It was getting cold due to rain and winds after that and we didn’t arrange blankets due to summer. There were only some blankets available in brides house and we almost gave all to groom’s family. I gave my house keys to rafik and asked him to bring two blankets from my house. He did the same.

I was in one blanket sitting near a wall. Next to me brides mother was sitting and holding a 6 month baby. We were watching those vows, then I saw rafik was standing there half wet, he too was look dashing. I signalled him and ask him to come and sit near me as it was getting cold and he was wet too. He came without any hesitation. We were talking casually and I noticed that he was shivering a little bit. I asked what happen, he said don’t know. We were sitting so close that our bodies was touching to each other. He then slowly touched my hands and after few minutes put his palm on my palm. I didn’t oppose as I understand that he was shivering. We sat like there for quite some time, and suddenly he slowly moving his fingers on my hands. I ignored.

When he came back to normal he crossed his hands together. For quite a some time and everyone seems deeply involved in those marriage vows, I felt his hands was touching my outer ring of my circular boobs. I looked to him from side of my eyes and it seems his face was straight to watch the marriage vows. It looked like nothing is happening from his side. I felt uncomfortable and tried to set myself again so that he noticed and won’t do that again. But in some minutes he was doing it again. I stucked between rafik and bride’s mother. I was not aware why he was doing that. He somehow managed to move his hands more close to my nipples. He started moving his one finger in circle on my right boob and slowly started pressing it.

I feel ashamed by doing this in front of all of those. But then I realized that I am in blanket and except my face all of our body is covered in it. He then sit sticks more to me. I started enjoying his touch. He then move slightly towards me and his face was on the other side it looks like he was sitting straight but he was not. His one hand is squeezing my boobs while he was moving his other hand on my half bare back. He push me a little so that he could access my back easily. I was sitting with my face on my knee. His hands was exploring every inch of my back and my chest. I was feeling amazing.Suddenly bride’s mother asked me something and stand up and went towards to their room to take that thing. I than ask her permission to leave for home. She forced me to stay but I insisted that I am too tired. She agreed and I left.

Just when I left, the rain started again and I was stuck in between my house and the bride’s house. I was totally wet and somehow I managed to reach my house but then I realized that I gave my keys to rafik to brought some blankets and it was still with him. I tried to call him from my mobile but it was not reachable. I didn’t know what to do, as it was getting cold due to those windy rains. I was shivering badly. I was waiting outside my house and didn’t knew what to do. When the rain softens, I managed to reach pg, from the gate I saw the lights of rafiks room and I got my breathe back. I approached to his room from the stairs, it was on third floor. I went in his room straight away and found out he was not in his room. I was searching for the keys but they were not there.

His room was warm and I felt relaxed there and stand near the window, looking outside and was waiting for him. As I was all wet, I took a towel from his cupboard and try to dry my hair, but my body clothes were still wet. My hairs were all opened and touched my bums and that made me look sexier than ever. Half of my makeup was washed in the rain, but the remaining makeup gave me gorgeous yet sexy look. I was looking at my image reflected from windows glass.

Suddenly someone caught me from behind and it left me in surprise, as we both were charged due to his groping in the marriage hall. But still I resist and said rafik what are you doing. He said, shut up and enjoy the love doctor madam. I can’t hold it anymore and with these words he started moving his hands on my bare stomach and navel. His lips were moving all over my shoulder and I was taking deep sigh. He then slide my saree from the shoulder and pull it from my petticoat/underskirt. My hands were pushing him towards me and it made me more wild.

He too was getting wild and quickly tore my blouse from behind and throw it on the floor. I was in my half cup bra. He then pushed me to the windows glass and unhook my bra from behind. I quickly removed my bra. Only then I realized that he was only in his boxers and his chest was touching my back while he was pushing me to the window glass. He then took my hands in his hands and stuck them on the wall above my head and and was madly kissing my back. That wild and different love making from regular sex made me more horny. And my juices were started flowing. I was not understanding why that wildness and different approach making me that much horny but I put it aside and started enjoying the moment as I was starving for good fuck.

He then loosen my hand and started pressing my boobs while kissing my neck and my hand moved automatically towards his boxer. I then moved it more in his boxer and caught his good hard dick. It was not me, I never did this ever before in my life but I didn’t know it came automatically to me, my hand started rubbing his hard dick. The coldness of outer environment charging us more. He then skid down his boxer and let his dick came out of it. His dick was hotter than our body temperature. While I was doing all of this one hand slided down in my panties found their way to my clitoris. His tongue was licking my sweat and water drops from my shoulder, neck and back while his other hand caught my one boob. His two fingers widen my pussy walls while his middle finger was rubbing my g spot. That was a tremendous feeling. I was desperate to for his cock and I spill on fingers and again rub his cock with it.

I was rubbing his cock nicely in circular manner. He then quickly slide my v string aside and put his dick on the walls of my pussy, his one hand was setting his cock on my pussy door while his other hand was holding his dick, I then take my hand on his hard rock dick and guide it on my pussy gate. He threw all of it in one go and aahhhhhh came out of my mouth. He then hold my waist with his hands and started moving his dick from behind. It was slow but his each stroke burst his cock deep in my pussy. It was hitting my uterus and excite me more. I too started moving my butts along with his cock. He was driving me crazy. In few minutes he gain his pace and hold my boobs with both of his hands and throwing his dick hard deep inside me. I started moaning with his each stroke ummmhhhh aaaahhhhhh uunnnnhhhh yessssss.

