There’s Something About My Mom Seetha

“Karthik… Karthik… hurry up da kanna, get ready, we are getting late, your dad is once again caught up in his usual office meeting and he can’t bring his car. I guess we have to take an auto for the wedding reception,” My mom said in a foiled tone knocking my room door. “Sure mom, in 5 minutes” I said. I jumped from my bed immediately closing my laptop, in which I was watching my mom’s one particular college photo where she was in her tight red chudi, and she was lifted by her ex boyfriend, and his right hand went directly on top of her pussy from behind and his left hand grabbing her hips; and had opened her mouth in utter shock, while her other female friends were laughing. She has kept this picture in her diary as a remember of her ex boyfriend. I was watching that picture and masturbating. Ours is a small and happy family, a happily settle upper middle class family. We live in Bangalore. I am the only son to my parents. I am 18 and I look way younger than that, since I am not that tall, class room first bencher. My dad is a General Manager in a reputed back.

My mom, Seetha is a 34-year-old housewife, she spends most of her time at home and shopping. She always wears Saree when she goes out and when at home she wears nighties. My mom is 5.4 tall, she is bit on the heavier side, but in a very good shape. My mom resembles actress Sukanya, you can guess how hot she could be. She has got an amazing pair of lips, I masturbate a zillion time whenever I get kisses from her on my cheeks or forehead. I swear no one can resist her lips. I remember one incident when there was a half yearly parents-teachers meeting in our school. I did not score well at Math, I was pretty weak in that. I took my mom to the meeting, I thought my maths sir would bash me up in front of my mom for failing in Math.

When I went to meet him in along with mom in his room, he was awestruck. Looking at my mom’s lips he said, “please take your seat madam.” My mom sat on the chair, and I was standing next to her. He started his long lecture, Karthik is weak in Math, he is not answering questions, blah.. blah.. blah. The entire time he was talking looking at my mom’s lips.

He woke up saying something and came behind my mom who was sitting, my mom turned to look at him, he slowly bent down and placed a smooch on my mom’s lips. “What is this Sir ? what are your doing ?” she yelped. Madam, “I just could not resist your lips, if I get a kiss from you, I will surely make Karthik pass with good marks,” said the maths teacher. My mom just stood up from the chair, and put her left hand behind Math’s sir head, pulled him close to her and started kissing him, he was restless and started kissing my mom and eating her lips.

While his lips were still kissing my mom, he saw my papers on the table, pulled out his pen and put a 9 next to my marks that was 6, and made my marks 96. She broke the kiss and smiled at him. He said “Thank you madam,” and smiled. The attender knocked the door, and we had to leave, maths sir came to open the door and see us leave, at the last moment, he knelt in front of mom, held her hips, turn mom towards him and kissed my mom’s navel. I was shocked. My mom sucked some air and bit her lower lips. I immediately opened the door latch before things could be worse.

Me and my mom left the place and came back home. As soon as we reached home, I pounced on her like a Tiger cub pouncing on its mom Tigress, and started kissing my mom all over her face saying “Thank you mom, thank you so much, thank you so much.. now I have passed in Math, all because of you. You are the best mom in the whole world,” and continued kissing. She help my both cheeks, looking straight at my eyes, pinching my cheeks and biting her teeth she said “Anything for my baby.” I smiled at her and a gave a peck on her cheeks once again. “You are not telling this to Daddy okay?” he said. Never mom I said and smiled. Since I am her only son, she is very close to me and loves me more. She takes me everywhere she goes.

Today’s wedding was very special to her, as all of her friends are married expect one, and he is getting married today. Mom is a very close to her friends, she has a bunch of 7 friends, 3 female and 4 male, and all the 7 of them are very close to each other. I quickly took my shower and wrapped my towel around to check on my mom. Her bed room door was half open, I went slowly peeked her room, she had already took bath, and was in her maroon panties and was putting her hands back to hook her bra from behind. What a sight it was, my mom was standing just in her black bra and maroon panties, was looking like a sex goddess, I instantly got a hard on.

I pulled out my dick from my towel and started stroking it. My mom picked up the perfume from the dressing table and she accidentally dropped it on the floor, she bent down to pick up the perfume, when she did that her soft maroon panties went and got caught in her ass crack. What a sight it was, her ass looked like it was inviting me to barge in and start eating it. She carefully took out her dark green petticoat, and secured to her hip below her navel tight. She wore her green Saree with golden borders, and matching designer blouse.

