The Ultimate Incest- Part 2

This is Yash(from Rourkela, Odisha) again with the second part of “The Ultimate Incest”. First of all, I want to thank everyone who read the first part of the story and gave feedback. Many of you requested that I write the second part as soon as possible. So, here it is. Enjoy and don’t forget to send feedback at [email protected].

Me and my mother watched the movie and came back home. She had already given me a blowjob in the bathroom there. I was so horny. My dick was tight all the way back. My mother’s nipples were also perking through her blouse. We played a little in the car. She was driving and I was sitting beside her. I asked her to drive slow so that we could have a little fun. It was night so there was not much traffic on the road. I looked at her, she looked at me, we both smiled. The smiles were telling us how badly we wanted each other. She was wearing a red sari. I put my hand on her thigh. She didn’t react and kept looking at the road.

Then I slowly moved my hand to her ankles and started pulling her sari up. She was startled and naughtily said what you are doing to your mother. I said, “I am doing what my mother wants me to do. Shouldn’t I.” She laughed and I continued to pull her sari until it was above her knee level. Now I put my hand on inside her sari and touched her bare thigh. I could feel a little shiver when I touched her. I stopped for a moment so that she could get comfortable and then started caressing the thigh. I was doing it very slowly feeling all the way up and then down. She was enjoying it. Her heartbeat was a little faster and she was driving the car very slowly.

I kept on doing that for a while and then put my hand on her pussy. It was wet, too wet. I said, “mom, your pussy is all wet, you like what I am doing.”. It all due to your sensual touching. My pussy wants you. She smiled naughtily .I was so in the mood that I wanted to fuck her then and there. I dipped my two fingers inside her pussy. It was so soft and hot. It was wet all over. I also tried to undo her blouse and then bra but she didn’t allow as someone on the road could see her bare breasts. Even then I kept on squeezing those round and soft boobs with my other hand.

She didn’t say anything to that. I increased my fingering speed and finger fucked her for 10-12 minutes until she came. “I am coming hard Yash”, she said when she was about to come. I kept on fingering and she came all over my hand with a slight and sexy moan. Her sari and panty got wet. I said,”mom your clothes are all wet”. “What did you think will happen when you will finger your mom like that. You have made them wet,now you will have to change them at home. ” I was on the seventh sky when mom said these words. I was already imagining removing my mom’s panty and bra and seeing her fully naked for the first time.

After few more minutes of drive, we reached home. She adjusted her clothes. I opened the car door on her side and extended my hand to her. She grabbed it and came out of the car. We were walking toward the main gate of our house holding hands. All the way I was touching and squeezing her ass which she was definitely enjoying. We came inside and I locked the gate. I tried to kiss my mom but she said, “Be patient, I am not going anywhere. I am all yours from now on”. We both went to bathroom together to freshen up. After that, She asked me to sit on the couch and wait. I was anxiously waiting for my dick hard as rock. She then came out with two pair of bra and panty in her hands and asked me to choose one. I chose the back one. She then removed her sari and blouse.

Now she was just in her bra and panty. I was just staring at her boobs and her flat tummy. She looked so hot. She then asked me to help remove her bra and panty. I got up, moved behind her back and grabbed her boobs. Those big lusty things always drove me crazy. I caressed them a little and then I unhooked the bra and let it fall on the ground. I moved in front to see the boobs that fed me when I was small. They are round, shaped like a ball with dark black nipples on them. I could just suck them all day long. But right now I had one more love spot to uncover my mother’s pussy. I got on my knees, looked her in the eyes and put my hands on her panty string. Then I slid my hands inside to feel her ass.

A women’s ass is like a cotton ball wrapped tightly. Its looks hard but when you touch it, it starts moving around like a fluid. I grabbed her both ass cheeks and squished them. She let out a slight moan. At the same time smell of her pussy was overwhelming. I slid my hand to the front and put them on her pussy. She got a little startled. It was already wet so I wiped it a little. After fingering her a little I removed her panty. There she was, my mother, naked in front me, ready to be sucked and fucked by her son. I helped her to get into black bra and panty. She was looking gorgeous. I think women look sexier in bra and panty than naked.She wore her sari again and went to the kitchen to get the takeout food we had baught. We sat beside each other and stated eating. “How are you gonna fuck your mother, which is your favourite position”, she asked.

“Whatever my mother likes, by the way doggy is my favourite and I am gonna fuck you like a dog.” “Well, I have no problem being fucked like a bitch, I wanna be your bitch forever”, she said. She also told me how sex starved she is and it a relief that she did not have to go to anyone else for sex.

We eat and now it was the time for the sex. She was doing the dishes. I stood behind her. My hard dick was touching her ass crack. I puled her sari up and put my hands on her ass. I felt her ass and pussy while she cleaned dishes. After she was done she turned toward me and put her lips on my lips. We hadn’t kissed yet. This was the first time. Her lips were so soft. We were kissing gently. Her hands were on my shoulders and I was clutching her ass. She had her eyes closed while kissing. We would kiss a little then see each other in the eyes and smile. After a while, our gentle kissing turned into smooching. Our tongues were wrestling, we were biting each other’s lips. We were fighting for breadth, our hearts were racing and everything was so heated up. We were getting out of control, things in the kitchen were falling down but we didn’t care.

