Traditional Indian wife taken advantage by neighbor guy

Hi guys! I have been a vivid reader of the ISS for a long time. I tried to share my stories too, but never took it seriously. But today, I took the time to share my story with you.

For the introduction, I am Nandini. My age is 31, and I am from a traditional family in A.P. I am raised to be a disciplined traditional Indian girl who doesn’t cross any line to lose control, always respects elders, and obeys whatever my husband says.

I married to Mohan (I don’t call him by his name ever) when I was 19. And I have a 10-year-old child Raghu. I came to this city 5 years back with my family. I don’t even remember how the first 2 years went by.

You must be thinking about my figure. I am 5.7 feet with a naturally slim and meaty figure. My stats are 36-26-38. Yes, I know they sound sexy, but they are true stats. Some say my body structure is similar to actress Kajal Agarwal. You can imagine her if you can’t imagine my figure.

I never went to the gym, but my body is always fit and with fat in the right places. My husband takes good care of me and I love my family. Sex life is also good. My husband goes to work at 7 in the morning and comes home at 8 in the evening, and as Raghu goes to school and tuition, I am always alone at home from 8 am to 8 pm.

He comes at night, relaxes, fucks me a couple of times a week, and goes to sleep. This has been the cycle since my marriage. I didn’t know any world outside my family. Even I never felt sex was important and I was getting it twice a week. And I was fine with it. I never mingled with my colony mates or any friends, as I didn’t find that connection with anyone. I find them lazy and bitching about each other. So, I became a movie buff.

After around 2 years of my traditional life in the city, a new neighbor came in front of my house. They were a police family. Just dad (inspector) and his son Vinod (age 24) used to live there. Vinod’s mom died long back. Initially, they didn’t speak to me. Vinod’s dad was drunk and never cared for him.

After a few days, Vinod came to my home once asking for some money to pay for gas as he didn’t have enough cash with him. That was the first time I ever saw him close.

He was 6 feet and had a muscular body. He did nothing except hang out with his friends and spend his dad’s money. And he was intending to join the police. But his laziness never took him to job trials and he was waiting for his dad to retire and take his job. But he failed to work out and maintain his good body.

The next day, he came again to repay me. I called him inside and made him sit.

He said: Your house is well-maintained, aunty. Our house is never this clean (he told me sitting on the sofa).

Me: Hey! Why are you calling me ‘aunty’? Do I look that old? I am just 28 (3 years back) and only a few years older than you. Call me ‘Nandini’ (I replied giving him water).

He: I am sorry. I thought since you are married, I shouldn’t call you by name. Here is the money. Thank you.

He gave me the money and we started talking. I felt the connection I never found with any of my friends and neighbors. We talked for 2 hours straight about all the stupid things. I felt so good talking to him like I found a friend. I wanted to continue that, but the really good Indian wife in me won’t do that without telling my husband.

Then I told my husband about Vinod that night after he fucked me. He said it was fine. He trusted me and told me to go be friends with him if that made me happy. I loved him for that.

I called Vinod the next day home after my husband and child left and asked him if we could be friends. He smiled and said he was thinking the same. He too felt nicer talking to me than his friends. From then, we became very good friends. He even met my husband and asked him if he was comfortable with me talking to him. Such a lovely husband I had, he said –

Mohan: As long as it pleases you, I don’t mind.

My son loved him whenever Vinod bought him chocolates. My neighbour Vinod used to spend more time in my house than his. We became so close. One day, I don’t remember why but our sex lives came to the topic in a casual discussion. I didn’t speak much about mine as I felt uncomfortable. But he said his girlfriend never let him fuck her. She just sucked his cock whenever they found a place. I was shocked by this answer. It was weird he was talking about his sex life with me. But, more than that, I was shocked that a girl was sucking his cock!

Me: How can she do that?

I didn’t know people do that in real. I thought it was only in porn (Yes, I am that dumb!). He got surprised and said –

Vinod: That is common and every happy sex life includes oral sex.

I felt weird putting the cock, from where people pee, in my mouth and sucking it. Yuck! I found an excuse to make him leave as the conversation went bizarre. I had been thinking about it all night and asked some of my college friends whether they used to have oral sex with their husbands.

To my surprise, they replied they had oral sex more than normal fuck. I did my research and found that pussy-licking gives more pleasure than fucking. OMG! I was married for 9 years without knowing it. Even my husband never asked me.

So, I decided on my anniversary night which was next week. I wanted to surprise my husband with oral sex and made things spicy.

Then the day came. In the morning, my hubby took me to the temple and we had lunch at a fancy hotel. He bought me a costly silk saree and kissed me while giving the saree. I made an amazing dinner and was dressed in a sexy white transparent saree and entered my room.

My husband liked me more and kissed me deeply and said he loved me. I asked him replying to the kiss how he would like to spice things up and asked him if he could lick my pussy. He turned into a stone! I was worried about his reaction. Then I immediately added I would suck his cock too if he did that. He stepped back and slapped me! Then he yelled.

