Three Virgins And Foursome Joy

Hi readers.. Thank you for finding my story which is not a past but present. Am 40 years old and am slim and fair complexioned guy. I don’t start my day without Yoga and exercise and follow a strict diet. From my teen, I have been a playboy, as out of experience I have learnt that am insatiable to females of all age limit. I have learnt almost every body language and most of the signs female can give to attract a man. But please be informed, all my encounters mostly are oral. I love to provoke them slow and easy and observe their response and based on move only, I judge further.

Apple was the name I chose to call, as she was fair, shy and her Breasts were of big apple size and protruding. She was too eager to meet me and used to give all sorts of signals a interested female can give. I used to run into her but never had I imagined she would be mine soon, LOL. Brownie was her friend who was the fast one off the three and bold. Once I ran into 3 girls in a fancy store and while I was behind Brownie (she had brown complexion and will say why brownie the name. Not for her color!), she happen to move backward and accidentally and my fingers touched her Butts.

Though we didn’t knew each other, suddenly we knew what was possible next. She was slowly and very slowly pushing her Butts towards me, though was scared. I knew its now or never and I moved my hand slow and felt her bottom. I later came to know she had crush on me. Now apple suddenly pushed her and almost pushed me aside with her elbow as she intentionally was trying to reach some thing in the shop display. I was dumbstruck. My smartness screamed “Man!!! make your move!”. So I exclaimed ‘Wow!, miss please be careful as I would have fallen back!’.

She apologized smiling. They were holding some toy stuff and were eager to buy it (Angry Bird game). As I no further work there, I left the shop and walking to my car. They too came out and stood outside giggling, pretending to talk something out. I approached them and said ‘Excuse me!’ and eagerly 3 turned to me. ‘Do you like that game, Its my favorite too’, I said. As I knew about that game, I pulled out a topic on reaching levels. They became more interested with my talk. I will skip details of wooing them with my smart talk and move to next level.

One morning I was passing by car and noticed Apple walking with her college bag behind. I stopped beside and said, ‘Hey Miss. Good morning!. Can I have honor to drop you near your college or where ever you are heading?’ She smiled wide and said Sure and got in. I drove silent and was playing my favorite English pop in the car radio player and suddenly I broke silence saying what songs she like and she said shying, slow ones. I changed to some slow ones and she you ok now? and she smiled.

Then I dropped her off her college and while I was passing, noticed other 2 passing by and I waved to Brownie and she waved back with surprise and wide smile. She had seen me dropping her friend near by. So everyday I used to pass the same lane and started to drop her to her college. Slowly she got bolder to talk to me and we exchanged our background.

Like I always did to seduce girls, I praised her looks and eyes and smile and she blushed and made sure to end saying ‘A honor of life time for me to have chance to drop you to college’. She thanked me and said her other friends to would like to join her. But their timings and locations are odd and so she was not sure and I suddenly said ‘Hey! its ok. It will be my pleasure and a great honor to wait and pick them up at different locations and I can start early to do that as I pass by alone and so it will be a company to me to provide transport to 3 beautiful girls. She blushed to thank me. I figured out the plan and places and timings for pickup points in the allys where they lived and also made sure the pick up points were well away from their houses.

So day came and I picked Brownie first and she was in 9th cloud to get in my car first and she was the most talkative one without full stop. I wooed her praising her taking talent and there are so many instances where I bowled her over with my words to impress her completely. She was of average structure and had 34 size and medium height but very hard butts where she always was very open to me. I made with all possible ways and words to drive her crazy for me before second can get in the car and while driving and now she had completely turned to me staring at me and very eager to talk. Astonishingly she touched my hand accidentally.

Then I picked the second one whom I call Fairy. She is very fair and slim (or thin I can say but had some protrusion on the top. Her butts are like fashion models. Very slender and she was tallest of the 3. Almost of my height. And she was the most silent one off the 3 from Brahmin background. And no wonder I thought why her restrictions are so open and serious. She got in the back seat, hardly smiling and appeared as though Apple and Brownie had forced her to join them to travel by car. I greeted in the same decent manner and Brownie was still turned towards me and now she was sitting more closer in the front seat.

And when ever I shifted the gears, my hand used to touch her legs. Finally we picked up Apple from her area and I drove to drop them off their college. They gladly thanked me for the favour and Brownie touched my hand again to say thanks and left. we continued this kind of transport for some time and our friendship grew more closer.

