The Romantic Roller Coaster With The Love Of My Life Anjali – Part 1

Hi Guys, I am Pulkit (name changed) and this story writing inspiration I got from a fellow writer I met here at ISS. Describing me I would say emotionally I am a very open person, someone very soft I guess that is what gives depth to my love making. Physically I am 5ft 8 inches in height and god has endowed me well with a shaft which is a little more than 6 inches long and a serious 4 inches thick.

This story writing will be in parts. There are 2 characters in this story; me and my ex-gf Anjali (name changed). If I were to describe Anjali for you she is what the heart wants. A well-endowed girl with physical stats of 34D-30-34. She was very curvy and had firm amount of flesh at the right places and I loved her a lot.

Now without taking more time I would like to start with the story.

Anjali and I had been in a relationship for more than 6 months. We never decided about how and when we will start indulging in physical intimacy. It happened like a flash. We were out on a date celebrating our 6 month anniversary and we both were very happy. We went for a movie where we removed the seat partition in the middle and hugged each other and sat and really enjoyed the movie and each other’s company.

After the movie we went to a nearby park which was very big and we saw lot of couples sitting and enjoying in themselves. It was the month of October and it was afternoon time and the weather was very pleasant and my sweetheart was looking very beautiful with a deep red colour top and black micro mini shorts. Her legs were very fair and her thighs were so awesome, so juicy and so fair it’s like milk will fail too. We also found a secluded spot and lay down with the support of a tree and in each other’s arms. She sat with her back to the tree and I was sitting in her lap with our eyes locked in each other.

We were very happy and it was emotionally a very content moment. I hugged her very tightly from her waist and slid my hand inside hand inside her top to feel her waist and belly button and tickled there her a little to which she responded in a very soft moan and I understood that for the first time instead of feeling ticklish, she is feeling aroused by it. I continued that for some time and she bent down and gave me a kiss filled love bite near my ear lobe which was my weak spot. We had never kissed till that date and I really didn’t knew that my sweetheart’s lips will be my 6 month anniversary gift.

We were playing with each other and then suddenly she just caught me and gave my other ear lobe a big kiss filled love bite and it was getting too much for me. I asked her can I kiss your belly button to which she naughtily replied that finally you understood my heart’s desire you dumb. I hid my head inside her top and she was having the best body fragrance; so sweet, so fresh, so intoxicating I can’t just describe, it was a feeling which I was lucky enough to live.

I kissed her belly button and she went total crazy and then she saw that there is a big tent in my denims and she asked why it is like it? (We both were totally amateurs and didn’t knew anything before coming into relationship, in fact all my gf’s sexual knowledge is because of me :p) I told her it is because of your body fragrance and I am feeling something I can’t merely describe in words. She said can she touch it and I was afraid, I was genuinely afraid as I didn’t knew what it will do to me. I said ok and she touched and I felt a little good but because of thick denim and my underpants I couldn’t feel good much as it was hurting me also because of tight denims.

I continued kissing her belly button for 5 more minutes and came out of her top and she was so flushed with satisfaction I couldn’t tell you in mere words. She was in complete ecstasy and I was too because of her body fragrance. I said I love you Anjali and since there is no one around I want to live on of my fantasies of hugging you so tight till I can’t bear the ache in my arms from hugging you. She said ok and hugged each other which started as a slow hug and then became very passionate. We could feel that we just wanted to melt into each other’s arms and that moment was out of the world.

We hugged for like 7-8 minutes and it was complete silence and emotions were flowing so strongly it was an awesome moment. I could smell her awesome body fragrance which was very seducing and I asked her that I am about do something which I haven’t done ever before, do I have your permission? She said go ahead and surprise me. I said close your eyes. She did. I slid her red top from her left shoulder continuing the hug and kissed her shoulder near her bra strap. She was wearing a black bra and that day I realized that black bra suited her so awesomely. She was very fair and that combination was very awesome.

I gave her a strong love bite on her shoulder and made a trail of kisses from her shoulder to her neck and went to her ear lobes to see how she reacts and my god she just grabbed me by hairs and told me if you try to move you are a dead man. I feasted on her and she was enjoying a lot and I was being very thorough and passionate in each kiss and that excited us more. She stopped me after nearly 5 minutes saying she is feeling flushed like before when I kissed her belly button and I asked her can I please lie down in your lap again. She said yes and we lied in the same position.

I held her head and brought it down to kiss her eyes, forehead, cheeks and she was being naughty and trying to get out of my hold but I had a firm grip and was kissing her very enjoyingly and lovingly and in the middle of her trying to get rid of my hold our lips touched together in the form of light kiss which was aimed for her eyes. We both froze at the moment, her head still bent down looking into my eyes and me into her.

I immediately apologized and she kept a finger on my lips which was a sign to be quiet. We were totally lost in each other and remained like that for some time like 2-3 minutes and then she removed her finger from my lips and brought her lips on top of mine and we kissed and it was an out of the world moment. Total silence and our lips were locked. We kissed and kissed like there was no eternity only us. I lost track of time and opened my eyes once to see her eyes closed and a little smile on her lips and face saying she was consenting and enjoying it.

I closed my eyes again and after like a minute she stopped and I let go of her head and stood up and we looked into each other’s eyes and both at the same time with full emotions said I love you and she smiled and tear trickled down her right eye and I caught that and drank that and held her close and hugged her tightly. She asked me is this what we call a French kiss? I said no French kiss involves tongue too. She asked how? I said I will do and you open your lips a little and follow my lead. She said ok.

So I told her we will be locked in our arms in a hug and we will be locked by lips in a kiss. It is my wish that we shouldn’t stop until I say so and she said she is accepting it. So we started our tongue filled love war and it was a hell of a kiss since being our first kiss it added more to the moment.

We started slow and deep and then when she understood what it is that has to be done she picked the pace and we were lost and after feeling content like after 15-18 minutes of French kissing we both stopped and it was an awesome moment. We both couldn’t stop smiling and were so happy in our hearts it was awesome moment. Her phone rang and mine too and we realized it is close to 6:45 and had promised our parents we will be back by 6.

We quickly caught a auto and in the auto too she kept her bag in her lap and dragged my one hand behind her waist and second hand inside her top from the front and that was my signal to work my hand’ magic on her and we continued till I reached her place and dropped her. Our 6 month anniversary date was awesome and the night was full of love and messages and talks of kissed and everything we did.

So that’s it for now folks. In the next part I will tell you how I felt her boobs for the first time and she slid her hand in my underpants and was shocked by my shaft’s dimensions and our other fun. Please provide your feedback on my e-mail id [email protected] I will be waiting for it. Also any young single ladies, or married women from Delhi who want to have similar love filled experiences feel free to contact me and I guarantee you will stop having sex with your husband after one session with me.

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