To America On Work – Indian Sex Stories

Scene 1:It was summer in India already. The heat was ensuring the AC was turned to max in all the offices. I, Tony was sitting and doing my bit of coding when the phone rang.

“Tony, come to my cubicle immediately” – It was my boss!

So I locked my pc and rushed to his cubicle.

He said, “Well, Tony; owing to your excellent performance and as per your demands for an onsite travel, I have decided to send you to Georgia, USA”

I was thrilled out of my mind. America was one place I always wanted to visit, and I don’t need to pen down the reasons for that. America is America!!! 🙂

I was set to travel in 2 weeks, for which I did all the necessary shopping, got my visa stamped.


Scene 2:It was the evening before my travel to the USA. I could hardly sleep, so I decided to watch some porn on the net. It was somehow running in the back of my mind that since its America, the girls there are very broad minded, and I could take a chance there to lose my virginity.

Yes, that’s the saddest part of India; Guys and Gals don’t get to lose virginity until married. And you stick to that person forever with whom you lost the virginity for the first time. It’s a good thing; but err, the wait sucks big time.

The porn watching got intense. My brown dick got thicker and thicker, and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. Cum oozed out, and it was a mess. But at least it’s always a great relaxing technique for us guys.


Scene 3:It was early morning of about 3AM. I was in the airport, checked-in, and waiting for the flight take off to the “USA”!!!

The Journey to the dream land started. I watched to sky, the stars, in parallel planning my strategy at work and also about everything else. Places to see, people to meet etc

When I was about to fall asleep, I noticed the air hostess behind the curtain. Their duty was over, and it was time for her to sit on her un-folded chair and relax a bit;

I couldn’t stop myself from peeping through the curtain slits. I saw her relaxing with her legs wide open, and didn’t miss to get a glance of her dark blue panty with white dots. The passenger next to me was asleep, so I covered the sheet on my dick, and slowly started to stroke it; with it still being inside the pant.

After a while, the air hostess, I think was horny too. She moved her fingers over her panties a couple of times, but I didn’t get what I expected – No, she didn’t masturbate.

The scene went on for a while until the captain announced something and she got up and went away. But I couldn’t stop – I walked into the washroom and unloaded the white mass, which ensured some ease of muscles 🙂 – Then got some sleep.


Scene 4:

I was driving this car so fast that I was slipping out of the road. All the racers were driving past me when I heard the captain say, we have arrived. Damn, I was dreaming of the race I played before I fell asleep. I open my eyes to see, I was in “AMERICA”.

First impression, bloody neat! Right, Indians have the right to feel this.

I had the Office car waiting for me; dropped off at the hotel.

After freshening up at the hotel, it was the time to for some shopping. Alpharetta was looking beautiful, but cold! March for me means scorching heat. But it’s not the same anymore on this side of the world. The temperature was close to 18 degree Celsius.

Shopped for some beer, settled back in the hotel looking at my plans for the next day at work…


Scene 5:

The morning had arrived; work was just about 15 minutes walk from the hotel. I was enjoying the view of these beautifully setup homes all along the way and like any normal Indian, was thinking how disorganized things were back home.

On the way, I noticed this beautiful home. It was built with some conventional design considering how the roof and other structures appeared. Also, I didn’t fail to notice this cute young American girl running back into the house as if someone had summoned her inside. She was holding a bottle of milk in her hands and while I continued to stare at her running, she looked at me for a fraction of a second and ran inside. As she ran inside, her beautiful legs revealed how much more beautiful she could be…. and I thought how nice it would have been if I could stare at her for a little longer; her ass shaking while she ran inside was recorded in my mind and kept playing back again and again..


Scene 6:

The work on the first day was hectic already; after it all ended, I decided to walk back the same route to the hotel. I was praying hard for another glimpse at that girl. I saw many girls while I walked, but somehow I had this expectation of seeing the gal I saw in the morning. The turn came, and there I saw the house. In front of it, the girl was sitting writing something. I was so bloody excited about this already.

She was wearing a pink t shirt and white shorts.

I wanted to talk to her, and gathered all my courage and said with my neutral accent,

“Excuse Me..! Err…. Could you help me with this address please…? I seem to have gotten lost?”

She didn’t react for a second, she continued writing….

I seemed to not get that courage again to repeat what I just said…. and was about to turn away…

And she said, “Hmm, I am sorry; Did you say something?”

“Thank-God”, I said and walked towards her and asked her the directions to my hotel. She was kind to draw it for me on a sheet of paper…

While she was doing that, I couldn’t stop from looking at her beautiful glowing body, that subtle cleavage lines, and the bright skin of her legs.

