The Slim And The Chubby – Part I

Hi All, I am Naveen Kumar from Andhra Pradesh and I am here to share with you all a memorable experience which has started 3 months ago in my hometown. I am 26 years old and work in an MNC in Hyderabad. My home town is just an overnight journey from Hyderabad. I am 5’9 fair looking guy with an average body. My first sex experience was with my girl friend during graduation and we could not marry due to caste conflict. We finally had to break up when she got married to another person but we had a lot of memorable horny moments, which I will probably be sharing with you all later.

Coming to the story I am going to tell you all, I frequently visit my home town almost twice a month and spend a weekend there with my parents. I smoke and so that my parents don’t get to know about that, I generally go to places near outskirts of the town and do that. Three months ago, I went to another corner of the town for smoking rather than what I usually do. I was smoking there and just beside the kirana shop where I purchased cigarette, I observed a fair, slim girl of around 24 – 25 years looking at me. I kept glancing at her occasionally and noticed that she is looking at me. I thought she might be interested in me and may be, will get lucky.

I finished smoking and had a chewing gum in my mouth and walked towards her. I approached her and said “Hello, I am Navin” and extended my hand. She shook hands with me, which is not a common sight in towns like mine where a girl shakes hands with a stranger. She told that her name is Sujatha. She is very slim, very fair, about 5’4″ high and having not so curvy body. But has an appealing smile and ‘hunger for sex’ eyes. I told her more about me and that I keep coming to hometown almost every week. She told that the building that she stays is a hostel for nursing college and she has come from another town of AP to do a course in nursing. She said that she was waiting for her roommate and they would be going to watch a movie.

We exchanged our numbers and I told that I can give her company till her roommate comes. I asked her if she could join me for dinner that night and also a long drive if she is interested. She blushed a bit and said yes. Meanwhile, an average complexion chubby looking girl of about same age as Sujatha came on a scooty and stopped near us. I always had this liking for chubby girls and this girl has the right amount of fat at the right places though she has a little tummy. My eyes were feasting every curve of her body when Sujatha intervened and introduced me to her. Her name is Mary and as its time for their movie, I said good bye to them and they left.

I lit another cigarette and started smoking thinking about Mary. I had an instant hard on thinking of Mary being nude with me in bed and we doing all crazy stuff. That evening around 6 PM, I got a call from Sujatha saying that they’ve come back from movie and she is free now and asked me by when she should be ready to go out for dinner. I said 8PM and she too is fine with it. I thought of taking my dad’s car for dinner & long drive but feared if someone who knows my dad notices this. Also I don’t want Sujatha to know my dad’s car number, etc. I just want to keep this relation for fun sake and nothing serious.

I reached her place by 8 and she was ready in a black chudidar and I picked her up and took to a restaurant. She told me that she has time constraints and she should be back in hostel by 10 PM, else the entry is not allowed and the hostel management is strict about all such stuff. We finished our dinner by 9 and during dinner, I was acting casual with her by placing hands on her shoulders, thighs, waist to which she never objected. After dinner, I took her towards her hostel, crossed her place and travelled for about 5 km and her hostel itself being at the outskirts of the city, 5 km away from it is absolutely deserted. I stopped my bike at a place where I can park it and take her a bit off the road.

We kept waking and it was completely dark. I grabbed her by waist towards me as we continued walking. She did not object and I could not see the expression in her face due to darkness. I lowered my hand towards her hip and pulled her further close to me and held her head to kiss her. I could sense her breathing heavily. I started kissing her lips and that tasted great. She was responding equally well by pushing her tongue into my mouth and we kissed passionately for more than 10 mins licking each others’ lips & tongue. The way she kissed, I can tell that I am not the first person in her life and was sure that her virginity has already been broken by someone else. That doesn’t really matter to me as I was never serious about this relation.

