The New Neighbor Uncle Drilled Me Wild

I was living on the 10th floor with my parents in a well built society and was in 12th. The flat in front of ours was also ours and dad rented it out one of his office colleague’s relative. He told us about him that he is a maths professor in the college and will be living alone as his wife died 2yrs back and his kids were studying in the UK. His previous house was big and he couldn’t afford the rent so he is here now. Days passed by and we became good friends with the uncle. I used to ask him doubts in maths.

Uncle used to drink and so is my dad, so both went along nicely. (Uncle was a Sardar, mid 40s and 6ft in ht with a huge chest and a big belly. He has huge arms and I was looking like he could crush me in an instant. I was a fat boy, with mainly fat on my chest and ass.) They both used to sit in the evening sometimes in our house, sometimes in his. Uncle had made a nice bar with a huge collection of bottles in his house. Dad used to call me sometimes for ice or to order some snacks for them.

Both of them used to get drink heavily and I had to take my dad back to the house. While in between bringing them stuff I used to secretly sip some from the uncle’s bar also. (I and my friends were all drinking also, usually in the bars outside. Our parents were not aware of this.)

One day there was some serious emergency at the village and my parents had to travel. My village was a day’s journey by train. As my pre-boards were upon me, parents decided to go alone and my presence was also not required at the village. I was more than happy coz I will get my full privacy now. I can arrange a house party and can watch porn. But Dad told the uncle to keep an eye on me and told me get help in study from the uncle and told me not to call any friends for party in the house. My all plans went down the drain. I dropped my parents at the station in the morning and came back to the house and started watching porn and started doing what boys do. Afternoon I started studying. Uncle knocked and came inside the house to check on me.

So you are studying physics today…. Yes uncle… Well I can help you with the numerical if you have any doubts… Oh! Thanks uncle I will definitely ask you, I will gather all my doubts and will ask you later…I was going to make tea, would you like some…sure even I was craving for a cup. Uncle made tea and we both drank and were studying. Later maid came in the evening made food and left.

Uncle then told me to lock my house as we will eat in my house and will study in the night and I can sleep there only. I put on a warm lower and full sleeve shirt. It was very chilling winters this time. When I came in uncles’ house, he was sitting on the sofa with his legs on the centre table and was watching TV. I came with my books and sat on the next sofa and opened my books. He said leave the books we will study after dinner; you can bring a bottle form the bar and get two glass also.

Two glass uncle…yes son, bring yours also, today you don’t have to secretly sip form my bar. I had seen you many times stealing my liquor. (My face became red after I heard this, first thing came in my mind was, what if he tells my dad) Don’t worry I will not tell your dad. (I felt relieved after hearing this.) Soon both of us were drinking and watching an English movie. The movie had a lot of great love making scenes, which made me horny. We were both sitting on the same sofa.

Uncle started talks about girls and soon it changed to sex. The alcohol made the talks more open. Uncle then said this movie is not showing anything and just making him crazy, let’s watch the real stuff. Uncle Put in a DVD and the porn started. I was dumbstruck and didn’t know what to do, I think the alcohol held me there and I too started enjoying the porn. Uncle and I both were horny now.

Uncle started rubbing his dick over his pyjamas with his huge hands. I was just sitting there and doing nothing, I had a hard on too inside my lowers, but was afraid. Uncle saw me and he put his hands over my lowers and rubbed me and said you can do like this, we both are adults, don’t be shy, and removed his hands.

That instant when he placed his hands sent some shivers inside me and caused my dick to start pulsating. I didn’t care now and started rubbing it.

Uncle lowered his pyjamas and took out an enormous thing. I was surprised and shocked to see the size his cock. His cock surely went along with his huge size. It was long and thicker than my wrist. He told me take out mine also. I was ashamed and scared as my dick was very small. I slowly lowered my lower and took out my tiny cock. He saw that and laughed. I was feeling odd now. I asked him how he got such a big dick, he said when he was young he was fucked by a big cock and that’s how he got a big cock. I was shocked at first when he said he was fucked… I thought he is just messing with me.