Mohan: What the fuck! Where did you learn all these shitty things? Do you even hear what you are saying? That is filthy stuff. We follow God’s way and that shit you just told is the most disgusting stuff!

My husband pushed me out of the room and shouted to sleep on the sofa. I cried in my sleep not knowing what I did. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up. Then he went without speaking a word to me the next morning. I felt ashamed. I was still in my sexy saree. As I cried to sleep last night, I woke up late.

My young neighbour Vinod came normally. He stopped at the door and looked at me differently. He always saw me in a fully covered saree like a good woman. But now, I was in a sexy white transparent saree with loose hair and a saree tied below my navel which was on clear display through the saree. I tried to act normal and offered him some coffee.

He noticed my face and asked me what happened. As we were close, I told him what happened and he consoled me.

Vinod: Nandu! Please don’t cry! Some men are like this. They are purely traditional. They don’t encourage unconventional sex. You should have known that before trying. You are his wife. He felt like you are a cheap slut when you suggested this.

I understood what he meant. I should have known. My husband was raised just like me as a traditional family child. What would he do? Even I didn’t know about it until recently.

But Vinod was checking me out while I was thinking. He didn’t have these feelings toward me till now. He was crazy looking at my cleavage and hips. Then he hugged me intentionally and held his hand on my hip and felt so hot. I was confused as he never touched me. But I was too depressed to understand his intentions.

He said I needed to sleep and I replied I couldn’t. He said he would go bring the sleeping pills his dad uses. I said maybe they could help. Then he went so quickly and brought me a box of pills.

They were viagra which his dad uses when he fucks sluts. It also helps to relax. He wanted me to get horny so he could achieve something. Even though I understood his intentions somewhat, but I still took a couple of pills. Then he hugged me again. He held my hips and pressed them like he was consoling me. I was getting aroused. He waited patiently.

After a few minutes, I felt so hot and urged to finger myself. I thought it was because of the hopes of oral sex from last night. I felt so attracted to my young neighbour Vinod now as he was hugging me on the sofa. He noticed the sweat and asked me what I expected from oral sex last night.

Me: I saw it in porn and some of my friends said licking pussy will give more satisfaction than fucking it. So, I hoped to get my pussy licked by my husband.

I never spoke about such things with Vinod. Why was I doing that? He patted my back and started rubbing it. It felt so good.

Then he said: Do you want me to do that for you?

He lifted my head and looked at me: Do you want me to lick your pussy? I am a good licker.

I pushed him. The traditional wife in me came back. But his muscles were stronger than that.

Vinod: You should get these feelings out if you want to live peacefully, Nandu!

Then he pushed me onto the couch and held his hand on my pussy. He didn’t even touch my boobs or navel, directly on top of pussy. It felt so much better than my hand over it.

Me: Vinnu! No! What the hell are you doing?

I was protesting but calming too.

Vinod: Tell me, Nandu! You came to know how satisfying it will be. But you won’t get it until you experience it. Let me do that for you. It’s not like I am fucking you.

Then he held my feet up, while I lay on my back. I was so wet and horny. Then he lifted my saree, but my inner self was shouting to stop him. But my body was not listening.

My neighbour entered between my legs. He was wondering how meaty and milky my legs were and praising my beauty with every kiss on my sweaty thighs. He was telling me all these things about satisfying ourselves and touching my pussy lips. They were already wet and he was making them more. I was moaning, closing my eyes. But my hands were pushing him just for slight protest. But even he understood that was not my intention anymore.

Vinod went between my legs and started licking my pussy. His warm and wet tongue touched my pussy and that was something beyond what I experienced till then! Then I raised my hips in pleasure and moaned, “Ahhhh!”

I closed my mouth thinking someone would be there. But he removed it and said no one could hear us. Then he lifted my legs wide and was exploring all the sides of my pussy. It was a pleasure I never felt. Now I could hear myself.

I never moaned like this in my entire life. My moans sounded exactly like those in porn videos. My neighbour guy inserted his tongue deep in my pussy and I couldn’t hold it. I pressed my thighs on his face and pushed him inside holding his head with my fingers in his hair.

After around half an hour of passionate licking from him, I screamed in pleasure and squirted a huge load of cum pressing his face close to my pussy. His face was washed with my juices. I finally released years of need at once. But then my disciplined inner soul kicked in.

I screamed covering my body and pushing him so hard while he was licking my juices off his face.

Me: You bastard! Don’t show me your face again!

I pushed him out of my house and went into the shower and sat crying under it.

That’s it for now, guys. This is just the beginning. Keep waiting for the next part where I turned into far wilder than my earlier life. How I dealt with my neighbour Vinod and my husband and my further wilder sexual experience. This is my true story. Send your feedback to me at [email protected]

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