I heard a knock on out door, my mom turned towards the door. I immediately fled to my room and quickly wore my pant and t-shirt and came out my room. My mom went to answer the door, when the opened up, it was my Maths sir. He smiled at my mom, my invited him in. “Madam, I came here to invite you personally for our school cultural day,” he said. “Sure sir, now we are already late for…..” before mom could finish her sentence, he grabbed by my mom’s waist and hugged her and started kissing her lips. She sucked his lips in surprise, but started responding to his kissing, she started kissing his lips back. I was in no mood to control wanking, I was watching my mom being kissed by my Maths teacher in my own house.

She broke the kiss for a moment to say “we are getting late for a wedding reception, sir.” He did not listen to her, he looked straight into her eyes and planted another kiss on her lips. My mom started kissing back, she closed her eyes, put her arms around his shoulder and started kissing him. He moved his hand from my mom’s waist placed right on her ass and started caressing it.

My mom was shaking her ass uncomfortably, she tried to break the kiss, but he bit my mom’s lower lips making her unable to take her lips off from kissing. His right hand became more busy, he was digging my mom’s pussy from behind over the Saree. My mom was moaning, and I could not hold it any longer, my wanking intensified, the moment she decided to kiss him back to stop her moans escaping from the lips, I was at my climax. When my mom started kissing him back, with her eyes closed, I came all over the floor. Before things could land up to worse, I put my dick inside, opened the door and called out for mom. She immediately parted her lips off his lips and he took his hands off my mom’s bottom. She wiped her lips off his saliva, and saying “Kathik, hurry up, we are leaving..” she left to her room. She pulled her Saree out from her ass which was tugged inside by Math sir.

Math sir came to me and said “Karthik.. I will do anything for you, I will listen to whatever you say. I want to make love with your mom, you must help me. Please,” he pleaded. “She is my mom sir, how can I?” I said. He had a huge boner, “Please Karthik.. please help me with this,” rubbing his dick he begged. “Sir, I need some time to think about it,” I said. “Please Karthik, you can ask me any favor you want, I will do it for you.. please..” he looked toodesperatee. My math sir who used to punish me at school is not begging me, all because of my lovely mom. I was so proud of myself and my mom. “You are in charge of the culturals right?”, I asked. “Yes yes yes.. you want any favor at the culturals ?, I will do it for you Karthik. I have the authority over the entire cultural event,” he said.

My mom got dressed and came out, and this guy was ogling at my mom. My mom did not look at him, she came towards me and said “How do I look ?” Before I could respond Maths sir said “You are looking stunning madam, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” My mom noticed his boner, and looked at him and said “Thank you Sir.” His right hand was inside his pocking, perhaps he could be rubbing his cock from inside, he said “Don’t call me ‘Sir’ it makes me feel very odd, call me Kumar.” My mom smiled, and I put my arm around her shoulder and said “This is my beautiful mom, I am so proud of her (planting a kiss on her right cheek), she will do anything for me sir. I love her so much.” I said and planted a kiss on my mom’s lips and looked at him.

He was shocked to see this, my mom did not mind that. “I love you too Karthik,” she said and kissed me on my forehead. “Madam… may I use your rest room?” he inquired. “Just go to the bedroom towards the right,” she said. I could easily guess that he wanted to jerk off thinking about the whole incident. “Idiot, why did you kiss me on my lips in front of him, you would have ruined my lipstick” she asked smiling and wiping the little lipstick which was on my lips “When some dog which is inside the loo can kiss my mom, why can’t I kiss my mom’s beautiful lips?” I asked smiling. She was smiling and busy wiping her lipstick off my lips and said “You saw him kissing me ?.” Saying “here goes another kiss on my mom’s lips”

I took my lips towards her. She sucked her lips inside, and was smiling and nodding “NO” I was still trying to kiss her lips, she was laughing and running around the sofa. I was trying to catch her, “Karthik, you are going to ruin my lipstick,” she said running. “Just one kiss mom, only one,” I pleaded following her. “No .. No…” she said laughing. I caught her pallu which she had securely pinned it to her blouse. She stopped running to save her expensive designer blouse which easily tear if she runs further. I grabbed her waist and said “Just one kiss mom,” she sucked her lips again closing her mouth.