As I worked 5 days a week, after picking them I asked if its ok with them for me to take them to KFC for snacks after their college and Brownie was first to say sure!!!!. Fairy was surprised and asked wont I go to my work and I said its my off on Sat/Sunday. I used my words carefully to put as sentence to convince them to agree as fairy was someone who cannot be convinced easily. She was from upper class family and other 2 were from lower kind. I met them again at lunch time and we drove to kfc on the next block as I knew the one near by may have some of their friends around. I made sure to pull the chair for them to sit (one of my manners) and I sat next to Brownie.

Like always she sit turned to me when talking and mostly touching my hand as gestures while talking. I told order what ever you want and I ordered for just the sprite. 3 were surprised and shocked at my attitude and I coolly said, sorry. I follow strict diet and avoid heavy food as I do yoga more. And Brownie eagerly held my hand to tell me about myself more. And all my points are what most girls like like listening , friendly, ready to help, sportive and dress well. Brownie forced me to share her order and I eagerly did. Then Apple and Fairy followed to share theirs. We enjoyed every minute of our chatting and eating.

Every time I spoke I made sure they fall for me more and more with my controlled attitude and patience. I believe “Patience yields to profit”. So we used to meet every weekends in KFC or other fast food joints and we got closer and closer and Brownie was already my babe. We used to hold hands and squeeze and enjoy our company. Brownie used to love eating Brownies with chocolate syrup around it and my favourite too and I loved to buy her more and made sure we left with take away of Brownies for her.

One weekend Fairy came late at pickup point as she said that she had been to browsing center. And I said ‘Hey miss! he didn’t you tell me before and I would have got my laptop along with data card. And as they were not aware much about computer, I updated them with all things about internet/Data card usage as a mode of wireless browsing and more as I am from IT background. While hearing my talk on computers she was dumbstruck and was hurting my hand holding them tight below the table and I whispered to her that she is hurting me and she coyed off saying sorry. I pinched her waist and she shook with shyness.

We were very good friend now as months had passed and while eating I said why not go for a movie of their choice and Brownie decided the place and the name and we left for it. While they waited in my car, I stood in line to buy tickets and we got in the Balcony (Last row and corner. My favourite place to be with girls in my past) and I sat at the end and Brownie next to me still holding my hand and others on other side.

When lights went out, I got bold and kissed Brownies palm and she shivered and I apologized as a whisper and she pushed me with her elbow as sign of “No problem, go on….” and when a scene of actor and actress kissing scene came in the song she pecked me on the cheek and it was enough for me to kiss both her whole hands and she was in cloud nine. I : ‘Shall I hug you?’ and she: “Why still waiting” smiling teasingly and I slowly put around my hand but made sure I did not touch Apple who was beside her and we both were enjoying our togetherness now and she now had completely leaned to me and her medium sized Breasts were moving up and down breathing hard as it was her first time with a guy.

She felt so fragile and soft to hold and I now again asked her if its ok to kiss her ears once in a while and she gladly agreed and I was now kissing her ear lobes too often while hugging her and she was holding my other free hand tight in her grip and was thrilled to be in a Mans hold. I made sure not to suffocate her with strong hold and we were enjoying our playing and whispering and teasing and kissing and pecking. Her kisses was now bolder and deeper on my cheek. I have soft fact as its oily and I do Kapal Bhati for long time and it helps me to maintain my young looks even at 40+. And now she was biting my ear lobes and I gave her all the freedom to enjoy my company.

At intermission we went out to buy snacks and Brownie and Apple went to rest room for sometime and be back. While talking Apple and Fairy were praising the movie and the romance and songs and myself and Brownie were bending our heads shaking our legs as we 2 were not aware whats what. She slowly looked up to me and I winked and she turned dark in her face. When we went back, I was surprised to know that Apple wanted to me to sit between herself and Brownie. I was shocked but behaved normal and agreed and waited for lights to go out.

As thought was waiting to happen, Brownie pulled my left around her and wanted me to hold her tight and I did hold her shoulders tight and she slowly rested her head on my shoulder. She was breathing hard and heavy now and I made sure to caress her fore arm and shoulders to relax and I know the right way to relax a girl (Experience, LOL :-|)) On to my right Apple was slowly trying to move closer to my right and our hands touched and she breathed in and held her breath and I turned to her ear and said ‘Please relax dear Apple. I: ‘Can I hold your hands?’ and she move it slowly to me and I clasped her palm below my palm with ours fingers between and she was holding it tight and still breathless and now she rested her head on my right shoulder and was breathing very slowly but heavily.

