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This happened during this Holi. I was sitting idle changing channels on Saturday morning and felt so much bored. The evening I Went for a wonderful massage. Felt so horny and reminded me of my friend Maria. That’s when I got a message from Maria, my old college mate. She just recalled our old “encounter” and wanted to have it again. Maria wanted to invite her friend to this time.

Let me describe her friend Janet. A super rich horny babe, a little bit chubby and had some beautiful assets. Her husband has business in the US and he keeps traveling. When Maria shared her experience with me she wanted to “meet” me. We met in SDA market and had some nice Shawarma from the famous shop there. Bought some extra food and booze for the weekend & planned to spend the whole weekend at Maria’s home.

Started the evening with some Sangria and I started making out with Janet on the sofa. She was quite desperate for some hot fun. I wanted to test her patience and decided to build a fire in her and make her crave. Janet’s hand slipped into my jeans and I slowly pulled it out and started sucking her fingers one by one. Whispered her not to take off the clothes. I made her in kneel on the floor and pulled her skirt up. And started sucking her inner thighs. I knew she was getting mad and could feel the sweet aroma of her wet panties.

That’s when I felt my jeans and jockeys slipping off. Maria started sucking my penis and tasting my precum. By this time Janet turned and started kissing me. I slowly bit her lips which made her moan. I undid her dress and reached for her Melons. Her nipples were rock hard. I played with it slowly, by this time I unloaded the cum in Maria’s mouth. That was her protein shake for the evening ;). Maria went to the room to get some oil for the massage. We all decided to continue in the bedroom. I kissed Janet all the way to the bedroom she kept playing with my cock.

I was pushed to the bed by two desperate hotties and Maria poured some hot oil, this reminded me of an idea. We all oiled each other. I wanted Maria to give me a special massage. She poured some oil in my ass and slipped her pinky finger and started playing with it. Hmmm, it is as just too good. We had some nice massage. But this time my Johnny was in the marching position. I slipped down Janet’s panties and to my surprise it was a hairy pussy. That was sweet.

I dived like a boy who got favorite ice cream and sucked it. The taste of her juice was amazing. I didn’t wait any longer, I was about to slip it in and she reminded me of condoms. I took one out of the box (yeah I got a box) and she helped me to put it on. Till then Maria was enjoying her friend’s desperate looks for a cock in the pussy. I banged her for some time and I came. She was in seventh heaven. I just fell in Janet’s body and enjoyed her sweat and sucked her neck. She gave a naughty smile and said not to get her a love bite as her husband is expected anytime.

I took off the condom and invited the start of the show Maria. Her patience was superb. I spread her pussy and started sucking it to make it wet and wild. She moaned like crazy. I put on my cock and started fucking her like crazy. I pumped her for some time before I climaxed. I was sweating like anything and gasping. We both cuddled for some time and that’s when I saw Janet coming back to the room. We three cuddled in that bed.

Next session we agreed for anal. Janet was initially not happy about it but we both ensured it’s gonna be fun. I made her kneel and poured some oil in the ass. Hmm, that was a lovely ass. I slowly slipped my pinky finger in her well-oiled butt hole. Her face was as if she is gonna take a rollercoaster ride. I went and planted a deep kiss to make her feel better. Came back to the sweet spot and slowly slide my cock in the hole.

She was biting the pillow. I went in and entered my cock completely. She started screaming and slowly it became moaning. That’s something great to find she is enjoying it. I just went on and on till I came in her asshole. That was too good. I always love the creampie, the visual of cream dripping. I whispered in Maria’s ears to suck my balls. She sucked it like a lollipop and played with the spot between my anus and balls. That was truly awesome.

I told her to pour some oil and start shagging. She poured some oil and started playing with my balls and just right about the anus. Hmm, that was just something which I can’t explain. I pulled Janet and started eating her wet pussy, it was tasting so great and rolled the tongue over her clit. She started shivering with joy. Janet started shouting, faster, faster. And at last, she climaxed. I was quite exhausted by that time. Needed a drink.

After the short smoke break in balcony Janet wanted to pee. I always get turned on by looking at a girl pee and I followed her. Janet was trying force close the door and I stopped her and said I wanted to see her pee. She agreed and went inside. While she was almost about to finish, I went near her and started kissing her. I lifted her up and went into the shower. We had a great shower together and a quickie. I saw Maria trying to peep into the bathroom. Her eyes were filled with lust at that time. I came back and touched Maria’s pussy which was wet. I tasted her pussy and sucked in vigorously. She reciprocated by holding my hair tight gripped and pushing it her pussy. Went on and on till she came. All three of us had one more drink and cuddle on the bed before we all went to a short nap. It was time for a break at last.

The whole weekend was full of fun and joy with sex and sex. My dick was aching and was almost walking like kung fu panda to the office on Monday. We will be planning for the next session on our long weekend.

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