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Hi dosto, I am rohan here with a hot encounter with a really unsatisfied lady from Dharwad who had mailed me for my previous story. Currently m working in Bangalore.

Now, coming to the story let us say her name is priyanka age 30 I think, married with one kid in 2nd std. She is wheatish in color with flawless skin. She takes good care of her body by regularly visiting beauty parlour. She is from a upper middle class family and a housewife. She look decent but has a very voluptuous and lusty mind as most of us are. Her husband has a business I donno about it particularly and he is busy with it. Kid will be in school and she will be alone in house. She had mailed me for my previous story so our chatting continued via mail as I was not sure it was boy or girl.

Later I came to know she is married lady. I never asked her for her mob no as I never wanted to lose her as it was new experience with a married lady. We used to chat whenever we get time. She would reply when she was free. She is very horny lady inside and she also told that her hubby enjoyed with her for 1 year after marriage, later she was pregnant and her hubby lost interest in her till date. But she also told me that it is not a major concern for her as she liked her hubby.

She never shared much about her hubby or her family. As our chat continued we started to have role play. I used to ask her for nude pics but only once she sent her boobs pic. I didn’t believe her so I told to write something on boobs and send her pic . she had written my name on her boob and she sent her pic. I was happy that it’s for sure that she is a lady. Things continued and we used to chat on any role play she liked at that moment.

After some 15 to 20 days of chat she was confirmed that I can be trusted so she told me to meet her. But the problem was she had kid and can’t come to Bangalore so she suggested me to come to Dharwad after 4 days . i was in dilemma as that place was new to me. She read my uncomfortness and told me not worry abt money, but my real concern was getting caught by her husband. She told that she is new to this area and nobody knows them and their houses are at some distance from neighbor.

She told me not to worry abt that. She also can’t trust anybody near her house as they might blackmail her. I also said OK and as per plan went to her place as she had given her address. Her husband is out of station for 3 days and her kid is the only problem. I called her after reaching there I did as she instructed and entered her house. She was very attractive and as i suggested she was wearing a pink saree which was adding beauty to her. She hide my sandals in her Hall at the same time the lust overpowered me and I pressed her ass above saree. She kissed me enthusiastically. She told me to fresh and up as the journey made me smelly. She went outside the house . I donno why she went out.

After two min I was nude in bathroom and having bath.I opened the door and pulled her in bathroom. She was doing naatak telling that she already had bath. I just stared at her eyes without speaking and held her by waist. The excitement of having a married lady for first time made me restless. I was pressing my Lund to her and making movements. I was pressing her ass and was kissing her neck, lips and ear. She was more horny by now and scratching my back with nails. I started to undress her was pressing her boobs over blouse. I licked her neck, ear, shoulder, boobs, nipple , stomach, fingers, waist line,ass, inner thighs, knee, feet, her toe had a ring which is wore after marriage. I started licking that toe in shower.

Finally I came to her pussy. The feeling was so erotic when a shower is on and I was giving a pussy lick. I caught pussy lips by my lips and shaked vigorously. She was moaning a hell. I changed the position, I slept on bathroom which was clean and made her sit on my mouth. I caught her pussy lips my mouth and tongue fucked her pussy though the feeling was nice as a hit shower was falling on my penis I had to stop it as my back head was paining by that position.

I made her lying on bathroom floor I continued to lick her pussy. I washed her asshole with soap and kissed it and saw her face . she was giving me lusty look. I licked somebody’s ass for first time . we both liked it a lot. Her pussy was so slippery and I finger fucked it without mercy. She cried and moaned a hell. She told me to fuck her so I was standing by the wall.

She was holding the door and brought her pussy to my penis in doggy style in standing position. I didn’t move and she moving her hips sideways and round ways. She was doing it like a pro. I was out of control so I held her ass and gave hard strokes and the bathroom was filled sound of moaning and a chap chap chap chap fucking sound . I stopped giving hard thrust.

She bent backward to kiss my lips , she couldn’t bend much backwards so she bent forward and make round movements. She was requesting to fuck harder so we went to bedroom I fucked her in missionary position and quickly I was relieved . we both were exhausted and we slept on bed till 1 pm.

Guys plz mail me m waiting for it feedback.

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