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Hi friends this is James again. First of all thanks to all the readers for appreciating my previous story now I am going to narrate a story which happened around 3 months a go.

It was a incident of July, the weather was pleasant and I was travelling from Delhi to Aligarh by Gomti Express. There was a rush in the train and I luckily got the seat adjusting to an elderly couple. After train moved from Delhi , a very pretty girl having height 5’5″ with very sexy boobs and round ass, she was aroung 25 years, had a big luggage with her searching for seat. She was wearing pick colored shalwar, kamees (her dopatta was not at the right place as she was busy managing the luggage), her name was Nazy. She was searching for seat, and when she passed by me, I offered my seat to her and I stud up new just 1 h 45 minute run by express trains.

She was very happy to get the seat, after sometime; she realized that it is possible to adjust four if she adjusts a little bit, so she offered me to sit on the small corner. I sat there but it gets me little uneasy as her left thigh was continuously in contact of mine and her arms were brushing my chest. After some time she tried to put her small bag on the shelf over her head, her left breast was brushed my elbow, she knew what happened, but she didn’t seems to mind. My cock got a sudden erection, but I controlled my self in a few minutes. I got some courage and started chatting her and the train was passing by Khurja Jn. She told me that she is a web-designer, and going Delhi to appear in some job interview and the place was close to my room & office.

She also told that she lives in Rehmat Bano hostel in Aligarh, and Varansi is her home town. I was living alone at that time & my room was small to accommodate any guest. In the mean time, to adjust myself from falling from the seat, I slightly pushed toward her, I got a full body contact by her left side, I was surprised to see that she didn’t resisted, instead she adjusted herself slightly backward, I’ve now full contact of her left breast. I started slightly pressing my elbow on here breast, but she didn’t resisted, instead she was giving a mysterious smile. Fortunately that was a holiday and I don’t had to do any work after reaching Delhi. After reaching station, She asked me if I could company her to the interview place. As I was free, I readily agreed her proposal and that too to my way. After some time my room arrived, we went to room for a short period to put my things and left for her interview. The interview place was a walking distance from my room, so I left her and returned to my room. I told her after interview, she may come to my room, if she wishes. She agreed and promised to come after interview. I’d taken a brief nap, before her arrival (wow my heart was jumping IN N OUT, a girl in my room).

When she came I forget to hide a porn mag which was lying new my bed, I hurriedly put the mag below the newspaper stack. After that I said to her to get refreshed and take some rest, she said ok, and went to bathroom to get refreshed. After that I came out from the bathroom after taking bath. I returned, I didn’t believe what I saw, she brought out that porn mag and was watching nude pictures. Seeing me she hurriedly closed the mag & she was little bit embarrassed, but I ignored and said it will be better if you take a nap as I’d to buy necessary items, she agreed. I locked the door from outside and left.

When I came back, she was in a deep slumber. Her dopatta was away and she was lying with her back, her breasts where aiming towards the ceiling like a mini domes. I tried not to do anything wrong to her, but in vein. I changed my cloths and came back. This time I was in shorts and tea-shirt. I stretch myself parallel to her and pretended as I am also sleeping. Slowly I put my hand on her stomach and started roaming there, then I moved upward and caressed over one of her breast. I was trying to do slow as I don’t wanted to wake her, started roaming my hand on both of her breasts and I also put my one leg on let on her thigh, I tried my knee to insert between her legs and succeeded. No I’m getting very very hot so started squeezing here boobs lightly. Her boobs were very firm. This was too much for me and I was loosing control on myself and started kissing her neck, she wriggled a bit but didn’t wake,I was not bothering if she wakes. My seven inch rod was hot like a fire. My one hand was pressing her right boob another was sliding up and down over her shalwar, suddenly I got her nara. I pulled her nara and eased her shalwar, she was not wearing panty.

Now my fingers were sliding up and down the folds of her pussy making them open, she moaned SSSSS and slightly opened her legs, I got full access to her pussy. And suddenly she wakes up. I was afraid that she might be angry but instead she x`removed her kurta and said “now it will be easy for you to do wants you want” and planted a deep French kiss. Her tongue was inside my mouth exploring my tongue, my hand on her both boobs pressing them hard, her shalwar falls down. My other hand was busy unclasping her bra, I did it within no time, wow her boobs were firm and with dark nipples and big black circles around her nipples. I removed my mouth and traveled downward and rested on her erect nipples. I was pinching one and sucking another, she was making soundlike PLEASEEEEEE OOOOUCHH, SSSSSS, and she was pushing her pussy in me, and started saying PLEASEEEE FUCK MEEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEEEE SSSSSSS I put my hand down and wow, It was all wet with her fluid, I slid my middle finger deep inside her cunt to check her virginity, but she was not virgin. I thought that this is a right time to do as my cock also in need of her choot. I lay her on the floor and she opened her legs.

I came between her legs and I was rubbing the end of my penis against her wet choot, up and down feeling her clit with my panis. She moaned,” Pleaseeee fuck me, don’t waste time” I put the head of my lund on her choot and slight push, and I watched it slide in slowly, her vagina enveloped my hole lund. Love juices were coming out from her choot. My lund went tearing, deep inside her “Aaaaaaaaaah aaaaah ouchhhhh, pleaseeeee ssssssslowwww”, she said! I could feel the enveloping She was jumping her hips under me, raising her hips and choot to meet my strokes. I continued to fuck her, deeper and harder, side by side squeezing and sucking her breasts and nipples periodically. Her face turned redand her moaning started taking acceleration, so I increased my speed too. “pleaseeeeee aaaaaaaaaaahyessssssssss ddddddddddon’t stop I am cominggggggggggg”, and simultaneously she shuddered into a really wild orgasm. I waited for her to normalize as I still not satisfied. After few seconds I started fucking her harder as I also building pressure and I exploded in a few stroke. I came inside her.

After this incident I am bold enough to fuck ladies, we had fucked several times with her and herfriends too.

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