Three Days Of Honeymoon With My Aunt

Hi All am Kaviraaj from south India. Here am sharing my experience with my lovely aunty. This is a real incident, hence no exaggeration. Please give your feedback if you feel hotness is missing. Her name is Swathi (name changed). This has happened in Dec’14 when I was in Bangalore. Her name is Swathi (name changed); I met her on social network. She was already married and her age was 36. She is so beautiful, bit chubby. Her measurements would be around 36 30 38. Am normal good looking guy of height & 5’9 and fair.


After chatting for almost 6months, we decided to meet personally; Swathi loves me so much, more than I love her. We never had romantic chats. We just thought of having a casual meeting. Swathi was coming for flight from Mumbai, I went to receive her. Till then we just saw each other in photos only. We both were very much excited to see each other. As soon as flight arrived I got call from Swathi that she reached.


Before she recognizes me I found her out and walked to her. I saw happiness in her eyes; she just stood in front of me. I asked for the hug which she promised earlier. She hugged me and I tightly hugged her in the airport. We both went to my room in bus; while we are in bus she held my hand resting her head on my shoulder.


Though I did not have any intentions for her earlier, I felt like kissing her by seeing her personally. But we never talked romantic and I never knew that she loves me to that extent.


As soon as we reached home, she again hugged me stating hug at airport was not enough for her. I was so happy inside and hugged her tight.


We reached home; I shut the door and asked her that her hug in airport was not romantic. Then I pulled her towards me and hugged her tightly. Looking into her eyes I kissed her on forehead and said I LOVE YOU Swathi. She was still holding her bag kissed back and said love you too. Swathi went to bedroom and changed into a black soft nighty. She then called me in and again hugged me I then asked her for a kiss, then she kept her lips on mine I was on cloud nine, I opened my lips and kissed her ummmmmmmmaaaàaa. She was kissing me vigorously and deeply involved. Holding me tightly, sucking my lips and tongue. I was enjoying the kiss and responded to her kiss. I just allowed her kiss go well. It went around 2mins she then broke the kiss, looking into my eyes with happiness in her eyes. We both were in same position, now I took my chance. I made a French kiss deep and long. She was so involved in the kiss; she was holding me tighter. My hands were holding her waist; Swathi took my hands and placed on her lovely bums. This gave me courage to feel her. I was sucking her lips and tongue deeply, while my hands were busy in moving on her butt. With both my palms placed on her bums, I started pressing her soft bums. Swathi gave a soft and long moan aaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaah. They were so big that I cannot take her full bums in my hands. I pulled her tongue inside my mouth and kept sucking deep. The kiss last for almost 15mins, then she pushed me and took a deep breath.


She then slept on bed; I moved to her and sat near her feet. I took her left feet and gave a kiss. She suddenly opened her eyes and shocked with my kiss. I kept continuing kisses on feet ummmmmmaaammm. Took her finger in my mouth and sucking Swathi denied me to do so, but I keep admiring her feet. I saw tears in her eyes, saying that her hubby never loved her like this. Then she took me to her arms and hugged. My face was resting on her soft breasts, I was enjoying the softness.


She then pushed me on bed and she came on me. Looking into my eyes, Swathi gave a love bite on my chin. I was so hot, I pulled her more close to me. Pressing her soft butt hard, with my press Swathi cried aahhhhhhhhhhh. Swathi giving e gentle love bites on my lips, cheek, chin and ears. She pulled my shirt up and started kissing on my hairy chest ummmmmaaaaa ummmmmmaaaa. Sucking my nipples, licking them. Swathi gave a soft bite on my nipples then I enjoyed aaahhhhhhhhh. I hardened my pressure on her butt. Then we played with tongues. We exchanged our saliva. Swathi then taking rest, but I again started kissing her lips. I took her lower lip, pulled out and bite gently for which Swathi cried ssshhhhaaaaaaa and pushed me. Swathi then was lying on bed; I was struggling to control myself. She found my sight stuck on her breasts. Swathi took my hand and placed on her breasts and made me press them. I put my lips on her soft breasts and kissed uuuummmmmaaaaaahhhhhhh.


She was pressing my head on her breasts. I pulled her nighty straps aside and pulled nighty below. I pulled her 36D breasts out of cream colored bra cups. Wowwwwww, I could feel her soft boobs and light brown nipples. Nipples were almost erect, I then took her left breast in my mouth sucking and pressing her right breast. My mouth was full with her huge breasts, sucking



Swathi closed her eyes and enjoying. I took the nipple between my fingers and playing with it and pressing it. I was sucking the nipple like a small baby amamamamamamamamamam; Swathi was letting me feel her breasts. I gave a hard bite to nipple, Swathi moaned aaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaahhhhhh. Swathi then laid down, with smile on lips she asked me “jaan ab happy?” then I said “am so much happy Laddu” saying this I out my hand on her butt and pressing. Swathi said “baba ab mere bums ko thoda rest do” (give some rest to my bums). I said I still want to play with those soft bums. Swathi then turned laying on her stomach put my hands on her butt and said “lo ab jee bhar khelo bums se” I put my both palms on her bums and started pressing them all over. She was responding with soft moans aaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh aaaaahhhhh. Then I asked her “Laddu mujhe tumhare bums dekhna hai” (I want to see your butt). Swathi replied, “Acha baba dekhlo Maine mana thodi kiya tumko”. I slowly lifted her nighty up till her waist.


