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This incident happened 2 years ago. When I went to another place on some work and decided to stay in a hotel room till my work get finished. I reached and booked a cab it took 5 mins for the cab to reach. I got into it and asked the driver about the hotels near to my work place. While talking with the driver I got a call from ravi first we had some casual talks and then I told him that I was in his city and was on the way to hotel and ravi said why you going in a hotel come and stay at my place till your work gets finished. I said ok and said cab driver to drive at ravis place. I dropped at ravis place and paid the cab amount.

Ravi took me into his house as I entered into his door I saw a pretty woman (ravi’s wife swetha) sitting on sofa and watching tv. Ravi introduced me to his wife as she doesnt know me because I didnt attend their marriage due to some work. Ravi told his wife that I will be staying at their place for one week. Swetha said ok and showed me the way to guest room and said get fresh up and come down I will prepare dinner. I said ok and she left the room I closed the door from inside and went for bath but I was not able to forget her beauty and msaturbuted by thinking about her and went down finished my dinner and went back to room and masturbuted again but thinking about her curvaceous structure.

In morning as there was problem in my washroom I used their washroom. I could find swethas inner hanging. By seeing those sexy inners the cross dresser in me woke up and tried wearing those sexy bras and panties while wearing them I smelled her panties I could feel the smell of her cum and urine. After wearing them I felt myself as a sexy bitch with a dick inside the panty who always dreams of being surrounded by many cocks and get fucked by them. I again did hand job thinking of me being gang banged with many cocks when am dressed as a sexy bitch and cumed on her panties.

After bath I had my breakfast and left for office when I returned home the situation was something different I thought swetha saw her panties on which I cummed I was a bit ashamed and went into my room. I was feeling very tierd due to the traffic and travelling and thought to have a bath and went into washroom and saw swethas bra and panty again my mind was out of control I took them and worn and assumed myself as a women. When I came out swetha showed me a video after seeing that I was in shock for 2 mins it was my video captured when I dressed in her inners. Dont know from where she shooted it. I begged her not to show it to anyone she didnt spoke a single word and with guilty feel I left the room.

At night ravi called me for dinner. I finished fast and went to my room after 15 minutes I got call from ravi and asked me to come into their room. When I entered into their room swetha reacted as if nothing had happened and ravi started some casual conversation and swetha was continously straing at me by rubbing her hands on her boobs and I got instant hard on. Ravi suddenly played the video which swetha shooted by seeing it I put my head down with shame. Then swetha came sat beside me and

Swetha:- dont worry you dont need to be ashamed ravi knows everything

Ravi:- ya swetha told me everything. So you like to dress as a girlMy head was down with shy. Swetha hold and lifted my face up and told dont worry rajesh we wont tell it to anyone it will be a secret feel free and open up. I just nodded my head

Swetha:- so do u want to get dressed in my sexy outfits

By then I felt comfort and said yes

Swetha:- ravi will u wait outside by then I will dress rajesh he is feeling shy

Ravi went out and swetha opened her cupboard and removed a sexy western wear skirt and asked me how is this I replied with a smile. She said me to undress myself but I was hesitating then she undressed me and dressed me in the skirt and applied make up and said ravi to come in. By seeing me in the skirt he was surprised and locked the door and started undressing himself

Swetha pulled me towards her and kissed me while she was kissing me ravi came from back and hugged me and kissed on my neck I can feel his rock hard cock touching my ass we were in that position for 5 mins and ravi removed swethas nighty and made her nude. Swetha hold my head and pulled me and made me lick her pussy.

First I planted a kiss on her pussy and slowly inserted my tounge into her pussy and she started moaning ahhhh yeahhh lick me lick me u bitch lick my pussy I tounge fucked her pussy for 10 mins and she released her juices on my face and said to drink it in a camanding voice I drank her juice and ravi pulled me and made me suck his cock he fucked my mouth and swetha was playing with my cock and biting my nipples

After 10 mins ravi also released his load in my mouth. After all these I came to understand that they wanted to make me their sex slave. Then swetha said that she always had a dream of fucking a guy with a strapon and making him her slave. Then she made me bend on bed and spread my ass wide applied oil on my ass and on her strapon and tried to insert it but it was very painfull I screamed out loud for which she spanked my ass and force fully inserted it fully in my ass I was crying in pain but she didnt leave ravi was watching the episode by sitting aside. Swetha slowly started increasing her speed and my moans also increased and the whole room was filled with my moans.

While swetha fucking my ass ravi got up and inserted his dick in my mouth and ans started playing with my nipples. I sucked him well. After swetha fucking me for 15 mins ravi took his position and put his dick in my ass which was already loose due to swethas strapon and swetha came in front and placed her pussy at my mouth and I started eating her pussy.

After ravi fucking me in bend position for 5 mins he slept on bed and made me ride his cock and my mouth was busy in eating swethas pussy and swetha was moaning like ohhh you are such a good pussy eater you bitch (she treated me as a bitch) if u were a girl then I would fuck u daily. Listening to this ravi also laughed and said yeah if you were a girl then I would have made you my keep and would have fucked you daily you are really a bitch.

Then he cummed in my ass and his sperm was coming out through my ass hole. After both of them fucking me ravi and swetha started making their moves when ravi was fucking her pussy I was sucking her boobs . Swetha was moaning like ohh yess fuck me fuck me hard ohhh yeahhh fuck fuck fuck me and ravi cummed in her pussy and swetah made me clean her pussy which was filled with ravis cum by licking her pussy.

And we all slept on bed naked after sometime swetha was again in full mood and asked me would you like to fuck my pussy. I said yes and kissed her we smooched for 5 mins and placed my dick on her pussy entrance and inserted it by then ravi also got erected and came behind me and started fucking me. Ravi fucking me, me fucking swetha and swetha moaning we fucked each other till 3 in night and cleaned each other and slept on bed naked.

When we woke up it was 12. We got fresh up and ordered for lunch before the parcel came we were again in mood but waited till finishing lunch for some energy and after lunch we again had another session till evening. The whole week we fully enjoyed fucking each other and next day swetha said that she wanted to watch ravi getting fucked by me for which ravi accepted and I fucked his ass…..

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