After 10 mins of exploring each others’ mouths, I started kissing her neck with a hand on her hip and the other on her boob. I started pressing her boob tightly and also kissing & biting her neck simultaneously. She suddenly pushed me away and told that it’s time for her and asked me to drop near her hostel. I was so pumped up that I did not want to leave her. I wanted to take her to a hotel room but the fear of that being my hometown stopped me. So I dropped her back at her hostel and went home. That night I called her and talked many erotic things for more than 2 hours and then slept.

The next day was a Sunday and I have to take a bus to Hyderabad that night. So, thought of taking Sujatha to lunch that day as that will be a holiday for her course too. She is fine with it and I picked her up at 12.30 PM and took to a dhaba on highway. During our discussion, she has shown me the love bites on her neck that were formed by my biting previous night. She told me that Mary has noticed them and started teasing her about what all happened, etc. I asked her if she told Mary about what all we did and she nodded saying “she did not leave till I told her what happened”. I took this chance and told her that Mary too looks hot and if we can invite her too for lunch/dinner next weekend.

I have seen a brief expression which was a mixture of anger & jealousy in Sujatha’s face. I told her “we can have a real great time together and Mary can add a little bit of spice to us. When you discuss with her openly about what all we did, I don’t think there is any harm in her being around with us. Anyway, I don’t want to force you. You can call her only if you are completely ok with this”. She said that she will ask Mary about this and we departed after lunch that day.

I started for Hyderabad that night and daily we used to have sex chat for hours together on phone at night. I insisted her to give me Mary’s mobile number and after 2 days, she gave me. I called her and introduced myself to her and we had some brief conversations the first day. I deliberately used to forward her sms related to sex and used to get a provoking response from the other end. I am very much sure that I will be sharing bed with Mary soon. The next week end, I went to my hometown again and met Sujatha for lunch. I insisted that she bring Mary too for that day’s dinner and she obliged.

That evening at around 7.30 PM both of them came to restaurant where I was already waiting in a corner table. Sujatha was dressed in a tight yellow chudidar which made her little curves visible outside with free hair making her look damn good while Mary was dressed in a blue saree well below her navel. I greeted both of them and while sitting I made way for Mary to sit in a corner and I sat beside her. Sujatha sat opposite to us. I could see Sujatha clearly not happy at this but I was enjoying teasing her. I started touching Mary casually and very soon I was touching her and very much consciously fondling parts like her waist, slowly taking my hand upwards to touch her boob under the saree, etc.

We finished dinner and then I proposed a drive and both of them said yes. Sujatha was sitting on my bike while Mary was driving her scooty. Once we got away from traffic, Sujatha hugged me tightly from behind and started smooching my ears. This was a deliberate act she was doing just to make sure that Mary sees all this. We crossed their hostel and went to the same spot where a brief romantic session happened between Sujatha and me. We stopped our vehicles and walked a while into darkness when suddenly I grabbed Mary close to me and started kissing her. She was very quick in reciprocating and grabbed my head and we were involved in a very deep kiss that we forgot that Sujatha even existed.

Then I parted the kiss with Mary and pulled Sujatha towards me and we started kissing. While doing so, I opened the zip of my jeans and put Mary’s hand in that. She made her way through my underwear and caught hold of my cock as I was involved in a passionate kiss with Sujatha. She slowly pulled down my trousers and knelt down continuing her hand job. It was not possible for me to control this double excitement and just then Mary put my cock in her mouth and started giving me a blow job. This continued on for about 10 mins after which I exploded my cum all over Mary’s mouth.

We then realized that it was late for them to go to hostel. Both of them are ready to spend a night with me in a hotel room and I am also yet to taste their whole bodies but I did not want to take risk in my hometown. I got a plan and told them to come to Hyderabad next week end and that I will be making arrangement for a good hotel room. They are fine with it and we departed that day. The next day, I left for Hyderabad and for the coming weekend, I booked bus tickets for them and asked them to get down at the nearest stop of where the hotel has been booked. What happened next will be in my next part depending on the motivation I get from feedback or comments from you people on my mail address [email protected]

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