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Hi to all ISS readers, my name is Vicky 5.8 tall an average guy, I am from Bhilai chhatisgarh this is my first real story, coming to my girl her name is Tanisha she is 5.2 tall, recently doing my graduation second year from IIT Kharagpur, here story goes

As I cleared IIT advance I was happy and got the good college I instantly shifted to Kharagpur and there was it my first day of my college there were few girls and got a company of lots of boys as I was not able to speak bangla it was a bit tensed for me to manage things 1 month passed and I was good in class so it was not new for me to girls asking me for que solution, as I was about to leave class and packing my bag and was busy and a girl came and asked

Girl – you are Vicky right?

Me – I shook my head.

Girl – I want your help on few questions

Me – if it I from today’s class I can only tell you tomorrow

Girl – the questions are from last week   ‘s lecture

Me – okiee let me see (i solved 3 out of 4 and told 4th one is lengthy i shown her my notebook)

girl – can I borrow your notebook?

Me – okiee

Girl – I will return you through Monday ( as tommorow was Sunday)

I winded all my stuff and gone to hostel suddenly I got a click I my mind I had my money in my notebook to which I was about to buy a book but nothing else could be done I  had planned to start studying through the Sunday to that book

Day passed and we got back to class after the class went down I was again packing my stuffs and she came and returned me my notebook

Girl – thanks for the help

Me – mention not

Girl – here is your money, (passed a smile) you should keep your money in your wallet if it is a good amount(it was 2200rs)

Me – I was about to buy a book so I kept there

Girl – which book?

Me – described about that book

Girl – I do have that book if u need I can give you

Me – no its fine you would be studying I dont wanna disturb your studies

Girl – absolutely not I am currently dealing with another book and if is it so then why would you allowed me to borrow your note book I too must have disturbed you

Me – sorry,I asked about which edition is it?

She – got to her desk and got me that book

Me – exactly what I was searching for.

She – okiee then see you soon

Me – sure

Next day after classes got over I searched her she was nowhere.

When I was going to my hostel back I saw her before canteen standing in group I got there

Me – hey

She – yes,returned her book

Me – thanks for the help

She – by the way my name is not hey (I was not knowing her name)

Me – sorry I dont know your name

She – Tanisha

Me – nice name

T – yours too

We paused for a while

T – I keep on getting doubt for which I could not move up to next topic can I have your WhatsApp no?

Me – sorry I dont use WhatsApp ( I was not knowing what it is)

T – okiee can I have your no?

Me – here it is( I gave her my no)

T – thanks

Me – I gotta go getting late

T – okiee see ya

Next day I asked my friends what is WhatsApp they told me and I got it soon through campus WiFi, in evening she messaged me through WhatsApp and asked about that I have told that I dont use WhatsApp I told her about the same she told me chalo padhaku bacche ko WhatsApp chalana aa gya and we chatted few minutes and cleared her doubt

We use to talk daily in casual way like good morning and good night and things changed we use to talk hours and told me about things happened and introduced me to world of facebook too and we got close I was in kind of addicted to talk to her, friends use to tease me as she was the beautiful girl in college soon her birthday came 19th September I proposed her to which In reply she said yes and told me she was waiting for this from many months she told she had a crush on me ever since she saw me in college and intentionally came to me to ask questions,

Day went best for both of us I was not able to sleep as butterflies were flying around me that I actually proposed her and got her whom I loved we started spending days with each other one day we were in movie I ordered few things which in reply she said dont order anything she dont want anyone to disturb us by that she hold my hands and kissed me just for a sec on my lips I was what just happened and saw her she again kissed me this time we smooched till 2 minutes we were seeing into each others eye she sat on my lap and again we kept smooching each other till movie got to an end and soon this became normal to both of us smooching each other in dushera vacations we got back to our home I was missing her a lot my parents asked me about the same as they were seeing me sitting alone I told them about Tanisha my parents told me just not get down on your studies and asked me about her where she lives,

I told all this to Tanisha she also told that she also had told about me In his home and told me to get ready tomorrow as her parents were coming to meet my parents and she cut the call and didnt told me more about that I was scared what will happen I told to my parents about same next day their parents came and to my ultimate surprise their parents asked for marriage to which my parents said let the childern decide whether if they are ready or not and the marriage will only be after college completes they asked me to have time and then decide to which in reply I asked I meat her for decision on which they started teasing me lo abhi se hi ye haal h do din hue nahi chutti ko milna h.