We kept on. Then she suddenly broke the kiss and said, let’s go to the bedroom. But I didn’t want to stop kissing, so I grabbed her by the ass and wrapped her legs around my back. We were kissing again. I carried us to the bedroom and threw her on the bed. I hurriedly removed my pants and t-shirt. She removed her sari. I asked to keep the bra and panties on. Till now I was doing things to my mother, now it was her turn.

She got up, put her hands around my waist and looked at my dick. I was obviously hard and my dick was bulging in the underwear. She slowly removed jockey and there it was. My big thick dick. She stared at it for a while and then put her both hands on it. She was moving her hands up and down in a way that made me feel like I was coming. She will take her hand from the base of my dick to the top. Then she will perform short jerking motions on the top and again slide to the base.

“Mom, you are very good at this”.

“Wait till I suck it, your mom is no lesser slut”.I loved when she talked like that. She was an expert of dirty humor. Her one-liners would make you cum even harder.

Now she touched her lips on my dick head. A shiver ran through me. She grasped it with her soft lips and ran her tongue on it. There is no better feeling than getting your ick sucked and that too by your mom. She pushed her mouth o the dick. She will take it all in, keep it for a moment and then slowly bring it out. While doing that she will make an ‘O’ around it with her lips and lick with her tongue. She was a pro. My eyes were closed and she was sucking my dick like a whore. Quick to and fro motions. I was about to cum so I told her. She said to come in her mouth.

She liked the taste of cum. After a good five minute sucking and licking, I released a butt load of cum in her mouth. She drank it all. I was surprised to see her drink it like they do in porn movies. She didn’t waste a single drop. I was in heaven. My dick was shrinking but it was still in my mom’s mouth.“Mom, you sucked my dick dry”

“Well, what moms are for. I am glad I could make my son happy. But now mama needs a little pleasure”.“Should I suck your pussy?”

“No, l can not control anymore, let have a little fuck first. I want my son’s dick inside me. I have waited long enough.”

After few minutes my dick was hard again. It was ready to ram my mom’s vagina. I removed her panty and positioned my dick in front of her pussy. I rubbed my dick on her pussy a few times and then gave it a push. Her pussy was quite tight. May be because she hasn’t had sex for years. My dick was half inside her. She was biting her lips. I gave one more push and it went all in. A short scream came out her mouth, “Mar dala beta”. I stayed in that position for a while and then starts fucking. She was screaming. It was real loud. I was afraid that she was getting hurt.

“Mom, I m hurting you”“No my son, you are giving your mother a lot of joy. Don’t stop, go on.”That was my queue, I increased my speed. She was supporting it by lifting her back whenever I would thrust in. We fucked for about five minutes. We both were out of breadth and sweaty. I came inside her. Her pussy was leaking cum. There was satisfactory lool in her eyes.“Mom, did I fuck you good.”

“You did son. Your mom’s pussy is very happy. But she wants more. She is still not satisfied.”

“I will never leave her unsatisfied, give me few minute and I will ram her again.”

She was laughing and saying, that’s my son. We both went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. Then we got some snacks and again went to bed No one was wearing any clothes.

“Mom, I want to suck the boobs I sucked when I was little”“Go on, they are all yours.”

I came on top of her and put my mouth on her left boob. It was so soft. I bit her nipple, she moaned a little. I sucked as much of her boob as I could in my mouth. I liked the taste. It was a little like cream with the same softness. Now it was the turn of her right boob. I sucked that dry too. Her boobs were all red and nipples hard.After boob suck, I kissed and licked her belly area and slowly came down. I was at the gates of her pussy. This time I didn’t ask. I put my hand on her pussy and caressed it a little bit. She was moaning. Ahh, Ahhh beta. Now my two fingers were inside her. I was finger fucking her. She was very wet. My fingers were just sliding in and out of her pussy. After a while, she came on my fingers. They were covered with cum. I cleaned my hand and her pussy with a cloth.

Now it was time for some pussy sucking. I came down on her pussy and put my mouth on it without warning. She got a little startled. She adjusted herself and put her hand on my head. She closed her eyes and I put my tongue inside her pussy, out, in and out again.

AAAAhhhh. Mmhhhh go on baby….As we say in Hindi she was mast by now. I was tongue fucking her. At times I will also lick her clitoris. She liked that very much. Yaa baby yaa..thats it…do it…do it. I licked her for about 10 minutes.

“Mom, how was it.”“Great beta, great. Your father did not like t suck pussy. But you are good at it. I enjoyed so much. Now you will have to suck it daily”“I will mother. I will keep it dry”

We both laughed.

After a little talking, we fucked in doggy style, feet on the shoulders and from behind position. We fucked three-time that night. I will describe that in my next part.

Hope you enjoy the story. My mail is [email protected]. Please send feedback. If any girl in Odisha wants to have some fun with me, just mail me and I will be in touch.

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