I could see cream colored panty, I pressed the bums upon the panty and tried pulling it down. Swathi helped me in pulling the panty down by lifting her waist. Oh my God, I saw two huge soft white melons of size more than 38. By looking them I could not stopped me from feeling with my hands. I gave soft touch’s all over the butt. Swathi was enjoying my touch. Then I placed a long kiss ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa on the left ass cheek.


With my kiss Swathi was shocked and tried stopping me. ”Jaanu ye kya kar rahe ho? Don’t kiss the butt, it’s not good” I pushed her hands away saying “laddu tumhare bums bhi mere liye romantic spots hai” kissing the soft bums all over uuuuummmmmmmaaaaahhh uuummmmaaaaahhhhh ummmmaaaàhhhhhhh uuummmmmaaaaahhhhhh pressing the other ass cheek with hands. Licking the butt all from bottom to top. Then I asked my laddu to hold her ass cheeks spread apart. She did, I put my tongue on her ass hole and made circles around it. Swathi was aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaàhhhhhh jaaaaanuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Licked the ass hole and kissed it wildly. Swathi was surprised when I kissed her ass hole “stupid don’t do this It is bad” I said “my laddu’s ass also a heaven for me” she then hugged me so tightly with tears in her eyes.


I undressed myself and removed the nighty from Swathi, both became nude. She was hiding her pussy with hands. I made her lay on bed with pillow under her back. Moved her hands off the pussy, spread her legs. I saw a clean shaven juicy pink pussy which was already wet. By seeing her pussy for first time, my cock grew to its largest size of around 7inches. I came between her legs, moving near to her pussy. I felt the odor of her juicy pussy, moving my nose near her pussy. I was about to kiss it, Swathi stopped me “wait Kavi, its wet. Me clean krdeti” searching for her panty to wipe it off. Panty was away, so she asked me her panty. I said, “Let it be laddu its ok”. She said “no baba, it’s totally wet.


Doesn’t feel good for you to kiss without cleaning this”. Then I said “ok, Laddu I’ll clean it”. She thought I would wipe the juices from her pussy, but with no delay I put my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and moved to top. Swathi was “aaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhh jaaaanuuuu” “chee ye galeez hai” but she was enjoying. I was licking all her juices on her pussy “aaaaaaaaammmmmm aaaaaaammmmmmmmaaaaamm aaaaaaammmmmmm aaaaaaaammmmm aaaaaaammmmm” spreading her legs wider and enjoying every bit of her soft pussy. It tasted salty but I enjoyed it. Swathi was moaning with pleasure “aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmm aaaaaaahhhhhhmmmmmm aaaaaaaaahhh nice jaaaanu, aaaahhhhnmmmm I love you baby” she was moving her body like a snake, lifting her waist. Swathi held my head pressing hard against her pussy. I keep licking her pussy “amammmmmamaammm aaaammmmmmmmm” with my fingers I spread her pussy lips, sucking her pussy lips. “Aaaaammmmmaaaa aaaaammmmmm aaaaaaammmmmmmmm” her lips were so soft. I bite her pussy lip; Swathi cried “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhhh stupppidddddd” and tried pushing me.


I laughed at her and again tried kissing. Swathi then said “besharam, kutte jese kaat rahe ho, Dard ho raha hai”. I then said “oh sorry laddu, ye lo I’ll kiss again to relieve pain” I started kissing again. Swathi was pushing me away and said “besharam, sharam hi nahi hai tumko. Aise chaat rahe ho isse. Kya samjhe isko ice cream thodi hai” and covering her pussy. I was trying to spread her legs again and trying to go in between her legs, but Swathi was not allowing me. I was struggling to make her sit with her legs spread but she was hiding her pussy from me.


Swathi lay on her stomach to hide her pussy from me, I tried putting my hand between her legs but she kept them tight. Then I started biting her bums “aaaammmm aaaammm aaaam aaaamm aaaammmmm” Swathi was laughing loud with moans “aaaaahhhh aaaaahhhhh battameez uto please. Kutta ho tum, mera bums ko chodo please” I was not leaving her bums; I keep continuing biting the butt. Swathi then pushed me away and made me lay, and then my laddu sat on my chest with her legs on either side of me. Holding my head, Swathi said “ye le besharam an me maza mere pussy ka” she pressing her pussy on my face. Swathi got violent and rubbing her pussy all over my face. She was moving as she was riding a horse on my face, I opened my mouth and enjoying her pussy. I opened the pussy wide and inserted my tongue inside and licking “aaaaaaaaammmmm aaaaaaammmm aaaaaaaaaammm aaaaaaaaammm” Swathi was in full peak mood with loud moans “ssssshhhhaaaaaaaaaa ssssssssshhhaaaaaaaa aaaaaahhhhhhhhh ab khaao jee bhar khaao mera pussy” I was eating her pussy and licking her salty juices of her pussy saying “aaaammmmmm aaaammmmm ladduuuuu nice pussyyyyy”. Then I started biting her pussy, Swathi crying “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh aaaaaahhhh”. After riding for 20mins she left and lay on bed totally nude. The complete foreplay went for 3hrs.


