The Spicy Night With Jia

Hello friends, We are a couple from Bangalore. We found ISS very exciting and want to share our real life sex experiences with you all. Kindly give your feedback to [email protected] without fail to receive more stories.

I am sharing my first real sex story with you all. I am Nitin from Bangalore. In my college days, I fell in love with my classmate Jia. She was such a stunning beauty with the most desired bum in the world. She looked so beautiful in every dress she wore. I always dreamt of loving her bum whole life. Eventually, I proposed her and married jia. On our first night, Jia wore a blue satin baby doll night dress and she looked like an angel. Her chubby cheeks and lusty lips with pink lipstick made her look more and more desirable women. The top of her dress was revealing ample of her cleavage and exposing her beautiful arms and back which was very deep. The dress ended few inches above her knees exposing her sexy soft thighs and legs. I am a worshipper of her feet which is so so beautiful and feel to kiss and lick it whole night.

She held a glass with red wine in it. With a seductive smile she came near me and sat on my lap. She poured the wine in her mouth and then locked lips with me transferring the wine to my mouth completely. The wine and touch of Jia’s lips made me mad. She poured some more wine and drank sip by sip while transferring some to my mouth seductively. With the nasha of wine and the sexy dress, Jia almost looked like a sex bomb. I am becoming desperate to love her and she is making me wait and wait.

I caught Jia and tied her hands by a rope to bed. Tied her legs widely spread to the edges of the bed. Poured wine to her mouth from mine. And licked her lips. Then she started trying to escape but she could not. I kissed her lips and smooched for almost an hour. She was breathing so heavily and I kissed her neck. She is moaning so much but I am holding her tight and forcefully licking her neck and ears. I bit her ears and she was screaming in ecstasy. Then I moved down and started kissing her legs and things. I bit her soft and sexy thighs so much that it became red. I am licking the inner part of my wife’s thigh and she is moaning so much so loud trying to push me but she is so helpless. I am getting excited to see her so helpless.

I am removing her baby doll dress and she is in her sexy red bra and bikini string panty looking like a hot cake. I licked her naval and kissing her waist. She is begging me to leave her and that is making me horny more and more. I removed my dress and came over Jia. Her 34” boobs are looking so inviting in her bra and I unhooked her bra and started kissing her boobs. She is moaning like mad. I licked both boobs and made the whole chest wet with my saliva. She is breathing heavily and asking for more. I started licking her armpit and boobs and she is screaming in joy and pleasure. I bit her nipples and it ached. Still, jia is so helpless. She is not able to speak also cos of the pleasure she is in. I puller Jia’s panty down and started licked her neatly shaved pussy.

She is trying to close her thighs but I have tied her legs to bed wide open and and licking her thighs and moving up to her lovely pussy. Licked both the labia and then pulled them apart. Slowly moving tongue on the inner walls of her pussy, tongue tip tickling her clit more and more. She started screaming loudly ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uffffffffffffffffff ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uffffffffffffffffff. Then I released her hands and legs and she placed my head between her legs and said lick me down Nitin lick me down, clean my pussy ahhhhhh ouchhhhhhhh. I licked Jia’s pussy for an hour and then she held my hard dick in hand and started stroking. She begged me to fuck her hard. I inserted my dick into her wet pussy. Slowly moving dick in and out of her pussy hitting her to the depths of her hole. She started to widen legs and allow me to move more into the depths. I slowly started to increase my stroke and she enjoyed every stroke. She started telling fuck fuck fuck me more fuck me harder, I want more I wanna get fucked like an animal. I started to fuck her more and more hard and she enjoyed every stroke of mine.

Then she told me to fuck her in doggy style. I entered her pussy from the rear position and it was like a heaven. With every stroke, her 38” bum used to hit my thighs and it was like heaven to me. I inserted finger over her clit and started tickling her clit which I fucked Jia from behind. She was screaming in joy to fuckkkkkk fuckkkk and fuck ouchhhhh ahhhhhhh ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and never stop. Just tear my pussy. I went on fucking my sexy bitch for almost an hour she orgasmed multiple times. I held her boobs from behind while fucking from behind and squeezed them a lot.

My dick never wanted to come out of Jia’s pussy. She has such a tight, hot and juicy pussy, that I just become mad fucking it. I just cummed in Jia’s pussy and then hugged her tight and smooched her lips passionately. I slapped her huge ass which she likes. We love to explore more in our sex lives. Will write more in our next episodes. Kindly give your feedback without fail to [email protected] to receive more stories in future. ThanksJiaNitin

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