The Teacher Trapped, Fuck And Blackmail – Part 3

On the second day after the dinner rubiya mam was walking on the lawn wearing a night gown which was a silky one and red in color. I approached her and asked her about how she was feeling now. She took a huge breathe and said I am good dear. Then she started asking me about dinner and blah blah none of which was going inside my head. It was very cold winter night and I noticed which totally took me into a new dimension. I saw rubiya mams nipples poking through her nighty. Rubiya mam noticed me seeing on her chest and tried to distract me.

Suddenly my Friend’s Amit and Rohit called me without realising that I was with rubiya mam,they came near me. On seeing them Rubiya was furious. She might have seen these two molesting her inside the cave. She called them near her and said you two little bastard’s I know what you did and I will make sure that you both repent this throughout your life. She Gabe them a warning that they will have to face the consequences of their action. I acted very innocently and asked mam about what they did to which she just gave me a look and went away. Both of my friends started crying and were very tensed.

They told me everything about what they did and asked me to do something otherwise they will be dead. I smiled and told them to relax because I had the final plan to execute. I asked them to be awake in the night because they were about to witness the longest one night stand. If you all remember that the very first day I had made a video of rubiya mam by sedating her with pills. I was about to use the same as my ace card for the final plan. I asked them not to worry and arrange me a sim card. It was 10 in the night. The temperature was dipping to freezing point. My friends got me a Sim. I asked them to relax and leave rest to me. I saw rubiya mam getting into her room.

After five minutes I called her and asked her whether she enjoyed her massage in the cave. On hearing this she started shouting at me and warned me that she will find me and will put me behind bars. I laughed loudly and said “you bitch despite teaching you politeness you still have not learnt the you will actually know what you have to pay”.I asked her to check phone after 5 minutes and give me a call only if she needs to. I send her the video clip in which she is totally nude and passed through MMS. As expected my phone buzzed. It was rubiya mam and she was crying. She pleaded me and said she was very sorry about what she said earlier. I replied that she had to pay a price for her arrogance or else this video will be public. She pleaded not to make that video public and was ready to do whatever was required.

I asked her to get ready. I asked her to dress as if she was getting married. She told me that she cannot wear a saree as all her under garments was lost and without petticoat it WS impossible to wear one. I laughed aloud and said who the hell is asking you to wear a saree. I just asked her to put makeup and bangles with mangalsutra which she had to arrange from any where and whatever Indian bride requires except for the dress. I asked her to put perfume and take a bath and wait for my next call for the dress. I waited anxiously for her call. Finally my phone ringed at around 11 in the night.Everyone in our dormitory was fast asleep. All the lights were off. It was a pitch dark building. I slowly went in the bathroom so that others could not hear my talks. While going in the bathroom I noticed that except four guards no one was out there.

Actually while entering our building the first room was mams room and then our big dormitory and at the end was a huge common bathroom where almost 10 boys could take bath together. The passage was pitch dark and I slowly moved into the bathroom. I received the call. It was rubiya mam and she said that she was ready in the bridal makeup. I asked her what was she wearing to which she kept silent. I was very angry and said bitch speak up. She murmured something like tual. I asked her what to which she weepingly said towel as she was waiting for my orders on her dress code. Hearing this my mind clicked and I said very well babe that is what you are supposed to wear and also a steep hill shoes.

She said in a very trembling voice please don’t do this. I got angry and said her this is the last time when she was pleading if she did it once again I will just cut the call and rest the video will do. She went silent for a moment. And said what is required to do further. I laughed and told her to come out of her room and she just needs to take one round in the boys dormitory and that’s it the video will be deleted permanently. She had no other option but to agree. I said that she had just 5 minutes to act and disconnected the call. I then hurriedly went towards my dormitory from the bathroom. I switched on the last tube light of the passage so that I could see my newly married rubiya mam. I was peeking in the passage and heard the opening and closing of the door.

When I peeped out I smelled amazing ladies perfume. I heard someone walking towards the dorm something in white and I knew it was rubiya mam in white towel. It was a long dorm and when she was some way around 50 mts from the room, she was visible as I had lit the tube light. Wow!! I was almost about to get an attack. It was rubiya mam and see looked as if an angel has just fallen from the sky. Her towel was so small that it ended just below her pussy. I could see the glimpse of her little sister I mean her pussy as she walked. She resembled katrina, so just imagine. She had worn red bangles on both of her hands. The red lipstick made me fell like sucking her lips till my last breathe.

