The Other Side Of Best Friend – Part 1

Hello Everyone, I’m Arya back with another set of incidents that happened in my life over the past few months which are exciting and fun-filled, also sex filled. Before I start thanks to all those who have mailed me their valuable comments and opinions on my previous writings, and for those who are reading mine for the first time, I’m from Hyderabad and 22 years old, well-built 6’ft tall guy. For those who want to chat with me or give their opinion on my writings can contact me on [email protected].

This is a series of incident which needs a detail explanation thus if you are not a person who loves lengthy writings do quit reading after this line itself as this a pretty long story which cannot be trimmed as the continuity is the key of this story. Thus stay connected with me throughout the journey. Let’s get started…

I have a best friend, her name is Ashwini, she used to work with me in the office, we both joined the company at the same time and where in the same team in every activity done in the company, thus we became friends, close friends, thick friends and finally BFF. We used to crack a lot of jokes, go for lunch together, outing together, late night chats, pulling each other’s leg, we used to share everything from our crush to who is hitting on us and everything, we became too close to each other that if the other person is on a leave for that day we would feel bored and have a fight over even that, such became out bonding in just the few months, whole office thought we were couples, but we were only friends.

One day all this equation changed, I was assigned a task and set on office trip to another branch for a couple of weeks, during which we had constant phone and skype conversations and felt missing each other badly, thus one day I thought of paying a surprise visit to her house which I expected to leave her in shock, so after I completed my work their I came back but didn’t inform her, and next day morning I went to her home and slowly wanted to sneak into her home, but to my surprise the main door was not locked, I was worried and confused, then I slowly entered into the house and I heard weird noises from the bedroom, then I slowly went towards it and had shock of my life.Ash (it’s how I call her in general) was completely into a lesbian act with her cousin sister Asha, I was shocked and stunned and stood there like a statue, but quickly regained my senses and moved back and started watching their act, well this was a hidden side of my bestie, it was unknowingly exciting me thus I went locked the main door and came back to continue watching it.

They were hugging each other and passionately kissing each other while their hands where exploring each other’s body over the dress and rolling on the bed, this went on for a long time with each other biting and chewing the others lips, sucking and carving for it, after good enjoyment of their lips they separated from each other with lust filled eyes and slowly started to remove each other’s dress with first Ash bending down to Asha’s navel region kissing on it which made her smile and ticklish, Ash slowly removed the green color t-shirt Asha was wearing, leaving her whitish skins exposed with boobs covered in a white bra,

Asha turned opposite to me with her back facing me thus I could not have a view of her boobs, but as I was feeling I could not, Ash caught her shoulder and started kissing her neck and upper breast region making her swing like a rope and then she slowly pushes her on to the bed giving me a side view of those melons in the white cupped bra, kissing her navel region and all its surrounding region and slowly turning her to unhook her bra and then lifting her hands perpendicular and pulling the bra in one go and throwing it away, oh good it was too filmy, and giving a devilish smile she continues her kissing marathon, while Asha is moaning and moving like a snake, this goes on for more than sometime and its making go crazy seeing two girls hot enough to give anyone hard on playing with each other.

Ash continues to kiss all over Asha body, which lead to her having her first orgasm I guess as she moaned very loud and stretching her hands, as she was moaning loud Ash kisses her to mute her loud sound and starts pressing her boobs, round firm brownish nipple, which is pointing out to the maximum it can due to the heat in their body. Ash started to press and then slowly lowered herself and started sucking then taking turns on the left and right ones while pressing the others, god it was too crazy to see all this and still not jump on them and be a part of it.

Slowly from the end of the boobs she moved to the armpits which didn’t have a sign of hair on it, and started licking and biting them, this went on for ages armpits boobs nipples in a circular rotation. All these lead to the second orgasm for her, which I could understand by her lip biting act and after regaining her senses she pushed Ash down and started to take control, she kissed her and smiled and then slowly crawled her fingers down till her navel and pulled the t-shirt Ash was wearing, revealing her melons in the black netted bra, while Asha was not that smooth and just turned her to the side and unhooked the bra and pulled it out, exposing those huge black nipple boobs to my eyes feast.

She then started kissing all over her body starting from the neck till her navel she went on kissing, kissing making Ash laugh continuously, after a long time she pulled both the hands of Ash over her head and started kissing her armpits, even she had a clean ones and went on to the boobs and back in a swing motion, she was even better than Ash in sucking the nipples, she pressed bit and sucked her boobs and armpits which gave Ash a huge orgasm, as I could see her shiver, during all this I think u came twice but still I was getting a hard on, then after her orgasm both hugged each other and slept for some time and then Asha was removing Ash bottoms along with the panty and threw it away and moved down and started licking the cum filled pussy, but Ash pulled her up and started pulling even her bottoms down, thus making each other naked completely.

Then Ash got down and tried to make Asha sleep straight and she went and sat on her mouth and started 69 position, while doing so they revealed their pussies well the only thing I can say about them is they had very less hair i.e. trimmed pubic hair, they started to eat each other’s cum filled pussy passionately, they were sucking and eating it fully, which made my penis hard again and I started to masturbate but, then I got a plan and suddenly dressed up myself and went little back and jumped in front of the room shouting “surprise!!”

Well, they both got shocked and started to cover their bodies with the bed cover and Asha went behind Ash and was hiding and I acted as shocked and then tried to regain my senses and told sorry and started left the place.

I didn’t message or call or give reply to her calls and messages that complete day, and next day in office I was silent and didn’t speak much with her apart from the formal Hi, bye stuff, did go to lunch together but didn’t speak anything and this went on for a week and on the Friday she told she needs to speak with me and asked me to meet after office hours and…

Well I would continue that in my next part, hope you guys enjoyed it, for any comments suggestions or even casual chat or any other you can mail me at [email protected]

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