And her beautiful eyes, it was nothing like what I had seen before.

She handed the note to me and I didn’t want anything to look too obvious, so I thanked her, waved bye; walked back to the hotel…

Since it was an exhausting day, I ended it with stroking and unloading the white matter… and crashed on the bed…


Scene 7:

Work had become routine that week… But I managed to see this girl everyday on the way and back to work. We had started to smile at each other, and by the time the week endedI was already waving her “Hi” and “Bye”, and was expecting to talk to her soon and ask her out; because it’s that fast in America.

So, it was 6 days gone in US. This day, I had decided to talk to her. On the way back from work, I saw her standing in front of her house with a man. As usual, she smiled and waved. And I did that too. They both walked to me and introduced themselves.

“Hi, Am Anna, and this is my Husband Derek, I see you are not from here”.

I was taken back for a moment that she was already married, but my senses didn’t mind since she was so beautiful, and now that she was talking to me!

I told them my story of the corporate influences that got me into America, and was I glad that they invited me for coffee.

Derek was a hard man with rules; and I noticed he seem to be authoritative with Anna; but Anna had no issues, she loved this man; and I liked it about her.

It was time. I bid them good bye; went back to hotel with just Anna running on my mind; and jerked the hell out remembering Anna..!


Scene 8:

On the way to work, I bought some cup cakes for Anna and Derek. They were really pleased by this gesture; I had an hour’s time, so didn’t hesitate when they invited me inside. Derek and I continued to talk while Anna was walking and talking setting up things at home. And I noticed her body move swiftly with her boobs bouncing. That gave me a clear indication that she was not wearing any bra.

Derek explained how busy he is, and also told me that he was going away for a couple of days out of Alpharetta on work. He also told me that I am welcome anytime even when he is not around cause he had a great respect for Indians.


Scene 9:

Derek was gone on his work out of town. And I took a chance to knock the doors. Anna opened the door, and there she was. Wearing a single piece white mini skirt with yellow flowers, she invited me inside. I could smell the scent of Jasmine from her body.

Anna and I began talking just like any other day; and the discussion about relationship began. I told her how hard it is in India, that a man cannot be talking to a woman this easily and frankly. I also told her that Indians don’t lose virginity until they get married and told her that am a virgin too, quoting me as an example.

She laughed her heart out about this fact; and told me that she was 19 years old and already committed to Derek. And even she was a virgin until Derek did it to her. Just like India, even folks at her home were very strict about social behavior and she was not allowed to talk to boys.

The discussion went on, and I was ensuring to get this chance to look at her beautiful exposed legs and neck when she was turning away from me. I was already getting hard down there, and my formal trouser was not doing very good in hiding the bump.

Anna wanted me to show me her kitchen garden and called me inside. While walking towards the kitchen, she suddenly stepped back to keep the coffee cup, and my reflexes were not good enough to stop walking; and I bumped into her from behind pressing my already hard cock on that beautiful ass. It was a bad scene, since I had pressed with intense pressure and I was sure that she felt the hard rock playing down there.

She showed me her garden and was bending down to explain the plants there; showing her nice pink cleavage and that exact position to be taken to be fucked hard!

I was covering my dick with my laptop bag so she doesn’t see it.

Then, Anna took me upstairs to show me her collection of art, and this time she held my hands. It was bliss, her soft pink hands and my not very fair hands. Am an Indian right, so I am a little brown, but not dark, like dark. 😛

She took the laptop bag from my hands and put in on a table, and now my cover was blown. I was looking at her collection with bump in my pant!!! And she noticed it too. So, she was showing me the art standing in front of me, and then suddenly moving back so her ass rubbed against my dick. It was not helping at all. My dick was getting harder and harder. From hard rock to heavy metal!!!

I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I took the courage to make the move and told her how beautiful she was, and that any guy would die to be with her. She was impressed. She asked me to sit there on the sofa, and brought some fine scotch for me. She asked me to continue and I told her how perfect she was, and by now, my dick was standing straight inside my pants and it was clearly seen. I couldn’t bear it any longer, and told her that I would want to use the bathroom. She said, “It’s round the corner in the room”.

I got up planning to unload… and out of nowhere I got the strength and turned back, hugged her tight and kissed her hard on her lips. Anna wanted to get rid of me, but I was too powerful for her. I continued to kiss her lips and neck.