He caught my hand and placed it over his cock and said here feel it yourself how big is it. The cock was huge and I couldn’t grip it completely. It was a like a beating heart. It was rock hard but felt soft in my hands. He was completely shaved there, which made it look even bigger. The dick was pulsating in my hand and was telling me to do something. I started moving my hands up and down. There was an amazing feeling about this, I don’t know what but I was jerking a huge cock and was enjoying it.

This is the first time I was holding a cock other than mine. I was watching the cock and was moving my hand. The foreskin came down and out came the pink mushroom head. The head was like another monster in itself, with a single eye in front. I now wanted to see it clearly, I got down and came in front and sat down on the floor on my knees. I was sitting in between uncles’ legs with his cannon in my hand and the monster looking at me with the single eye. I was complimenting the huge size of the dick.

Uncle came forward and put his huge hand behind my neck and pushed me forward towards his cock. While with other hand he pressed my mouth and opened it. I was just coming to my senses, but it was too late and the cock was already tearing my mouth. My mouth was small for this cock, but because of his hands behind my neck I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t like it so I closed my eyes and tried my best, but it was impossible for my mouth to engulf it completely. Uncle let out a moan and was enjoying my mouth fucking. He was slowly fucking my mouth now; I was gagging in between and was craving for air. I went with the flow now and started trying my best to suck it. Uncle removed his hand; this gave me some air to breathe. I too was enjoying the act now and was sucking his dick passionately.

After sometime uncle again put his hands behind my head and got up and started fucking my mouth. He pushed his dick to the extreme now and exploded inside my mouth. His bucket load of cum just went straight down inside me. There was no other exit, so I had to drink it completely. It was sweet, salty and gummy. He took out his dick form my mouth and told me to lick it completely; I obeyed like a bitch and cleaned his dick. His dick started to go lump, but it was still scarier and bigger than mine. He sat on the sofa now and removed his clothes and was completely nude. He told me to do the same and come inside the shower.

We were now inside the bathroom with Hot water flowing from the shower. The recent mouth fucking drained all the alcohol from my senses. He caught and hugged me and started cleaning me nicely. I saw his tool started to become alive again and was afraid he was going to fuck my mouth again. He turned me now and was hugging me from behind. His huge chest on my back, his one hand on my fatty chest squeezing them and his hand on my dick. I was just enjoying the feeling of his hand on dick. It was really erotic. I didn’t even know he was rubbing his huge cock in between my ass. His cock on my ass cheeks was making me hornier. He now went on his knees and spread my ass cheeks wide with his hands. He inserted his tongue inside my asshole…OH …WOW !!!! What an amazing feeling. The pleasure made me bent forward, my hands were resting on the wall in front with my ass arched upward and knees bent a little. Uncle was on his knees with his face eating away my virginity.

I closed my eyes and just stood there speechless. Now uncle put some shampoo on my ass and was washing it nicely. My eyes opened up and i gasped a sigh when he inserted his soapy finger inside me without any warning. I tried to move my ass away, but his grasp was firm and couldn’t do much. Well the finger slide in easily because of the soap, but it was still painful. After a minute of two my ass hole relaxed and welcomed the finger. His finger was going in and out smoothly now. He tried with two fingers now and with a lot of struggle it went inside. I was standing bent with two thick fingers in my hole. It was painful but I couldn’t do anything.

He started massaging my interior with his fingers. My ass was now fully opened up and relaxed. Uncle removed the finger and cleaned the hole with water. He turned me again and we both showered and dried our self’s. Uncle then took my hand and led me to his bedroom. He opened the cupboard and gave me a bra and panty and a nighty to wear. Wear this darling, tonight you are my wife, i’ll be back in 5 minutes. I obeyed his commands like a bitch in heat and wore the clothes he just gave me.

