The Most Magical And Romantic Day Of My Life

Hello readers.. I would love to thank each and everyone for your amazing response and I feel blessed that my experiences have been loved to this extent.. I love it when my mailbox is flooding with your mails and I don’t want you to stop.. Keep them coming and as you guys I know if you would get a reply instantly or may be in an hour or 2.

I’m a sex advisor, a proffressional massuer, and I’m here to help you in any way I could.

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Well for all the new readers, lemme introduce myself. I’m Rohan sharma, aged 27yrs. I love to pamper and please my woman with my lips, tongue and hands.. I love to tease them and make them hornier….

Now coming to the story, I was in a relationship with my girl for 4 years. And she had a very hot friend named Pooja. She is 23 years old. And we were very good friends too. Many times we used to hang out together. And she was like my sali. Joh adhi ghar wali hoti hai. And she always used to call me jiju. It was quite common for us to hug each other when we meet and things like that..

It was a Saturday night and we were supposed to go for clubbing. We? I meant to say, me, my gf and Pooja. As she was single. It was almost 8.30pm when my gf called me and told me that she can’t make it today as some unexpected guest have come. I felt so bad as I’m a party freak. I called Pooja and told her how disappointed I was with this. She felt bad and then she suddenly said let’s go to the party..

I asked her how can we? She isn’t coming.. She said Didi nahi aayi toh kya hua? Sali toh hai?? Sali k sath clubbing karna pasand nahi karoge? I felt so happy and I agreed instantly. Till now I had no such feelings for her as we were very close to each other and liked each other so much..

I dressed up quickly and she went to pick her up.. I was standing in a lane next to her house so that her parents couldn’t see me.. As usual she looked hawt in a black 1 piece showing some cleavage. We got into the cab and I told her the same, that is she looked smoking hot!!

She just gave me a naughty smile and said jiju mein saali huin, aapki gf nahi.. I said Sali ho ya gf ho, hai toh tu hot hi.. We had a laugh and we kept on talking for another 20 mins and we reach the disc around 9.45pm. I wasn’t sure whether to hold her hand or not while we walk to the disc from the cab. So I dint..

After the entry, we got into the disc and realised the party has just begun and we went to the bar and ordered our drinks.. we were standing near the bar and were enjoying the music with our drinks..

We finished our second drink. And as she was a social drinker, she was quite high and she pulled me to the dance floor.. She was a very good dancer and I just enjoyed dancing with her without even getting close to her .

Suddenly a guy from behind started to feel her ass with his and she was annoyed. I could see it and I pulled her closer to me and we started to dance again.. The guy did the same again. So I held her by her waist and moved her to opp side where I was standing. We changed our positions, I was still holding by her waist.. And the dj played the track Sexy chick of David Guetta and Akon. It is my favourite and she knows it.

But this time the sexy chick was someone else. It wasn’t my gf. But her friend.. I started to sing the song for her in ears standing very close to each other.. She could feel my breath on her ears and shoulders and she hugged me.. I felt so special and a strange feeling which I never had for her..

I felt so aroused.. And I could see that even she had goose bumps on her hands.. It was a feeling which we never felt for each other.. Then after a while, the dj played Beautiful.. I looked into her eyes and took her hand and we enjoyed dancing on this song.. And after some 30 seconds I pulled her close to me and she was in my shoulders.. I slowly placed a kiss on her forehead and she closed her eyes..

I knew that this is was the best time and I slowly raised her face and kissed on her lips for the first time.. I could feel her go numb.. I slowly started to suck her lower lip.. she neither was responding nor did she resist.. I stood still letting me explore her lips. I could feel that she liked it..

I started to to smooch her wildly now hugging her tight.. Her breast crushed in to my chest and my hands caressing her back.. After almost 3 to 4 minutes she finally responded.. And now she started to kiss me passionately..

We were completely lost in each others arms and we forgot that we were in a disc which was so crowded.. This romantic kiss lasted for almost 6 to 7 minutes when we finally realised that bollywood music was playing now..

The dj played some hit item numbers and we had a great time dancing and feeling each other.. And then the it was one of our favourite songs.. Guess all of you know it and love this song. It was the song from Hrithik Roshan’s movie Bang Bang.. ” TU TU TU MERI RI RI RI. MEIN TERA RA HONE LAGA!” This song was just just perfect was both of us.. kyuki ab woh meri hone lagi aur mein uska..

we hugged each other and were dancing and singing this song. While doing so I started feeling her ass. I looked into her eyes and I could see all the love in her eyes with a little lust. And jaise hindi mein apan Kehte hai isharo hi isharo mein baatein ho gayi. We knew where this was going.

