Took Virginity Of My Girlfriend

Readers ( tell me if my sex story makes u horny so I will keep posting )my name is Rock(changed) and about myself, I am 5.8 tall and have a decent 5.5-inch penis. And my girlfriend name is Samyuktha she was a virgin and her age is 21. We live in Bangalore her boob size is 36 and don’t know about her ass but its big and a few days ago, we broke up so posting my sweet memory…

Coming to thesex  storyI asked one of my friends to hook me up with some girl(we had a team of 3, we used just flirt and go out with girls ).So one of my team friends introduced me to her… We went for out for a couple of times and after a month, I proposed her and she accepted. At first, we used to kiss and it was no issue… Once, while kissing I grabbed her boob and she got very angry and I convinced her it’s all common and she was ok with it.For next few days, I used to touch while driving and started touching her ass to which she was ok with it and became common to us….I just didn’t have sex with her, I made love to her.

After some days, I decided to fuck her at any cost, so planned 1 day at my farmhouse not too far from my place.

After 2 to 3 weeks, I called her to my farm house and locked the door and started kissing and pressing her boobs, I tried to put my hand in her pant, she refused and then I forced her to remove but she put a condition, I should not remove my pant, I said ok and I started rubbing her pussy from outside and after some time I tried to insert she was having pain, so I didn’t do anything and my friends forced me to come out of room as they were having party so we could join them..

After 3 days, I called her to come with me for a couple of beers, she came and I took 2 bottles of beer in my car. I took her to a place were no one would be and pulled her to back of the car and asked her if she is interested in touching my dick, she said yes and removed my pant and she was surprised and I asked her to touch it, she did and I thought her how to give a handjob.. I asked her to suck but she refused… I thought I have cum once, let’s enjoy the beer and go home…

Next day, she called me to her home as no one was at her home(her home is nearly 5 km from my place ) so I went there and I pulled her to room and removed her pant and started licking her pussy which had little hair and phone rang, her family members might come in half an hour so I rushed out of her home… Then we decided to book a room in Kormangala and we can enjoy each other. So we booked service apartment of 1bhk and as soon as I entered I started removing her clothes and kissing her(I removed my in seconds and my tool was hard ) she was telling to slow down but I was in no mood listen to her words, then I took out a condom wore it and try to insert, she was screaming too loud so I stopped and started using my hand to rub her pussy….And gave my dick to suck she did as I say…..

When she was in the mood, I inserted my finger, she started to cry, blood came out of her pussy, she was worried like hell, then I explained her everything about virgin and virginity and wore another condom and tried to insert it, was tight, for 1 push my half dick went in for the second half it went incomplete…. She was in pain so I told her not to move and started 2and fo motion slowly and she was enjoying it, I started licking her boobs and after 15 mins, I was about to cum. For this reason, I increased my speed. She grabbed my shoulders very tight and I came in the rubber.

Next, she was unable to walk properly so I told her I ‘ll massage and went to brought oil and told her to take hot shower, she took and was waiting for me to come, when I came told her to remove all the clothes and started messaging her, I asked if I can insert in her and she told no, so while massaging again took oil to my finger and inserted my finger, she screamed like hell to remove but I didn’t wait for some time and with other hand inserted into her pussy, she stopped screaming and I made her give me blowjob and drink my cum..

For next few days, she had pain and after that whenever we get time we used to have sex like rabbits and made her my bitch. She used to send a pic of her pussy whenever I ask and she was rubbing and spread her lips for me anytime we had sex more than 20 times, I even gifted her a vibrator so she can use it any time we even tried many positions….

Now we have broken up…. Any girl in and around Bangalore interested in secret relation mail me to [email protected] thank u for reading my sex story this is my first so sorry if I made any mistakes have a great day t c……….

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