This Is Edna, My Love With Shalini With Another Real Story

Hi this is BlessyEdna, came with other experience with Shalini, I received a lot of emails from readers encouraging me to post some more, this is not my fantasies and these are all real, word by word. So keep enjoying it.

A fine day, when we are at work, shalini invited me to her wedding anniversary, I was little jealousy, though my intention is not to ruin my love married life, but still something I missed, I don’t know when will our relationship ends. But I am happy if she is. I planned myself to get a nice gift for her and my enemy (husband), and toys for her kids. So I told her that I will be definitely a part in the celebration, on the weekend Saturday I went for shopping, I buy some jewelry sets for shalini and a Bredlin watch for her husband and lots of stuffed toys for her kids. By Sunday I went to her house which is independent, well-build rich and cossy.

She was standing at the gate by welcoming me, i was just stunned by seeing her on the saree, she was damn hot on wrapping her traditional style, I can see her beautiful milky white hips, and her navel through the saree, which makes me hell aroused. God… ya I can feel wetness in my panties, that light magenta color saree suits her on her golden skin, it was a gift to my eyes. And an usual sexy smile on her face. I was on my pencil skirt, which perfectly fit to my body, but everyone was on their traditional,

I came out of my car, I went near her an usual hug, my mouth says “Happy Anniversary shalu”, she did a tight hug and just crushed my hips so hard, she said “Thanks Honey”, i thought you never gonna make it. I said “I won’t miss my girl is having celebrating her anniversary”, at that time someone calling her name, I just looked up and get to know that He is her husband, a normal looking, I don’t want to talk about him.

Ya she had very cute kids, just like her. I loved them, I gave them gifts, I am just look like an alien between them in a Western outfit. I went to shalini said that I am feeling uncomfortable in this dress, she told me that I can wear one of her sarees, I immediately agreed, coz atleast I get 20 minutes alone with Shalini. We went to her bedroom, she closes the door and immediately hugged me and she made my head tilted and pressed her lips over mine, huh.. she needs that too.

This was I expected I parted her lips lips and put my tongue into her, stroked inside, bit her lower lip, sucked her dry, and her hand busy with working on my dress, almost teared my dress, I like shalini to be violent, because she can’t control her feelings, I just cupped her boobs on my both hands, damn her nipples are soooo hard, I just pinched it, I can feel the tingling all over her body, when I pressed her boobs vigorously she put her head on my throat kissed me, and she told me that she wants me all over me, she put her finger on my hair to fall over her face to hide her shyness, she moaned slowly, I can understand that she is controlling her feelings,

I just looked over her room, it is very difficult to hear our sound from outside, also the windows are closed for the AC ventilation, I made to sit on her bed, removed her saree, her body is burning, there are few drops blood on her lips, I rushed into her kissed her lips, licked the drops, kissed her deeply, pulled the panties little bit without removing, I started to finger fuck her, rubbing her clitoris with my thumb, she spread her legs as much she can, I made her lie on the bed, she was just licking and sucking my breasts,

I took the finger out from her pussy, instead of finger I put my thys in-between her both legs started to rub her pussy, she was like pushing me on to her, shalini basically she is like a flower, but now she is like a hell hardcore, I can definitely sense there will be finger marks on my back, her body started to shake, she put her hand on my ass and put myself more close to her, fuck it came like flood, I was waited until she her heartbeat comes to normal, she put her head into my throat gave me a hard kiss, I caressed her hair and put my kisses on her temple.

I am happy at least we have not disturbed by anyone. We just came out of the bedroom, everyone doing their own work. It was a big relief for me. I came to her anniversary to spend some time her not sex. But shalini is happy. I am seeing her pure happiness on her face. When the function ends, shalini’s family insists me to stay at night. I looked shalini she was panicked, I can see some fear on her eyes, I was really worried by seeing her face it was just pale. I don’t get a chance to ask her.

I spent a beautiful time with her kids, I love them lot. After dinner I just pretend to help shalini in the kitchen, she huskily told me to wait for her message. I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with her, I was really frustrated by her behavior, I was asking myself why she is doing this, I went to her mother-in-law said that I need to go back my home as my grandma staying alone. That idiot she called to my grandma said that I am going to crash on her home because of late night. My grandma happily agreed. What the fuck…… when I look up Shalini, I can see her eyes Shining.. it was different… holy hell… she was crying, I just went searched my mobile from my handbag, I got 3 texts from Shalini.

Shalini: Please stay my love. Don’t leave.

Shalini: I want you to stay tonight, so that I can show you something, it’s really important. Don’t leave

Shalini: There is a balcony on the guest room, that balcony leads to my bedroom, you have to look inside what’s going on inside.