She was a virgin and she knew how good I’m in the bed coz of her best friend. That is my gf. I started to feel her body while dancing and she started to kiss me over my cheeks and neck.. And I never knew she could be so romantic.. She could be so horny.. And then she suddenly did something which I could have never expected..

She turned around, went low and touched my legs with her ass and started to come up towards my thing.. It was too much for me to take and then she started grinding her ass on my thing. She was feeling my thing with her ass and I couldn’t believe my luck that I’m gonna get her tonight.. She almost was grinding her sexy ass on me for almost 3 to 4 mins and I could feel my undies become wet with my pre cum..

I whispered in her ears pleading her to stop as I can’t take it anymore and I might do something which I’m not supposed to. And to my suprise she said, “WHO IS STOPPING YOU TONIGHT JIJU? WAISE BHI HUMESHA AAPNE TUMNE KAHA HI KI MEIN ADHI GHAR WALI HUIN?? KYA MEIN NAHI HUIN? KYA HUM AAJ AAPKE GHAR NAHI LE JAOGE? KYA MUJHE PYAR NAHI KAROGE??”

I couldn’t believe this and started smooching her.. After a long smooch I suddenly got hold of her hand and moved out of the disc.. All thanks to Ola cabs, I got the cab within few mins and we got into the cab.. We both were silent and dint even utter a single word till we reached my flat..

We reached home, and I locked the door.. And just as I did that, she hugged me from behind.. I felt that I’m the luckiest guy on this planet as she was so hot.. And I never thought I will have her in my bed..

Guys I don’t like to mention the sizes of my girl, but for all you lovely readers I’m doing this.. her sizes were 34B 30 32. Don’t u think she was too hot??

We started to smooch and I raised her in my arms and looked into her eyes. She felt shy and closed her eyes.. I carried her to the bedroom and made her lay on the bed..

She was expecting me to pounce on her and all I could do is to look at her.. She looked fabulous.. so gorgeous.. I never realised it as I never saw her that way? I couldn’t stop myself looking at her, waiting for me to make love to her? How would you feel at this moment?? Temme on my email

She finally asked me? Aise kya dekh raho mujhe? Mujhe sharam a rahi hai.. Plz aise na dekho.. I loved the way she said it.. it was so cute.. I got into the bed and hugged her tight for a while.. and I said I can’t believe my luck tonight. Kabhi nahi socha mein tumhare sath aise reh paunga. Kabhi nahi socha ki tum mujhe us tareeke se grind kar paogi. She blushed and turned.

Now I can see her back and i felt like eating it.. I slowly started kissing her shoulders and placed my hands on her tummy with her clothes on.. she held my hands tight and I started to kiss all over shoulder and back till I felt her dress wet with my saliva.. I then turned her towards me gave her kissed her forehead.

As you all know, just sex is what I don’t like.. I want to get romantic. I love to pamper my girl or my woman.. I started kissing her face.. not even missing a single inch.. and I finally ended on her lips.. And it needed a long smooch to kick start this romantic night. So was it.. We smooched for almost 15 to 20 minutes.. And we teased each other with the tongue fight and playing with it.. would u love to do the same?

Then we finally broke our kiss as we felt breathless, I moved down and started to kiss her neck.. Making her feel my warm saliva on her hot skin.. And slowly started to feel her thighs.. I slowly started to remove her 1 piece and placed kisses on her inner thighs..

Now she was just in her black bra and panty.. and you guys know I’m the best at this time..

If you are a new reader then lemme tell you.. I love to make love in a special way. That is to love my woman or girl using my lips, tongue and hands..

So I can down and as she might be expecting me to kiss her cleavage, but I dint do that.. U must always have some suprises for your partner and make her wait for what she wants.. This makes her even hornier.. Am I wrong girls?

I started kissing her tummy just next to her navel making her wet down in her panties.. I slowly biting her tummy and moved to the sides of her waist and gave her small bites here and there all the while kissing her.. then I slowly moved towards her navel and placed a kiss on it. She loved it and then I took my tongue out and I started to lick her deep navel..

