The Sex Tuition That Changed My Life

Dear Readers,My name is Anu and I hail from Kerala. This first story that I am going to narrate over here happened to me while I was doing my PG in 1998.

During my PG like all youngsters of my age I too wanted to make money and hence was recommended by a friend of mine to take home tuition for 3 kids as per my convenient time in the evenings, to a known family friend of his. I was delighted and happily agreed to it.

I would be paid 1000 per month initially and if found satisfactory with the kid’s marks would be paid 2000 per month. This according to me was more than sufficient for my personal expenses during studies. The very next day I was introduced by my friend to the kids and the family consisting of husband wife and 2 kids.

The husband was a textile businessman, the wife was a homemaker and the kids were in school. They had a very huge house consisting of 5 bedrooms, two huge halls kitchen work area etc.

As usual after my classes till afternoon, I had my lunch, finished chatting with my friends and headed straight to my assignment of taking tuition. As I rang the calling bell of the house, the door was opened by the housewife (let’s call her Shobha) and was welcomed inside.

On enquiring with Shobha were are the kids I was informed that they would be returning back home by 4.15pm after school since the school bus takes a longer route. Hence I got up and said that I shall return back by 4.30pm for the tuition. On hearing this Shobha advised me to stay back since its hardly half an hour left for the kids to arrive and she was also curious to know more about me.

Taking her advise I stayed back and started to reply to her questions. I too was curious to know more about the family and started to inquire about her further. Soon I came to know that her husband was a busy businessman and was mostly on tours.

Kids were average in their studies but needed attention in their studies which she couldn’t provide because of her daily home chores. During our conversation, I was served tea by Shobha and in the meantime kids too arrived from school.

The kids were drenched in dirt and were very naughty too. Both of them were taken by Shobha to the bedroom for a bath and I was left alone in the drawing room. After almost half an hour both the kids appeared in their neat dress and were served milk and snacks.

While the kids were having the snacks I was called upstairs by Shobha to show me the room to take tuition – which was one of their bedrooms. It had a king size bed, a study table, and a neat looking well-ventilated room.

I agreed to it and we both went down. So the first day went off with the normal chatting with kids asking them how their studies are which all subjects they liked, which all subjects they had difficulty etc.

As the daily tuitions started progressing I found that kids needed some more time for studies and further attention too. I was forced to stick on with them until 6.30 and even 7 in the evenings. Seeing my attitude towards kids and the progress in studies I started to get 2000 from the very next month.

As a result, I too was very happy. I used to reach the house by 4 4.30 and leave by almost 7 in the evening. As days progressed I found Shobha very jovial and friendly – maybe since she is all alone in the house and the only companion being the music system and TV.

She used to speak to me in a very friendly manner and used to crack jokes too. Day by day we turned out to be good friends though she was elder to me almost by 15 years. But to be frank she was beautiful lean and had a well-maintained body.

One evening I had reached Shobha’s house for tuition by 4 pm and was welcomed in by her in a very gloomy mood. I came inside and enquired with her if everything was fine and she said yes.

While I was served tea by her I found bruises on her face and was shocked to see the blue color. I asked her what happened and what was it on her face. She tried hiding her face with tears in her eyes.

So I too was upset with her behavior and told her that being friends it’s not right to hide from me. Shobha replied back that she was slapped by her husband the previous night and he was drunk too.

I felt sorry for her and took the freedom to go to the kitchen to get some ice and return back to the drawing room. I asked her permission to rub the bruise with ice cubes which would help her reduce the pain and get rid of the bruises too.

She agreed to it and I slowly started to rub ice on the bruises. After I rubbed the ice, she was a bit relieved of the pain and thanked me a lot for the care. I was taken aback and replied not to thank since we were friends.

Hearing my reply, she laughed and by the time the kids were back from school. I found that the kids were also upset by the incident that had occurred because of their gloomy nature. Hence after their snacks and getting freshened up, we went to the study room upstairs. I pacified them and started to play with them for some time to cheer them up.

In the meantime, hearing our laughs and sounds from upstairs Shobha came and enquired whats going on. Kids replied back that they were playing with me and she too joined us sitting on the cot in the bedroom. Seeing the kids feeling happy she too came back to normal.

Noticing all of them in a happy mood I felt relieved and winded up the day early by 6 pm. While returning back Shobha once again thanked me for which I told her not to since I am also a part of their family now. She smiled and waved me bye for the day.

The next day, as usual, I reached by 4 pm and as per routine, I was served tea by Shobha. During the conversation, I asked her about the pain and she said she is feeling better. So after having my tea, I went to the kitchen took some ice cubes and started to apply on the bruises on her face.

Once over, she said that she likes my caring nature along with a kiss on my hand. I was taken aback by her sudden gesture and said thanks. She laughed and said that I am kind and loving. The kids too love my presence since their father couldn’t spend much time with them.