Really I just don’t understand the third message why I have to peep inside her bedroom. Oh… my goodness… if her husband fucks her, why should I watch that. Really i was really angry that time. Why the hell she wants me to look that. I just waited for the time, it was around 11:30 they told me to sleep in the guest room as expected.Ya it was a big slide window. I switched off the light, and I did what shalini asked, I peeped into her bedroom, she saw me,

I looked into her eyes there were so much fearness on her eyes, I don’t have any idea why she is like that. Her husband was inside in the bedroom, he is talking to her sweet, I felt bit awkward why I am here, her husband take her to the dressing table made her to bend low, an unexpected thing happened, he just pulled her pajamas along with her panty, and he did the same thing and put her cock inside her.. what the fuck, no kissing, no foreplay nothing, she was not even wet, oh Shalini this is how you spend your every night with this idiot. She was looking at me via mirror on the dressing table. I can see tears running on both her cheeks. Just 5-8 minutes that’s it. He walk away from her. She signs me to go to my room.

I silently came to my room, and fell down on the bed, it’s around 1am she came and lie next to me. We she put her hand on my torso, I have checked the door, the door was locked, I have opened the curtains little bit, I want to see her on the moonlight. When I saw her, I can’t see nothing on her face. She needs me, she wants me now.. I am ready to give me. I just placed a kiss on her nose, she smiles, then I kissed her both eyes, my mouth still feels the taste of her tear. I liked her eyes, she smiles huskily, I like that I am on her top, putting my one hand below her neck, and my one hand playing with her hair. She was circling her hands in my ass cheeks.

She looked into me very deeply, and she asks me “Blessy you have seen me right”, I just said “shhh, don’t speak, I want you now”, she tried to said something I just put my lips over here, I don’t want to be hard or wild, coz she already had that from that bastard, I am just rolling my tongue into hers biting her nipples, she puts her hands beneath my night pants and pressing my ass cheeks,

I cupped her one of her breasts and I tried to press it in a circular motion, she moans inside my mouth, I put my mouth of her earlobe and told her don’t let anything on your mind i, just feel me, she closed her eyes and told me “yes, I am”. I made her sit and removed her dress, ask her feeling ok. If she don’t I thought to come up with some other ideas to make her feel better. But she says “Blessy please, I need to give myself to you, take me, I want to feel the pleasure with you”,

I removed all my cloths, I found a stool at a corner, I sit on the stool and made her to sit on my lap. I grabbed her hips and pushed her close to me. She was on my thys, our breast touching each other,

I tried to contact her nipples with my nipples it was perfect, it’s what I expected, i put her hands on both of my shoulders started to move my body towards her front and back, up and down, the room was dark not pitch black , she was trying hug me, I want to tease her more, her breathe increased, I put my hand on both of her thys pulled her closely towards me we hug very tightly I spread my legs, also she spread her, I put my fingers on her pussy, she rushed her lips over mine, she started to moan hardly, I take her to the bed, she took my boobs on her mouth. God… she was soooo hot. Twisting her tongue on my nipples, she bit me, it was paining for me, but I let her to do it.

Her body pressing hard into mine. We tied our hands, she was sucking madly, I am wet, I took her hand and put in on my pussy, she know what to do. She pinched my clit, putting my clit between her index and the next finger, rubbing up and down, I lift my leg and put it over her to do her work comfortable, she moved from one boob to another, she came over me.. fuck… my nipples are in pain, but I liked it very badly.

She asks me that am I interested to do anal play, she always told me that she like my ass. Trust me she got a big and good one, it was firm and solid. But we never did that before, she is my love, if she loves to do anal play I am there to satisfy her desires. And I told her now we don’t have that much time to explore. She agrees, coz we both on fire. I told her that I’d like to do 69.

She came top over me, and puts her pussy over my mouth, the same way she takes me, started to lick mine, it was absolutely heaven, always i likes her tongue twisting games, she fucks me with her tongue, putting her two fingers inside mine… my my… there is a war between us a fucking cold war. She was stiffening. I told her to hold.. I pressed my two fingers on her clit. She was licking my inner thys and fucked me both of her fingers, her nails rubbing inside of my pussy. She can’t control it, I pushed myself to make come, I grab her ass and put one of my finger deep inside her asshole, yes… huh.. we busted with a long moan…

She came to me my juice splashed all over face, we licked both of our faces and she lies next to me. We didn’t sleep or speak. It was around 3.47am she stood up, I helped her to wear her dress. We kissed and she went to her bedroom.

Thanks for reading, I ll come up with other ones when I have time. Keep reading.

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