Traffic Police Wale Ne Kholi

Hi, guys, I am AnshuThis is a real story about how I got fucked by a traffic police man at his home.

I was 18-year-old studying in college in Bhopal, I was returning from the birthday party of one of my friend.

In the night I took the wrong side of the road to cut my distance then suddenly one traffic police man came in front of me and stopped me.He took my bike keys and asked for my license and bike documents, I gave him the documents which he asked and finally asked me for some bribe which I gave him.

So he started casually asking about me, what I do, where I am going etc. I told him I study in engineering college here in Bhopal and I am from Himachal.

As I am from Himachal I was very fair and smooth body without any hairs. So he asked me more about me where do I live here in Bhopal and what I like.

Suddenly he asked me do you drink beer, I said yes I drink sometimes occasionally. By the way, he was tall man 6.2 ft strong dark and masculine policeman.

He asked me to give my number so he can call me and invite me at his home. I was in confusion why he was calling me at his home for beer as I have never heard of gay and all.

I didn’t have that thing in my mind at that time. But somehow I gave him my number and left from there.

After 2 days I got a call from his number, he asked me how am I when I am free, so I told him I am free this evening, so he asked me to come in evening at his home and shared his Address. In the evening I told my friends I am going to some party and will come late. I left for his home and reached his home. He opened the door and welcomed me and closed the door. He asked me to sit on the sofa and said he will bring the beer.He came from the kitchen with beer and some snacks. He had a very seductive smile on his face, then we started drinking beer, after 2 beer he removed his shirt and relaxed there and also asked me to relax and continued the talks. He then came closer to me and says you are very cute while hovering his hand over my neck and say he loves me and want to enjoy me. I said I don’t know what you are talking about .

He then suddenly took my hand and put it over his dick which is already hardened. When I touched his dick I don’t know what happened to me and started pressing his dick like a curious guy. He asked me that do I liked it and asked if I want to see his dick.I nodded yes and then clutched me from both hands and started to kiss me and started pressing my nipples, I was moaning as I was in sweet pleasure.

Suddenly he stopped and said I have a gift for you and handed me one packet, I was surprised to open that as it was red lace lingerie. He asked me to wear it and said he will wait there in the bedroom. I wore that lingerie and was surprised to see myself in the mirror. I was looking like a teenage slim girl. I entered the bedroom he was mad to see me. He just took me in his arms and pushed me on the bed and jumped over me. He started to kiss all over my body and was sucking my pink nipples. Then he suddenly removed his pants and underwear and was seduced to see his dick, it was a thick uncut black dick with a polished top.

He took his dick and put it in my mouth. I felt little weird taste but after some time I started to enjoyed it. He was gagging me like an expert. He then pulled his dick out of my mouth and held my butts and tore apart my panty. He started to caressing my smooth fair butts and put some olive oil in my ass and started massaging my ass. While massaging he traversed his finger over my ass hole and I was in pleasure. Then he started inserting his finger in my ass, it started paining me as I was never fucked before but it was my time now. He then took some more olive oil put it over my ass.

He then turned me over and put one pillow below my butts, then he took my legs and put it on his shoulder. Now I was feeling his dick touching my ass. He then put his dick head on my ass hole and started to push it inside my ass. It was a different experience as I can feel his hot dick stretching my ass and his face was visible to me. He was slowly pushing it inside my ass. It was paining but with pleasure and after 2 minutes his whole dick was inside my ass, I could feel his heart beats. Then he slowly started the motion of dick inside out and after 5 minutes my ass hole was relaxed and he was in full motion. Then he held my neck with his hands and took me from the bed and his dick still inside me.

Now I was 2 feet above ground in his arms and his dick inside me and started fucking me upside down. He took different positions as described in Kamasutra and fucked me very hard.

In the end, his dick started to harden and his was moaning like hell, I felt the hot rush of lava inside my ass and it felt like complete heaven and after that, he hugged my and slept with a dick inside my hole. After that night we used to meet and have fun with role play and all

Please let me know how is my story and send reviewIf any police man or muscular guys top guy wanna meet then contact me at my mail id [email protected]

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