I looked myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe myself, I was looking like a hot chubby girl. He knocked and entered inside with a bottle and two glasses in his hand. He started commenting me …WOW …you are a really hot bitch, i shall claim your virginity …I will fuck your brains out…Here have a drink first. Upon hearing him i got scared and wanted to go and didn’t want to do anything else. I told him please let me go , i have to study. He became angry at me and scared the shit out of me. He poured a large peg and told me to drink it. i gulped it because of fear. He made me drink 4 more pegs and now i was completely out.

He took the glass out of my hand and came and kissed me on my lips. The whiskey gave me the kick and i too responded and started sucking his lips. He was laughing and saying want me bitch…he started kissing me on the neck and slowly removed all my clothes. I was lying completely naked now. He now pushed my mouth towards his dick. I was ready for anything now and i just started sucking his dick vigorously. Uncle was letting out soft moans and he even removed his hands also. His dick was in my control now. I sucked it nicely for a couple of minutes and then uncle pushed me away and told me lie on my back. He lifted my legs and told me hold it to my chest.

My ass lifted up and spread really wide. He took some Vaseline and started applying in my ass. His finger was going in smoothly now. he now lubed his dick nicely with Vaseline. He came in front of me, standing on his knees spread apart a little. His cock looking hungrily at my hole he lowered himself on me. His thighs pressed my legs and his hands were behind my back. I was in his embrace now and was feeling the heat of the passion.

He started to rub his rock hard dick against my hole and started teasing me. I couldn’t control this pleasure anymore and told him to put it inside. Guess he was just waiting to hear this. He removed his right hand from my back and held his dick and adjusted it in front of my hole. His head was pressing my hole now. I was now moaning in pleasure and telling him to please fuck me fuck me…He started to push his dick forward now. My ass started to stretch and the monster tried to enter, but it was way too big for my virgin ass. The pain brought me back to my senses and i squeezed my ass cheeks and moved my ass, which made his dick slip away.

He tried again but it was not going and was paining a lot. He had no other option now, he placed his dick one last time and held me tightly with his huge hands and laid fully on me. He was crushing me now and there was no way i could do anything now. Instead of slowly trying to enter like before he just kept his dick at the entrance. Uncle wasn’t trying anything now. He was just hugging me tightly with his dick just waiting there. He kept it there for some minutes. I thought he doesn’t want to do anymore now.

But as soon as i relaxed myself, he just gave a wild thrust and tore apart my ass. I screamed in pain and bit the pillow. His dick was inside my ass now, i was crying and screaming but uncle just kept it there and held me down tightly. After a couple of minutes my ass relaxed to and accommodated the monster, my screams stopped and body relaxed. He started moving in and out slowly now. He started fucking me slowly now, I started to enjoy the act now.

He was slowly increasing his speed now. My ass was burning and was paining a lot. The pleasure was extreme now and didn’t care if he tears it apart. Uncle started to fuck me in full speed now, like he hasn’t fucked in years. His cock was hitting inside my ass like a sledge hammer.

After some minutes of wild fucking he removed his cock from my ass. My ass has tasted the cock now and it wanted more, so my lifted automatically towards his cock, begging it to enter back. Uncle lied on his back now on the bed told me come on top. I came on top and sat on his dick.

This time the cock went in smoothly and i started to ride on it. I rode his cock for good another 15min and he turned sides now and came on top of me now. his fucking speed was extreme now and in 2 minutes or so of severe drilling he exploded a massive load inside me. Hot flood of cum hit the insides of the ass walls. It gave me an immense feeling and I too orgasmed. He just hugged me and we slept like that. I woke up the next afternoon and still was so tired and in pain. I couldn’t even walk properly. But then I remembered the last night’s pleasures and smiled at myself. I came out of the bedroom and saw uncle sitting naked on the sofa. I blushed and smiled at him and went straight on my knees…

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