She was calling my name and asked me to stop it; but I couldn’t. She said, “Tony, I understand your urge; but stop it”. I still could not!

I didn’t let her go as I continued to kiss her neck; turned her other side; and hugged her from behind pressing my hard cock on her ass.

I saw even she was enjoying this, but pretending to be resisting. I didn’t care now since I wanted see this beauty for real this time!

Gathering all the knowledge from the porn movies I had watched. I started caressing her breast from behind and when I found her already hard tits; it was like feeling 1st stage of heaven. I held it hard between my fingers and circled around it. Then I slowly moved my other hand between her thighs and started to feel that soft skin and the heat from between her thighs was radiating.

Then I turned Anna around, kissed her on lips, neck, ears and cleavage this time; my saliva was flowing everywhere on her face, neck and cleavage.

I forcefully removed the front button of the skirt, giving me a better view of her beautiful shining breasts with a red bra covering it. I licked and licked her breast until she started to enjoy every bit of it. I turned her around and started licking her back. I was holding my tongue longer on some of her moles on the back and breast.

And this time, I managed to open her bra and she revealed to me her heavenly breasts. I am not sure of the size, but it was something that I had never seen until that moment. I pounced on her like a hungry tiger and started to lick her nipples; those pink, hard, wrinkled nipples. Anna was so horny already; she was already moving her thighs against each other. I licked one nipple and switched to another while I continued to caress her other nipple and neck.

The kissing was not stopping; our saliva was exchanging; my saliva was all over her body.

I took her hand and rested it on my hard dick and I felt a shock in my body.

She pushed me on the ground, quickly removed my pant and there it was for the first time ever. A lady was looking at my dick and I was so happy that it was Anna.

Anna was thrilled to see this hard; very hard brown thick dick. Without wasting any time she took the entire dick in her mouth and I was flying high. I really cannot explain the feeling! The first time, and it was with Anna! Such a beauty!

She went up and down my thick brown dick, licked my balls and I was just lying down there enjoying the thrill of looking at Anna doing all this to me. While I watched her beautiful breasts motion while she did all this…

Then, I got up, pushed her down and removed the skirt of her body and saw a red panty with a jasmine flower on it. Now the smell of jasmine on her body and this jasmine flower on her panty made me even wilder.

I pulled her panties and put my mouth straight on her beautiful, pink, trimmed pussy. I had become a wild animal. I was eating her alive! And she was moving her body up and down while my tongue was playing with her pussy. I was making sure not a single drop of her juice is wasted. I was licking her up and down, her thighs, legs, fingers.

She guided me to lick her clit which I was not very sure off.

Anna said, “Start slow, and speed up after a bit”.

And I did it perfectly. I licked and licked so nicely that she lifted her body up, shivered while she grasped my head and moaned. Her juices oozed out and I like a man in a desert looking for water was licking everything from her pussy.

Then I turned her around and licked her ass crack while I started inserting my finger into her pussy.

Anna couldn’t take it anymore nor could I.

I turned her around and in missionary position. I slowly inserted my thick brown dick into Anna’s beautiful American pussy. She cried as my dick slid into her pussy.

I automatically started jerking inside her moving very fast and she was enjoying it. With stroking my dick insider her pussy I licked her face, neck, and started playing with her tits. Those hard nipples; and she was moaning louder and louder.

Then, she turned around and screamed, “Fuck Me!!!”. That drove me mad. I fucked her nastily in the doggy position.

Then we moved to a table; she sat on the table and I put her leg on my shoulders and started pounding her; fucked her so hard that her juices started to dribble down her legs.

Then we got back into missionary position and we both couldn’t hold it back any longer. I fucked her so fast, bloody fast that my Indian cum got filled Anna’s beautiful American pussy.

And Anna after a second started to jolt and shiver as she also came after me.

Our bodies had become like some machines that was operating for a long time! HOT! Bloody HOT!

We both laughed at what just happened because we both were happy about it. After a short break the session continued and this time we did it all in the bathroom. And I thought Anna had already showed me how to be an expert.

After doing it over and over, we both called it a day. I went back to the hotel feeling like a man. But I had promised Anna to go back again.

And as promised I was there the next day and we did it well, we did it good!

To our luck, Derek was busy with her travel schedules to keep up his work. This gave Anna and me to indulge in it more and more.

Now, I know what she likes, I know where she has got moles on her body, what bras and panties she has got and how good I need to be when I fuck her.

Anna was and will always be my dream fuck, my best fuck Anna. I love you please be ready; am coming there; let’s go riding..!

The End–CheersTony

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