The Sinful Landlady – Chapter 1

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So, I came to Mumbai from Delhi to do my bachelors in business, so I decided to rent a 2 bhk apartment in juhu with some friends. We found a fancy place nearby and finalized the deal with the owner, who lived on the floor above. The landlady looked 30, but she was 45 divorced and had her own interior decorating business, she was a bomb to look at, curves in all the right places, wore designer gowns and had very ample boobs and a round ass.

So, it had been a few months since we had shifted into the flat and our winter break was going on. My friends left for home but I decided to stay back for an internship.And thank god I stayed back because of what was about to happen. So, usually I maintained a very good appearance of a studious guy in front of the landlady, but she caught me making out with a girl in our building’s lift. Naturally I was a little taken aback but she smiled and told us to have a good time, the morning after, I was surprised to see her knock on my door and she came inside. She inquired as to where my friends were and I told her that they’d gone home.

” so , was that your girlfriend last night?” she askedI told her that she was just a girl I met at my internship.

We had some chit chat about the house and all after that and she left before inviting me to dinner at her place. Frankly, I had no idea that I would get to have her in bed that night

So, in the evening I went to her apartment on the floor above and knocked, she opened the door and I was just stunned to see her. She was wearing a red gown, and was looking so hot, the dress made her figure look amazing and I just stared at her and she smiled and invited me inside.

She told me she was always busy so she never had time to invite us to dinner but she had taken some days off from her work so she was enjoying herself. I sat down on the sofa and we began to talk.I found out that she was a divorcee, and had been married to a rich businessman until they had a falling out and decided to divorce. She had plenty of money so she invested in a few flats and also had her own interior decorating firm. No wonder her apartment looked luxurious. She asked me about my studies and college and then began inquiring about the girl from last night. I told her she was not my gf and we just met a few days back.

By then her maid had brought some snacks and I was happily munching on them while she played a movie on her tv.I went to the washroom to relieve myself and as I washed my hands in the sink, I realized there were no towels, there was a cabinet in the washroom and I opened it up to search for towels but to my surprise, found a vibrator and a dildo inside it. It’s then that it hit me, that she is a lonely woman, and I started fantasizing about fucking her.I got a hard on and I started jerking myself off until I came.“Are you okay in there? Dinner is ready.”

‘yes aunty I’m fine I’m just coming”But in hurry I forgot to clean my hot cum which I had shot up on the towel and went out. The maid served us dinner and then went away to her servant quarters as it was late and I was trying hard to enjoy the meal but I could only think about the vibrator and the dildo I saw in the bathroom. And since I’m a tall guy, I could see her boobs clearly under her deep cut gown and I was just trying really hard not to get a boner again. Although I tried hard not to stare I think she saw me staring at her boobs a few times and I think I could see a faint smile on her face. As we finished dinner, she went up to her small bar in the dining room and brought two bottles of whisky.“I’ve seen empty bottles of alcohol in your flat so I assume you drink?”

I told her that yes, and she poured me a drink as well as the movie played on. I told her that I should leave if I was keeping her and she said she was just going to watch the movie and asked me sit till it ends. So I sat and soon, we had finished a bottle of whisky. I hadn’t thought that she would be a good drinker and she had already opened the second bottle. She told me she had a drinking problem and she started having neat shots one after the other.Now, we both were drunk and she excused herself and went to the washroom to change. I was watching the movie and she came back after a few minutes in a sexy nightie. Her boobs looked pointy and I could make the outline of her figure under her nightie. She was drunk a little and sat down quietly.” do you like me?”

I said “Yes aunty you’re so cool for inviting me to dinner and even giving me drinks”She smiled and said. ” no, I mean do you like me in the same way as the girl in the lift yesterday?”

I said no you’re an elder to me and I respect you.” did you see my toys in the washroom?”

I was a little scared and I told her that I didn’t mean to snoop around and I was just looking for a towel.“Yeah, do you know I wiped my face with that towel, and I found some sticky liquid stuck on my face, and I know what it was”

As soon as she said this, she stood up and walked slowly towards me, her face looked stern and I was frozen I fear.

But then, she suddenly opened her nightie and sat on my lap, kissing me aggressively and even I for a moment didn’t know what had happened. He tongue rolled deep within mine and I started kissing her back as well. We smooched for a good 15 minutes or so and we were out of breath. She started taking off my shirt and I could see the thirst in her eyes and squeezed her breasts with my hands. She was around 5’6 and I was 6’2, so I picked her up and went to the sofa, I started sucking her boobs hard like a baby while she was desperately trying get my pants off. We were wild now and my cock had become hot and hard and was literally throbbing. As soon as she pulled out my pants I was already putting my cock in her pussy, which was already dripping by now.

“Aaahh, chod mujhe zor zor sey aaahh. Please, harder.”Her moans and screams made me more excited and I climbed over her and started pumping her harder and harder, while I kissed her and even spat in her mouth,our tongues rolling with each other. She started bucking a few times and came and soon I came in her pussy as well. We didn’t get up and I let my cock remain in her pussy, as I sucked her boobs like a baby. But the night was young and there was much work to be done..

Continued in the next part.

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