The Polyndry Penali Village – Indian Sex Stories

At first I thank ISS for publishing my stories and giving me courage and reputation for continuing my journey in their corridor.

This story is a sex fiction classic story and I beg pardon if I heard the feeling of anyone as this is written not to humiliate any caste, creed, religious book and religion.

I am Honey, aged only 22 Yrs. research scholar in human polygamy and polyandry sex from Sweden took a tour to the village described below.

Pentdong a small village at the border of India, Pakistan and Tibet and around 200 people live in this village of all religion. The name of this village was given Pentdong after the name of a pious woman, wife of great five kings was believed to be come in this village and stayed with her five husbands and people of this village worship her by showing respect to her polyandry. At first one woman used to marry five men which was an old age cult and it changed slowly and slowly with time and now the rule of this village is very very incestuous and orgy full.

Now the male members get their name as Dick, Bham, Urge, Kul and deb and only this five names are allowed in this village except for a she male or hermaphrodite named as khandi. The females are known as penali. Hence how to differentiate one person from another. The village has a register which numbers the people .for example first man-Dick, Second Man-bham..Fifth Man-Deb, again sixth Man is Dick-2,again eleventh man-Dick-3 and females are numbered as Penali-1,penali-2,penali-3 and so on.

At first system was as such for first five men Penali-1 was designated that is Penali -1 is booked for vigorous fucking by Dick-1, Bham-1, Urge-1, Kul-1 and Deb-1 and for next five men Penali-2 was designated and so on.

Thus Penali-20 completes the last five able fuckers and thus 80 Penalis wait in fucking queue and pregnant Penali is replaced by the fresh one. Thus the waiting list Penalis practices lesbianism and fucking with banana, egg and also with dog even with snake but as they do not know the use of Dildo and vibrator they usually practices sex between them with cunt lapping by mouth and a special cucumber type fruit with 20 inch to 30 inch in length and 2 to 3 inch in diameter and very hard to break but it’s juices comes out when pressed for long time and this has been used by them instead of Dildo and vibrator.

I am Honey luckily got the information in internet about this village but it’s location and the rituals and cults are not mentioned clearly. Being an American by birth though my dad is from Punjab and mom is from Mumbai, myself definitely have a plan to visit India and when this is my research project so I was quite excited to visit this place.

In my team apart from me there were five brothers from Russia and they all are my research partner cum bed partner. All sharing bed and body with me. They are quite open minded about sex as all of them fucks me together and I am also sex satisfied with all of them. Actually background of these five brothers (I call them as Pentodes) are very much incestuous.

Their mom was fucked as virgin by her own dad to give birth of a boy and he was disposed in an orphanage and next her mom was married to a person with frigidity and as her mom stayed in her home with her husband hence at last her four own brothers gave her five male babies by depositing their sex jism in their own sister’s womb to make her proud mother of five healthy male babies.

Now these Pentodes took the decision to accompany Honey in her research work and came to search the village called Pentdong and they lost the way and at last all of them fell in a ditch and suddenly the women of Pentdong Village came to collect their sex dildo fruit from the tree and found six of them and took them to their village and Honey along with Penta-dong when released from mud and water they have lost their cloths and in full nude condition though the females wear very less dress in this village to hide their sex but the exceptional sexy figure of Honey 42D-26-36 with voluptuous breast with dark areola and grapes like nipples sticking out very very attracting for both men and women.

Now suddenly the females noticed that there are five nude men and all bow their heads before Honey and making Chorus oh: pious lady our goddess with her husbands have come to our village for showing light and we all will obey you and abide by the laws and regulation which you frames and slowly and slowly total people of the village gathered there to welcome Honey with her five fuckers Pentodes.

I am Honey aged 22 Yrs. With 42D-26-36 never thought of marrying but to enjoy a orgyful sex life and found these pentodes and they look after me more than my husband.They gives me bath, comb my hair, do all beautician in my hair and body and in this way they have tattooed my whole body and it gives a much more beauty look of my body in nude condition.

I thought myself has a demerit as I was pregnant by any one electrodes of the pentodes as a result I have got breast milk though the child was aborted after three months due to miss-carriage. Anyhow all five pentodes like my breast milk and they all have given right medicine and massage to make my breast straight with beautiful pink areola like carom board striker and grape like nipples are protruding to make any man or woman to suck the nipples.

In this village all the house are constructed as such a circle is formed and that is the common place for the whole village and the people live in the house has got no uniformity as there is no family of dad, mom, son, daughter etc. as all the women are related to men as their Fuckie. Father does not know whether fucking daughter and making her pregnant or the son does not know whether his child is growing inside his mom’s womb. Again brother –sister taboo cannot be identified. Here Men treats females as sex object as whore.

Now Honey took the first step by giving status to the women and to the men but how ? Honey was very intelligent and wanted to make every woman should fuck every man but how ? Honey selected 16 senior most males then with them 16 senior most females and in this age wise dividing 16 family came forward each with 12 members and more 3 she males and 2 hermaphrodite. Honey loved she males and hermaphrodite very much in her heart but kept quite.

Now Honey took the decision that all the members are responsible for their family and the eldest member is grand-dad and grand-mom then dad-mom and then son-daughter and at last grand –son and grand-daughter if they want brother-sister that they can keep in the family and all the members can fuck their family members and the family members can be swapped with other family members and if any family member give veto for swapping and like any particular cock then they will be declared as husband and wife.

Honey told that She is the only Penali,the Pious Queen of five kings and these five are her husbands and all she is ordering to close all the rituals so far carried out by them and they will start the new rules laid down by her and all the villagers are to abide by that. Now all villagers started crying and they started telling they want to enjoy the sex show of Penali with her husbands.

Now at the middle of the village her Pentodes started giving sex oil massage to Honey and Honey also feeling some heat within her.

Now they started sucking her clit, pussy, nipples and butt hole and slowly and slowly the love excitement sex juice started flowing from Honey’s sex pit and all the villagers are watching this and a video camera is also fitted in auto mode to record the sex show. Now the brother with 12 inch long and 2 inch girth known as dick was at the butt-hole of Honey and she is an sexpertised slut to engulf the cock in her butt-hole and the villagers started shouting dick is great.

Now the next Pentode with 11 inch length and 2.5 inch girth cock put his cock inside Honey’s mouth and Honey with sexperience sucked the cock to deep throat it and people shouting Yah:Urge and next Pentode came to put his 10 inch length and 3 inch girth dia cock a really sexceptional one put inside Honey’s cunt crevice and Honey engulfed the whole cock and people shouting OMG: Bham. And all the females eye is bulging out as they have never witnessed this type of sex show and they are giving chorus in the name of Penali,our great fucking goddess live for 1000 Yrs.

And at last two 8 inch X 2.5 inch Pentodes came and Honey took their pricks in her hand and started masturbating and they in turn pumping breasts and sucking nipples and as a result honey-milk is coming out of Honey’s breast and at last all came in unison to release their sex jism and Honey lapped all the cock cream from Pentodes.

Now a trouble started in the village as five young ladies were fell in love of pentodes cock and they wanted to marry them and as the rule laid down by the Honey that any female can make any man as her life partner so pentodes were distributed among the women and they also wanted a this type of sex orgy incest life but Honey has a plan in return of this pentodes and Honey wanted three she males and two hermaphrodite in exchange of the pentodes and this all 14 and 15 Yrs. she male and hermaphrodite has no use in this village but Honey definitely know how to utilize them, which we will see in future.

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