I went to kiss on it, she opened her mouth and said “No Karthik.. not on the lips .. you will ruin my lipstick,” she smilingly pleaded. “I love your lips mom, I want to kiss it desperately,” I pleaded making a sorry face. “Alright… kiss me wherever you want, but not on the lips now. Kiss on my lips later okay?” she said closing her eyes and bringing her left cheek towards me. I had other plans in my mind. I spared her lips for later. I quickly bent down, grabbed her ass and started kissing her exposed navel. He was moaning, and grabbed my hairs, and I was busy mauling her ass.

I started licking her navel and thrusting my tongue inside her navel. She saw Maths sir coming out of the bathroom, she pulled me up to stop my navel and ass attack. I stood up and hugged my mom, and turned my head to see his eyes popping out watching us. I kissed my mom’s left cheek which she offered to kiss moments ago. Breaking our hug “Alright, we are getting late, now lets go, Sir… sorry sorry.. Kumar …, my friends are waiting for me and am already late, so please forgive me,” she said. He left our house, and we left for the wedding reception.

We went to the Auto stand, and we were waiting for the Auto. We tried to stop many autos, but nobody cared to stop. Either the Auto drivers said No, or charged more money. My mom is very strict when it comes to spending money, she hates people who cheat us especially the local Auto drivers, traffic cop, plumbers, carpenters etc. The wedding reception hall was in the outskirts of Bangalore, it would take more than an hour to travel in this traffic. We were getting late for the wedding and my mom was getting restless, all out attempts to stop the auto were in vain.

Suddenly I had an idea, I went near my mom and looked at her boobs, “Hey what are you looking at ?” she asked. “Wait” I said and held her pallu portion which was covering her right boob and adjusted in such a way that it revealed my mom’s designer blouse covering right boob. Her blouse made her nipples look erect like a cone, as if it was tearing the blouse. I asked her to wave her hand to stop the Auto now. There was an auto coming, which looked empty with no passengers in it.

My mom turned towards me and said “Karthik, he is slowing down, we must not miss this auto any cost, I am way too late for the wedding.” I blew a flying kiss at my mom. The auto slowed down. “Karthik, it worked da. My mom was so desperate to not to miss the auto, she went on the road and almost blocked the auto from moving any further. The auto driver saw my mom with her pallu drifted aside, was unable to look at her eyes and talk. “Take us to Ganganagar” she said. “Madam, I have a mattress here , (pointing to the mattress which was kept on the floor of the auto) which are new, I have to deliver it to the customer and you cannot rest you feet on them. If you want to take a ride with me now, the only option you have is to squat on the seat” he said.

The only thing that was going on in her mind was to reach the wedding reception area as early as possible. She said “Okay no problem, Karthik get in.” I carefully placed my foot on the edge of the auto and tried hard to get in, the driver who was tall and built, shouting “careful.. careful..the mattress shop owner will kill me even if there is a single scratch on it” he came towards me and lifted me and made me squat on the seat. He sounded very rude, he almost frightened me, my mom looked terrified too.

It was her turn now, she was clueless about how to get inside. In the pretext of helping my mom get inside, he put his arms around her hips and hugged her and lifted her. My mom was in utter shock, and become she could react, he bent and placed my mom’s upper body on the auto seat with her head resting on my lap. She was gripping the auto rod with one hand and back seat with other hand. “Madam… Madam.. .careful .. the mattress..” he said in a squalling tone. My mom panicked, and checked on the mattress to see if she is touching it. He slowly moved my mom inside by pushing her gently.

He placed his hands under my mom buttocks and tried it lift her and push her in. We thought it will get over soon, but he had other plans in his mind. He was squeezing my moms buttocks and feeling it up completely. Saying “slowly madam.. slowly..” he was still squeezing my mom buttocks, and my mom was wiggling her ass uncontrollably in discomfort. To free her ass from being mauled by the auto driver, she gripped the auto grill behind the driver’s seat with her right hand, and the passenger seat with the left hand, she tried to pulled herself inside. He grip from her buttocks loosened and his grip went directly on her ankles. In a bleak moment, her left hand which was on the seat slipped and she lost control and dragged herself right over the rolled mattress.

Since he was holding both her ankles, due to the height, her Saree along with her petticoat bunched up till her thighs. He started yelling at my mom “Oh my god, madam… I told you not to touch the mattress, now you are sleeping over it. “Sorry” she uttered. In a swift motion, holding her ankles, he tried to pull my mom out, she had no time to respond.