She was a very shy and soft kind and very vulnerable to touch but very warm to touch unlike Brownie, a wild and fun kind. I made sure not to make any further move and we watched move with my right arm enjoying Apples Gripa and squeeze and warm head resting on me and Brownie was already kissing me on cheeks and I was holding her very close now and my open fingers had slowly slid down towards her right Breast side. But I behaved as they were too innocent and were not sure what was happening to them inside. From my teen during my playboy time, I prioritized Girls/woman first and cared for their feeling.

Till date I dont think I’ve behaved selfishly for my lust and gain. I made sure and make sure that I give more than to take, like to be happy with Blow job while other side get G-spot. I have mastered the art of giving G-spot to them in the fastest possible way as I know its existence and its right location to be tickled. My mid Finger can work wonders in Females and so is my Tongue and Lips. You must be wondering why I use “Females” to refer to opposite sex. Well, Except the grannies, I have and do love to play with females of all ages as its fun to understand their attitude and moves and responses with varying ages and size.

Move got over and when the names appeared we 3 came back to ourselves and waited for light to be up and suddenly Brownie kissed me on the Lips and sat back and I warmly pressed her hands to say thanks. we came out and Drove back and dropped them back. Every time we went to movies we were hugging each other and Brownie was now my slave to my kisses and Bites and so was I to her innocent kisses on the Lips. She sometimes used to kiss me on the neck, after I was doing the same to her and she sighed with joy when I used to kiss her on the neck and nibble her Adams Apple. I sometimes used to suck it and she used to caress her Fingers through my hair while press it to not to stop while her Head fell back and face up and in total thrill.

Our every visit to movie became more bolder and with Brownie and and now I was almost touching her Breasts from side and slowly and very softly caressing it and also my elbow nudging her other fruit and she used to go breathless and sighed deep. But my interests were more on Apple as she was very sensitive kind and needed more care and patience. By now she was used to my kisses on her hands and ears and enjoyed it freely.

But once we were outside we used to behave as though nothing had happened. One sat weekend, I had got my laptop along with internet and the girls enjoyed browsing freely in the back seat as we went for a long drive. But Brownie was on who was too busy seriously staring at me as I drove and never stopping to touch me and enjoy when ever I touched her lap (While I shifted the gear occasionally, I pressed my palm hard on her Thigh and she used to smile and enjoyed it.

After some time 2 Girls at the back seat became silent for long time as they were giggling till now and I asked them whats up? and the stammered to say nothing and then a Loud Bell rang in my Head. I had lot of soft porn movies (Hard ones were zipped with password) and Girls were accidentally ran across them in my private folder. I too became silent (I was humming a song till then) and Brownie was surprised at our silence and she touched my shoulder and squeezed it to ask why while she turned to back seat and asked same to others and they were still nervous and said nothing and told her to look front.

I was confirmed now that their curiosity has gone off limit and were breathing hard. I lowered the dark window glass to let some air gush in. My Heart beated faster and faster. I felt ashamed that it was happening too soon and I would loose them with shame and feared what to do if they call me a sex maniac. I was gulping for air and was felt very nervous. Soon we reached the Resort we had planned to visit and as Car approached it, Girls behind hurriedly shutdown the system and kept it beside and sat back silent. We got out and I with my laptop in my bag walked silent and so were Apple and Fairy.

They walked with bent Head. Brownie was too busy enjoying the scenery around as she said had seen them only in movies and was rotating around with open Hands and was jumping around and was too busy singing. I slowly approached Apple from behind and with deep voice said: ‘Am sorry Apple. Please forgive me for what happened behind’ and she still was same with bent Head and silent and I could make out Fairy had turned red and was very serious and was biting her teeth hard. I asked for a table for 4 and we sat down.

We placed our Breakfast order and while waiting for same, I bent forward to Apple and made sure I talk very carefully. My Brain was searching for every good words to change the silence. Then Brownie broke it. I as a elderly man with good experience in personal/professional life loudly said am sorry. Brownie was surprised to hear it and asked why. I had to say, ‘Well, accidentally Apple/Fairy have watched some adult movies which I have in my laptop. I know I should have either deleted them or Zipped them but it was too late. And I decided to take control of the situation as I had no choice.

And to my surprise Brownie said, “What Ya!!!! whey you are feeling so angry. Did we not browse for some hot pictures when we browsed in browsing centers?. take it easy Ya! we have come here to enjoy our company and Kiran is so nice to treat us with what ever we ask to buy and lets not make him sad. I love him as a very good friend whom I never had. Nobody liked me because of my color and my structure but he made me feel like a woman”

And THAT WAS ENOUGH to me now. I boldly looked up to them and now they were embarrassed now and both were glaring at Brownie for disclosing their private secret. They were both red like berries with both anger and blushing mixed. I now took control and said ‘Dearest Apple. Most dear Fairy. Please understand. You all know last thing I would to is to hurt you or misuse you. I would rather die than to misuse you.’