She had made her hair in a honey comb style. Due to the towel being short there was ample of cleavage visible. On that as I said she had worn a mangalsutra which made her the perfect Indian bride. I quickly went inside the room and slept on my bed. We all were given mattresses which was very big enough to accommodate three person and one big woolen bedsheet each. We all slept on floor at s distance of about 5 metres each. We were only 12 boys and the room was for 50 people. I saw mam entering the room very qiitely. I could see he trembling as she walked in the moonlight coming through the windows.

As she was walking through the room one guy Judy started coughing in sleep. I saw mam getting statued. She went statue because the heel’s she was wearing would make noise and would wake that boy up. Oh buoy she freezed in such a position that one leg was across that guy and the other through him. O mean the boys head was right beneath her pussy. If he would have opened his eyes he could have had witnessed her pussy crack opened right over his face.

Mam waited in that position for about 30 seconds. Then once she was sure that the boy was fast asleep she started walking further. I waited patiently for my turn. I texted amit and rohit to be ready once I ring they have to get up and switch on the lights. Finally when rubiya mam was crossing over me I intently turned the other side and she was again freezed in the way she was earlier. But this time as she stretched her legs the towel came down and she was dead naked standing over me. I soon rang amit phone. On hearing the ring rubiya mam bacame so tensed that she came inside my bedsheet so as to hide.

As I saw her she pleaded me to remain silent. I let her in and amit as decided switched on the lights. Suddenly everybody was awake. Amit shouted that he saw someone inside the room. I winked at him and pointed my fingers beneath my bedsheet. He smiled and said rohit, nitin, sharath and karthik into the game. These guys were the worst guys in the class and all of them had their eyes on rubiya mam from very starting. All the other guys got up and asked why there was noise.

I also acted as if I was sleeping and got up just. Beneath my bedsheet rubiya mam was lying naked. I could feel her nude boobs touching my thighs. She was breathing very rapidly as I felt her boobs raised and felt on my thighs. I said everyone nothing guys may be some cat or something like that we should relax and sleep. But suddenly amit said no we must find the cat. Saying this he asked everybody to search the room. On pretext of searching the room these 4guys came near my bed and I understood that they were about to molest mam again. Amit came near the end of my bedsheet and inserted his hands. The other three guys surrounded the bed from other three sides. Everyone had their hands inside my bedsheet.

I slowly peeped inside to see what these guys were up to. As o peeped I saw rubiya mam shivering then I saw amit gingering her pussy very violently. Two of the guys were kneading mams boobs and rohit was fingering her navel. I saw mam holding her mouth with both her hands to prevent her moan to be heard by others. Suddenly I saw few guards coming to the dorm. They asked us why the lights were on. As we explained everything to them, they scolded us and asked us to sleep. They said that if we switch on lights again then we all had to sleep outside I’m freezing winter. After they went I asked other guys except the four near my bed to sleep and even if they hear noise they keep sleeping else we will have to face the punishment. The lights went off and everybody dozed off. During all these time,my four friends continued their fingerings.

Finally I pulled off the bed sheet and saw Rubiya mam. Her nipples were all erect the bed bed was wet near her pussy. She had pissed because of the intense fingerings. She saw me and said that it was you whom I trusted the mos used her. She became inconsolable. I smiled and hissed “darling the game have just began.” I really could not resist her lips and started chewing it roughly. She couldn’t shout otherwise everybody would get up. Her lipstick was of strawberry flavoured. I kept chewing it sometimes I put my tongue inside her mouth. And some times sucked her lips.

I even spitted inside her mouth and asked her to swallow it. Amit and rohit were sucking her boobs were vigorously. I saw them buying her nipples so that that she started shivering with pain. Nitin and sharath had taken the charge of her pus sy and asshole. After some 10 minutes of foreplay. We all started licking mams body. O started licking her eyes nose ears. Then moved onto her neck. I was so horny that I bit her neck. I then moved to her armpits. They smelled very fresh and I started licking it. Suddenly mam started throwing her hands and legs. So we decided that four will pin her down and one of us will enjoy turn by turn. The other guys held her legs and arms. I saw the mangalsutra she was wearing and pulled it.

