The Ultimate Makeout Part – 4

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Sorry I had to leave the earlier part in between.Thanks for your responses and love. Keep supporting. There’s lot more to come which includes fantasies, love makeouts, drunk sex and lot other.

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Now, coming back to story.

Arun, who had dominated Kara and Tara (his long time crush), was now awestruck.

Animal inside Tara had awakened. She was now acting like a sex starved animal and drinks she had sometime back were now making her loose all conscience and hesitation she had. She had gone wild and was fingering Arun’s ass and making him feel pain, though Arun on other hand was experiencing pain but the thought that his crush is the one who’s doing it, was oddly satisfying for him.

Kara on the other hand, had now started to come to senses but was extremely horny as well. She was feeling pain in her ass and when she stood up, she noticed that her legs were now spread a little because of earlier sessions in her ass.

She too walked to Tara and they had a nice long smooch. Tara didn’t take out his fingers from Arun’s ass, but Kara was fingering her while smooching which was making her go weak in her legs.

Once they were done with the smooch, Kara murmered something in Tara’s ear and went out. She returned back with a set of clothes. Arun was thinking what next ? He wasn’t even close in terms of though as to what turn this long session is gonna take.

Kara came towards Arun who was now exhausted. Tara was holding his hands now while Kara was tying them with the clothes she brought. Once hands were tied, they tied his legs together. They had decided that now, they’ll make him their pet. Or rather a sex pet.

After tying him, they left him there and started feeling each other. Arun was tired and fell asleep. Meanwhile, Tara and Kara were now kissing each other wildly. Kara moved to her knees and started licking Tara. Tara was going crazy and was pushing Kara onto her vagina. Kara was too enjoying this a lot.

In around 10 minutes, Tara was squirted (yes, she squirted).Then she did the same to Kara who also had now turned into a sex hungry bitch.

Once they both were over, they talked about lots of stuff they would like to do with Arun. They thought that since Arun knows about them, they can’t leave him without having any leverage on him.

Arun was asleep till now. He woke up when he felt some hot liquid being poured on his mouth. he was thirsty and was also drinking some of it in his sleepiness and realized that it smelt awful. He opened his eyes to see Kara pissing on his face. He tried to move his face way but Tara came and was now holding his face right under Kara’s pussy.

Once she was over, Tara did the same with Arun.

They both had also set up a camera to record this so that they can blackmail Arun later. The camera was smartly placed wherein only Arun’s face, a pussy urinating on it was in frame.

Once the peeing session was over, they shut the camera off.Now , they both decided to make him eat their pussies. Tara sat on his face with her pussy over his mouth and forced him to lick it. Arun would have had no issues if the pussy hadn’t just now let out a urine stream. It smelt of the same but he had no other choice. Tara was enjoying it. Arun, though was not in mood, was doing a decent job, He was licking the pussy initially but later on inserted his tongue inside Tara and had now started enjoying as well. After around 10 minutes, he started sucking her pussy which made Tara go crazy. she was rising up and down in ecstasy.

Kara on other hand, was first fingering herself but decided to tease Arun. She got some rubber bands and tied them around Arun’s cock. he felt pain and Kara decided to suck him.

The rubber band wasn’t allwoing him to release his load while Kara was sucking and Kara’s sucking was making his desire to release even more. He was too distressed now. When he opened his mouth to shout to let out his moans, Tara once again sat on his mouth with her ass on top.

Arun, was now completely under their control and had no strength to resist. when Tara used to rise a bit, he would beg for bands to be removed.

Kara was enjoying that. A little bit of urine had started flowing from his rubber band tied cock.

Tara was making him eat her ass. Kara now, all of a sudden pulled the rubber bands and Arun fired a long shot of piss which drenched Kara. It made her angry and while Tara was on top of Arun face, Kara started slapping his balls. He was in immense pain but had no option.

After slapping his balls, Kara now moved to his face and Tara started sucking his cock. She made him hard again while Kara was enjoying her boobs being sucked by Arun. Arun was trying hard to make Kara cum so that she gets up and he tries for his last shot at freedom. He sucked her boobs, bit them at multiple places, sucked her nipples hard and Kara was feeling very hot. She came and collapsed on Arun.Tara on other hand, was sitting on Arun’s cock with her pussy and was riding him like mad girl.

She was also fingering Kara who was exhausted and lying in front of her.

Three persons, who had never thought of such wild sex, were now in middle of it and were enjoying it.

Tara was about to cum and run realised it. Tara came and collapsed on Arun’s body. Arun also released a load of cum and was now again too tired and slept in that position.

Around 4 hours later, Tara woke up, saw that Arun’s cock was semi erect and decided to suck it off. Arun woke up when Tara was sucking was now making lot’s of noises.

He started sucking Kara’s boobs and woke her up with a sharp bite on her nipples.

After they all cummed, girls released him.They had a small sex session while taking bath.

After the bath, they all sat nude and discussed about that all happened and how they all enjoyed. Arun confessed to Tara about his love and crush for her boobs.

Tara also confessed to him that she liked her but being a bi-sexual, should was not willing to let him know.

But now, they all were in open relationship. They now fuck each other whenever they want to.

They have grwon fond of threesome and are looking for new female partners to join the group as sometimes, when Arun and Tara are busy, Kara feels left out and when Tara and Kara are in middle of their session, Arun feels left out.

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This is me signing off with the last part of the story. Hope you all enjoyed the long story.

Any girl or aunty who likes to be dominated, can mail me at [email protected]

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