Now temme what could be my next move? Her breast? You guys are wrong.. I started to feel her pussey over her panties.. And licked her navel..

Then I turned her again.. And started to kiss her back.. She was sleeping on her tummy and I was on her.. I held both her hands as if we’re posing for the camera in the titanic pose.. This feeling of me holding her hands and kissing her back was just to beautiful for me.. Would u like to experience the same the feeling?

I slowly kissed her lower back and moving up I reached her bra strap.. Still holding her hands I tried to unhook her bra with my teeth.. and she said nahi kar paoge… meine kaha Acha.. chalo dekh lete hai.. It was too tight and I dint wish to give up.. I kept trying. And after a lot of difficulty I finally unhooked her bra while she enjoyed the ticklish feeling of my lips..

I slowly made her turn again again gave her a smooch.. cupping her left breast.. It was so soft.. I could feel her nipple hard and poking in my palms pleading me to suck them… I then moved down and started to lick her cleavage and her breast just neck to her nipples.. while I was doing this I started to pinch her right nipple with my fingers.. I pinched her nipple real hard and she screamed in pain.. but she dint wish me to continue and love her the way I wanted to.. As she was loving it..

I then slowly moved towards her nipple and lick the tip of her nipple with my tongue hanging out.. I licked for some 30 seconds and suddenly took it in my mouth and started sucking it.. It was such an arousing feeling for both of us that I literally started eating and biting her nipples. Most mothers would know this as their kids do it while they breastfeed their babies.. I started sucking those nipples so hard and was pressing her right breast..

Then I moved to the right breast and started sucking it. While doing so, I slowly slid my right hand in her panty and teased her just next to her pussey.. She started to move her ass in rhythm of the moments of my hand I realised that she can’t take this anymore.. So I slowly removed her panties and started to kiss her inner thighs..

Her thighs were so soft and they were turning red with every bite. And now I can see her clean shaven pussey waiting for me to lick it.. I slowly moved closed to her pussey and spread her pink pussy lips and start tease her there with fingers.. I slowly then placed few kisses on her pussey lips and I can feel her warm and so wet inside as I had spread her pussey lips.

I put my tongue inside her pussey and started to lick her inner walls of her skinny.. she was oozing with the love juices and I love that taste.. She started to moan in ecstasy and I was loving it, drinking all her love juices while I was trying to feel her G spot..

After licking her pussy for sometime and she finally cummed.. And I drank all of it without even wasting anytime..

Now I lost my control and wanted to feel her pussy with my thing.. So I undid my jeans and undies in a go and started to tease her making her feel the tip of my penis. As I knew she was a virgin I got a lubricator and I applied some on my penis.

And I slowly was trying to push it in, but I couldn’t even enter 1/4 of my thing in her. She was too too tight.. Then I suddenly pushed my penis hard and only half of penis was in her. She screamed in pain awww Rohan!!! Tears started to flow from her eyes and I licked her tears and then start to kiss her on her lips so that she can forget the pain. After a gap of say 30 to 45 seconds, I again pushed my penis with some force and whole thing was in her. She wanted to scream but I dint let her.

I kept on kissing her lips and start to make love to her with slow and steady strokes. She slowly started to enjoy it now and I got up and place her right knee on the bed making her sleep on the her side started to stroke it fast.. She felt this amazing feeling in her and started to moan.. AWW ROHAN!!! I’M LOVING IT.. FUCK ME ROHAN!! FUCK ME HARDER!!! HARDER ROHAN.. UMMMM!

This turned me on, and I wanted to give her the best I can. She suddenly started moaning louder and said ROHAN I’M CUMMING!! FASTER!!! It was too much for me.. And I increased my strokes as fast as I could and I kept feeling and spanking her ass while doing this..

We both finally cummed together and we had made love 2 more times that night in doggie style and missionary position..

I hope you loved this experience and I’m looking for for your love and motivation. So please make an effort and write to me.

Remember I’m sex advisor, a proffressional massuer. So if you guys need any help or need any advise then do lemme know.

I don’t care about my girl/woman’s age or size. All I want is to please you.. To use my lips and tongue no matter you are 50 years old or 19..

Expecting loads of love and waiting for ya mails on [email protected], this is Rohan Sharma singing off!! Love you guys.. Keep reading and stay blessed!!

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