The Mystery Land (The Making Of A Woman) – Part 2

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So now coming to the story.After a great fucking session with subhra aunty I was astonished when she told me to call her mother.So I asked her what difference it would make.She said it means a lot to her.Which is somehow related to her origin her family where she was raised as a child.Lets here it from subhra aunty’s point of view.

It was the time in our village when people harvested crops.I happened to get my first menstrual cycle.It was painful yet something fascinating about it.So let me describe my family I have my parents my elder brother who was 18 years by then and my grandparents were living with us.Our main occupation was agriculture. And we did have a big hall where we all slept..So it was obvious for me and my brother to know when our parents having intercourse.

Life was pretty normal until the day I got to touch my puberty.I have grown hairs under my armpit and vagina.My breasts were relatively bigger and my nipples are more visible than before.I have already started wearing bra.So anyway after 6 -7 days my pms was over.That night I heard my parents talking.

Mom-subhra is grown up.And so is saurav.Its good time we should introduce them to our tradition.

Dad-yeah we have to prepare them for future.Let me set a date with father and mother (my grand parents).

Mom-hmm dat would be nice.Subhra just had her first pms.So we should let her know what her life is all about.

I had no clue what they were talking.So I was informed that an worship to our village deity would take place in the next Sunday. I was very happy our house was redecorated. Flowers and incessant sticks were ordered.So the day came.Father had brought 6 dhotis.We took bath my mother gave me ornaments and a dhoti.I wore my bra and panty than wore all the ornaments.Then I asked my mother to help me with dhoti.She clothed me in such a. Way dat the dhoti was knee high and at the top it just covered my breasts showing my cleavage and revealing my bare belly.My mother and grandmother wore in the same fashion.

The men would just wrap the dhoti in their lower part and became bare chested.I was curious what kind of worship it would be.My grandfather and father had big bellies and lot of hair on chest where my brother was slim and no hair.They would keep moustaches whereas my grandma was a little saggy but beautiful my mom maintained a perfect Indian figure with 36-32-40 size.I was wearing white bra and panty that day as my mother had ordered.

There were two beds I didn’t know what they were for.So in time the priest arrived. He chanted mantras which included our names after an hour of enchantment priest ordered for flowers and sticks.He told to arrange the beds with white bedsheets and flower.After everything is done he asked my parents to set up a example intercourse. I was startled hearing this so was my brother. We are asked to stand beside and learn.I can’t think anything that would possibly happen.

Now my mom and grandma slept in two beds and my father went to grandma and grandfather went to mother. The priest chanted some mantras and put some water on them and went away. I was asked to close all doors and I did so.

Me- what’s happening mom??

Mom-since you have grown up now according to our tradition you have to first copulate with your brother.He will be the one to take your virginity.


Mom-and before you do so we have to show you how its done.Its an important day for you as well as your grandma.As she would be complete by having intercourse with her son.Its a sacred thing.

Now my grandpa went near my mother kissed in her forehead and cheeks and my father did the same with my grandma.Then both men would slowly open the women’s dhotis and made them naked.My mom had big round breasts while my grandma’s are enormous and saggy.And then undressed themselves.And my father. Startd eating his mom’s boobs while my mother was taken care of by my grandpa.Their dicks were hanging like black bananas seeing this I was excited looked at my brother he was happy so was I. I didn’t know what would happen but I had the belief it would be great.

My brother became so horny that she took me to his lap and undressed me .So now we are three couples she opened my bra and sucked my small tits..I started moaning my mom and grandma were laughing while enjoying those 8 -9inch shafts..My brother laid me on the floor I could see his tent.

Then he pulled down his dhoti and there was his fat long big cock..Which was black..My pussy was wet like a river my brother started kissing me on lips and fondled my boobs I was so excited and afraid that what would happen.

He took my hand and kept on his dick I stroked that and then my parents and grandparents came near us and told my brother to fuck me they were watching me made me more horny I started moaning loudly.Ahhh ahhhh ahhh bhaiya plz fuck me..My choot was very tight and small so my mom came and parted my pussy lips and took his sons dick and put it on the gate and asked him to push.My brother pushed so hard that tear came rolling from my eyes..

My mom came and kissed me on lips and my brother started fucking me slowly then he would speed up.Now my mom was caressing my tits and kissing my tongue I started enjoying and after four five minutes my brother came inside me.I was in hell of a pain that I couldn’t wake up..My parents took me and laid on bed…It was afternoon when I woke up to know I wasn’t a virgin anymore did get a lot of presents from my parents.

Then there was the ceremony where newly unvirgin girls and their brothers would make a show for all the villagers in a moonlit night just 10 days away..I will describe that in the next part..

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