Then I went near her pussy. I was already wet. I kept my penis near her entrance of the hole. She pleaded in a hissing voice” please students leave me don’t do this I am your teacher”. I saw her and with all my force inserted my tool in.Ohhh!!!! What a pleasure it was it went like butter and hot bread. I just could not hold more than 3- 4minutes and came inside her. Then amit took in charge. He asked nitun to take mam from her rear end as nitin was having the biggest dick amo g us. It was almost 6- 7 inches long. He readily agreed and raised mam and went under her. He asked me to hold rubiya mams mouth. I instead kept my mouth over her.

As amit started pumping her pussy with one jerk nitin inserted his dick completely inside her ass. Mam was in so much pain that she started throwing her hands and legs in air. Even we three guys could not hold her properly. They kept fucking mam for the next 10 minutes and came in her pussy and ass.

By this time mam had become half unconscious. Suddenly sharath slapped her boobs and asked her to stay awake as it was his turn to enjoy. Sharath also came within 5 minutes and we all were tire. I felt like pissing so amit said why go to the toilet piss inside her hole. Then we all one by one pissed inside her hole. She was lying there on the bed freezed with all the hands and legs apart motionless. We made sure that other people do not get up. It was 2 am and we had the best night of our life. We all were very tired. Rubiya mam had passed away as if she was unconscious.

So even we thought the we will sleep now. I slept on mams chest. Ravi and amit under her arms. While nitin and sharath kept licking and fingering her ass and pussy. When I woke up I saw it was 3:30 in the night. I saw the guys and they were fast asleep. I tried waking them up but they were out. I called rubiya mam and she responded as if she was drugged. I pulled her up. She was just not able to stand. But she would be in trouble if someone saw her nude with us.

So I slapped her on her ass and pushed her out of bed. As she stood up I saw cum dripping out of her pussy she pleaded me to take her to washroom. I couldn’t deny. I held her by her ass and breast while her hand was around my neck. I somehow dragged her to the boys bathroom. It was chilling cold but mam had to be cleaned. She was covered with all sweat saliva and cum. I made her stand under a shower while she was still drowsy. I then suddenly opened the shower. Rubiya mam chuckled and her eyes were almost about to pop out.

She then came to jet sense and seeing me nude with her with my dick erect again she turned towards the wall facing away from me. Looking at the water dripping from her body and her pointed nipples made me hungry again. I started groping her ass and started rubbing my whole body against her. She started rebelling and pushed me down. I fell on the floor and my knees were hurt. Seeing this rubiya mam said, “you bastard it all happened because of you little moron. Now what more you want. You have taken everything.” My knee was hurting very bad and I was really very angry. I said,”you bitch even after becoming the whore your attitude is still the same you need to be taught a lesson again but this time a stricter one. I could see anger in her eyes. She replied “what lesson you wanna fuck me again . well go on then”. I was really annoyed. I quietly went out.

While I was walking past the room I saw light at the entrance. When I went closer I saw our guards were having marijuana. I said to myself “rubiya now you will regret pushing me”. I again went near the bathroom and saw mam scrubbing her body with soap. I slowly went in and grabbed a mug. It was because of the shower mam could not hear me opening the door. I saw mam was engrossed in her own cleansing task. I then peeped on the entrance door of the bathroom. There was someone who had opened the door but did not opened it completely as if somebody was peeping in. After two minutes the door closed. I was utterly disappointed. I was about the come out when I saw motion near the door. All I could see was 4 head peeping inside. One by one they slowly entered with one hand inside their pants. I reckon they wanted to masturbate.

Seeing them rubiya mam got frightened and covered her nude body with her bare hands. One covering he pussy and other covering her chest. She screamed “how dare you all enter. You son of bitches get out or else I will complain and you all will be in danger”. All the guards started laughing and the oldest man said,”it seems you enjoy boys bathroom more rather than you private one.Can you explain your presence here at 3:30 in the morning?? And if you fail then I fear we will have to do the introspection ourselves”. Instead of requesting them rubiya mam warned them saying if they don’t leave she will scream so loud that everybody will get awakened. The oldest among them laughed and asked the teen boy to open all all the taps and shower. As the guy opened all the taps and showers everybody’s voice was in audible.

