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This time and I am narrating my personal experience how I trapped and boys seduce me. I am Nainy Jain from Jhansi and I’m 24 years old now and this incident happened before a month, still I could not take out myself from this. This was a sin done by two boys with me.

I have completed my graduation and waiting for job offer call from Mnc Company in which I got selected during campus done in my college. I will definitely reveal their name here and have done this sin with me.

One is Alok and another is Saurav. Alok is 24 year old and Saurav is around 22 years old and this all happened when I was in my last sem, Saurav always follow me during my college days even I noticed him but did not care one day when I came out my home for college.

He was standing at a mobile shop, maybe he was waiting for me to come out. I saw him and he smiled me. I did not respond and put down my eyes on street and keep walking and he followed me and came near to me and told me to stop. I was quite shocked to listen him.

He came before me and suddenly proposed me, that time and I was totally shocked and I said what did you say? He replied I love you and he was begging before me for love. I replied in positively and smiled back and gone from there and he again followed me and said” please again I could not listen. I said I love you too.

He was relaxed after listening this and said will meet you after your college it was so sudden that I could not realise that what I have done? It was a feeling in teen year that every girl feel once a time and my whole day in college was gone by thinking about him and he was cute and even I knew that he has not a good society.

His all friends are so ir-respective for girls but it all about first love day by day passed we met in alone and had kissed even he tried to touch my private parts, but I did not allow him to do that and he has a close friend Alok. I don’t like his friend Alok because he has made some bad comment on me as well before my affair with Saurav.

I discussed each and every thing with Saurav about Alok but he did not respond me and one day there was a birthday of Saurav and he made promise to me to come in his birthday party in night it was impossible to go there in night but could not refuse his offer whole day.

I thought how I can reach over there then I made plan that with my friend Ananya. I agreed him that say my parents that she has birthday celebration on her home and take permission from my parents to celebrate whole night with her. as per plan she make a call on my land line number.

I was sure that this would her call but I did not pick that call and my mother picked that call then same happened as we planned after some hesitation my mom agreed and allow me to there with some basic warning. I was so happy to go there.

I dressed myself and picked up my scooty and gone directly Saurav home there was only Saurav and Alok. I was shocked to see only them there it was alone home only two boys in home. Saurav welcomed me to come inside. I said where others are. He said only we three will celebrate my birthday.

I was not sure that everything will be fine. Alok took a cake and we both gathered around Saurav and allow him to cut the cake after little enjoyment i told him ok I am going and my parents are waiting for me. Saurav hold my hand darling what’s so hurry, you have to stay here whole night.

I was quite scared of his reaction because this was in my mind from beginning that something is going to be wrong. He holds my hand and pulled me towards him. I could not balanced myself and gone directly in Saurav lap. I told what this non-sence is then suddenly he started to touch my body before Alok and start to kissing me.

I was resisting against him but it was quite impossible then suddenly Alok said come on darling make us please tonight. I was quite sure that something going to be more dangerous tonight with me. I was begging before them to leave me.

But there was no reaction on their faces then Saurav told me if you co-operate then less pain you will feel otherwise another thing up to you. I begged a lot, then after I realize, I have to give up and have to do same as they say then Saurav told me that one by one remove your cloths.

I started to do same before them. Now I was in my bra-panty before. I had attractive figure after seeing me in lingerie they started to rub their penis. I was watching to hand gripping size increasing on their tools then Alok said to me remove this also baby.

I unhooked my bra and then slowly slide down my panty after removing my panty I was hiding my boobs and hairy pussy with my hands but it was quite difficult to do that both came near to me and start touching my bare body someone touching my boobs and some ne feeling my tiny pussy.

Saurav was playing with my pussy hair then Alok start to remove their pants and shirt. He was in his shorts. His bulge size and I can imagine, it was thick and long then sudden Saurav remove his pants and shirts. He has also long dick when both remove their shorts then I was shocked to see the sizes of both dicks.

Both were around 7 inch long and 2 inch thick sizes. Saurav hold my hands and allow me to hold his dick in my hands. I hesitated hold his rod. It was hard rock suddenly both of them remove their shorts and both were completely naked in front of me. I was stunned to see both brownish long and thick cock.

I expected both were around 7 inch long and 1.5 inch thick. Now we are both nude young boys standing in front of nude young girl. Both were holding their dicks and rubbing their dicks with their hands. Saurav told me to take his dick in mouth. I hold his dick.

It was like hard rod and quite warmness in it. It smells bit different. Saurav came near to me and put his dick in my mouth. I have to open my mouth wide to take his dick. It was quite difficult for me but however I managed it then Alok came near to me and allow me to hold his throbbing dick and I started masturbating his dicks.

After 10 min sucking his dick alok put his dick in my mouth. I was completely tired by sucking. But I have to do this. Saurav was playing with my boobs. He was pressing my boobs hard and I resist him but could not work. After 5 min Alok take out his dick.

Now I was about to vomit and coughing loud both took me in bedroom. It was average size room with double bed. They allow me lay down on bed and I obeyed them then Alok came on top of mine and again insert his dick in my mouth.

I slowly touch his dick top by tongue while Saurav was on bottom of body parts and playing with my pussy. He inserted his fingers in pussy. It was little painful but feeling nice to me as well. He stood up and holds the hair oil bottle which was near to bed and opened it.

I took some oil from it and allow this oil in my pussy with the help of his fingers. I was quite afraid and was alert checking all the activity of Saurav. Because I knew any time he can fuck me and it will like me to die when he will insert his rod in my tiny hole.

I was half busy in Alok dick sucking while half of my attention on Saurav activity. He lubricated my pussy walls with oil since 15 min. he folds my both leg and again took some oil and put all oil on his brownish dick.

I was now sure that he will insert it and same done he came on position and put his dick on my pussy hole and pushing it slowly. It was paining to me. I made my pussy tight as much as I could. His dick was slipping and unable to go inside. He was irritating a lot.

He told me to wide open my legs and I slowly did same. Now my pussy hole much opened and he again put his dick on pussy hole and put my legs on his shoulders now I was totally in his control. He slowly inserted his dick. It goes inside me.

I was about to cry in pain but Alok pushed his dick deep in mouth. I was unable to move single inch and could not stop him move further. I hold his dick in midway to stop moving ahead there were drops in my eyes.

I was like helpless before them Saurav remove my hands from his dick and moving in my pussy deep. After long pain it was bit pleasurable for me. Alok was pressing my boobs continuously while Saurav throbbing his cock in my pussy.

Sudden Saurav told to Alok make a memorable video clip of this act for future. I was in pleasure so could not say anything for this. After 20 min Saurav discharged inside me even me too and then Alok came behind me and allow me to stand like dog.

He inserted his dick in my pussy from backside. He was stroking hard in my pussy. I was able to feel his dick deep in my pussy while Saurav holding mobile phone and making video clip and they both fucked me whole night while I wore my clothes then I was unable to move.

My legs were trembling in pain even there was pain in my pussy as well when I was reached in home my mother asked about birthday party. I said ok and directly gone to my room and thought about last night and that video clips that he made. I was scared what will they do. Will they blackmail me or say something different to do. If clips will leak what will happen? All these questions in my minds and I will share next part soon.

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