Then I told them about my teenage stories regarding my playboy days and how used to behave and have prioritized decency. I am good to convince girls about my attitude of never misusing any girl at all. I took some examples and mostly hot ones and are actually the truth. I never used or use a Female body for my selfish lust or time. No matter how hot she try to seduce me, I have made those Girls to understand the limits of our society and their future as I hated when somebody bad mouthed my Girl Friends. STOP.

Now we 4 became more comfortable and started to gradually make fun. I asked the girls if its ok, ask me all your questions on Guys and sex and porn and anything in your mind and I will be glad to answer. Brownie: “How did you feel in the movie theater?” I: ‘Well, I enjoyed hugging you and rubbing your shoulders and loved the way you kissed me on the Lips. Did you like the way I nibbled your cheeks and bit them?’ Before Brownie could answer, other 2 were shocked and said “WHAT???? what are you talking kiran. So you both have gone too far. How dare you both play and hide from us?” and Brownie a bold one, said “Shutup! Kiran know every move and every touch and every hug to make me feel like a woman and I thank him for that.

I remember how you both teased and hurt me about my skin color and my short height” and they started to quarrel and I sat back and took out my camcoder and filmed every minute of their quarrel. It went on so hot, Fairy the serious stood up and was making all gestures to tease her and Apple got disclosed by Brownie and now Fairy turned red like melon and started to curse both for playing secretly with me. During that heated quarrel, I made sure that no one is around and set the cam in auto mode and after placing it on laptop bag and covering it with hanky I slowly moved behind Fairy and kissed her on the Neck and she suddenly froze and swiftly turned around with wide eyes to look and I stood there smiling as warm as possible and said am sorry.

She became silent and other too. Apple/Bronie were curiously watching my approach and were very happy to see what happened as they had already been kissed once too many times. ‘Now you 3 are equal now with kisses. Please take your seat and lets enjoy our stay here and discuss about Teater incidents just to remove all the restrictions between us. I know you 3 like me and I love you all more than my life itself as am old and you are still young and what am doing is the least I can do for all the love and interests you have shown me’. And I held Fairy by her shoulder and made her sit.

I sat beside her and Brownie came and eagerly sat beside me and Apple felt lonely and I gestured warmly looking at her to hod on. And she blushed. Now put my around Fairy and she sulked as we were seated in open and then I took her hand under the table and bent down to kiss her palm and ho Boy! she suddenly turned red and more darker. She sulked with short breaths and while holding one palm with my open palm from below, I placed another open palm on it and said, you too are same as other 2. I am just making you girls to realize who you are and what you are feeling inside and thank you. Thank you very much for being so nice to join me with your friends.’

She now looked in to my eyes and said “I had crush on you when I heard from those neighbor kids that you openly buy what ever they ask, without even bothered about the cost. You buy them what they can”t afford in life. We 3 know that you are a very good man and you care a lot for others and less on your own self. We used to dream of meeting you when every passed our houses and you were so cold with our signals, shy?”.

I: ‘well, 1. am old, 40+ 2. my wife and kids have left me and am alone 3. Though she think am wrong/cheat 24/7, it is foolish as human cannot be 24/7 always wrong, LOL. This brainwash has made me a silent person and have lost interest in anything but you girls have livened it now. So hence forth I will protect you 3 from the bottom of my Heart. Anything you command will be my wish and sky is the limit for you now’ You ask anything and it will be yours as I can afford it and never shy to ask, ok?’ and 3 gladly nodded their Heads. Now our discussion became more intimate and Apple/Brownie were gladly explaining Fairy what used to happen in theater and how it started. And she was gaping at them both like a puppy staring at the milk. My Cam still rolled on. Fairy suddenly said, “OK! now you 3 show me how you did all that!” and we 3 surprised stared at her for some time with naughty smiles in our Lips. Brownie: “Yar, dont joke.

We are sitting in open and control yourself!”. Fairy: “Ohhhh! so now you are a experienced woman and you are ordering me?”. Before quarrel to break again, I pulled Fairy to me hugging her and said “Lets, go back to my car and get out of this place and on the way we shall stop some place and we will give you live show, OK?’ And suddenly Brownie: “Yes, full live shooting and again you will only watch while we enjoy and fun with kiran. Ok Kiran?. Hug me tight this time and kiss me on the Lips for long time. She should get jelous” I* was suprised at Brownie’s boldness. Apple had already got aroused. She was breathing hard and slowly and her big Breasts were sloly and moving up and down and was so nice to watch. She caught me looking at her and she smile back. we smiled at each other for some silence.

