The Need For Sex In A Woman – Part 1

Hello reader’s this is rahul from Trivandrum the god’s own country and city of beauty. I am 29 years old and recently posted to Trivandrum in some bank.My mail id is [email protected] contact me for your feed backs. This is my first story about my encounter with a kerala buty now coming to the story.

When I joined in Trivandrum my initial days was quite boring but until I met this beautiful kerala girl.She is heroin of story.She is around mid thirties and my customer in bank having rich account balances.I was shocked when I see her first time such a beauty big eyes cute face juicy lips and big assets. She came to me for some enquiry about her account .I given her all details and she was satisfied by my answers so she left and later I came to know that her husband lives in gulf.

This was my first introduction with her.After some days I have gone to visit kovalam beach and having my beers there in restaurant .When I was leaving the beach that time I have seen this buty .

We waved to each other and after some chit chatting with her I came to know that her husband is in gulf and earning good income but her eyes were telling that she didn’t want these worldly things she wants man to love her.That day we have exchanged our numbers and said goodbye. I left for my home as I live single. In night I messaged her some good joked and she replied after some normal chatting I said good night and that night I couldn’t sleep because her eyes was so deep and paining that I decided to fill her life with joy and happiness. Sorry I forget to mention her name vishnupriya. But I always say only priya.

After some days she became frank with me and we started chatting little dirty .In night she used to send me her cleaveage pics and juicy lips pic and after that my cock is like dying for priya.After some days we started sex chat one day I send her pic of my penis and after seeing she was like dying for my cock.She messaged me that she wants to be my bitch after seeing her reaction I made a video of my dick and send her.On that she immediately replied that she has booked a hotel in kovalam for saturday.I was like dying after seeing her reaction .She messaged me room no. And hotel name .

On saturday I have reached to the said hotel when I get in the room the view I have seen was breathtaking she was wearing a sexy nighty which was covering her half breast and ass.As I entered she hugged me and we started lip kissing saliva exchange and tongue fighting.She was moaning real hard full room was echoing with her moans.I pressed her ass chick’s and her back .She took her hand and caught my penis and caressed that.To that I moaned she came near my ears and said pls rahul make me your bitch and fuck me in my each hole I m yours take pleasure from me eat me.

I, listening these words, started rubbing her breast and took her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them and she moaned hard to this and put my full face in her breast and rubbed my face with her breast .I carried her in my arms and took her to bathroom. I started the shower and watching her get drenched in water. Now her full body was visible through transparent nighty. She came near me and sit on knees and take out my tool and started licking that like real bitch I was like on seventh cloud. I started calling her you my horny bitch you suck it and started mouth fucking her to which she responded like randi dying for cock.

Later I made her stand in shower and take out her panties and put my tongue on work to please that starving bitch. I started rubbing my tongue on her pussy lips to that she responded like crying and saying rahul lick it hard and started tongue fucking to her pussy. She held my hairs and put my full mouth in her pussy. I was eating that lovely thing and she was moaning like hell.She asked me to fuck her immediately so I took her nighty and bring her to bed.She immediately came in doggy position and started teasing me by showing her big ass to me.By seeing this my cock was like hot rod ready to fuck that lovely lady.I came from behind her and entered into her pussy with one thrust.She was moaning hard and telling I m yours bitch rahul show me heaven fuck me hard.

I started fucking her in each position she cummed like showers.I drank all her juices coming from pussy and she took my dick in her mouth and I chummed into her mouth and she drank all juice.

After this fucking hot session she looked satisfied and told me about her fantasies that she wants to see me fucking her younger sister she was also married and sex starting on her request I agreed to that . She showed me her pics .Her sister was like sex bomb and she wants me to threesome with them my condition was like I am in heaven my cock again became hot rod after seeing my cock she jumped on it and inserted full length into her pussy with a loud moan and started jumping on my penis like baby doll . I was lying on bed and watching her face that was sparkling and with big satisfied smile on her face.

I started pinching her bouncy nipples and started telling her dirty that you are my bitch and I will fuck you day and night to this she moaned hard and I made her bouncy spring on my penis .She cummed and sleep on my chest later she thanked me for filling her bore life with joy and pleasure.Sex is need of our body like we eat and we sleep so there is no taboo in that if any lady is not getting the proper love can contact me.I am not asking to fuck you but you can discuss your problems with me.Feel free to contact on my mail id. track me for my next story .Waiting for your valuable replies and comment’s my  I’d is [email protected] any lady in Trivandrum can contact me for friendship.

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