Then they looked at rubiya mam and asked her to shout. Realising that she could not do anything mam started running. As she ran past the guard’s one of them caught her by her breast and pulled her roughly. Then the well built guy took rubiya mam from behind and picked her up. She started kicking her legs in air. But of no vain the two older guys caught her legs and asked the teen boy to enjoy as this was probably his first time. The old guys pulled rubiya mams legs apart and stretched her pussy. The teen started sniffing and licking her hole. Without wasting anytime he pulled his tool out and jerked it inside her pussy. The other guys started laughing. One of the old guys said” are munna itna jaldi kya hai pehle maza to let leta”.But the teen guy was really on. He was pumping with a grunt and very hardly. Within 2-3 minutes he collapsed and all of them kept rubiya mam down.

Mam was breathing very heavily and the as again in tears. Then the heavy built guy asked the teen to go out and keep a watch while they enjoy their turn. The teen boy got up and kissed mam and mashed her boobs and then left. After he left the actual game started. The old guys started smooching rubiya mam very hard. They probably were having pan because as they smooched her. Mams mouth were red with pan stain.

Then all the three started pulling her with her hair and fondling her lips and mouth with theirs. Rubiya mam could hardly breathe as she gasped for fresh air. The heavily built guy who was behind mam pulled her hair back and started licking her tongue and biting her lips. The two old guys were licking her by her armpits and boobs. Then one of them asked others to leave mam. He then turned towards mam and asked her if she can escape then they will leave her. They left her and asked her to run. Mam on the go started running towards the door when one old guy caught her by her hair and pulled her back and threw her on the floor.

Mam started pleading to them as she crawled on the bathroom floor. All of them started laughing and said if she obeys them then she may go unhurt. She was out of options. The oldest among the guys went towards the western style toilet and sat over it. He then unzipped his trouser and asked rubiya to come near him. Rubiya mam hesistanly started walking. As she took her first step, the well built guy caught her by her hair and pulled her back. He laughing said “teacher ji why don’t you crawl like dog???”. Saying this he pushed her down and gave a tight slap on her ass. I could see the finger marks on her ass cheek. She started crying very loudly and kept crawling near the old man.

As she crawled the other old guy who was very short in height and was a very lean guy as if he was malnourished sat on rubiya mams back and like a cowboy kept slapping her ass as she kept moving. The other well built guy then started pissing on her face as she crawled. Finally as she reached the oldest guy,he asked to completely unzip his trouser. Of was very dirty old trouser and his underwear was very dirty as if it was unwashed from many days and all torn up. As she held his cock near her mouth, rubiya mam felt like vomiting may be because of the smell. But the oldest guard was in all high.

He held mam by her head and with one push his cock was inside her mouth. Nearly after some 3-4 minutes of pumping her face,the man removed his cock out and with huge moaning he spurted his cum all over her face. Mams eyes were full of cum. The guy said “sorry madam let me clean it”. With this he pissed on her face and asked her to open her mouth. The well built guy finally asked all others to stop and picked rubiya mam.

He dragged her on the floor and splashed water all over her and took her over him and with all gush he pushed his dick inside her ass. I heard him saying that since his wife doesn’t allow him to do this he was dying to do it on some one. I could see the pain in rubiya mam face. She was all red and couldn’t breathe and say a word because of the pain. The other watchmen, the malnourished guy, came and took in charge of her pussy. The other oldest guy asked rubiya mam to lick his ass. Rubiya mam was already in so much pain and couldn’t disagree. The guy pushed his ass all over her face and kept pushing it.

Finally after that he asked the malnourished partner of his to fuck her pussy along with him. And with a go rubiya mam had three dicks inside her. Two in her pussy and one in her ass.

After some 10 minutes of struggle I could hear multiple moaning and groans as each one of them came inside her. The guards got up dressed and recorded rubiya mam all nude. Her body was all red with fingers and teeth marks over her face, neck , boobs ,ass and all over. Her ass who cherry was already popped looked bright red and so was the pussy which has turned very deep red. They all pissed on her and left. As they went I came near mam. I took the water pipe cleaned her and took her inside her room.

Finally the camp was over. Mam left the camp next day as we heard. Man she worked very hard and needed that rest. Mail me your reviews on [email protected]. waiting for your valuable reviews do write.

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