We got back to our Car in parking lot and Dark windows were secure and we enjoyed total privacy. Fairy got in the Driver seat and we 3 got in the rear seat. Brownie was already kissing me on my cheek and seated, I leaned back and pulled Brownie (left) and Apple (right) to me from either sides and now they both hugged me and I was so goosed to feel Breasts on either sides of me. Brownie was frantically kissing me on the cheek while I was kissing Apple all over the face and no I moved down to her neck and she was breathing hard and I loved the way her Big and hard Breasts were moving against me.

Fairy was watching us with open Mouth and Eyes. I groaned, ‘Shall I show how to French Kiss Apple?” and suddenly Brownie pulled my face to her and screamed “Me first” and she was already kissing me on my Lips and I pulled back saying, ‘Baby hold on. Not so fast. Listen! French Kiss is locking our lips and kissing and licking and sucking our Tongue. You know that?’ And she blushed and groaned “Then show me silly!” and I excused from Apple and turned to Brownie and pulled her face to mine and holding her tight I locked my Lips to hers and she opened her Eyes with wide smile and surprise.

Now I pushed her Lips to open with my tongue and her Tongue meet mine and I pull back and say, Baby roll it and roll it and enjoy and then the rest will come auto’ and we continue our torrid kiss and Brownie was fast learner and was already sucking my Tongue and we fought to pull and suck and lick and roll our tongue non stop and we went on and on and Brownie slowly falling over me and her Breasts pressed to my Forearms and grew more hot as I was almost falling over behind on Apple’s lap she slaps on Brownie;s head to say “Enough, stop stop! Let me try now. Don’t be so selfish ya!” . But Brownie was too hot to leave me and she had to be pushed back to separate me. I just lay on Apples lap closing my eyes and resting and enjoying the warmness while Girls were teasing each others.

Now I open my Eyes and still laying on her lap I pull Apples face down to kiss her and she stops breathing for some time and I slowly pushed her Lips apart with my tongue and now I was holding her Head from behind and pushing to me to kiss me. Her Breasts were now heaving fast and hitting my Ears. I pulled her more down so her Boobs could press my shoulders and I enjoyed it all. Warm and hard and Nipples poking out. Now she held my face with both her fingers and was caressing my cheeks and pressed the softness in them and our kiss was sizzling now as I whispered her to push all her saliva non stop and she did and our tongue became young and hot and I was sucking it now and she moaned and moaned and She tasted warm and too good. Her Breasts were the key to provoke me.

She exhausted too fast as my pull was too strong to her and she patted my cheek to release and I did and sat back breathing hard and heavy and her Breasts were so beautiful to move up and down slowly. I lay there watching them and go disturbed. Brownie pulled me up to sit and forcibly turned me to Apple and pulled me back and pushed me to lay on her lap and now she started to kiss me and her hands were on my chest . Her Hard and protruding Breasts were a joy to my Face. Then I started to quench my face as I was awkwardly sitting and leaning and my back started to ache. I forced myself to sit up as it was too intense. I apologized to Brownie and told my problem and she hugged me saying sorry too and we sat there hugging each other and she attain continued to kiss me all over my face.

Now I pushed her to the window and was pressing against her and my Elbows were pressing now hard against her heaging Breasts and she started to moan loud and louder and our Tongues got too hot and she loved to make me drink her salive mostly and it went on and on and 2 Girls could do nothing but watch and I was almost on her now and our hug was more tight and her Breasts pressed hard on my Chest and we couldn’t stop. Even when I tried to pull back, she pulled me back to kisssssssssssssssssss for long. Suddenly she lose breath and we separate and stare at each other and she caress my face and my hair.

She appeared so complete now.Eyes shining and smiling with only joy and more joy. Girls started to sing teasing us and I lean back and make her rest her head on my chest. I pull Apple now and they both fall back and rest on my Lap and start to kiss frantically all over their faces taking turns. Now my open Hands were resting on their Breasts and their joy had no limit and both start to press my fingers and palm to their Breasts. Thing go out of control and I turn mad to turn and kiss one after other and begin to softly squeeze their mammaries and they turn wild and I couldn’t stop it nor them. I enjoyed turns to kiss and push my saliva to their mouth while my fingers were too busy to squeeze their Breasts. I get a surprise when Brownie suddenly pull my face (about to kiss her) to her Breasts and start to press and suffocate me. I without wait, begin to suck her over her Dress and she begin to Moan loud and start to gasp harder and harder for my each hard suck.

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