So as days proceeded I and Shobha became very close and she would share the family problems with me. I would hear them and pacify her. Usually, she wears nighties at home and that particular day I found her wearing a beautiful maxi which I believed to be new.

I remarked that it looked beautiful while she was serving tea and hearing this she slapped me on the shoulder. She also remarked that I am becoming naughty recently. Not knowing what she was saying I told her what naughtiness did I do.

She replied to my comment that she was beautiful in her new maxi was what made her comment so – to which I laughed and replied really you look beautiful. On hearing this she came closer to me and hugged me. Not knowing what to do I too hugged her back. I was taken by shock when she kissed me on my cheeks.

Being very close to her and feeling her body heat I was in a state of a dilemma with the kiss but the second kiss on my other cheek brought me to senses. I too kissed her back on her cheeks but was again shocked when she directly kissed me on my lips. Being my first-lifetime kiss on my lips and not knowing what to do I remained still.

She began to chew my lower lips and I too started to return what she was doing. She hugged me tightly and we remained glued in for some time. Suddenly she separated me and said the kids would be back from school. I said ok and went back sitting on the sofa.

It was that day I started to look at Shobha more closely. I started to look at her from top to bottom and she too noticed it with a smile. I found that though mother of two kids her body was still intact maybe because she wasn’t getting the care and love which she deserved too from her husband.

That day I couldn’t concentrate much on the kid’s tuition. Hence I gave them exercise to practice and home works too. I returned downstairs and told Shobha that I am going back early. She was taken aback and asked what happened.

I said nothing and was walking toward the main door. I was pulled by her and looking at my face she asked me was it because of her that I was leaving early. I said no not at all and hearing my reply I was kissed again by her, this time directly on the lips.

I too reciprocated this time with a tight hug and began attacking both her lips too which made her moan. I found that she was really wild and was in love with me. I kissed her and was also feeling her back at the same time.

She too was kissing me with her one hand on my back and another one behind my head holding me tightly. I was out of control and started to rub her back till her ass and also kissing her neck earlobes. I could feel the heat of her body and smell the aroma of her body too.

I started kissing her slowly from lips to cheeks to earlobes to her neck before slowly proceeding downwards. All the while she was positioning herself to make my access free to my desired areas. And I, in turn, was enjoying it.

Maybe because it was my first time or you may say the first experience. I slowly progressed on to her boobs pressing them from the top of her nighty. Slowly opening it up from the top to reveal her cleavage suppressed in her bra.

Since as I lacked experience, I was like a hungry lion seeing fresh meat and began to attack her cleavage. Hearing her moans and her hot breath I couldn’t tolerate more and moved my hands into her bra and pressing her boobs to my utmost delight.

She proactively moved her hands back to unhook her bra and there were two melons of medium size ripe and pointed at me. Oops, what a view it was.

I started to play with her pointed black nipples and crushing the boobs at the same time. She voluntarily moved my head downwards and asked me to suck her nipples which I did. After a while, she offered me the other one too and I was enjoying it to the max.

All of a sudden, we heard the kids coming downstairs and we got separated as if we were talking. Kids being small didn’t feel anything was wrong and walked off to watch tv. Waving her goodbye and with a naughty smile, I left for the day.

That night I had masturbated thrice thinking of her and wanted the time to be 4 to reach her. Next day, as usual, I attended my classes had lunch and rushed to her house. On seeing me early she naughtily asked me why I was so early.

I entered the house closed the door and grabbed her from behind and replied that it was for her I am early. She smiled looking at my face upwards and kissed me. I was fondling her boobs with much courage than before and she was holding the back of my neck to be positioned for her lips.

I fondled her nipples until they would rip apart her bra and come out. She couldn’t resist anymore and we both hugging each other walked to the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom, she pulled me on to the bed and I fell on top of her.

She remarked that I was too heavy for her to bear with and laughed naughtily. Slowly she removed my t-shirt and seeing my hairy chest began to play with my hairs. She was impressed with my manly body and she said she always liked hairy chest.

I then remarked that I too want to see her chest. She naughtily hit me on the cheeks and said see it if you want to. I pulled out her maxi and there she was in bra and panty alone. I started to kiss her again as well as playing with her swollen boobs.

She was moaning all the while and I was enjoying the moment. She then put her hand on to my bottom and felt my swollen manhood. I was mesmerized with her touch and moaned too.

She came on to the top of me and started to remove my belt and unzip my jeans. In the meantime, I had removed her bra and was enjoying the sight. Once my jeans were unhooked, she started to play with my boy which showed me the path to heaven.

I asked her to show her bottom too and saying so removed her panties. She in the meantime remarked that my boy is very thick and she loves it. I asked her how about her husband to which she said it’s been a long time since she was completely satisfied by him.

Feeling happy to hear that she was satisfied with my manhood I began to play with her nipples and she started to play with my manhood. A little later, she all of a sudden started kissing the tip of my boy and took it completely in her mouth playing with her tongue, what a view it was!