The softer I moan the harder he hit and the harder I moan the softer he hit. He then started rubbing my clitoris with his fingers too while fucking me from behind. I was moaning like hell and was too aroused. His fingers was doing the job easier for both of us and sooner I came to my orgasm. I moan hardly ohhhh ohhh ohhh yeesssss I mmmmm cummmingggg ohhhh yesss rafiiiikkkkkk plzzzzz yes, my one hand hold the curtain of the window tighter and tighter while my other hand was pulling his hairs and I came harder than ever in my life. I loose everything from the curtain to his hairs and relaxed and surrendered my body in his arms. He caught me tight from behind.

He started kissing me passionately because I just came and was on seventh cloud. He then remove his dick from my pussy and move me towards him and hold my chicks with one hand and started kissing me. He suck my lips. Sooner my lips came to their normal color from purple. I too was responded him on those lovely kisses. I then whispered in his ear, you are a good kisser and he smiled and grab me in his hands and put me on the bed. He then said, now tell me after this, how good I am?

He quickly came under my legs and widen my legs and started sucking my pussy without doing anything. First it hurts but as minutes passed I was enjoying it. Even I was not in my control and couldn’t stop him even it hurts, I totally surrendered myself that night to him. It was 4 am and he was licking my pussy hardly. He widen my pussy walls with his fingers and put his tongue deep inside it and started moving his tongue, I was in like heaven and louder my moan uffff ahhhhhh ssssss ohhhmmmm raaaafffff aaaaahhhh…. Yessss yessssss pllllzzzzz aissseee hiiiiii. He then turn off the main light and on the night bulb. Which made the enviornment more romantic. He continued licking and sucking my pussy like that.

Some times he licked with tongue and sometime suck it. Some time he bite the outer walls of my pussy and pushed his two fingers in it. I was enjoying everything he was doing to my body that night. He continued doing that for next 20 minutes and I was about near to my another orgasm. I pushed his head deeper under my legs, he understand that I was again near to cum, so he stopped and cum near me, and ask me to suck his dick. I didn’t feel ashamed at that time to suck his cock. I took it in my hands and started rolling my tongue on it, I was looking into his eyes when I was doing this, it excites him more and his dick was started jumping in my mouth. I was sucking it passionately like a pro. He was moaning like I did earlier. After some time he removed his dick, pull my legs and made me lay on the bed and came over me like missionary position. He came between my legs, spread them more, hold of his dick and slide it in my already wet pussy.

His dick looks like a kulfi (ice cream) is melting down in heat. It was shining due to my spit and juices flowed from my pussy sucking. My pussy was already fully open and his dick was moving easily inside out of it. He holds my legs in his both hands and joined them together, my underside of the foot is facing roof and it made my pussy tighter. The grip of my pussy walls holds his dick tighter and it was amazing fucking like that. As his dick was moving my moans came out. I was moaning slowly ummhhh shhhh ohhhhh rafffiiikkkk you are drivingg me crazzzyyyy. Yessss. Rafik started moving his dick faster and faster and my moan increased with it. He was fucking me mercilessly and suddenly reduced his pace. After a minute he again gained his pace and fuck me like that for another minute and reduced his pace, he was doing this continuously while licking my toe. I was too excited and couldn’t hold it more.

My hands were pressing and pulling the bedsheet and pillow while my pussy grips tightening its grip. He understood that I was about to come and stopped for a while and said, doctor madam, it is third time you are going to cum, hold for sometime, I will come too.By saying this, he came on top of me and started kissing me. I too responded and moving my hands in his hair and on his bare back while sucking his lips. We kissed for at least 5 minutes and he again started to pump me. This time he started it fast and continued. We both were lip locking while he was fucking me, even I couldn’t moan. He didn’t release my lips and continue to do that. He was moving his hips while fucking me and so did I. Some minutes later we both came with a loud voice. We both released our body and laid like that for some time. He then stand up clean his dick and my pussy.

He open the window so that the temperature of room went down, it became too hot due to our love. Outside the room it was cold due to winds. He then came behind me and sleep. We both slept like that for some time, his one hand was on my boobs and within few minutes we both slept. It was 5 am in the morning. I had no fear because I was all alone those days. So I slept there for the whole day. When I woke up it was 12 in the noon while rafik was still sleeping. His dick was still hard, I blushed and woke up and try to wore my clothes but I realized that he tore it. I woke him up and ask him to go to my house, and bring my clothes. He then said, “take my t-shirt and lower, no big deal.” I too have no issues in that, I used to wear them in my house. I went back to my house. Clean my house, took a bath. My body was aching but I was satisfied. I got ready and went to bride’s house, to check whether everything is ok or not.

This was a tremendous feeling. Bride’s mother told me that she was searching for me as there is no elder sister of bride and she wanted to meet me before her farewell. I said I was in hostel, and told her that last night my house keys were with rafik and it was raining so I stayed there and slept in another room and got busy in after marriage work. While working I was thinking all about last night. It made me horny again but I had to control my feelings. I was aware of the fact that it still not finished yet.

To be continued…

Dear readers,Please do not ask for numbers or sex chat or pics. If you continued like that, I have to block you all in hangouts. Feedback is fine. I responded everyone whenever I get time but asking something personal is not accepted. Writing a sex story doesn’t mean that I am a slut or a whore who can talk or get intimate with anyone. I hope you respect my privacy.

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