When did that, her Saree along with her petticoat rode up exposing her wet maroon panties. I got an instant hand on, when I saw my mom exposing her panties to the Auto driver. To cover up her wet panties, she tried to turn around, and ended up in kneeling on the passenger seat taking my shoulders for support and not touching the mattress to avoid getting yelled at by the driver. Her Saree was bunched up and she was giving the auto driver the view of his life time, her ass covered with her maroon panties was facing the driver. Saying “Sit down madam,” he directly placed his right hand inside her panties from behind.

In a sudden shock, she squatted on the seat with his hand inside her panties. “Uuuuoooooohhh..!” she sighed. “Madam.. please move, my finger is stuck inside your panties…” he said. I could not believe that some auto driver’s finger was right inside my mom’s vagina, and my mom was not doing anything about it. She tried to lift her buttocks, the auto diver inserted his finger even more, sending shocks to my mom. She was moaning, and I was dying to pull out my dick and start fucking my mom. My mom regained suddenly, pulled his hand out, and squatted on the seat and ordered the driver to go fast.

He smiled at my mom and licked his finger which went inside my mom’s pussy. She was blushing. He started the auto and started moving. “Madam, you are beautiful Madam,” he said. My mom did not respond. She started blushing when he saw my mom in the rear view mirror. He started the conversation;

Auto driver: “Madam…”

Mom: Haan..”

Auto driver: “Sorry for making you sit so uncomfortably madam.”

Mom: Thats okay. We were getting late for the wedding, you were the only auto driver who stopped and none of the others stopped. Thank you for that.

Auto driver: You are welcome madam. Actually, when I was on the way, I saw an Angel which appeared in front of me and I was in a complete shock, I slowed down my auto to see it was real. I pinched my hand to see if it was a dream, but it was reality.

Mom: Really? Where ? she asked smiling looking at his eyes in the mirror.

Auto driver: She was clad in a green Saree, with a stunning smile on her lips, almost pleading to take her with me.

Mom: Haan haan… (encouraging to describe her further)

Auto driver: Her beautiful bosoms were like heaven, especially her right bosom on which her Saree had drifted exposing her blouse covered bosom. I wish someone could bury me right between that Angel’s bosoms.

(I was getting turned on. I saw my mom’s right boob which was still uncovered by Saree, and placed my hand there. She slapped my hand away and gave a confused look)

Mom: Angel haan ? (She inquired smiling)

Auto driver: She had an amazingly curvy hips, like gulab jamun madam, my knees were forcing me to kneel and bite her hips and taste them.

Mom: Oh no.. it would hurt.

Auto driver: I took my angel in embrace and felt the holiness of her body. I hugged her and it was heaven.

Mom: You scared your angel, you know that ? (she said smiling)

Auto driver: Ha ha ha .. I hope she forgives me for that.

Mom: Hmm….Maybe she forgave you.

Auto driver: I placed her on the mattress in my Auto. Her Saree rode up revealing her thunder thighs. I pulled her out slightly, her Saree rode further up revealing her maroon panties.

Mom: Maybe you should not have seen her panties.

Auto driver: I tried to control myself, but my angel knelt down and made her beautiful buttocks face me, and invited me to feel it. I did, I placed my hand and felt her softness of her buttocks over her panties.

Mom: No .. no.. no.. Stop.. (Looking at the mirror blushing)

Auto driver: I inserted my hand through the right ass cheek, inside her panties, and directly inserted my middle finger right inside her pussy.

Mom: No .. no .. no ..(She was blushing and covered her face in shame.

Auto driver: She placed her ass on my hand and my middle finger went deeper inside her pussy and her juices were flowing all over my finger. She was enjoying it.

Mom: No.. She did not enjoy that. (She said and covered her face)

Auto driver: She pulled my finger out of her pussy before she could cum all over my hand. I sucked her juices like butter. Wow… what a taste it was.

Mom: Uuuuuuh.. no..! Our stop has come. Stop behind that Big Banyan tree in the corner. Tell me how much it is ?

Auto driver: Madam, you are already late, do you want me to wait for you to drop you home ?

Mom: No.. thats okay. How much is the meter ? I cant see, it too dark over here.

Auto driver: One.

Mom: One ? what do you mean one ? One hundred rupees ?

Auto driver: (Getting down from the auto) Just one thing madam ?

I was hoping that he would ask for a kiss. But, he had other things in mind.

Auto driver: Madam, I don’t want your money.

Mom: Then ? … what do you want ?

Auto driver: I want your maroon panties Madam.

