The Office Sex With Office Maid

Hi to all! My name is Raj I am 29 years old. I live and work in pune. This is something that happened in my office a few months back. So my office timing is from 11.30 am to 9.30 pm. Everyone’s timings are different and as a result of that, I am usually the last to lock and leave the office. By the time it’s 8.30 pm I am usually alone and I kinda like it in a way.

Now every alternate day, we have a woman by the name of Swathi who is 28 years old who comes to clean the office. Since she does many offices, she comes quite late to our office. Usually by 8 pm. She is a typical Indian maid with an average build and although she is married, she loves to flirt and I shamelessly flirt back with her. Now a little flirting around is not so bad, but me, I do heavy duty flirting with her and now, as a result, I feel like wanting to fuck her. I gave her indirect signals several times with a fooling smile on my face and she would always smile, wink and say, one day when she is free, she would do it with me in the office since no one is there but I never believed her.

So one day, as usual, I was alone in the office and had no work so I started watching porn and was already hard. Swathi came to clean but that day she finished a little earlier than usual. So since I was hard and horny, I said let me go and flirt with her and try for a fuck. So as she was wiping a table, she had bent her body slightly and was doing her job. I intentionally passed by her and not to hit that chair, I had to get close to her. So as I was crossing her, I rubbed my hard cock against her ass and I did it slowly so that she realises it and she did. She said to me, your cock is hard. I replied, it’s hard just for you. She then says, you wanna fuck me? I was like yes! So she was like only if you cum in me. So since my cock was in charge at the time and not my brain, there wasn’t a lot of thinking on my part so I think you know what my answer was.

She tells me to remove my clothes and she starts undressing in front of me. Takes off her salvar, her bra then her panties. We are both fully naked and I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. She comes to me, kneels down and starts sucking my rock hard cock. O she was good, she went deep throat, sucking my cock in a circular motion then licking the tip of my cock giving me that tingly feeling. She got me moaning and moaning loud and sucked me to the point where I almost came and she stops and winks at me.

O I had to eat her pussy, I wanted it so badly. I sat her on an empty table. She opened her legs, and I started to kiss, lick and suck her pussy. It was awesome. Her pussy gave that musty smell, along with the smell of sweat and urine and that turned me on! I kept licking and sucking her clit, took my tongue and pushed it all the way in her pussy and licked. She started moaning and wrapped her legs round my head, took her hands and literally tried to push my head in her pussy. She kept saying don’t stop, don’t stop and right enough she started to cum, I could taste her juices. She then tells me to put my cock in her.

As she is lying on the table, I climb over her in missionary position and start kissing her. We get lip locked and we lip lock for almost 10 minutes non stop and automatically start hugging and hold each other tight. She then wraps her legs round me, takes her hand and pushes my cock into her pussy. It felt like a real tight fit. We start fucking and I go fast and as fast as I can and can hear her moan with every breath. Every time my cock slipped out her pussy, she would grab it and push it back in.

She took both her hands and grabbed my ass and squeezed and massaged it as I was fucking her, then takes the middle finger of her right hand and pushed it about 1 inch in my ass and it felt nice. I keep pumping her for almost 9 minutes and she says don’t stop keep going, keep going, fuck my pussy as hard as you can. At that point, I can feel my self about to burst. I tell her I am going to cum, she says yes, cum!, cum in me!!, put everything you have in me! And I push my cock deep in her pussy and shoot all my cum into her. It was a huge load, I cum for almost 5 seconds in her.

I couldn’t let go of her. I couldn’t even pull my cock out of her. She knew that, she saw it on my face. I said to her, I think I love u, she smiled and said, let your cock be in me, keep making love to me. Although I had cum in her, I was still hard and didn’t pull my cock out of her pussy.

We got lip locked again for another 15 minutes or so, lying on top of each other moaning and touching each other everywhere.

We then roll, she sits on top of me, pushes my cock in her and her pussy swallows my entire cock. I sit up and realise something, her nipples. They are erect, hard and are out by almost 1 cm. I haven’t seen anyone’s nipples come out so much! I suck them one at a time, suck them really hard hoping to get some milk in my mouth. She knew what I was trying to do and hugged my head and said, suck harder, suck harder but nothing came out except some cum from my cock.

Unfortunately it was almost 10 pm and she had to go. So when we were done, since she was sitting on my cock, we could see all the cum drip out the sides of her pussy. It looked really sexy.

After about a month, she comes one day in the morning to the office with pada’s, says she is one month pregnant and she and her husband are going to have their second child so she is going to their village. She gives me the whole box of sweets, says bye, winks at me and says thanks, turns round and walks away. I was happy for her but didn’t understand why she said thanks and it didn’t really bother me much.

It was later on that little bulb in my head got switched on and it was then I realised that her husband not only did nothing the first time, but did nothing both the times. I think I was clinically dead for a little while once I realised that, but then I guess if she wanted to have a happy family, regardless of her way, I hope she is happy wherever she is.

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