The Train Love – In Presence Of All

This story starts as usual like everyone but end with a sweet end. During the course of my traveling I have AC second class reservation in summer everyone knows India condition. As I boarded the train with my luggage I came near to my birth as everyone knows there is a curtain in every birth I heard a giggle , but I ignored it. As I checked my birth I saw 1 girl sleeping. She was in deep sleep so I without disturbing her placed my bag and went to gate area for smoke.

After around 10 min bogie staff told me that one family seat in RAC so seeing this empty birth she is sleeping here. I never minded as I have also done the same. After two hours I can see one girl with round face long hair and loose T-Shirt and pajama is coming gown from my birth. She went to the washroom and again came and sat on my birth and rolled curtain again. After some time boogie boy went to give new bedroll and he said something to her it was clearly visible from both of their looks they was pointing ad looking towards me.

Girl – Hey! Sorry to disturb you but I am sorry for taking your seat and causing you trouble.

Me- Not an issue, I would also do the same.

We both passed the smile.

Girl- You can take your seat I will check out some other.

Me- ok.

I thought she would share but this didn’t happen. Later a while after 30 min she holds a little baby and tries to search seat and I closed my curtains. After some time as I came down for coke in the station I saw her standing and we both passed a smile. I came inside bogie and still she was standing I approached to her and said,

Me- Hey! Still searching. ?

She got tensed as I said in front of everyone and she was traveling with her bhabhi and little daughter. She explained her situation and then her bhabhi came to normal.

Bhabhi- Thanks for such a support today we can’t see such people.

Me- just we have to look in right place.

Seeing my behavior and bhabhi politeness.

Me- You can come and have a seat I don’t have any problem and waved off.

After a while she came with bhabhi daughter and a charming smile on her face I helped her to climb and rolled over the curtain.

We started chatting and came to know that she was also going to the last station and we have around 10 hours more. She continued the conversation which describes herself in the whole talk I only looked towards her lips and eyes they were carrying universe in it and eyes as black shiny marble with a fair face. She was surreal and boldMe- I like you!!.

She was shocked and looked shocked in 2 hours how can someone decide.

She- Ahh Mmm I don’t know what to say I will take it as a compliment.There was silence between us and only train sound was coming. After some silence baby started crying we thought she might be hungry so she went for a milk bottle. I tried to take the baby in that course my hand touched her melons and she directly looked into my eyes. I thought she might be in anger for such behavior but she without a word went and brought a bottle of milk. I was still holding the baby in my lap and she tried to adjust bottle in baby mouth. Due to bending position, I was clearly seeing white fair melons around 34c size in a black bra. She was slim without any fat. A was enjoying seen and she was unaware of my act. Later a while she realized what I was doing and she adjusted herself.

She- All boys are same.

Me- I am different

She- prove it.Me- Give me chance.

It was round 6:30 pm evening everyone was awake. She took the baby and went to her bhabhi I thought I lost my chance but I was wrong. She came to me and saidShe- you have to take the risk for the chance and went to the washroom.

As she challenged me I got excited and always wanted such kind of girl and went towards washroom and gave a knock. bogie boy saw me and gave a smile and gave 200 rps and said to help me. He went inside taking a sheet in bogie. In second knock she opened the door I went inside and held her strongly. Seeing my harshness she also became harsh and started kissing. We were kissing like hungry dogs as we will never get a chance again. I took off her T-Shirt and started licking her fair skin. Seeing my wild and erotic sensation she also helped and opened her bra. As fair and tight melons were clear and perfect in shape I became mad I started biting. She moaned in painShe- Stop biting and just enjoy.

In meantime, I took out my pants and she started playing with a 7-inch cock I guided her to my balls and she continues to suck she first applied saliva in my dick and took the tip in the mouth making vacuum by mouth. She did it 3- 4 times and played with balls regularly. After some time she took whole in the mouth and do deep throat fucking. I was In heaven and due to the excitement I cummed after 15 min.

She drank all and now it was my turn. I placed her in washbasin and sucked her pussy. I played with devil center for a while which caused excitement in her and she holds my hair tightly as I adjusted myself I was sucking and creating a vacuum for more fun and sensual arousal. She also in excitement came early. Seeing her nude I again wanted to do but she was worried. we both dressed up and exchanged kisses and allowed her to go first. Later a while I came out and that bogie person came and smiled I said him to arrange some alcohol till night dinner and he said ok. As I went to my berth tried to take rest she came.

She- Sorry I went to washroom can I come here?

Me- No issue come.

She was behaving as nothing happened she brought baby with herself and said her bhabhi is sleeping so I have to take care of him. Now she was sitting very close to me and holding baby. While we were talking I placed my hands towards her back and unhooked bra.She- Come on ..we have done recently, do you still ??

Me- Please.

As she we were talking I continues to play with her back and boobs and tries to arouse her I continued to played with her boobs and also enjoyed by playing with my dick. After 2 hours as we expected dinner to come she took baby and I said can we have dinner together. She said she will take permission. After a minute she came with her plate and that waiter gave me mine. As we were going to start dinner bogie boy came with a bag and gave us. I told him to bring small bottle but I was unaware of what he brought.I looked in it and saw to bottle of beer and gave him 1000 rps for help.Me- do you drink?She- never.

Me- please.

The bogie boy came and said again sir take this packet. I thought it will contain some snacks but as I opened in front of her it had condoms. She smiled and looked down and continues to finish dinner.

After all of it I thought I have to dink in my own . as I was going to open bag her bhabhi came

Bhabhi- Sorry for problem but can my nanad sleep here as we have lack of space.I don’t know what to say I just said yes and thought to be in heaven I started thinking and all which caused erection.She – can I??

Taking permission as nothing had happened and getting ready for more pleasure ….to be continuedPlease response and in next part it will be how we both enjoyed…ASAP…. [email protected].Any girl interested to share feeling or talk or to share desire can feel open to talk.

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