Mom: NO.. No way..!!

Auto driver: I want to keep it as my angel’s remembrance Madam.

Mom: Are you kidding .. NO…

He straight away bent inside the auto and went to kiss my mom on her lips, she was laughing. Hey my lipstick will get spoiled. He hugged my mom and started kissing all over her neck.

Mom: (still laughing) stop .. stop…

He went to her navel and started licking and sucking it. My mom was feeling ticklish.

Mom: Okay okay.. stop stop… I will give you my panties.

My mom looking at him with a wicked smiled put her hands inside her Saree, her Saree was raising up. He head was on my lap, and her body was on the mattress. She grabbed her panties. “This is too much.. you don’t even know me, yet you are asking my panties,” she said with a wicked smile. “You are my Angel, and thats all I know, and you made this day very special, and I will never forget this day for the rest of my life,” he said.

My mom seemed happy to have made special by the auto driver. She pulled her panties till her knees, and struggled to pull her panties down. What a sight it was for me, my mom is removing her inner wear for some stranger completely ignoring my presence. The auto driver was stroking his dick over his khaki pant, and my mom saw that and was blushing.

The auto driver lost his control, he straight away put his hand on my mom’s pussy. My mom was in a complete shock, she wanted to make it quick, she wanted to pull her panties and give it to him and go for the wedding, but this guy placing his hand on her pussy started rubbing it, he was rubbing so hard that the Auto was shaking completely. He inserted his middle finger, and started finger fucking my mom, ”…. no please .. not now.. I am getting late.” He was in no mood to listen, and I was in no mood to control my erection. I pulled out my dick from my pant and started stroking it. My mom saw my cock in a complete shock. The auto driver was stroking my mom pussy hard, the finger fucking intensified, and my mom was moaning like a possessed lady.

I pulled out her pallu, and unhooked her blouse, and inserted my left hand inside her bra and started mauling her boobs. She was moaning, and moving her head she caught the auto driver’s hand, and my hand at the same time to avoid being carried away. My turned my mom’s head which was on my lap and directly inserted my dick inside her mouth. My mom looked straight into my eyes, I made a sorry face. She smiled and started sucking my dick. “I love you mom, you are the best mom in the whole world” I said. She took out my dick from her mouth, and gave flying kiss with her lips, smiled. “Ummm … I love you too darling,” she said and kissed my dick and started sucking it.

The auto driver meanwhile took out his finger from my mom’s pussy, and in one lick sucked his middle finger off my mom’s juices, and bend down and planted a kiss on my mom’s pussy. She arched her pussy up in excitement. By placing his hands on my mom’s buttocks, he pulled my mom half way out. Her pussy was at the edge of the auto and legs handing down almost kissing her ground. When he did that, my dick inside my mom’s mouth came out and she screamed in a shock. She reached for my cock and motioned me to bring it to her. Immediately, I moved and sat on her boobs making sure her does not feel my weight. She hugged my hips and started kissing my cock. “Aaaaaah….!!” she cried.

When I turned back, I saw the Auto driver thrust his dick deep inside my mom’s pussy. My mom was screaming pain. “Karthik .. Karthik.. tell me.. you love your mom.. tell me.. Karthik..” she was begging me in desperation. “I love you mom.. I love you so much..” I said. She started sucking my dick and licking it, she was driving me crazy, I was about to explode my semen. Taking my dick out “Karthik, he has gone deep inside me, and I am not able to take it anymore, I might cum at any time…. uuuuh… Karthi karthik..”she biting her teeth. I was moaning. She started sucking my dick again “Karthik, don’t cum on mommy’s face darling, you will spoil my makeup .. please” she pleaded. Auto driver was moaning and screaming, me and my mom got a hint that he is going to cum too.

My mom pulled out my dick from her mouth, clinching her teeth, she was getting ready for an orgasm. I pulled my cock away from my mom to avoid messing with her makeup. My mom was about to cum, the driver was about to cum, and I was about to cum, and my mom’s cell phone rang, it was her friends at the wedding hall. I attended the call to stop the ring tone. Me, My mom, and the Auto driver were nearing or orgasm, we screamed. “where are the you?”the voice in the phone asked. “I am CUMMING….” we all cried loud in coincidence, like an answer. I came on the passenger’s seat, my mom came on the auto driver’s cock, and the auto driver came inside mom.”

To Be Continued…

Note: I shall continue to post the remaining only if I get enough response .

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