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As bhabhi hinted us for night long blast permission her smile in face confirms her motion

She- Can I?

Me- It will be ok for me.

Bhabhi took the course and went we both were exchanging smiles and she dares to look deep into my eyes. Her bold step arouses be and while eating taking a glimpse a gave a fast kiss on lips. She gave mixed reaction for my action and maintained the situationShe- What that boy brought?

Me- beer.

She- “in the second one”?

Me- “nothing special normal stuff”.

After finishing dinner she went to the washroom and I cleaned myself from all luggage and made a place for 2 person accommodation. It took us 2 hours to finish little diner till now lights were getting off and everyone was busy with themselves. I also took the pleasure and laid down, after a while, I saw her climbing and electric sensation got arouse. As it was my 2nd experience but sensation always dominates.

She took a bold step and directly came top of me and rested herself. Now she was laying above me and her melons were crushing over me. I took the liberty and started to play with her hairs and face. She also enjoyed the act and said,

She- when we will drink beer?

Me- you will!!!

She gave a smile and we both adjusted our self she was inclined towards me and keeping her back on my chest. After few sensual intimacy, we started to drink and we don’t know when it came near to end. Now she was in another sensual world where feeling dominates emotion and sense get lost. Same thing happened with both of us where she took off her t-shirt and I took off my shirt. I tried to hide her in a blanket but now she was dominating me. surrendering myself towards her dominance I tried to control her from making noise but we audible to everyone and they were all enjoying with this. she started to become wild as a lion and started eating by lips and pinching on my chest. In a fraction of the time I came over her and proved myself she continues to pinch me and excite me in passion and excitement she gained courage and gave a bite on my chest. This act was unexpected and unpredictable in response I took the chance of removing her string bra, as it was having some issue with opening my force tore her bra apart. Now we both tried to control our self as we were getting audible.

Me- we shall go to the bathroom or else someone will complain.She – ok.

Her voice was also in confidence and in no time we wore our self and she ran to the bath room. Seeing her in this mode made me excite more and I took the condom and followed her. I tried my best to avoid public but some were awake they saw us. I went towards her and bogie boy directed me by direction towards her bathroom. I knocked and she opened at once and took me inside. she was now totally wild she took her top and placed in the wash basin and I also did the same. Train movement acted as rhythm. every act was directed towards pleasure I took chance and looked her fair round melons with pink nipple becoming tight. I took towards my mouth and a deep and strong moan came from her side. It predicted her zenith of pleasure.

She- I love you.

Me- I don’t.

Listening to this she turned harsher and started tearing my pants I took liberty and removed myself .seeing my 7-inch dick she placed herself keeping my pants. being in western style bathroom it was easy to get adjusted and she found a position to make herself seated and suck my dick. Her act showed her amateur experience but in the drink, she continues to act like a pro. She applied saliva in hands and twisted her finger guiding towards the head of the penis . without removing hands she again took her hand below and peeled my penis skin. This was new to me and she was doing it perfectly. Her strong grip and to and fro motion made me very relax. In 20 min I felt the sensation for CUM and came over her mouth. She did not like that and gave anger expression. now it was my chance and being an experience I knew when to trigger. I made her stand and hold wash basin and sat below her pussy I started kissing her stomach and rubbing lips and making her feel my hot breath in the stomach .

She- what Ahmm you are doing?.

I guided myself towards her thigh and licked her from pussy area .her sense was getting strong as her some thigh hair showed erection towards my act. She held my head I guided towards pussy I started slowly eating her outer membrane and inserting finger she felt the jolt and made moans which excited me and I played it slowly. Every moan predicted her satisfaction and guided towards pleasure. After around 15 min she cums. Now we both knew where it will end I panned her from my hand and she bites her lips. I looked into her face her eyes was half closed and hairs was covering half. having puffy and bouncy hair it attracted me more and looking into her eyes I placed my dick on her virginal. Now her relax face was getting tensed and her breath increased on every move. after playing I kept it in front of the vagina and looked into her eyes for permission giving a nod she said ready and I slowly entered it.

My every inch towards inside was making her eyes coming out and her painful expression makes me tensed I consoled her with kiss keeping my lips on her and she said in ears “let’s do it” . I slowly moved in and after a while, I was completely inside. I made thrust in slow motion as I wanted to enjoy the act and so do I did. My every slow motion act made her feel pleasure and her body accepted it perfectly . after around a while we knew at once we are about to cum and in no time we collapsed. Now we both were taking a deep breath and revealed our zenith of pleasure. It took a while to gain sense and I told her to dress up and go to birth I will come after some time. She took her top and went. I lighted a cigarette and finished it. As I came I saw bogie boy smile and few young boys near it I avoided them and straight to birth. I guided myself towards blanket and realized that she has removed her top and before saying she planted a deep kiss.

She- I love youMe- I too.

And taking her in my arms I slept. In morning I wake up by her bhabhi jerk she peeked inside and saw her topless with me. She gave a shocking look but didn’t shout. she said to wake her up as the station is coming.

I was in shock. she asked what happened and I told her. She was also stuck now what to do and collected herself and went. As the station was near to come I saw again to my birth I came across torn bra. I took it with myself and waited for her to talk but she nodded for no in presence of her sister.

I don’t know what happened after that but she made really a nice night to remember and still, I have her torn bra.

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