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Hi guys, the story goes around me and my hot 28 yr old cousin sister, who can impress anyone in the world with her blissful ass and light brown nipples. Well let me tell you about myself first, I am a 23yr old guy with fair complexion, lean looks and an ultra satisfying 6.5″ dick. I have had sexual intercourse with women of different ages, and have satisfied them all.

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Okay, so coming to the story with my hot lusty sister prachi(name changed), this is the time since my childhood when I used to deliberately touch her boobs (and no one had a doubt since I was a kid) whenever I went to her home with my parents. Even she enjoyed all that, and that was told to me at a later stage.

So a couple of months back, I went to her home on a casual weekend, and just after reaching, I was sitting with my mami when she received a call from mama’s business partner (omg I forgot to mention, my mama is a very rich businessman, and my sister is kind of a page 3 woman). They spoke for a couple of minutes after which my mami was in a hurry as there was some problem in one of their factories. Mama was out of the country, and his friend was coming to pick her up, while going she told she would be there on monday, and asked me to be with my sister (aka the sex goddess). I was very happy to know about it, and I splurged with joy from inside on hearing it.

My sister (prachi) was in her tight shorts, and a sleeveless tee, and we were sitting in the drawing room, discussing about our love lives. She recently broke up with her boyfriend, as he was caught cheating on her. She was asking why men are like this, when I tried consoling her.

Prachi is a very practical girl, who lives life up to the fullest, and does not have any hesitations. We then planned to spend the night with beer and ordered the food from outside.

After we brought the beer and ordered the food, the whole time I was thinking as how to approach her for what I wanted, as I could not resist the touch and feel of her big milky boobs, and lick her clean shaved legs with not even a single hair. Then fortunately came my most desired moment, when she was having a bath and forgot to take the towel inside. I was waiting just outside with her towel, and when she asked for it, I noticed her eyes were closed as she had soap in them, and taking advantage of the moment I sneaked inside after giving her the towel.

I took a snapshot and came outside. She is a real sex goddess. What assets she has, I have never seen even in porn. Blonde hair, the sexiest figure, pure white and curvy figure, wow it was the most awesome moment of my life. I was looking at her picture when she came outside, and I think she saw me looking at her pic, but didnt respond. Again she was in her panty sized tight shorts with a very deep and thin t shirt, I could easily see she was bra less. My cock was getting tighter every moment, and she could sense it, as even I was without underwear.

We started off well with the drinks, by the moment we had completed 2 bottles of beer, she went to the kitchen and called me for help to grab a box of namkeen from a pretty decent heighted shelf (as I am a 6 ft), and as I was doing that, my tee got up and I noticed her observing my pubic hair. I rlly got turned up at that moment and realized even she was getting hornier as every moment passed.

Then I passed her the box, and came to the room. She followed me. Now again we were sitting and both were taking an eye off at each others assets. I couldnt control and started talking about game of thrones characters jaime and cersei (for those who dont know about it, jaime are cerseri are two royal and real brother and sister, who love each other sexually and keep fucking each other in the show).

She got an idea about where I was going, and then she asked me what do you think is it right? I said of course, if both people have developed the urged to getting into a physical relationship, whats wrong?

They both want to satisfy each other, thats a good thing, and while saying this with a glass of beer in my hand, I went closer to her, and put my hand on her thighs very softly (she is a sex bomb, very very hot) and told her.. Okay you tell.. If you feel happy by whatever I am doing? You feel good? Or have any problem? She said yes .. I mean no.. Umm.. Yea.. She was not able to say yes directly, so I asked her can I show you something you have been trying to observe for so long, and while saying this, I undressed my shorts.. She was amazed to see my cock, and without saying anything she pushed me towards the ground, and straightaway came over me.

That was the moment that can never be replaced in my entire life, it was so good.. Her lips.. Her touch.. Her hands.. Her hair.. Her passion.. Everything was so energetic and romantic, after a 10min smooch, she went down and started sucking my dick. She was moaning and what a magical tongue she has, she made me cum inside her mouth in the next 7-8min. It was going entirely magical and were the best moments.

Then in about 15min till I got ready again, we had another bottle of beer. This time, we poured our entire bottles from each others mouths into us. It was getting damn hot.

Then after that, she brought the chocolate sauce and spread it all over her body along with her pussy, and then I licked it all completely. She was really at her horniest pace that night.

Then after that we had the most enjoyable two nights and two days, we just had sex, food and didnt even sleep for a single minute.

Still whenever we meet, I always cum inside her after having sex, which now mostly happens either in car, or oyo rooms.

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