And my father in law replied rista pakka samazhiye and told me ab toh direct college m hi mil paaoge And after few talks my father in law left and I was sad that it would be too long to meet her and to my surprise next day dushera my father in law came along with Tanisha I was happy to see her I was about to hug her she told me kya kar rahe ho and came in my sense we shake hands and got in and we all were talking Tanisha was with my mom helping her In kitchen I gone inside to drink water my mother teased me milne k bahane toh dekho after all that we gone outside for enjoying all my parents and father in law allowed us to roam alone with each other and we flew away as we reached a good place we smooched each other passionately and we discussed about our marriage and then came back they went home back and we meat in college our wedding date was fixed in march and days passed in valentine day she asked me to do the real thing as if it doesnt matters she was my fiance we booked hotel and we proceeded there further

As I came inside she instantly locked the door and we started smooching each other in standing position I lift her in my arms and we were kissing we continued kissing till15-17 minutes then after i started kissing through her neck she was breathing heavily she removed my shirt and started opening belt I too started opening her one piece dress i got a clear view of her boobs that were 32 wow I grabbed both and started feeling the softness of her Brest she had closed her eyes in pleasure I tried to unhook her bra but could not she told me jaanu hooks are in front I bought this specially for you and she unhooked her bra itself I started licking she was moaning in pleasure and kept on saying yes baby ummm..

And after few minutes I slid her dress down i saw black panty that was matching set with her bra she put my hand on her panty and started rubbing and other hand she slid my undies and started stroking it and said baby you are so big it is almost 6.7 it was never so big she got on her knees and kissed my dicks head and started sucking it I was like I was in world of heaven she sucked me hard I said I was about to cum she looked at me and gave a smile it was sexiest smile of her.she said give it to me baby and fastened giving me a BJ I cummed so much she swallowed it all it was my turn I gave her a small kiss and then started kissing her navel to her pussy

I slid her panty and started sucking her she was moaning like hell caressing my hairs and making wild sound said I love you so much and then she cummed she cummed very fast in about 2 min and soon she kissed me and asked me to fuck her as she could not wait anymore she licked my dick and then I laid her to lie on bed I started rubbing her pussy she said jannu I love you ab or mat tadpaao and then I tried to put my dick In her pussy it was so tight it slipped 2-3 times and then I licked and then again tried to push it in with little force my half dick was inside her pussy I instantly kissed her and she wrapped me in her arms she was crying in pain I asked her should I remove my dick she shocked her head by saying no she was crying and then I waited for a minute and then gave another force my whole dick was inside her she was bleeding this time she screamed but her sound lost In my mouth

I waited in same position till her pain was relieved and then started stroking slowly she was now moaning yes baby yes give it to me fuck me hard yes go deep yes yes she instantly got her first orgasm we kept fucking 17 to 20 minutes in between she cummed 7 times there was it when I was about to cum I said baby I am cumming she said give it to me inside me I want to fell your cum inside me I gave it all to her I stopped she smooched me and hugged me tightly and said she had a best night I love you so much baby after she was very exhausted we slept naked after 2-3 hrs sleep she woke up and smooched me which woke me up again and then she started giving me a blowjob and the I too licked her then she rode me and I was giving support to her then we changed position we were standing her one leg in my shoulder and we were fucking she asked me for doggie style

I constantly fucked her 15 and then cummed inside her we took a bath together we had shower sex then we got dressed each other she was not able to walk we rested an hour soon it was morning as we were kissing each other door knocked we seen there was a waiter asked for our orders waiter smiled at me later Tanisha told me my face was full of lipstick we ordered breakfast and then was about to leave she was not able to walk I lifted her in my arms till parking lot there we drove back to our college days got ending happily we were happily waiting for our wedding there was never a day which we would have not kissed each other and the final day wedding about four days we went home and day before wedding it was my hell day she was shopping some items she was crossing the road and meat with an accident she could not survive on that accident I lost my love it was her idea to post our story throughout this site in remembrance of her I posted my story feedbacks are welcome at [email protected]

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