Swathi rest her head on my chest, she was playing with my 7inch long rod hard cock. I was moving my hands on her bums. We gained some energy, then I made her lay on wall side keeping pillow under her. Swathi widened her legs inviting me for session of love “come on honey let’s go heaven. But please be gentle, tunhara dick bahot bada hai”. I moved near her, spreading her legs wide. Took her legs on my shoulder on either side, with my rod hard cock I started hitting her pussy. I slowly moved my cock all over her pussy, touching her pussy lips and moving it from bottom to top.


Swathi was so much excited and crying “ab aajao jaanu, ander aao mere” holding my cock and directing it to her vagina. I did not allowed her; I keep seducing her by touching the cock tip to her upper and lower corners of vagina. Swathi was “sssshhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhh ab pleassssssse aaaoooo”. She applied her saliva to my cock and spreading her vagina. I inserted my tip inside the vagina; it was so slippery with juices and hot. I could easily insert. As I went half inside Swathi was already in heaven “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh so nice jaanu aaao air ander aaao” I went a bit deep, it started a pain in her vagina. Swathi cried a moan “sssshhhhhhhhaaaaaaa aaaaraaaammse”. She was in extreme pleasure, which I can see in her eyes.


Tears rolled in her eyes out of happiness. Swathi said “aaaaaaaaahhhhh jaaanu bahar karke ander daalo phirse” I said “arey abhi pura toh ander jaane do” Swathi was shocked and looked at my cock, it was just half inside. Swathi scared and said “stupppidddd abhi half hai? naa baba na, ab ye ander nahi jayega”. I tried going deep, but it started painting for me and Swathi cried “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh jaanu please ab nahi hoga mujhse air nahi jayega ander” I said “laddu daro matt me aaram se karta hu”. Swathi was trying to push me when I try deep, but I hold strong. I slowly put force and went almost an inch Swathi hitting on my chest “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaa stupiddddddddddd dard ho rahi hai please ab stop kardo”. I held the support of bed and took my strength, with full force I pushed the remaining one more inch deep. Swathi was almost died out of pain “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” keeping her hand on her mouth not to cry loud. It gave me a hell like pain for me as well. Finally I inserted 7+inch long rod hard cock inside my laddu’s soft pussy. We were in that position for almost 2mins;


She was settled by that time. Her face become red out of pain, now she wiped her tears and said “battameez itna dard she rahi hu tumhare liye”. She then asked me to do in and out. Though it was a bit painful I moved in and out. Swathi was moaning “aaaaaaaaaahhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaasahhhhhh aaaraaaamse jaanu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaraaaamse”. I could feel hot vagina vibrating with hit juices leaked. She asked me to cum inside as, as she has already undergone family planning operation.


After that we both fell exhausted. Both slept side by side, we were nude. I feel asleep immediately. After almost an hour I realised, my cock gained erection because Swathi was playing with it. I woke up from sleep, Swathi said “janab ke aakhen ab khuli. “mujhe dard deke tum masth sogye”. I said sorry for giving pain to her,


Swathi pulled me her by putting her hands around my head. Pulled my head to her breast, resting it on her heart said “Oh my chweetu I was kidding wese mujhe ye dard acha laga, mere jaanu k liye harr dard bardash karleti” and kissed my forehead. Then I asked for one more session, Swathi said “besharam, abhi toh kite, thoda time do”. I started smooch, licking her lips. Swathi was also charged deeply involved, took my hands on to her bums. Then we had one more session within 4hrs.


On that day we had 11 sessions before we sleep at 1am mid night. Swathi was with me for next two days. Second day 11 times and 3rd day 7times. We tried almost all angels whichever we were comfortable. We did by watching Kamasutra videos for different angels, but we couldn’t make all angels shown. Those 3days we spent as honeymoon. She really treated me as her husband. I put bindi to her forehead, wore ring to her and all such things. For two days we both took bath together and had session even in bathroom. While she was cooking I hugged from back. Pulled her nighty up and started kissing her bums, and we had a short. We almost lived nude those 3days.


Sharing this experience doesn’t mean I used her for sex. I really love my laddu and she does. After our session, my laddu didn’t have sex with her hubby. She promised me that her body would be only mine.


Thank you all for reading my experience. If my narratuon makes you happy, I dedicate it to my laddu. You can always share your feedback and your suggestions to me. Reachable on email [email protected].

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