She kept on licking and chewing my boy and I all of sudden couldn’t control myself and burst out into her mouth. Naughtily looking at me she started to lick my complete cum to make my balls empty. Once done she came up and laughed at me.

I asked her how she felt to drink my cum she replied its tasty and loves to feel it throbbing in her mouth. I moved my hands on her ass and started pressing them and she, in turn, was offering her boobs into my mouth. I was enjoying the game and, in the meantime, my hands were roaming all over her bare body.

I was playing on her thighs, her stomach, her navel, her boobs, her underarms, not a single part was left untouched and she was constantly calling me naughty. In the meantime, she turned me to come up and in the due course, my boy was back in form.

She felt me on her body and positioned me in between her wide spread legs. She took my manhood in her hand was rubbing it slowly on her pussy. She then asked me how it is feeling and I replied back superb.

At the same time, I was looking into her swollen eyes filled with vigor and playing with her boobs. I could feel she was not only rubbing the tip of my manhood on her pussy but also pushing it in slowly.

I too entertained that by moving closer to her and pushing it in. Slowly I could feel my boy entering the cave and was eager to enter completely. I pushed in all of a sudden and she yelled with pain since it was too tight, but within some time she regained her senses and smiled at me.

I began to move to and fro, in and out and with every movement of mine she was biting her lips with closed eyes and hands around me. Once I had learned how to fuck, I began to fasten my movements and she pulled my face to grab my lips.

I can’t explain what a feeling it was. Though she was chewing my lower lips and sometimes pushing her tongue into my mouth, I could sense her moans and her body heat rising.

I started to pull out and push in at a greater speed and she was enjoying it too. The scene of her boobs moving up and down with every movement of mine was exciting me and was making me more and more energetic. I couldn’t control myself and pumped in my complete cum into her cave.

Then I fell on top of her and kissed her. She too was completely satisfied and tired with the exercise. I laid on her embracing her and kissing her for some time. When I wanted to move she said to stay there for some more time since we had time till the kids are back from school.

I asked Shobha are you happy to which she replied that she is very very happy and I make her happier with a naughty smile. I asked her how as if not knowing and she replied my naughtiness makes her happier. With all these talks and kisses in between, we both were ready for the next game.

Once she felt me grow completely inside her she smiled and said this is what I wanted to feel and asked you not to get, up. I too smiled back and said that she is very sexy which increased my naughtiness. I started to kiss her and slowly started to kiss her armpits too which made her tickle and moan a lot.

I knew that she was ready by now and my movements started with ease because of earlier filled cums. This time we were pushing each other in rhythm and it was more fun than our earlier session.

It was almost time for the kids to arrive and we both were in a hurry to quench our thirst, so we were at great speed and in full action. Though we had taken a much longer time in our second round, we loved it and at last, filled each other with our releases.

We got up, wore our clothes and moved to the drawing room. In the drawing room, I was gazing at her ripe body and winking at her whenever our eyes met. After about 10 minutes the kids arrived, and I had to start my tuition.

Though I was teaching them my mind was filled with what had happened and was not able to concentrate. So, I planned to keep the kids engaged with some exercises and slowly moved downstairs towards my Shobha.

She was in the kitchen cooking food while I entered without making any sound and grabbed her from behind. She was surprised with my action and told me to go upstairs or else could see.

I replied that they wouldn’t be down for at least 45 minutes since I have given them enough work. Saying this I started to press her boobs and kiss her too.

I unhooked her nighty as well as her bra, lifted her and placed on the kitchen slab. Once on the kitchen slab, I moved on to her boobs which I liked the most and started to bite her boobs and chew her nipples.

Though it was painful for her with my love bites, she was enjoying it until she could no longer hold it. She got down from the slab and removed her panty at the same time looking at me and winking. I understood the intention and unzipped my jeans and asked her to sit on the slab.

Once on the slab, I positioned, myself to enter her and it was the third round of the day in vitality and vigor, kissing and fondling, hugging and sucking. Both of us were dead tired by the time we finished our game and were sweating heavily, we cleaned and washed our faces.

After that incident, we were much more than lovers, fucking each other every day for at least 2 to 3 times. We did it in many positions and in almost all the rooms of the big house of hers. I continued the tuition for 2 years until I finished my PG till the time my results were out.

Once my results had come I was moving out to Gulf for my first job, so I had to bid goodbye to my first love or my first teacher in sex. The last day we spent more time loving each other and while bidding her goodbye for the last time she took out a gold chain from her locker and presented it to me with tears in her eyes.

I too was heartbroken by her affection and hugged her with tears filled eyes. Though I am married now I still remember her now and I enjoyed every single second in her arms.

I had returned after a year from Gulf on my annual leave, I had visited their house but they had sold it and moved out of town to some other place.

I miss my Shobha a lot even after these many years.

Dear readers let me know your comments and suggestions. Write in to me on [email protected].

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